Mystery surrounds Arctic Siberia as day turns to complete darkness for 3 hours, Russia

Mystery surrounds Arctic Siberia as day turns to complete darkness for 3 hours, Russia

Even though they should have 24 hour light at this time of year, the remote Eveno-Bytantaisky, Zhigansky, and Verkhozansky districts in Siberia, Russia saw their day turn into a 'complete darkness' for almost three hours on Friday, July 20, 2018.

The region was hit by bizarre darkness between 11:30 and 14:00 local time Friday, with Eveno-Bytantaisky and Zhigansky first reporting the mysterious phenomenon. Reports received over the next couple of days also included the district of Verkhoyansky, making the territory affected by the mysterious darkness larger than Italy, The Siberian Times reports.

"I couldn’t see a thing without switching lights on. We took torches to walk outside, but no-one wanted to be on the street because the feeling was as if something heavy in the air was pressing on your chest", said one resident.

"At first it looked like it was a strong thunderstorm coming," one eyewitness said. "The air went dark, and got darker and darker, but this time unlike anything else we have seen before the darkness had a rich yellow undertone. It was very unusual." 

Image credit: The Siberian Times

The main assumption initially was that smoke from raging wildfires in other districts had blotted out the Sun, but officials have expressed doubts over this theory without explaining what caused the weird phenomenon.

Some residents are even saying that a light flash was registered by the US satellites, followed by an increase of radioactive level and unusual activity of the military. 

Image credit: The Siberian Times

An official in Nizhne-Bytantaisky settlement contradicted residents who had reported a thick layer of dust after the cloud and darkness vanished. There was no dust, he said.

"People who live here for many years said they had never witnessed anything like this," said Konstantin Starostin, another official in the Nizhne-Bytantaisky settlement.

"The darkness was pitch black. It didn’t come at once but grew gradually. The Sun was gone from 11:30 until 14:00."

Regions affected by the mysterious darkness on July 20, 2018. Credit: Google. Edit: The Watchers

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Local officials said there was no rain, dust, smoke or a sharp air temperature drop in the region during the event. However, they said that almost all Arctic districts reported a significant temperature fall. On the night before the event the temperatures dropped down to -4 °C (24.8 °F), local media said. July average in the region is about 10 °C (50 °F).

Head of Verkhoyansk town Yevgeny Potapov said that 'the sun didn’t disappear in his area, but something strange happened on that day.'

"There was something looking like smoke on July 20. At least this is what we decided. We didn’t have nearby wildfires, but there was one at the border with Eveno-Bytantaisky ulus. It was as if the day has gone overcast as if the Sun was covered with a cloud... or not a cloud… but there was no rain," he said. 

"We didn’t know what was happening to our neighbors," Potapov added. "We thought stories about no Sun were rumors, but then we realized these were not. We are also trying to guess as to what could have this possibly been.’

There is still no official explanation of the phenomenon from meteorological, defense, or other deferral officials.


In an article published July 27th, The Siberian Times wrote:

Amid a puzzling official and federal media silence, all kinds of theories as to the cause, some conspiratorial, went wild on the web. Versions include a new darkness-inducing weapon being tested, a meteorite strike, the work of aliens or the devil, an unannounced eclipse, a botched rocket launch, or the fumes from raging forest fires.

Suspicions deepened because some official bodies were so coy - even evasive - when asked to explain the event, as if under orders.

A source at the Emergencies Ministry in Yakutsk said in hushed tones: 'We have an opinion but I have no right to disclose this information.'  He declined to confirm forest fires as the most likely cause, adding guardedly: 'Anything can be supposed.'

Against this, there were no wildfires in the districts hit by the mysterious cloud. 

Natalia Kovalyova, the acting head of meteorological and agricultural forecasting department in regional capital Yakutsk, said she believes Yakutia’s darkest day was caused by forest fires with the pollution blown into districts where no infernos were raging. 

If true, the phenomenon appears to be similar to an event in the eastern United States on May 19, 1790, when darkness fell over a large area not affected by wildfires. It is known as New England’s Dark Day. 

There has been no comment from the Ministry of Defence. 

Featured image credit: The Siberian Times



John Books 14 days ago

The U S Govt & the Russian needs to release the satellite view of the area from above to show it from space. It will give a better view of what is happening!

Doug Coe 15 days ago

I believe that this is a sign from GOD, that means seal six has been opened or the prophecy is at hand. This is in the new testament revelation ch. 6 verse 12 . The sun turns black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood. We also had a blood red moon on 7/27/18. Also when JESUS gave up the ghost on the cross, it turned to darkness for three hours. JESUS IS COMING BE READY KEEP YOUR ROBE WHITE

Michelle 16 days ago

This is geoengineering, weather control, all man-made and
happening around the world. It was done at the 2008 Winter Olympics in China so that there would be no rain during the opening parade.

James 16 days ago

In the book of Jude, we are told about "spots in your feasts of charity(popular entertainment stars),clouds without water( U.F.O.'s cloaked as clouds but are waterless," . These are manifestations of Fallen Angels in our physical dimension or realm. What they saw in Siberia was a manifestation of fallen angels, using cloud cloaking technology ,still the cloud was waterless,because of the "yellow undertone" (likely sulphur from the U.F.O.'s Plasms core), mentioned by one of the residents in the original message.

Wanda 18 days ago

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by me. Jesus is the Christ the Son of the one true God. Believe in Him and you will have life contentment and peace.

prioris 21 days ago

It was wild fire. Siberia has the most massive forest fires recorded in history. The one in 2003 was 7 times more massive than largest on in US.

Butt Face (@prioris) 21 days ago

That 2003 one covered over 73,000 square miles. Mind boggling to think about it.

...and thank you for a factual comment.

Jax (@Butt Face) 18 days ago

And yet there was no reported days of darkness in 2003. Things that make ya say 'hmmmm'.

val 21 days ago

Perhaps it was the shadow of the moon, hitting the Earth at that point

skywalker (@val) 19 days ago

yes but no, the moon responsible is called wormwood and is one of many moons that are in orbit around the planet nibiru which is one of four planets that orbit the red dwarf sun called nemesis, all of this system is the binary twin system that rotates around our sun every few thousand years.

Bill 21 days ago

People this was no "smoke layer" from any fire powerful enough to block out the sun anywhere on this planet unless the whole world is on fire, at that point who cares we're all goners

diamond 22 days ago

Is just a gigantic fire to the south - check nullschool

Melanie 22 days ago

Wow! AMAZING! A clairvoyant channel I listen to mentioned this last week in one of her videos! Seems like she picked up on it. The Earth is shifting, raising in frequency through the conscious free will of a group of souls incarnated to assist humanity in evolving I know it sounds crazy, but is it really any crazier than Trump in office? lol. A lot more strange stuff is going to happen before it smooths out but we already won so sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Align to love and light and you'll be alright! Bless <3

G-sus (@Melanie) 17 days ago

Thanks Melanie! I think you are right on! Thanks for your support! There is a small group of us out here in SF. We literally just started doing the work necessary. But we need everyone's help! Money doesn't matter anymore. Your job doesn't matter. Just quit everything that isn't in the name of loving your fellow humans. I would also like to know the channel of the clairvoyant. Thanks again!

Laura (@Melanie) 20 days ago

What is your clairvoyant channel? I'd like to listen, too. You're not crazy, this stuff is happening.

Butt Face 22 days ago

On the basis of what little has been reported (colder than usual ground temperatures in combination with distant wildfires) it suggests an inversion layer had formed with the smoke from those fires becoming trapped within. It'll be enough to block the sun's light to a significant degree.

...and why do these 'mysteries' always bring the weirdo's out?

Bill (@Butt Face) 21 days ago

No fire on this planet would produce enough smoke to block out the suns light in a region with 24 hr sunlight for a min let alone several hours. NONE!!! If you believe that it is you who is the "weirdo"! Had this happened over NY or California in the USA it wouldn't have been so easily covered up! Theres your only fact!!!

Butt Face (@Bill) 21 days ago

Erm... . Yes, smoke can block out the sun. I've seen it myself where day turns to night. Same can happen in intense dust-storms, and even heavy cloud cover. It's rare but not unusual. But facts have always been difficult to fathom for certain people.

But you could be right, maybe it's the devil's pixies working in league with the government to hide the fact that moon is about to transform into a ball of light bringing the whole of Mankind to the brink of extinction (or some such other rubbish).

Hapax 22 days ago

I recall a similar episode from London in the late 1970s. Around midday it started to get dark as it would do with an approaching storm - but instead of raining it just kept getting darker and darker. The street lights came on and it really was as black as a moonless night (the sunlight recorders at Kew observatory registered zero). My first thought was that it was an eclipse - but no, that wasn't the case (usually one would hear about that in advance anyway). After an hour or so the phenomenon started to ease, and maybe an hour later the weather had returned to its normal dull grey state. The Met Office later explained that it had been sheer thickness and density of the cloud layer - vertically 18 miles thick - that had resulted in zero sunlight making it through to the ground. I have never seen anything like it since.

skywalker 22 days ago

total solar eclipse caused by one of nibirus moons , probably the red cachina which has been getting closer all year, as seen on the weather cams all over canada and alaska untill a few weeks ago when they were all turned off and the person posting them on youtube dissapeared for showing the world the truth "universal news media"go have a look at what is coming and what caused this eclipse

Lifegiver (@skywalker) 21 days ago

It's my understanding that Chiron is the blame for this. I apparently left its normal orbit a week before this event. We may see similar eclipses in the coming weeks.

skywalker (@Lifegiver) 19 days ago

chirons orbit may be iregular but it still isnt big enough or close enough to produce such a large area of eclipse, all the images i have seen show multiple objects , the best candidate is the blue stripped moon/planet which is always seen with the smaller red moon. i photographed these objects in 2016 when they were still looking smaller than our own moon,now this year they have been seen to be very much closer and much larger than our own moon. it wont be long untill they cannot be hidden behind any of the sun simulators which the worlds governments have been using to "cover it up" the russians are not bothered about hiding the truth they are fully prepared and laughing at the rediculus efforts to hide what is coming , they want people to see it now so they can get themselves prepared for the inevitable second coming. love and peace brothers and sisters

Lifegiver (@skywalker) 19 days ago

If not Chiron itself then why not one of Chiron's smaller moons. According to my calculations their orbits would coincide with the Great Shadow that fell on Siberia.

Bill (@skywalker) 21 days ago

I dont think its close enough as of yet. This looks more like what they're using to cover it failed. One or more of the reflectors failed would be my best educated guess. I bet the crew on the ISS were told get to fixing it asap. Gotta wonder if the cams happened to suffer "technical difficulties" as this happened.

skywalker (@Bill) 19 days ago

it must be both, an eclipse either full or partial by one of the planetary sized objects , and the sun simulator for this area of the earth was offline or the eclipsed area of the earth was too big for the sun simulators to cover all of the dark regions, so this region being the least populated was left in the dark, either way this is another small piece of proof that we are living in the end of days and we should be preparing ourselves for what is yet to come . love and peace allways from the heart

Devil's Tower 22 days ago

1) The ***SOLAR *** SIMULATOR *** finally failed for the first time....
2) One of the objects from the incoming WORMWOOD system ECLIPSED THE SUN....
Either way.....It means the same thing........The time to repent and ready yourself for the return of our Lord and Savior is coming to an end....Be YE ready....Christ Jesus RETURNS....

TheTruthIsOutThere (@Devil's Tower) 21 days ago

3) It is pollution from the Empire of the Molemen. The site is known to be close to one of the entrances to the underground kingdom and it is possible that this is one of there regular emissions to cleanse the air from below.

Bill (@Devil's Tower) 21 days ago

Finally someone who gets it

Kenneth Cash 22 days ago

At Isaiah 13:10 and Ezekiel 42:7 we can see that God is not a liare as you can now see! And this will soon be happening in the hole Earth! The disasters are showing it and soon the blood moon and the children of God will be seen! Coming and shineing in a dark world. And going home to the land that you said was to cold to live in in the north the center of all the lands Act5-7 Isaiah 52:1-11

Joseph Johansen 22 days ago

This may help:

Kenneth Cash 22 days ago

If this is not a sign from the true God who's name out of respect is the Lord! then I don't know what is! Isaiah 45:7and Jeremiah 4:28 So get ready you kings of the earth! The day you hoped would not come is now suddenly upon us all isn't it?!!! Isaiah 29:15-16

George Thompson 22 days ago

I think most people are ready to die at this point and don't give a shit. Bring on the Apocalypse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmed AlAkary (@George Thompson) 22 days ago

Completely agree and willing for the apocalypse
this world is getting worse everyday

TW (@George Thompson) 22 days ago

I understand, but can't agree! Let the sun shine in your heart :D

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