Millions of fish around the world are mysteriously dying… but why?


Millions upon millions of fish and sea creatures are dying around the world, but it's all very mysterious, as there does not appear to be much explanation for it, logical or otherwise.

When more than six tons of fish died recently in Marina del Ray, it made headlines all over the U.S., according to the blog The Mind Unleashed. But in truth, what happened off the coast of southern California has been replicated all around the globe. In fact, in 2014, as you will see below, mass fish deaths have become very commonplace.

Taken individually or even a few at a time, you would not get the impression that there was a problem. But taken collectively, it's apparent that something is happening. But why?

Has our environment suddenly and dramatically changed? Is there some sort of global weather or geothermal pattern to blame?

What follows is an incomplete list of just some of the most recent incidents of massive deaths of fish and sea life:

In southwestern Kentucky, about 500,000 Asian carp were found dead in April below the Lake Barkley Dam. Local reports said that the cause of the mass death was unknown, though investigators suspect some sort of virus.

Near Duluth, Minnesota, tens of thousands of fish in the 1,600-acre Grand Lake — walleye, bass and northern pike — died in May. Researchers blamed the deaths on a lack of oxygen tied to "last winter's heavy snowfall." But that said, the lake has not experienced a major fish kill since the 1950s.

In New Jersey's Shark River, scientists are blaming a massive fish kill, again, on "oxygen depletion." Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese told the Asbury Park Press that the likely scenario is a huge group of fish ended up in a small estuary and a slightly low oxygen levels resulted in their deaths. Another theory? Warmer weather, but it's just a theory.

In the Gulf of Mexico, four years after the world's worst oil spill, a new report has found that bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles are dying in record numbers. The culprit, British Petroleum, has pooh-poohed the report as pseudoscience, but the numbers, and the location, speak for themselves. Has the spill created some sort of massive eco-shift? Remember, the destroyed oil rig spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil into the sea; that's a massive amount of a substance not conducive to sea life.

In the Inner Harbor, in Baltimore, Maryland, state environmental scientists are investigating why about 7,000 Atlantic menhaden were found there last month. Biologists say that, because just the one species was involved, the deaths likely were not caused by a toxic substance, but again, that still begs the question: Why just the one species?

In Vermont's Lake Champlain, the annual deaths of thousands of alewives is now the new normal. Biologists have explained it away as a lack of food, hard winters, lack of oxygen, yada, yada, yada.

As reported by Vermont's Seven Days, a local news source:

The reason for the die-off, according to Vermont Fish and Wildlife, is a little less dramatic: Fisheries biologist Bernie Pientka said that mass deaths among alewives, an invasive species of herring, are normal in Lake Champlain at this time of year. Biologists believe the die-offs are a result of temperature fluctuations, food limitations and stress on the fish population following the winter season.

"They're just not used to rapid temperature changes," said Pientka….

In Singapore, officials are still puzzled over the death of 160 tons of fish to plankton bloom and low levels of oxygenation. One fish farmer said he lost 95 percent of his fish crop.

It's not clear what is killing so many fish in so many different parts of the globe (China has also been vastly affected, but that country is a pollution nightmare).

What seems clear, however, is that a combination of elements — don't call them man-made just yet — appears to be at work, and our vast ocean resources seem to be paying the price.


Republished with permission from Natural News
Written by J.D. Heyes

Featured image: Dead Fish (Tilapia) by

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  1. comical trails known as cem trails. most of the clouds in the sky are made by plains above. I drive a truck and see them making them every other day. look up more the jet stream spreads out with the wind . the intire sky as far as you can see is con
    vered with clouds of very poisioness cemicals—–look up cem trails…..

  2. I remember that somwhere in eastern States there was a massive Bird Kill when they fell out of the Sky at apparent no reason while at the same time and the same place Fish were dying.
    I point the Finger at HAARP Here is Why…Any high powered RF Signal can modulated to any specific Frequency of Audio or Subaudio. Similar what Rife did to destroy any Virus or Bacteria, only at much lower power.
    The U.S.A. and others do use Phasers and can resonate any part of your body and with the right amount of power and frequency it not only can but will kill you.

  3. To prevent animal extinction and animal endangerment in the future, we should certainly learn the lessons of the past and try to eliminate as many causes of animal demise as only possible.

    The exploitation of natural resources that often leads to animal extinction is closely linked to economic progress of the countries where this process occurs.

    We should strive to find the right balance between human and animal welfare – that is the only way forward towards harmony of man and nature.
    (Ezekiel 7) peace

  4. The answer is very simple. The Sages in the Talmud foretold (Tractate Sanedrin p. 98a): "The Son of David [the true Messiah] will not come until they will seek a fish for a sick person and cannot find one." Now that the time for the Messiah's arrival is at hand, great numbers of fish [all of them?} are dying, as was foretold to us. This is G-d's plan, but why? A logical answer: G-d created everything in the world for the sake of mankind's Divine service, and as it says in Tikkune Zohar about the fish and other worldly creatures, "…in order to make known [to mankind] through them the Supernal Realms, how the higher [spiritual] and lower [physical] worlds are conducted, and how the higher worlds may be known from the lower." The fish who are constantly surrounded by their very source of live, the water, are an analogy for the souls and the angels in the Heavens, who are constantly surrounded by the G-dliness which is the source of their [spiritual] life. Humans are also surrounded by life-giving G-dliness, but because of the barrier of the physical body, our minds do not perceive this. So we have to envision it through the analogy of fish which live surrounded by water. But in the Messianic Era which is coming very soon, as it says in Isaiah 11:9, "the earth will be as filled with the knowledge of G-d as water covering the sea bed." Since we will openly perceive that we are really enveloped in the "sea" of G-d's Presence, there will be no need for the analogy of fish to teach us that concept. When there is no longer a need for something, G-d does not continue to keep it in existence.

  5. The core activity referenced above is correct as the sun is now in delayed magnetic reversal in which means it is acting like a monopole and emitting from the equator and not polar like when it is a dipole. This energy is sufficiently different that science is still seeking to understand it. See NASA a star with two poles
    The common event has occurred in conjunction with our sun's magnetic reversal since life began. In fact life was in competition with itself, monopole life and dipolar life. Comb jellies and sponges.
    At the Cambrian Explosion I suggest our star was cycling a monopole energy half the time and half the time dipole energy. That explains the 'competition' to pass our genes on even tho there is an almost non-existant monopole state feeding this alternate life form at this time.
    I suspect our sun's current monopole state (over 1 year) is responsible for the fish deaths.
    In reading about the ancient Egyptians, the earliest king had a prohibition against eating fish. I propose that there was a significant die off in the Med that took centuries to recover from. The period between Homer's Iliad and the historical Greeks fits. About 5,000 and perhaps 10,000 y ago.
    Consider the early Copper Age, it failed to ignite altho copper was even brought to Europe from the UP. These events speak to a die off that required a civilization restart. Was it the energy from the monopole sun?

  6. "third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died" if you do not read from the bible, go to church or get down on your knees and pray, you need to start. the answer is a simple one Rev 1:1-3 ! peace

  7. It's caused by increased magnetic disturbance, increased atmospheric comet dust, and major saturation of iron oxide from a large comet planet that has entered our solar system on its 3600 year orbit called the "Destroyer"… The time of cleansing is here and we will be on the wrong side of the sun when it makes it perihelion in the coming months.

  8. As if pollution and severe changes in weather patterns aren't enough, please understand what happens when any specie's immune system is further stressed by the huge amounts of man made radiation from Fukushima's meltdowns.

    The food chain begins with micro-organisms and bio-accumulation concentrates the isotopes as each form of life ingests it's food supply. Some radiation effects create disease or mutations quickly, others take months or years to manifest after the various alpha, beta or gamma particles invade the cells.

    Immune systems break down, food supplies diminish and with every storm the jet stream circulates the planet over and over, dispersing more radioactive isotopes aerially. The horrendously deadly emissions from the melted reactors are also continuously flowing into the ocean, increasing circulating toxicity levels via complex current movements.

    From the tiniest microbes to all creatures (including us) at the higher end of the food chain, we now have an out of control sequence that has changed our environment forever. The saying "You can't fool mother nature" comes to mind.

    Nuclear power is the most expensive way to create electricity and only contributes about 17% to use for our energy needs. Why then? The answer is follow the money. Global nuclear related businesses, devoted to producing munitions and war supplies, reap insane profits from the deadly proliferation game.

    The half lives of radioactive fuel isotopes range from days to millions of years. We need to shut down every reactor and stop producing all nuclear waste since there is NO way or place to store it safely.

  9. Well, it seems to be you guys got it all figured out to one degree or another! My question is this! When are you gonna stop supporting these people? Stop voting them in office! Just stop participating in any political activities! As long as you support them, you are part of the problem! Its time we become a solution! Don't vote in 2016 refuse to play! Just say NO!

  10. Erm guys 2+2 here suggests that since most are dying of the WEST coast of American and Japan is of the EAST coast, Fukushima has been leaking now for like 3 years, why are we now surprised that fish are dying im surprised its not happened sooner, if I was American I would stay out of the water unless you want your kids to grown extra limbs……

  11. Now lets see, we pump millions of tons of our own excrement into the ocean, along with billions of tons of factory and other waste. Add to that a heap of Fukashima radiation. A recipe for disaster

  12. This can all be traced back to the Bush/Cheney Administration in 2000 when they secretly deregulated the oil Industry allowing them to cut corners causing the BP oil spill and when they deregulated the Nuclear Energy Industry allowing General Electric to cut corners in the design of Fukushima in Japan,… The Carlyle Group, Halliburton and Goldman Sachs all made huge profits on these monstrous disasters along with two wars based on lies. Even the Gas Industry was able to shut down the Atlantic conveyer belt creating arctic conditions on the East Coast inflating gas prices bringing huge profits to all their Republican share holders. It's all about corporate profits and avoiding taxes by hiding billions in profits overseas. Congressmen are bribe off by corporate lobbyist who control the media around the world.

  13. Maybe it's some acids or harming stuff being released from the bottom of the ocean, maybe due to *core activity* i don't know, but it is very weird, and it's not just the fish…don't forget about birds too that have been dying like hell, the weird unexplained boom sounds, etc…

  14. it seems that the business model of making profit for the shareholders at any cost… going to leave this world with an eco system that will be unable to sustain life on this planet as we know it , and when all the food is gone,or unfit for consumption we will find that the huge pile of profit (money) will only feed peoples greed for it.
    so very sad that such a few people can ruin the future of humankind and all life forms on this beautiful planet.

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