Explore the future’s rising seas – New map pinpoints cities to avoid as sea levels rise


For the last 100 years sea levels have been rising. Several processes are at work so the levels of rising seas are not equal everywhere – while at some places land is sinking, at the other is rising. Stronger currents create slopes in sea surface, and since all things with mass exert a gravitation pull, disappearing ice sheets lead to a fall in sea levels in their surrounding areas.

Mahé Perrette of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, has modelled all of these effects and calculated local sea level rises in 2100 for the entire planet. The global average rise is predicted to be between 30 and 106 centimetres, but tropical seas are expected to rise 10 or 20% more, while polar seas will see a below-average rise. Hard hit coasts will be around the Indian Ocean, as will be Japan, south-east Australia and Argentina with cities like Tokyo, Sydney and Buenos Aires as the most affected ones.


A weakening of the Atlantic Gulf Stream will cause water to slop westwards, triggering a rapid rise on the eastern seaboard, but this will be counteracted by Greenland’s weaker gravitational pull. Another model by Aimée Slangen of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, suggests that Antarctica could lose a lot of ice, which would produce an above-average rise throughout the northern hemisphere.

Sea level rise map (Source: M.Perrette/PIK)

 See interactive map of regional sea-level rises


The key sources are Sea Level Rise Explorer , studies from the Potsdam Institute (PDF) and reports from the IPCC Report (2001 – the most conservative one).

Sources: Earth System Dynamics, New Scientist,  NOAA Global Climate Dashboard

Featured image: Julie G/GreenerIdeal

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  1. This whole article is bunkum. I cannot get a map of sea levels to display properly. The 2100 picture/graphic is non-fuctional. And behind it all the biggest of all is that it is to instill fear.
    I would say that the total melting of ice, if that occurs is still a ways away and the inundating of land will not be complete as in the whole globe will be just one vast ocean. Why not? Because the amount of water as we know it today locked up in ice can only, at the extremes of lowest to highest be more than ~600 to ~700 meters.
    Meaning in a full glacial period with the lowest sea level cannot be more than the 600 to 700 meters, a total interglacial cannot be any higher than the ~600-700 meters.
    Find a ‘Terrain map of Land Forms and Ocean Floors. Around just about every high bit of land mass sticking out of the ocean, are light blue shallow depth features that show the ~point where the land in the ocean is/was when all or most of the ice is locked up. According to Doug Macdougall’s book ‘The Frozen Earth’ there is enough ice locked up on land that could if it melted or shifted off of the West Antarctic land mass and Greenland to raise the sea level ~120 meters.



  2. A scientist can always tell a scientist…
    And obviously the writer of this article is a dim-witted debunker, hired by the govt. to try to throw the public off base from what is actually happening so they can maintain their failing cover-up.
    Will guys like you never stop???
    Are you proud of yourself?
    Such nonsense, pathetic lies, so self-absorbed, non-caring about the impact of your lies on the lives of millions of people, just as long as they pay you, right?
    Everyone, don’t believe a word he says here, he’s selling his soul.
    There is a major cataclysm about to hit the earth, and the elitists who think they own the world (including you), don’t want you to know about it. This article is their cover-up hogwash, so you never look further for the truth!
    The govt. has de-activated buoys all over the world so people can’t see just how severe the sea level rises and tsunamis already are, and just how severe it is going to get.
    Islands all over the world are disappearing, including Indonesia– no, not being permanently flooded from rains (that is a joke in itself), but the tectonic plate is sinking. DRAMATICALLY and quickly. Another elitist and govt. lie/ cover-up.
    As icebergs melt, sea level rises. Any first grader can figure that out. Period.
    The poles are melting because they are very quickly moving to other locations, and the arctic circle is being exposed to higher temperatures through the wobbles.
    The earth is experiencing severe and increasing wobbles as these poles waver and wobble more and more.
    Thus the severe, sudden weather extremes as the seasons begin to disappear into each other. We all see this one happening, ha!ha! they can’t cover up this little symptom.
    And there is a new “exo-“planet in the inner solar system causing all of this.
    And is already taking the world into another pole shift.
    Yes, they are making up silly, really stupid lies to cover that one too.
    They have already prepared for what is already upon us, using YOUR money, and don’t want you to know because you might get in their way, and in the meantime they can continue to manipulate you for their personal gain.
    Things are going to get much, much worse, and the elitists/ govt is playing everyone, betting we are all stupid enough to believe these lies.
    Please, be intelligent enough not to fall for it.
    And for this guy.
    You will see soon enough, it will be announced.
    Then this guy will be out of a job.


    1. That I agree with all you have highlighted is moot. However, you like your protagonists, fail to offer any solution, and if there is no point of self-preservation, or preservation of our species (which is probable) how do you differ from the spinners?
      Integrity and honour have become archaic concepts, so it is exceedingly complex, determining truth from spin.
      What must be obvious is that the ‘elite would have a developed exclusive plan in place to save themselves.
      WHAT COULD THIS PLAN POSSIBLY BE? Now that is a ‘comment I would like to read.

      1. One way to determine what is true is if it applies to everything or everyone. If there is one side saying that something is one way, and then another is saying that it is the exact opposite, the real answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.

        It’s true, the glaciers are calving and the sea levels are rising and the seasons are all blending into each other. Weather is more extreme, garbage is everywhere, and we use finite resources as if they came in infinite supply. However, ONE group of people is not causing this. We are all causing this. Therefore, we are all responsible for fixing it, right?

        Nature doesn’t care what country you were born in or what language you speak… we are all subject to its power.

    2. Huh, as icebergs melt the seas rise…if you have a glass of ice tea filled with ice to the brim as the ice melts does the glass overflow? Of course not…but hey maybe in your world….the issue is the ice on the land melting into the ocean. As for the Government…well they seem to be supporting this globe warming nuttiness, yet the suns radiation output is decreasing and el nino is getting stronger…I’m just not seeing Henny Penny.

      1. @Mica you speak as if the the ice sheets are floating in the water. Much of them stand or rise about the water and when they melt rivers of run off flow into the sea so I don’t see how that is like your simplistic analogy.

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