Milions of capsules discarded in sewage plague Ligang village in China

Milions of capsules discarded in sewage plague Ligang village in China

A large amount of empty drug capsules are discarded into a sewage gutter, forming a colorful layer stretching for over 300 meters on the side of Zhengshang road near Ligang village, Zhengzhou city, Central China's Henan province, April 21, 2012. The capsules with various colors appeared on the gutter overnight. Sun Baozhou, head of the village's committee, said these capsules could be coming from illegal capsule-making workshops in the village. Chinese police have detained 45 people, arrested nine and seized more than 77 million capsules tainted with chromium in China's latest product safety scandal according to Xinhua.

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Featured image credit: CFP/Xinhua


grant 8 years ago

Wow. I quit taking pharms (as much as possible--read, the minimum) because of the 'normal, expected' side-effects that are usually worse than the disease they treat (antihistamines that make you pee sideways, for one really annoying example) but now... hey, 'illegal. capsule-factory' in rural China--excuse it, but the mental picture is a machine on a paint-chipped kitchen table, with the family pig sleeping underneath--nat geo stuff, right? And then chrome; and, all the OTHER heavy-metal dyes...heck, even aniline is possible (want some stomach cancer, with that diet-pill?) Brrr... thx for yet another sleepless night, guys, when I think of all the NSAIDS and cold-caps Ive taken over the years, that look JUST LIKE THOSE... Don't stop making me think, tho; getting my butt kicked makes me a better person (eventually...) G.

April Koning (@grant) 8 years ago

Yes, I want to continue knowing too! I also quit pharms over 6 years ago, I believe if you feed your body with good whole raw foods, drink enough water, get enough sleep, make sure and get enough magnesium transdermallly, take iodine and stay away from stress as much as is humanly possible, we will live long and healthfully!

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