Radioactive tissue holders found at Bed, Bath & Beyond reveal hypocrisy of failed national security


The Dual Ridge Metal Boutique tissue boxes sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores have been discovered to be radioactive. Made with the extremely dangerous material used to blast cancer tumors with radiation — cobalt-60 — they emit gamma rays that are known to cause both cancer and infertility. They were manufactured in India, shipped on a commercial container to New Jersey, and then distributed to Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in 20 states.

How much radiation do these tissue holders emit, exactly? Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre said, on the record, that standing near one of these tissue holders for 30 minutes a day would expose you to the equivalent of “a couple of chest X-Rays” each year. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency went even further, issuing a release stating that every 10 hours spent near the product would expose you to the equivalent of one chest X-Ray (http://beaconnews.suntimes.com/news/9990656-418/no-immediate-threat-of-lo…).

In case you were wondering, a chest X-Ray is not a small dose of radiation.

Ever since Fukushima, the corporate-run media has downplayed the risks of radiation exposure, and now they’re claiming that these radioactive products are “no big deal” because they “only” expose you to the equivalent of multiple chest X-Rays each year.

What if a customer has this on their nightstand, near their head, and they’re sleeping next to it for 8 hours a night? That means they’d be getting nearly the equivalent radiation of a chest X-Ray each night for 365 nights a year!

How is this not an immediate threat to public health? The corporate-run media has once again dropped the ball on this, downplaying the severity of this discovery by orders of magnitude. “Federal authorities say the tissue holder contains trace amounts of radioactive cobalt but it is not dangerous,” reported the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2086870/Bed-Bath-Beyond-tissue-ho…).

That’s a contradiction. If it contains radioactive cobalt, it is inherently dangerous.

The conspiracy to downplay dangers of radioactive products

If cobalt-60 is “not dangerous” as claimed by the corporate-run media, then why is cobalt-60 the exact same radioactive material used in cancer centers to irradiate cancer tumors and burn them to death? Funny how cobalt-60 kills cancer tumors with gamma radiation, but then when it’s contaminating household products, government officials pronounce it to be perfectly safe.

Everywhere across government and the media, there is now a conspiracy to downplay risks of radiation in order to protect the nuclear power industry in a time when people are dying every day from Fukushima fallout. Remember: 14,000 Americans have already died from Fukushima radiation (http://www.naturalnews.com/034586_Fukushima_USA_fatalities.html), and in response to that, the EPA raised the allowable level of radiation exposure in America by thousands of times (for some isotopes).

There is also historical evidence that casual exposure to cobalt-60 can be fatal. As reported in Wikipedia:

“In 2000, a disused radiotherapy head containing a cobalt-60 source was stored at an unsecured location in Bangkok, Thailand and then accidentally was sold to scrap collectors. Unaware of the dangers, a junkyard employee dismantled the head and extracted the source, which remained unprotected for a period of days at the junkyard. Ten people, including the scrap collectors and workers at the junkyard, were exposed to high levels of radiation and became ill. Three of the junkyard workers subsequently died as a result of their exposure…” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobalt-60)

But of course, in America, there’s “nothing to worry about.” Magically, cobalt-60 ceases to be dangerous for your health merely because the lying corporate media tells you so. It’s just another example of how the discredited mainstream media tries to twist reality and lie about real dangers to your health and safety while exaggerating public fear about things thataren’tgenuinely dangerous.

For example, the media has half the population in the U.S. running around scared half to death about “terrorism,” which is a purely fictional illusion invented by the government to destroy freedom. But when a real, legitimate health threat comes along like these radioactive consumer products, the government acts like radiation is imaginary. Don’t worry about aspartame, mercury or radiation, folks, as those are all imaginary. The REAL threat is all the terrorists hiding in your underwear, didn’t you know? (Just ask any TSA agent. They know…)

How does a container full of radioactive metal make its way to New Jersey without being detected?

But there’s a bigger story in all this, and it’s the story the U.S. government doesn’t want you to really think about. Despite all the police state tyranny being directed at American citizens, with random ID checkpoints in front of government buildings, the TSA reaching down your pants, and now TSA “VIPER” teams running highway checkpoints, apparently nobody is checking the ports for radioactive materials.

And that means if India, China or some other nation wanted to ship in a 50-ton dirty bomb, they could easily accomplish that. After all, this container of radioactive cobalt-60 made its way to New Jersey without being detected. And nobody was even trying to shield that radiation from detection! Imagine what a group of committed, well-funded terrorists (or even a false-flag government operation) could accomplish. Just load up a container with masses of dirty radioactive materials tied to a conventional bomb, have it shipped to Manhattan, and wait for the timer to go off.

So while Janet Napolitano and her band of criminal TSA thugs are checking your underwear for terrorists, they apparently aren’t checking the ports!

And I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet there’s a much greater chance of a bomb being found at a port than in your grandma’s underwear. (But don’t tell this to the TSA, as they have abandoned all logic and are now run by perverts and morons who are incapable of intelligent thought.)

If you bought a radioactive tissue holder, you could be prosecuted under the Patriot Act

Now, at the same time officials all over the country are announcing there is “no immediate threat” from the radioactive tissue boxes, they fail to mention one inconvenient fact: If you possess one of these, you could be arrested as a terrorist!

Yep, the very same radioactive cobalt-60 that they’re saying is nothing to worry about could get you arrested and detained as a terrorist in possession of a “weapon of mass destruction.” Look it up: The Patriot Act speaks directly about “radiological devices” regardless of whether you intend to use them as weapons. Merely possessing one of these tissue boxes could make you an “enemy of the state.”

So what happens if you bought one of these radioactive tissue holders and you try to return it to the store but get stopped by a highway checkpoint running a radiation detector? You could be arrested and prosecuted as a terrorist! Say hello to Gitmo!

Don’t think that could happen to you? Think again: Gregg Revell is known as the “accidental traveler.” He was flying from Salt Lake City to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and had a firearm legally checked and declared in his luggage. His flight was diverted to New Jersey, where he was forced to deplane and claim his checked luggage. When he tried to check back in the next day to continue his flight, he declared the firearm at the airline check-in, and they called the police. He was then arrested for illegal firearms possession even though he did not intend to land in New Jersey and had no way to avoid doing so. (http://www.ohioverticals.com/blogs/akron_law_cafe/2011/01/revell-v-port-a…)

This is yet another great example of how the police state system criminalizes innocent people who are no threat to society and who have been innocently entrapped in situations that are merelytechnical violationsof the law. Exactly the same is true for people who bought these tissue holders at Bed, Bath & Beyond: Even though they didn’tmeanto violate the Patriot Act, they have inadvertently done so and can now be arrested, detained, interrogated and even shipped off to Guantanamo Bay while being stripped of all their due process rights. This is thanks to presidents Bush and Obama, both of which have signed laws stripping Americans of their due process rights when they are “believed” to be associated with terrorists.

The joke goes like this:
• What do you call an elderly white woman with a radioactive tissue holder? A Bed, Bath and Beyond customer.

• What do you call a Middle Eastern-looking man with a radioactive tissue holder? A threat to national security, of course!

So what should you do with your radioactive tissue holder from Bed, Bath & Beyond? You’re already an accidental criminal for merely possessing it. And if you try to bury it, you’ll violate EPA regulations. If you try to return it to the store, you might be arrested at a TSA checkpoint and fondled by mind-numbed TSA goons who are incapable of following rational explanations about anything. If you call the police to come retrieve it, they might accuse you of plotting to build a dirty bomb and could arrest you for possessing weapons of mass destruction in your own home.

Basically, you’re screwed. So you’re the criminal even though security is so lax at the ports that rogue nations can ship in entire containers full of radioactive material and no one notices. That’s how security really works in a police state, by the way: The real threats to the nation are left wide open while the tyranny is turned inward, towards the People, to terrorize and criminalize them!

By the way, Bed, Bath & Beyond has actually given out a phone number to call if you think you may be in possession of one of their radioactive tissue holders: (800) 462-3966.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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  1. It’s been known for decades now that the recycling of radioactive materials cannot be completely controlled. There are about 300,000 tons of debris, from highly to low radioactive, from dismantling a nuclear power station of “modern” size and structure. Not ONE has ever been safely dismantled yet, only far smaller ones. Those that had had accidents (Harrisburg, Fukushima, Chernobyl) will not even be started during our lifetime, and the only ones that are safe to strip are those that were never switched on (a few, like Zwentendorf in Austria/Europe). There’s NO WAY that ever will these 300.000 tons times about one thousand (the number of such large-scale reactors to be ultimately “recycled” by the time nuclear power has been given up (there are still new reactors being commissioned or planned!). So 3,000,000,000 tons of radioactive debris are to be kept out of our environment “forever”? Let’s say: Santa Claus has indeed been spotted a lot of times, but “safe” dismantling of nuclear power has not yet been proven. And it gets worse: with the increasing prices for raw materials the incentives to re-use radioactively contaminated steel etc. will increase explosively.

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