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Strange activity around the Sun


SDO/AIA 304     2011/09/08   00:57:46

SDO/AIA 304     2011/09/08   01:29:57

There are few more interesting images recorded by LASCO2 and LASCO3  (Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraphs).

C2 images show the inner solar corona up to 8.4 million kilometers (5.25 million miles) away from the Sun.

C3 images have a larger field of view: They encompass 32 diameters of the Sun. To put this in perspective, the diameter of the images is 45 million kilometers (about 30 million miles) at the distance of the Sun, or half of the diameter of the orbit of Mercury. Many bright stars can be seen behind the Sun.


If you visit SOHO website and check the image frames (they are updated every 12minutes) you will see that there are some frames missing. There is frame recorded at 00:48 and then next one is recorded at 01:25 (1 minute delay) , so there is 8 images missing. Where are those images, why are they not shown.

And then the same situation with LASCO3. From 00:54 to 01:30 there is no data recorded.

Elenin is still 26 degrees left of the sun, no way that was Elenin. Comet Soho P/1999 R1 rounded the Sun on the 9th close enough to be on C2, moving to the left.

Mercury was at its greatest elongation, 18° west of the Sun on September 3. After that, the planet will move back towards the Sun until on September 29 Mercury is at superior conjunction. The planet, if it could be seen, would then appear to be just over 1° from the Sun. In reality it will be 59 million km beyond the Sun, and 209 million km ( 1.40 AU) from the Earth.

Being the other side of the Sun, Mercury will be fully lit, at magnitude -1.6. Thus it would be a bright object if seen in the dark sky. The Sun, though, is at magnitude -26.7, that is 25 magnitudes brighter. This means the Sun appears 10 billion times brighter than the planet. Of course the Sun is also much larger. Its apparent diameter will be almost 400 times that of Mercury, the surface area nearly 160000 times as large.

Being closest to the Sun, Mercury changes location and appearance quickly. Through a telescope early in the month it appears as crescent shape about 1/3rd lit. Two weeks later it appears close to 90% lit and has shrunk somewhat in diameter. Mercury appears white in color.

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  1. To generate enough energy needed to travel beyond the speed of light and to travel forward or backward in time can only be achieved by using the energy produced by black holes. The spots on the sun which now are more active are actually black holes. That is why is it seems that sun flairs are sucked back toward the spots if you look closer. Now ask your self what kind of energy can suck light and solar flairs back into itself. This great energy generated from these sun spots are used by space travellers to transport them other times and locations in space. These are used as Star (sun) Gates to travel throughout the universe. Right now you star’s gates is entering it’s 11 year cycle of increased gateway activity, hence why you see more traffic around the gates waiting their turn. OPEN YOUR MIND & HEART, THERE IS PEACE OUT THERE!

  2. The Sun is in a maximum of activity and now it is happening for the mankind in the PRESENT. We have records until now by the expirience but we don´t know what is the real activity of the SUN. If we compare this end of the actual cycle with the preceding or the former, the results will be differents and of course NEW. Then we cannot know what is happening now only with the method of the comparative events. It must be happening something that is into a long cycle and this one is part of it. Therefore is ridicul to speculate without more information. Of course NASA is on the course of the events but don´t say nothing out of the script. They have a great fear.

    1. Hey there Mario

      very good point with the Longer Sun Cycles instead of the 11,4 year cycles. Looking at the chart here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cycle which shows Sunspot activity over the past 400 years, you can see that there is a bigger Cycle of Activity. Though the number of Sunspots seem to go down slightly down every 50 years or so, there is a definite upward trend in the number of Sunspots over the whole 400 Years.

      In my opinion we just haven’t been around long enough to draw any reasonable conclusions about how the Universe works. NASA knows more than we do but Mainstream Media doesn’t seem to care, sadly. I watched about 20 different News Programs when we had that huge X-Flare last month but to no avail. Not a word… But I agree with you 100% about NASA being scared of something. No more Shuttle Program, unless you count the Military Version of the Shuttle, The x-37B http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Boeing_X-37B_after_landing_at_Vandenberg_AFB,_3_December_2010.jpg which was developed by Nasa and given to the Department of Defense in 2006. Last year it flew a 220 day Autonomous Mission in Orbit.

      It just strikes me as strange that the Worldwide Spaceprograms seem to be idling since the Moon Landing. But what do I know 🙂 lol

      Oh man, i’ve written an essay again!!

  3. Activity around our Sun has definately picked up dramaticaly over the past months as it’s 11 year Cycle reaches Maximus next Year. Though we have been protected by Earth’s Magnetic Shield in the past, this protection is starting to weaken. The South Atlantic Anomaly is the weakest spot that will leave nearly half of out Planet without protection by the year 2240. Sure, that’s a long ways away but the effects can prove to be a real problem even today! One perfect X-Flare from the Sun into this hole can have devastating effects on our Satellites and more importantly our Power Grids. Loosing a country’s Power Grid over an extended period of Time (several months) will cause endless problems being that everything is dependant on Electricity.

    This just goes to show that we, the Human Race, have enslaved ourselves to technology. We know too little about how the Universe works to live that “relaxed”. You can’t even buy Groceries or withdraw money without being dependant on Electricity.

    The next 50 years will be an exciting time for us with the Climate change and our dwindeling natural resources. It just goes to show how little we realy know…

    OK. I’ve rambled enough 😉 Hope some other people will share their thoughts here..

    Dan from Germany

    1. Dan from Germany, you’re a few years behind if you use the term ‘we’ advisedly. Your assessment is absolutely correct. I reply (a rare event) to offer you and other readers a piece of unsolicited advice: Let’s avoid pretending that we have a handle on exactly how the obviously impending fundamental change will take place, and settle on a generalized agreement that it will. There are a number of scenarios in which the alternating current of modern power grids will be unable to function, and several (like mass coronal ejections and like incidental electromagnetic radiation) possibilities that leave these grids debilitated for relatively long periods of time. I think if anything, your assessment of ‘our’ reliance upon electricity is drastically understated. Electric water pumps are responsible for water delivery and decontamination systems in urban and suburban areas largely, as a single example.
      My advice is this: While we still have a functioning economy- while we still have the vast resources for learning and organizational opportunities granted by access to the internet- while we still have a presence of mind absent the debilitating condition of survival mentality- PREPARE.
      I put terms like ‘us’ in quotes because my water flows to my kitchen from a pure sourse by way of gravity- not dependance on power or water grids. My power is microhydro- a massive electrical disturbance, at worst, will require me to install my backup hydro generator- an afternoon’s work. Our winters are warmed by a woodstove and the bounty of the surrounding forest. It’s hard work out here. Fall is spent preparing for winter (wood, roof maintanence, plow truck maintanence), winter for spring (planning, aside from plowing and shovelling), spring for summer (planting, preparing garden beds), and summer for fall (gardening and preparing for harvest, working for dry food storage) etc. etc.
      It seems daunting, sometimes, to imagine a fundamental change in our lives. So much so, that most of us choose to to justify our stagnation by accumulating imaginary responsibilities; “but i’ve got six months on my lease,”, “but I can’t sell my house in THIS market,”, “but how will I afford my habits”…
      We all know that a time is rapidly approaching that the comforts to which we’ve become attached will no longer be available at any price. Others will be far outside our newly restricted means. PREPARE NOW. Comfort is a bad habit.

      1. I hear you brother. I’m also in tune with nature as much as possible, grow own food for me and my family, pipe in ground and roof colector for rainharvesting, thinking of independence of power grid and other. I agree, we must prepare and as you said Comfort is a bad habit. Comfort is distraction, fairly an illusion, luxury in times ahead us.

        1. I appreciate the presentation of information here very much. Any speculation as to the missing SOHO and LASCO frames? A tech glitch affecting both, or something more ominous that “we” shouldn’t be allowed to see??

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