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river ganges living entitiy

River Ganges declared a living entity

Ganges, India's most polluted river and Yamuna, one of its major tributaries have been recognized as legal persons in an attempt to restore them to health. The landmark court ruling comes just 5 days after New Zealand awarded similar rights to Whanganui River -...

March 23, 2017

river baga just outside

Water in India's Goa region 'unfit for bathing'

Scientists warned that water off the famed beaches of the Indian holiday state of Goa was unfit for bathing and fishing due to high levels of bacteria from untreated sewage. The National Institute of Oceanography, which is based in the former Portuguese colony, said...

July 02, 2011


Land splitting creates panic in Uttar Pradesh state of India

Indian scientist in the United States has cautioned that mysterious long widespread cracks observed in several places in the Indo-Gangetic plains could be due to motion of a massive granitic body underneath. Ramesh Singh, who had extensively studied the seismology...

June 22, 2011