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english channel fireball june 1 2017

Very bright fireball over the English Channel

A very bright fireball was seen and recorded above the English Channel at 22:38 UTC on June 1, 2017. The fireball lasted several seconds and was primarily seen from England. The UK Meteor Network (UKMON) started receiving reports just minutes after the event....

June 02, 2017

uk fireball december 5 2016 wales

Bright Sigma Hydrid fireball burns over central Wales, UK

A meteor significantly brighter than Venus, and bright enough to be called a fireball, entered Earth's atmosphere above the United Kingdom at 02:23 UTC on December 5, 2016. The United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) reports the meteoroid was just a...

December 06, 2016


2015 fireballs recorded by UK Meteor Observation Network

The following video shows all fireballs recorded by the United Kingdom Meteor Observation Network (UKMON) in 2015. UKMON was set up in early 2012 with the aim of it becoming the first UK-wide network using CCTV cameras to capture meteor trails across the night sky....

March 07, 2016