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Typhoon Sanvu expected to veer northeast after weakening to tropical storm

This year's first typhoon - Sanvu, is located 60 nm southwest of island Iwo To near Japan and is moving northwestward at speed of 9 knots according to Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). System generated winds of 75 knots (140km/h or 87 mph) with gusts of 90 knots

May 25, 2012


Typhoon Sanvu is the first typhoon this year

Typhoon Sanvu has become the year's first typhoon. It is the first such storm since early October 2011. Sanvu is only the second named western north Pacific storm thus far in 2012. Fortunately, no major land masses are under threat from Sanvu, which will track near

May 24, 2012