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The theory of parallel universes is not just maths – it is science that can be tested

The existence of parallel universes may seem like something cooked up by science fiction writers, with little relevance to modern theoretical physics. But the idea that we live in a “multiverse” made up of an infinite number of parallel universes has long be

September 04, 2015

Why_The_World_Exists_ __The_origins_of_existence_IAI_panel_f

Why The World Exists: The origins of existence

From the size of an electron's charge to the cosmological constant, the universe appears to be mysteriously fine-tuned to support life. Can dark matter or infinite parallel universes explain why the world exists, or are such questions fundamentally

January 11, 2014


Parallel universes - Many worlds (Schrödinger's cat experiment)

One of the greatest secrets of physics we still do not completely understand, is what happens when the smallest things interact with the big things, that is when quantum mechanics meets our everyday world? You have probably heard of a legendary Schrödinger's

April 19, 2013


MinutePhysics: The True Science of Parallel Universes

Imagine if there were multiple universes, where you live a different life, have different friends, work a different job, and tackle different life problems, where you don’t even have access to the internet. These multiple universes are all related to ours and they

April 08, 2013