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Kepler mission announces largest collection of planets ever discovered

Kepler mission announced today it has verified 1 284 new planets – the single largest finding of planets to date. "This announcement more than doubles the number of confirmed planets from Kepler and gives us hope that somewhere out there, around a star...

May 10, 2016


Kepler confirms white dwarfs feed off remnant planets or planet-like bodies

A group of scientists led by Andrew Vanderburg has used the repurposed Kepler space telescope to record evidence of a small planetoid being disintegrated bit by bit as it revolves around a dense white dwarf star. The discovery validates the popular theory that white...

October 27, 2015


NASA's Kepler mission discovers closest Earth twin yet

NASA made an announcement on July 23, 2015 of it's Kepler space telescope spotting the most Earth-like alien planet yet discovered - a world called Kepler-452b that's just slightly bigger than our own and orbits a sun-like star named Kepler-452 at about the same

July 25, 2015


New method of finding planets scores its first discovery

A team at Tel Aviv University and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) has just discovered an exoplanet using a new method that relies on Einstein's special theory of relativity. Detecting alien worlds presents a significant challenge since they

May 22, 2013

Kepler 22b Kepler 69c Kepler 62e Kepler 62f

Kepler mission finds 2 most Earth-like planets

Continuing its hunt for habitable planets, Kepler mission has discovered 3 new planets in "habitable zones" of their solar system, NASA revealed on Thursday, April 18, 2013. Two of the newly discovered planets are most Earth-like planets found to date. They belong to

April 18, 2013

exoplant transit

Measuring a distant planet's transit (The Exoplant Transit Method)

Astronomers first discovered evidence of a new planet outside of our solar system in 1995. Since then astronomers have discovered 529 other planets. These planets outside our solar system, referred to as extra-solar planets or in short exoplanets, have been detected

January 10, 2013