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Eruption of Mt. Kelut disrupted fresh water supply in districts around the volcano

Indonesian media is reporting major problems with fresh water supply in districts around Mount Kelut after strong eruption that occurred on February 13, 2014. Springs were covered by volcanic materials, pipelines from the springs to the water tanks

March 07, 2014


Destructive mud flows threaten villages below Mount Kelut, Indonesia

Tuesday's heavy rain around Mount Kelut brought attention to increasing threat of lahars, destructive mud flows composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water.  BNPB estimated there is approximately 50 million cubic meters of

February 20, 2014


Eruption of Indonesian Mount Kelut the largest since the 2010 eruption of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle in Chile

According to BNPB, moderate intensity tremors continue at Mount Kelut but the volcano has been showing a decline in the intensity of the eruption. The ash plume rising to about 3000 m in altitude was observed yesterday.  Mount Kelut erupted in the late hours of

February 17, 2014


Satellites tracking huge cloud of ash and SO2 after major eruption of Mount Kelut

After yesterday's major eruption of Indonesian Mount Kelut satellites are tracking major cloud of ash and sulphur dioxide as it spreads in the atmosphere. The ash has reached high altitudes where commercial aircraft fly and is a significant

February 14, 2014


Strong eruption of Kelut volcano forces evacuation of over 76 000 people, Indonesia

Kelut volcano in Indonesia violently erupted today shooting a column of smoke and ash approximately 15 km into the air. According to Darwin VAAC, at 16:32 UTC, volcanic ash extended 50 NM (93 km) to the west. Authorities increased alert level to

February 13, 2014