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alpha capricornid span august 5 2021 f

Very bright alpha-Capricornid fireball over Spain

A bright fireball associated with the alpha-Capricornid meteor shower was recorded over Spain at 00:22 UTC on August 5, 2021. The event was produced by a fragment from comet 169P/NEAT that impacted the atmosphere at about 90 000 km/h (55 900 mph), according to an...

August 07, 2021

night sky guide july 2017

Night sky guide for July 2017

The Earth's annual orbit around the Sun will carry us to our furthest point from the Sun - aphelion - at a distance of 1.02 AU on July 3. Technically speaking, this marks the moment when the Sun appears smaller in the sky than at any other time of year, and when...

July 01, 2017


Bright Alpha Capricornid fireball recorded over Northern Africa

A very bright fireball was observed over Northern Africa at 21:05 UTC on July 8, 2016, and recorded by Spain's SMART Project meteor-observing network. The data collected by SMART network have been analyzed by its principal investigator, Professor José...

July 09, 2016