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A step closer to 3-D printed rocket engine

A team of NASA scientists has moved a step closer to building a completely 3-D printed, high-performance rocket engine. They manufactured engine parts and test fired them with oxygen and cryogenic liquid hydrogen to produce about 9 tons (20 000 pounds) of thrust....

December 23, 2015


3D-printing a lunar base

In 2013 ESA, working with industrial partners, proved that 3D printing using lunar material was feasible in principle. Since then, work continues to investigate the technique. The shielding against radiation provided by a 3D-printed block of simulated lunar regolith was

November 11, 2014


Liquid phase 3D printing method introduced by Chinese researchers

Scientists at the Beijing Key Laboratory of CryoBiomedical Engineering, part of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have developed a new conceptual liquid-phase 3D printing method with "ink" consisting of a meta

October 03, 2014


SpaceX to deliver RapidScat wind watcher and first 3-D printer to ISS

A new NASA mission designed to boost global monitoring of ocean winds, improve weather forecasting and climate studies is now on its way to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft. The cargo ship launched on the Falcon 9 rocket from Space L

September 21, 2014


Nanoscribe builds world's fastest microscopic 3D printer

World's fastest 3D printer of micro- and nanostructures was revealed during recently held international fair for photonics, Photonics West. Capable of manufacturing three-dimensional objects at micro-scale, it retains maximum resolution and consumes minimum time. This

February 14, 2013


3D printers - from innovation to copyright infringement

3D printers have been around for a while now, although not many people own them. Not to be confused with Lenticular printing (which creates illusion of depth), 3D printing is a sequential process of creating three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape

February 10, 2013