Destructive tornado hits Lampung, causing extensive damage to hundreds of houses, Indonesia

Tornado wreaks havoc in central Lampung, Indonesia

On the evening of May 27, 2023, a tornado hit three sub-districts in Central Lampung, Indonesia, causing extensive damage to hundreds of houses. The affected sub-districts include Kota Gajah, Punggur, and Trimorejo. The sudden strong winds began around 19:00 WIB, initially accompanied by regular rain and thunder.

A tornado swept through Kota Gajah, Punggur, and Trimorejo sub-districts of Central Lampung, Indonesia, on the evening of May 27, causing significant damage to hundreds of houses.

Residents of Sapto Mulyo Village in Kota Gajah District reported that the wind, which began around 19:00 WIB, started with regular rain, then added wind and thunder, before suddenly becoming strong. The wind caused extensive damage, with roofs being blown off houses and buildings collapsing.

In Nambah Rejo Village, residents’ houses also suffered similar damage. Following the tornado, residents worked together to repair damaged houses and remove fallen trees blocking the road. Some residents were seen cutting down tall and old trees around their homes in anticipation of the next strong wind.

The Head of Kota Gajah District, Prawito, reported that three hamlets in Kampung Nambahrejo were affected by the tornado. In total, 58 houses were affected with scattered tile conditions, and dozens of trees, from small to large, were uprooted. Of the 58 houses that were affected, 13 houses were badly damaged in Hamlet 5.

The severe damage from the wind resulted in roofs and buildings being destroyed. The losses suffered by the victims are estimated at IDR 10 million per house, while 45 other houses suffered minor damage.

In addition to Kota Gajah District, the tornado also affected several villages in Punggur and Trimorejo Districts. The head of the Punggur sub-district, Sukistro, reported that two villages in Srisawahan and Badaransari were affected, while the head of Trimorejo District, Suparyono, reported that five villages were affected by the tornado.

According to ASEAN Disaster Information Network, the tornado affected a total of 153 homes, of which 43 were destroyed.


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Featured image credit: Kupastuntas


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