Extinct volcanoes are coming back to life


I have been saying for years that global volcanic activity is on the rise and it's now obvious that volcanoes are erupting at a faster pace, not only around the ring of fire but also around the entire globe. Even dormant and extinct volcanoes are becoming active again.

An extinct volcano by definition is a dead volcano, which has not erupted in the last 10 000 years and is not expected to ever erupt again. In other words, an extinct volcano implies that there is no magmatic, seismic or degassing activity going on at the volcano and that it's not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future.

  • A volcano in Russia may be active again and scientists are worried that it could have "catastrophic" consequences1
  • Iceland fears dormant volcano may be waking up2
  • Previously extinct volcano raised to eruption warning level in Colombia: eruption would be first in recorded history3 
  • Dormant volcanoes from around the world are coming to life for the first time in 160,000 years4 
  • Fourth dormant volcano shows earthquake on the West Coast — Mammoth Mountain California5 

More importantly, unrest is growing right now among some of the world's Super-volcanoes like Laguna del Maule in Chile and Italy's Campi Flerei — under the city of Naples. Since 2005, Campi Flegrei has been undergoing what volcanologists call an uplift. Campi Flegrei showing signs of reawakening, Italy6

The Campi Flegrei may be nearing a critical pressure point necessary to drive an eruption for the first time in 500 years, according to scientists. The pace of ground deformation and low-level seismic activity has recently increased and they are similar to two other active volcanoes – Rabaul in Papua New Guinea and Sierra Negra in the Galapagos – 'both showed an acceleration in ground deformation before eruption with a pattern similar to that observed at Campi Flegrei,' said one Italian geophysicist. Enormous Volcano is rumbling below Naples – Scientists alert7

Also, the second biggest land Super-volcano, Toba in Indonesia is showing signs of a possible eruption. "Residents of the villages of Sitoluama in North Sumatra district are in a state of panic as the ground beneath their homes is becoming hot and emitting steam that smells like sulfur and gas."8 The other Sumatran volcano that seems to be waking up after 170 years of quiet is Seulawah Agam. Alert level raised at another Indonesian volcano: Seulawah Agam.9  "The other Indonesian volcano which is very active at the present time is Sinabung. Prior to 2010, Mount Sinabung had been dormant for about 400 years.

"This volcano is located in the Karo plateau of Karo Regency, North Sumatra, 40 km (25 miles) from Lake Toba supervolcano. Many old lava flows are on its flanks and the last known eruption, before recent times, occurred in the year 1600. Solfataric activities (cracks where steam, gas, and lava are emitted) were last observed at the summit in 1912; recent documented events include an eruption in the early hours of August 29, 2010, and eruptions in September and November 2013, January, February and October 2014. A pyroclastic flow in May 2016 killed 7 people. On June 2, 2015, the alert was again increased, and as of June 26, 2015 at least 10 000 people have been evacuated" Activity at Indonesian Mount Sinabung remains high, January 17, 2017.10 The other super-volcanoes that show signs of unrest are those in Iceland, Greece, Bolivia and the biggest one of them all the Yellowstone Super-volcano in the US. All of these super-volcanoes systems are now exhibiting clear signs of inflation, an early indication that pressure is building in these volcanic systems.

On the other hand, the Nyamuragira volcano (DR Congo) is becoming active again after the 2002 eruption that killed 147 people and forced 400 000 people to flee the nearby city of Goma. One of Africa's most active volcanoes is showing new signs of life.11 Nyamuragira volcano (DR Congo): Strong thermal signal from the summit area, January 15, 2017.12 See the following link for more active volcanoes worldwide.

These geological activities have exposed entirely the truths regarding the current mainstream view about climate change. But, the mass media is not giving up. No matter what scientific data you provide about the real cause, the final decision is in the hands of people like Al Gore. In fact, I saw one peer-reviewed paper that claims the increase of volcanic eruption is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. How much more stupid can it get?13

The first question anyone would ask is why there is an increase in volcanic activity? And secondly, why are even dormant volcanoes becoming active? And how can a dead volcano come back to life?

If you are going to ask these questions to any mainstream geologist or geophysicist, you are not going to get real scientific answers. Because there is no way these questions can be explained with current theories. This is the reason why the mainstream has averted the issue altogether. But, of course, all geophysicists, especially volcanologists know very well that there is a massive increase in volcanic activities. This fact is overwhelmingly clear from short and long term statistics. 

The number of volcanoes that are erupting right now is higher than the average number of volcanic eruptions in the 20th century. However, it is a well-known fact and everyone agrees with it, that when volcanoes erupt they release internal heat and pressure. And therefore, if the Earth has been around for only 4 million years, not 4 billion years, then according to a calculation based on elementary physics the core of the Earth should be a dead-cold, by now not hotter than the surface of the Sun.

So, how can the Earth's core maintain such temperature, taking into consideration the size of the Earth, the number of land and submarine volcanoes and how many times they have erupted since Earth's creation? Without revising the fundamental laws of physics, these questions and other basic questions about our own star and planet cannot be understood.

Can current physics explain why the Sun and the Earth have magnetic fields in the first place? Or the most important question, the origin of magnetic fields in the Universe as a whole? And why these magnetic fields change from time to time? Why Earth takes a very long time to change its magnetic field compared to the Sun? And why there are times when so many volcanoes erupt at the same time?

Nonetheless, revising the fundamental laws of physics under the current political-economic system is completely out of the question. Fake science is a very huge business, and it has been for decades. This conduct is a clear sign that the moral decay of our society has reached its lowest level.

Featured image credit: Din Muhammad Sumon

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  1. Not that it matters one way or another what I believe or think; but I do believe that we are already several years in to another anniversary of a repetitive event which about 1500 – 1600 BC or about 3600 years ago, give or take, amongst many other things triggered the (TEN PLAGUES) as well as the explosion of Thera, located within the Archipelago of Santorini and at the same time rearranged the Mediterranean landscape permanently. Indirectly and in a roundabout way, turning days in to night for some time, and providing the final straw, scaring the Egyptian ruler at the time, most likely Thutmose III not only giving him an Excedrin headache but also convincing him that it would be a good idea to release the Israelites from bondage. This event entered the annals of history as the EXODUS.
    Along here it may be of interest to note that the TEN PLAGUES were not events just made to order for good old Moses, as similar events occurring at the same time; of course of somewhat different nature bedeviled the ancient Chinese as well. What became evident by searching some of the ancient records within the same timeframe, what clearly points out that what was taking place at the time was not just localized, but affected the whole planet. The interesting part is that the Jews being pretty sharp by nature, especially one in particular, MOSES, utilized these events to threaten the Egyptian ruler with and by doing so eventually gained the release of all the Israelis from bondage.

  2. What´s is touching the Inner Temperature of the Earth. Earth has diameter Temperature 15756 Kelvins if by Earth surface 3500 Kelvins so can be possible in core 20000 Kelvins. It doesn´t mean the Earth must be much younger necessary but scientific equations and theories are false so Einstein´s theory of relativity is. I asked the Universe and he talked to me
    “I´m to endless to speed of light is my limit”. In other words Einstein has joked us and jailed us
    in premise “You are so stupid how wide You see!”

  3. The text of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFFn9FuXluM Video is based entirely on this article that was published on the Watchers, on 02.01. 2020, Extinct volcanoes are coming back to life. However, the maker of the video did not mention anything about the article and that it is not the first time he did that. Previously, he had to remove one video after I complained that the text of his video is my article, but he did not mention anything about it.

  4. Dear Jamal,
    I´m just curious, you haven´t aditional questions?
    I reviewed the surviving of mankind on the Earth and saw picture not too positive, just extinctional.
    I oversaw the Doom´sday Book and they are 4 scenarios how to be written in a Book of
    Death by natural forces. Let´s move sideways the underperformed Asteroid Scenario and take the chapter 1. Chapter 1: Yellowstone drama
    Yellowstone drama became very popular in last period, when in little known fact that Obama
    on warning of more scientists evacuated the White House Staff into Europe- more than 10000
    members- three times with costs something about $50 million in the year 2012, 2013 and 2014. At January 2015 more than 20 million bisons and other species has left the Yellowstone with escape into South. The two underground rooms of Yellowstone getting to fully cover, explosion seems to be iminent, but we have at least another 13 stratovulcanos in red alert to
    inflict massiver damages as Yellowstone!
    Chapter 2: Overpoling- the transition of magnetic poles- with Permafrost methane of Siberia explosion. Overpoling maybe, but Permafrost methane explosion nobody has mentioned before, its a big mistake. You know the Permafrost Jamal, its a 3-4 km wide everfrozen land of Siberia, but in warming of planet getting very unstable. The last 3 years the bubbles of methane are going into the surface and making big holes, partimes with explosions, so imagine the southmagnetic pole in the North moving through 30 milion km3 of Siberian methane. The explosion(s) of this number of methane has energy 10e24 Joules, in other
    words can cover for 10000 years the powerconsumption of the mankind on the EARTH!
    You know, on the magnetic poles enters solarwind and energy free through atmosphere,
    1360 Joules per second (time unit) square meter and pole is moving very slow, just 500 km per year in 2021-2030. This fire will force methane to explosion, no worries.
    Chapter 3. Winterdeath with Polar Vortex Bubble(s)
    This scenario has also nobody mentioned, second big mistake! The preparation of this scenario has allready begun in winter 2019 in Chicago and other midwest to midnorth cities
    with -55°C temperature, cofee has frozen before fall on the ground- very popular net film.
    What is turning up? The Polar Vortex was cut by warm air making so called diverticles and its
    ever more possible the warm air outbreaks into both poles permanently to cut Polar Vortex into 4 bubbles, 2 bubbles per one pole. The Vortex Bubbles will reach 8000 km in diameter and from 70° north(south) wide to 40°- 50° north (south) wide, in the center of bubble may the temperature sink to – 90°C on the border – 42°C. Super Ice Age can occurre in a few (21) days!
    Chapter 4: Overflooding the Earth- Flooding the World. Very popular scenario, warming etc.
    not necessary to mention.

  5. Jamal, its a very good question about the origin of Magnetic Field in Universe. The level of
    official scientists is level of this fulish society now. A now I will explain you, how the Universe works. The Universe rule the 2 energies that draw everything near together- two magnetism 1, Electromagnetic energy based on difference of electron density in space
    2, Gravitation energy based on difference of matter density – body to body, matter to matter
    Both this magnetisms make the energy dipoles of Universe and both can not be destroyed.
    When the Universe expands, the Temperature sinks, the Electromagnetism is more powerful than Gravitation and Universe has a face of crystal. The temperature can sink to near absolute zero 0 Kelvins but not to touch this limit. In the temperature of 10e-6 Kelvin is Electromagnetic Energy so strong, that she draws all Black Holes together, no structure, just a free particals are in plasma. When the temperature reaches billion of kvadrillions Kelvin becames the matter too dense – limit 10e95 kg/m3 – that hammers out from Black Holes the Higgins Bosons- the bosons and antibosons. Antibosons are outnumbered by bosons and Big Bang starts to create a new Crystal of Universe. From this reason can not die the Universe by COLD DEATH to absolute zero and can not collapse to Singularity -BIG CRASH.
    From this reason also the proton is getting smaller, when the Meson is in nearby and bigger
    when the electron incomes into scene.
    Look lets make a small analysis of covalent binding energy. If the covalent energy yet is bigger as 20 years before, then Universe expands if covalent energy is smaller, then Universe collapses.

    1. Very good question about origin of magnetic field in Universe. I can´t to give you the formulas but will overthrow the flase imagination of this stupid science on this develop of society.
      They are 2 energy that draw near the MATTER together – 1, Gravitation- THE MAGNETISM OF BODYS – matter to matter 2, ELEKTROMAGNETIC ENERGY -the magnetism of difference in space electron density
      The both energy are the one part of energy dipoles of Universe, both are present and can not be destroyed. How the Universe works with them? Very simply, he is determined by them and completely fullfilled. When the Universe rules more the Electromagnetism, the Universe has a face of big crystal, elektromagnetic energy
      is more powerful than Gravitation, the Temperature of Universe sinks, Universe expands, but will never reach the Absolute Zero – 0 Kelvins. When the Temperature sinks near absolute zero, the elektromagnetism is so strong that draws all Black Holes together, Gravitations overhelmes the Electromagnetism, the Temperature gets to bilion kvadrilions of Kelvins, no structure but only free particals in one small space.
      Too dense finally, he hammers out from Black Holes the Higgins Bosons – antibosons and bosons, so the antibosons are outnumbered by bosons and Big Bang occurres to form the Crystal Face of Universe again. From this reason can not the Universe die in Cold Death in one hand and in the other hand can not collapse to Singularity. The dense limit is 10E95 kg/m3.
      From this reason also protons are getting smaller if mesons are in the near of them and bigger when electron draws near. Look make a analysis of covalent crystal energy yet and before 20 years. If the covalent energy is stronger yet, then the Universe expands if weaker the Universe collapses.

  6. Steve, I am well aware of what the Russian scientist said. I read his work, but I have to tell you he is not accurate because his knowledge is not based on the true understanding of the motion of the Sun and rest of the planets in galaxy. I assure you that the Sun right now is very near to its highest point in galaxy. However, when it reaches the highest point the amount of cosmic radiation in the Heliosphere and in the magnetospheres of our planet and the rest of the planets will reach its maximum level. And that is the most concerned issue. The magnetosphere of our planet will be under huge stress, if not collapsing temporary and that means the core of the earth will be shaking like a leaf. Nonetheless, the Sun will take two-three years to start descending. Please read, Our star is rotating on a helical orbit while spiraling up and down (spiral oscillation) https://watchers.news/2018/04/14/our-star-is-rotating-on-a-helical-orbit-while-spiraling-up-and-down-spiral-oscillation/

  7. This information accords precisely with what was specifically foretold in…1948. The article is titled “REAL News from 1948 to…2250!” at theyflyblog.com, see from 223 on. 231 has already been fulfilled.

    At the same blog, see the links at the article “The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: Evidence Reference Guide”. You will then have a glimpse at what has been kept from you – and most of humankind – and also more about the now…unstoppable environmental destruction.

    You can search the blog for the words Vesuvius, Etna, etc. Also, see theyfly.com for the “Henoch Prophecies”…and what’s now coming to the US.

    There’s nothing to believe here, the facts speak for themselves.

  8. A number of years ago a Russian Scientist suggested the earth, together with the whole solar system was heading into a space borne ‘energy cloud’ that would affect the frequency of earth quakes, volcanoes, odd weather phenomena all over our planet. He was asked by politicians of the day, (about 8 or 9 years ago) how long will the transit of the solar system take so everything will return to the stability we have known all our lives. What he said was not encouraging. He said it will take the solar system to transit through this space borne ‘energy cloud’ about 2000 to 3000 years.
    Whether you believe this, or not, does not matter much. The instability will continue for the rest of our lives and beyond. And the purveyors of Climate Change simply want to make cash on our fears, having us believe that our conduct can actually change the frequency of volcanoes, earthquakes, and unusual weather phenomena.

  9. Scientists discovered quite recently there is a ninth planet and although they can’t really predict where it is yet, they calculated it must have about 10 times the size of the earth. Was just thinking, what might this do to earth if a celestial body like that is approaching us? Obviously not hitting us, but getting closer because of it’s orbit.

  10. There’s probably some force pulling on the earth (and the other planets) and the sun at the same time. There is a solar minimum going on, a possible polar shift.
    Is our solar system circling around a black hole perhaps? That it’s in a state from going from wintertime to summertime? Or the other way around? But than on a much bigger scale? And is this turning around happening every so much thousands of years, like the winter/summer every year?
    I think something like this is happening.
    It’s a big happening, because there’s plenty of evidence that there have been older civilizations on earth before 6000 years ago. Perhaps they also witnessed this kind of cataclysmic events.

  11. At least 404 terrestrial volcanoes have erupted since 1883 — the year of Krakatoa’s historic eruption. Nearly 200 of these eruptions have occurred since the year 2000. These eruptions have varied in size and effects. Some are downright cataclysmic, like the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington, while other eruptions are much smaller, frequent and localized. Kilauea, the shield volcano now causing destructive lava flows in Hawaii, has erupted 95 times since 1883. https://www.axios.com/chart-every-volcano-that-erupted-since-krakatoa-467da621-41ba-4efc-99c6-34ff3cb27709.html

    Two Massive Volcanic Eruptions May Have Led To Dark Ages In Europe And Beyond https://www.techtimes.com/articles/152351/20160423/two-massive-volcanic-eruptions-may-have-led-to-dark-ages-in-europe-and-beyond.htm

  12. Let’s see a graph of the weekly volcano activity for the last few years. I am sure it will show that this article is nonsense. This week there are very few active volcanos.

  13. no one knows what is at the center of the earth. no one has penetrated more than 10 km or so into the crust. when someone tells you that the earth is filled with molten rock they are either lying or simply thoughtlessly repeating what they were taught in school. if the massive volume of the earth was filled with molten rock then there should be heat radiating from the ground and the oceans should be boiling like a kettle on a stove.

  14. Being a creationist, and believing that the earth is only about 6 thousand years old, it makes it all pretty easy to understand. Especially when taken in context with what the Bible says about the end of this age. But thanks for the report which only makes it clearer, we are almost to the end of this age. I know those who have programed to believe in evolution will not concur with this. So be it.

    1. I am like you in this, and I see the hand of God in all of it. I try not to be afraid for all those who are in harm’s way, including myself as I am at the edge of the super cauldron in Yellowstone. I do not know how long before it is all finished, I just know that even though there are prophecies yet to be fulfilled, most seem to be, and the others are coming at a faster and faster pace.

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