The Sun, atom and its parts remain a mystery under current physics


There is only one physical truth that must be considered as an infinitely important one. This physical truth cannot be other than the building blocks of matter. It is absolutely impossible to understand the physical reality of any physical entity, without comprehending the true building blocks of matter. You can come up with as many theoretical physical models as you wish, and surely you would obtain from those theoretical models some approximate physical properties of many physical entities.

However, obtaining the absolute facts of any physical entity is absolutely impossible, without understanding the true building blocks of matter that make up the Universe. Moreover, and more importantly, when the real building blocks of matter will be understood, it will become abundantly obvious that all known forces in nature, including gravity, are manifestations of the same force.

However, if you are curious why I believe that the sun is still a mystery under current physics. Then, please read some of my published papers, or at least some of the posts that I wrote on different online journals, educational and professional websites. By reading, just a small part of the large material that I published, you will see that all the observed features of the sun are in contradiction with the fundamental notions of the current theory. In fact, the failure to replicate the energy production of the Sun is only one of the most obvious and practical evidence against the current dogma.

I have stated repeatedly, that I will stop arguing against the current model if any fusion research institute anywhere in the world can produce one break even reaction based on the process of the so-called control thermonuclear fusion, which is supposed to take place at the core of the Sun. On the other hand, if my proposed model does not generate energy gain far higher than nuclear fission reaction and even higher than the hypothetical thermonuclear reaction, then I will raise the white flag and consider my proposed model to be completely wrong. My scientific belief about the Sun cannot be altered, even if 7 trillion solar scientists will stand-up against me, defending the current model. Why? First of all, in any rational debate, I can purify the minds of top mainstream solar physicists from all theoretical contaminations.

I can show them the naked truth which explains all the basic features of the Sun, including all solar phenomena that are currently considered mysteries. Secondly, I can always challenge them to produce one break even reaction based on their thermonuclear fusion model. They can never achieve such break even reaction, no matter how high is the temperature that can be achieved with any thermonuclear device.

The physical process responsible for the radiated energy of the Sun is the process of condensed matter nuclear reaction. It can easily be shown with a lab-scale device. In other words, I can provide all the theoretical and technical details including the engineering design approach (a design methodology) of a Lab scale reactor that will demonstrate with clear experimental values, the process of condensed matter nuclear reaction that takes place in the Sun. Thus, sooner rather than later, astronomy will be rescued, the Big Bang Universe will vanish and humanity will achieve unlimited progress and prosperity. 

Nonetheless, it is not only the most important physical entity within the solar system is still a mystery, but also, the physical entity that makes up all the chemical elements of the Universe. It might come as total surprise, if I say to you, that the basic facts about the atom and its particles are not understood as well. The reason is exactly the same, why the Sun and its planets are misunderstood.

In other words, the fundamental reason is the misunderstanding of gravity which depends on knowing the real building blocks of matter. This lack of understanding is more obvious on the atomic and subatomic scales than on other physical scales. Thus, it is obvious that the root cause and the fundamental reason that prevent, knowing the deep truth of the Universe, is the misunderstanding of gravity and its role. But, gravity can never be understood, without knowing the real building blocks of matter. On the other hand, when the real building blocks of matter will be comprehended, the physical meaning of gravity, its cause and role in the distribution of matter will be revealed. Besides that, quantum mechanics will be removed from the domain of physics, and it will become clear that all physical events in the Universe are deterministic, not probabilistic. Consequently, our current physics era that started in the beginning of the last century will be called the era of dark and black physics myths.

However, the evidence that the atom and its parts are still mysteries can be seen in many recent observations. For instance, at the end of the last decade, experimental physicists observed something about the basic feature of the proton that was totally unexpected and also considered impossible according to the current standard model of particle physics. Namely, the so-called proton radius puzzle. Historically the proton radius was widely accepted to be 0.8768 femtometres (1 fm = 10−15 m). This value was challenged by a 2010 experiment utilizing an accurate method, which produced a radius about 5% smaller than the previous value.

Basically, mainstream science is at a loss to explain, why the proton radius is slightly larger when it is orbited by an electron than when it is orbited by a muon, a sibling of the electron that’s 207 times as heavy but otherwise identical. Keep in mind that, according to the reigning theory of particle physics, the proton should interact with the muon and the electron in exactly the same way. The discrepancy is not only remaining unresolved, but also has deepened with new finding. The deuteron is too small as well – "The radius of the proton has remained a point of debate ever since the spectroscopy of muonic hydrogen indicated a large discrepancy from the previously accepted value. Pohl et al. add an important clue for solving this so-called proton radius puzzle. They determined the charge radius of the deuteron, a nucleus consisting of a proton and a neutron, from the transition frequencies in muonic deuterium. Mirroring the proton radius puzzle, the radius of the deuteron was several standard deviations smaller than the value inferred from previous spectroscopic measurements of electronic deuterium. This independent discrepancy points to experimental or theoretical error or even to physics beyond the standard model." https://science.sciencemag.org/content/353/6300/669 

Hundreds of papers have been written about the proton radius puzzle speculating about the cause. The majority of those papers have pointed out that the shrinking of the proton in the presence of a muon would most likely signify the existence of a previously unknown fundamental force, a one that acts between protons and muons, but not between protons and electrons. First of all, I would like to know, why scientists consider the shrinking of the proton radius as a puzzle, but the shrinking of the atomic radius-as the number of particles (electrons and protons) increases-is not a puzzle?

It is a well known observed fact that atoms get smaller moving left to right on a periodic table. However, in order to, understand the reason for the shrinking of the proton radius, the only fundamental force that must be realized is the one, which permanently exits in the building blocks of matter. When that would be realized, not only the so-called proton radius puzzle, the proton spin crisis, the long-standing discrepancy in the measurement of muon's anomalous magnetic moment and the cause of the shrinking of the atomic radii would be known but also, any physical phenomenon on any scale would be explained in consistent manner and without contradicting the explanations of any other observation or physics fact.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the phenomenon of the tides is actually caused by the same physical process that makes the proton radius smaller, in the presence of the muon and larger in the presence of the electron.


Jamal Shrair
Co-founder and chief scientist at https://www.shrairfusion.com/

Featured image credit: Tom Hall


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    The Sun is misunderstood and sooner or later, that will come out to be the greatest blunder in the history of science. It is worth mentioning that the amount of money spent on controlled thermonuclear fusion research by the advanced countries for the last several decades has exceeded one trillion USD. So, in spite of the huge amount of money spent and 70 years of research with different thermonuclear devices, no nation anywhere in the world could produce one break-even reaction. In fact, the output energy from this reaction cannot even be compared with the energy spent on creating it. The best results (without manipulation) using the magnetic confinement fusion approach is around 2% and in the case of inertial confinement fusion is around 1%. In other words, the energy gain from the so-called thermonuclear fusion is still galaxies away, just to achieve a break-even result which will never happen. http://news.newenergytimes.net/2017/01/19/former-iter-spokesman-confirms-accuracy-of-new-energy-times-story/

  2. Fundamental Forces

    All matters are made from atoms, all atoms are made from charged particles.

    Charged particles only carry electrostatic force, therefore all forces matters carried must be electrostatic force in nature. Same charges repel each other, opposite charges attract each other.

    Strong and weak force are imaginary, never can be measured or calculated. If there is strong force that can make protons stick together, there must be a strong force carrier, and it must be negative charged. If there is a weak force, what is the force carrier? What is its charge? How can all atoms are neutrally charged?

    Magnetic force is circular electrostatic force carried by magnet or circular current. Magnet north pole carries clockwise electric force, south pole carries counterclockwise electric force.

    Coulomb’s force and gravity are the most accurate measured forces in labs. Magnetic force is used daily.

    From Coulomb’s Law, we can calculate the universal levitation force between matter 1 and matter 2 at distance R, which is the repulsion force between lines of sight electrons on the surface of matter 1 and matter 2. F=Ke x q1q2/R^2, q1 and q2 are total charge of lines of sight electrons on matter 1 and matter 2.

    Levity is 10^36 times stronger than gravity, how come matters are still attracting each other with gravity?

    Because gravity is the net electrostatic force between charged particles between neutrally charged matters.

    All positive charges in matter 1 attract all negative charges in matter 2 and repel all positive charges, all negative charges in matter 1 attract all positive charges in matter 2 and repel all negative charges.

    Due to electrostatic force induction between neutrally charges matters, the net force is always a weak attraction force we called gravity F=G x m1m2/R^2.

    Gravity causes matter formation, planet in orbit. Coulomb’s force and levity causes all other nature phenomenon. Such as quantum entanglement, induction, photoelectric effect, radiation and light.

    Forces are coexisting with matters, forces are continuing and instantaneously through out space, therefore energy able to teleport between matters.

    Hot plasma on the Sun carry vibrating electrostatic force/energy, that energy teleport to Earth outer atmosphere through levity and propagate in air at light speed.

    LIGO mistaken detected gravity wave from 1.3 billion years ago, gravity is instantaneous, gravity wave is instant. If gravity is not instantaneous, no planets can have stable orbit.

    Scientists mistaken accurate measured Milky Way Galaxy total mass. They thought far away stars are from the past, light is photon particles traveling in space at light speed.

    The fact is all matters and energy are existing at forever ongoing now, nothing is existing in the past or future. There is no such thing as photon particle, no photon or EM wave traveling in space at light speed.

    Light is vibrating electrostatic force carried by vibrating electrons propagating through matter produced mechanical wave. Light can only coexist with matter, charge and plasma. Light speed in a medium is the rate of induction of electrostatic force. There is no light in space, light teleport between matters in space instantly.

    All theories based on light speed in vacuum space is C are mistaken.

    Stars are not fusion reactors. Stars don’t radiate light into space at light speed at all directions. Energy must coexist with matter. Stars only radiate thermal energy with planets according to their distance. If stars are fusion reactors, where is all the energy produced in the past? Why the temperature of the universe is not raising up?

    All energy is came from atom formation, opposite charged particles attract each other, same charged particles repel each other, atoms able to form and carry formation energy, which is vibration electrostatic force carried by vibrating charged particles. Every atom is a perpetual machine.

    The more atoms attracted together under gravity, the bigger mass, the higher energy density, the higher temperature and the higher vibration frequency.

    The Sun shares its thermal energy with Earth, also works as a heat sink, it keeps Earth temperature stable. All the heat we produced is radiated to the Sun, therefore Earth temperature is not raising up.

    Energy is conserved, the universe is a perpetual machine, the big bang theory is mistaken.

  3. Jeffrey Beall, is one of the useful idiots used by the establishment of mainstream science. Peer review is a flawed process at the heart of science and journals. Just write corruption in peer review process and read what honest scholars, are saying about it. The aim is to prevent a true scientific progress. Any scientific breakthrough, that shows the fundamental defects in current theories, even if it is based on experimental evidence should not be published. They want the people to be living in their dark Fake-Universe. However, Jamal Shrair, will publish a paper in the near future, most likely on his own website that will result in the vanishing of the crackpot Universe of Black holes, dark matter and dark energy.

  4. This is 100% pseudoscience, and The Watchers should be ashamed of publishing it. Shrair publishes his work in predatory journals that don’t have a valid peer review. His work is not cited in any respectable journals. If The Watchers continues to publish this junk science, then its credibility will be completely lost.

    1. the age of the dinosaurs has been, check out the kesh foundation if you need to update your scientific perspective, stop thinking in the distant past and expecting people to agree with your draconian dogma

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