Big fireball seen over Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Big fireball seen over Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

A big fireball was observed over Ireland and western parts of the UK at 21:00 LT on October 4, 2019. It is still uncertain whether it was one solitary object or two fireballs.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 22 reports from eyewitnesses in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

Fireball over Ireland and UK on October 4, 2019 - heatmap. Credit: AMS

Another resident from Galway posted a video of what appeared to be an "explosion" over the area.

Eyewitnesses in Donegal, northwestern Ireland said they heard a loud thunderous boom that stunned some animals. In the southwestern area, Cork resident named Mark Dignam said it was "incredibly bright for a couple of moments" at around 19:30 LT.

John Corr, another Cork local, reported his experience after witnessing the event later at around 21:05 LT. "Just flew west to east across the North sky as seen from Cork. Was visible for about 30 seconds. Broke up into a number of pieces and changed colors."

Featured image credit: Owen Hanley


Ravi 1 year ago

Chinese Space junk Reentry sighting from Galway, Ireland 41325 CZ-3C R/B 2016-006C Spent Chinese Long March 3C rocket from the 2016-02-01 launch of Chinese Beidou-21 satellite to GEO. 21:07 IST = 20:07 UT 4th October 2019 Ground track : W to E

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