Quantum Souls. Part three – The Evidence


Just like atoms and evolution, souls can be evidenced through predictions made upon observations during experiments – not of the soul energy itself perhaps – but on the surrounding environment which we conclude acts as though souls are present. Unlike atoms and evolution, souls and the spirit realm have been observed first hand. And, since we are all born to die, we will all, at some point, know the truth.  

What first hand experiences?

With advancements in medicine and critical care we are able to bring people back from death, something that occurred only rarely in the past. When a person dies (clinical brain death) and then is brought back to life, with a memory of the encounter, it is referred to as a near death experience (NDE).

It is believed that while having a NDE, the person actually leaves his or her body and enters another dimension. When these people come back to life they are able to share their experiences. Of particular interest are those experiences brought back from people who were blind from birth. When they are revived they describe, in detail, colors and facial features, forms and shapes of machines and buildings – all of the things they could not have known as they had never seen them. Or the experiences of young children who describe places and things they could never have known, that their parents could never have known, that are then validated.

Along with NDE, after death communications (ADC) have also added to the pool of documentation of fist hand experiences with one’s own soul or that of one in another realm. Numerous accounts of what people experience when they are visited upon by a deceased loved one including out-of-body experiences, deathbed visions, past-life recall by children, dream visitations and so-called hauntings, are available. The accounts are statistically sound and repeatable.

Interestingly, a lull in recorded observations occurred when death was depersonalized and taken out of the home and away from witnesses, especially in the so-called developed world. But, with the advent of hospice care and home assisted palliative care, more people are opting to die at home witnessed by family members and friends, as was traditionally done. And with social media, people are able to share their experiences better than ever before.

A simple analysis of the commonalities that were found showed interesting patterns and corroborations between stories and experiences, regardless of cultural, ethnic, gender, or spiritual backgrounds. The demographic identifiers differ but the overall experiences are eerily the same.  

We are told that these experiences and observations could not be real because they are not physically possible. But, that’s simply not true. They are possible, and highly probable.  

A glimpse into the quantum world demonstrates that energy (and by extension matter) can do all of the things that those people who are caught up in the physical world of cogs and wheels claimed they could not. For all of the times you were told that’s impossible, there is an explanation – a scientific one if that’s what you crave. In fact, the quantum world seems to defy the laws of logic within the so-called physical world.  

Even scientists think that the quantum world is weird and can’t explain it fully. Einstein referred to the quantum world as spooky actions at a distance. So, maybe the question shouldn’t be why can’t we prove the existence of soul but rather why don’t we understand the reality of our existence?

In the quantum world, properties such as invisibility, passing through solid objects, moving through wrinkles in time and dimensions, are real. In fact, quantum physicists and biologists have been observing these behaviors for several decades now. These are exactly the kinds of observations and experiences people are having that are being dubbed paranormal or nonsensical.  

    So, what are some of those properties and characteristics?  There are several, but I will discuss the big three – entanglement, superpositioning, and tunneling.

Quantum entanglement states that particles, even billions of light years apart, act dependent on one another, concurrently. This suggests that somehow a message is being conveyed between these particles, faster than the speed of light without any physical contact; which further suggests that everything must be interconnected and communicating on some level regardless of where in the universe we may all be.

As bizarre as that may seem, entanglement has actually been demonstrated repeatedly in laboratory experiments and in the “real” world.

The European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) migrates 3200 km (2000 miles) every year from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. For years, we contemplated these migrations from a logistical stand point, considering everything from some internal global positioning system to some biological mapping method driving their navigation. In fact, it turns out that what they have are extraordinary eyes that are hard wired to their environment through quantum entanglement.  

Research shows that their eyes, or at least part of the structure of their eyes, are made up of particles which may be entangled with particles in the electromagnetic field of the earth. Because these particles are communicating with each other, the birds are guided to their destination.

If European Robins are born with the same ancient particles that have been recycling since time immemorial, then so are we. If, by extension, particles are nothing more than the energy that makes them up, then we are eternally connected to our own souls and to those of others who have come before us and who will exist after us. Entanglement makes communicating between dimensions highly probable and lends credence to Jung’s collective unconscious – the oneness that connects all of us before birth, during life, and after death. 

But, entanglement only explains intra- and inter- dimensional communications and possibly travel; it doesn’t really explain other characteristics attributed to spiritual experiences. Superpositioning and quantum tunneling, however, do.

The vast majority of life on this planet is possible due to a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis, like all other biological processes, is a cycle with no actual beginning or ending – just constant efficient repetition. Within this cycle tiny packets of energy need to make their way through convoluted networks and biochemical mazes to a place known as the reaction center. This must happen instantaneously and without losing anything along the way in order for the cycle to work properly.

Through quantum superpositioning, the particles that house the energy needed for photosynthesis, can change state – maybe into fast rippling waves – and be on several different paths simultaneously. In doing so they find their destination very quickly with no loss; and, once the destination is found, all echoes of the original particle coalesce into one and continue to function.

If superpositioning allows an atom to be in several places at the same time, or even in several different phases at the same time, then think of the implications for your own energy- the energy that is your soul.  

Particles have also been observed to disappear in one location and simultaneously reappear in another location seemingly without ever traveling through an intermediate point. When the particle moves through an impenetrable barrier it is known as tunneling.

When a scent molecule comes in contact with our noses, or any nose for that matter, it vibrates its way through cellular receptors until it comes out the other side. When it’s done tunneling it leaves behind a tiny bit of the energy of that scent. The atoms that make up that molecule are not entering through some portal; they are seemingly dropping through a kind of worm hole, moving from this dimension to the next, and then back again.

In fact, the vast majority of enzymes that keep our cells operative use tunneling and superpositioning to facilitate particle passage from one site to the next. You may argue, “Well I can’t walk through walls, or become invisible, or use telepathy”; but the particles that make up the physical bits of you can, and do. When we die, we break down into those individual particles. The physical body becomes the quantum matrix, and the soul moves on anew.

Taken together or alone, the quantum properties of entanglement, superpositioning, and tunneling present significant evidence that all of the so-called paranormal properties and characteristics of spiritual experiences are, in fact, very normal.

"Quantum Souls. Part Three. The Evidence – an excerpt from The Quantum Afterlife, due out Fall 2016" by Dr. Angela Dijanic is the third article in a three-part series dealing with scientific evidence supporting the existence of souls and an afterlife. Find the first and second parts, here (1) and here (2).

Dr. Angela Dijanic is a retired professor of natural and applied sciences, with over thirty years of experience in scientific research and investigation.  She was a college professor for many years teaching subjects such as biology and chemistry, spent three years as a Medicolegal Death Investigator, and as an Environmental Scientist for the Department of Environmental Protection in Maine, where her son was a student at the University of Maine. In September 2014, she lost her only child, her beloved son Arthur, and has devoted the rest of her life to gathering scientific evidence of the existence and presence of the soul and the afterlife. She has authored a book on the subject entitled A Quantum Soul in a Newtonian World, and is currently working on a much more detailed sequel entitled The Quantum Afterlife.  Angie, as she is known by her friends, currently lives in New York with her four cats.

Featured image credit: Angela Dijanic


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  1. I was happy to read the connection between the NDE and the (spooky) quantumtheory, because a few weird things happened in our family. My mother had a NDE; a whole story, but what I remembered most is that she said, that she understood all the science, that we are exploring with many difficulties… But once back in her painfull body, all knowledge was gone again. I think the we are limited in knowledge and understanding and in spiritual ‘wisdom’. This, because a trick of our brains. I think that we are limited to understand what we need to understand here on earth to survive. As if the brain has hundreds of little boxes of understanding and only those that are relevant for our life on earth her are open. Otherwise maybe it would be total chaos. And maybe, during a NDE, all boxes fall open and so comes totale knowledge and ‘spiritual clearness’. When my brother died, I have felt at that moment miles away a feeling full of love and enlightment of someone being with me. And as a child, I rememberd laing in bed and I was able to see the wallpaper just before my eyes, so I think they see more waves than matery Therefore my interest. There is a Duth heart-chirurg who wrote the about NDE that is completely connected with the kwantumtheory. His name is Pim Van Lommel. This article is what I really wanted to read. It is the proof that I’m not alone with those thoughts. And I am sure that we lost our spiritual and telepathic intuition because of materialistic society and that it is possible to train ourselves to find it back. Thanks for that very interesting article.

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