Large meteorite impacts Iran causing serious damage to Qazvin, numerous towns affected

Large meteorite impacts Iran causing serious damage to Qazvin, numerous towns affected

Officials in Iran have confirmed that a meteor has hit somewhere in the northern part of the country on July 30, 2015. The event happened a day before a very large fireball streaked over the sky of Argentina.

According to Mohammad Ali Ahani, director of Qazvin Crisis Management Staff, the meteor landed in Avaj, province of Qazvin. There are reports that some pieces of the rock have hit areas in Eshtahard, Alborz Province.

Many Iranian news agencies speak of serious damage to Qazvin, which is located not too far from the state capital, Tehran. Injured or victims have not been confirmed, but such rumors are circulating on the Internet.

Reports of damage come from multiple locations.

Iranian newspapers say the meteor was very large (could be more than two meters long) because there are numerous towns affected by the impact, with shattered windows and damaged fixtures.

Red markers mark locations of initial reports. Image credit: Google Earth -  via Ross. © 2015 Google.

News reports released on August 1 say meteorites have been found around a village in Zanjan, and are being investigated by the officials.

The event is compared to that of February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Featured image: Leonid meteor by Ed Sweeney (CC - Flickr)


Steve 5 years ago

This is so stupid. If a meteor hit it wouldn't be laying on the ground. There would bea crater.

cade (@Steve) 3 years ago


PDub 5 years ago

No need to pray that area over there has seen worst than a few pebbles falling on them. Relax because when the big one comes you won't feel a thang☺️

oldchrome 5 years ago

This story appears to have been stuffed into a closet. But... here in this 21st century where ALL information is under official control, we shouldn't be a bit surprised.

George Orwell... you were late, but absolutely right.

DocSmallberries 5 years ago

It's just a meteorite, folks. A tiny one, at that. There's no need to pray. There's no need to panic. Sell them on ebay.

oldchrome (@DocSmallberries) 5 years ago

OMG... I prayed for the people of Iran...

wot 6 years ago

Please pray people, people please pray, pray people please!

GT 6 years ago

If the Iranian news vid above was actually for THIS event, thenthere was no big event, no death, no destruction, nothing else to report. Reporters and the "ExpeRT" dont smile and laugh when there is a tragedy as these did.Nothing but a small meteor exploded and a debris field,IN A FIELD!!

Cody the Skeptic 6 years ago

well, tbh. in christianity we believe our god loves all races and humans, and wouldn't just kill humans because of their belief. the conspiracy theory about jesus coming to earth in 9-35-15 is just big because christianity is the largest religion and like, a majority of them are 'preppers'. you guys shouldn't believe that god will send down an asteroid and kill the human race, if thats not what's suppose to exactly happen in the bible. btw, all of this is kind of confusing, we thing nibiru is gonna hit earth, and then the other theory is that god is gonna purge earth? pssh, please.

jim (@Cody the Skeptic) 5 years ago

We are not all preppers, that's just silly and untrue. Most preppers I have met are conservatives, but that's even a small number of them, and they have a military or police background. As for the rest, sometimes a meteor is just a meteor. If the capital had been struck or some major building or leaders home had been destroyed then that would make me go hmmm...

Muhammad Sultan (@Cody the Skeptic) 5 years ago

Dear Cody,

I believe the same that God (Allah the Almighty the one and worship worthy) will not just perish the Human race, or will not tear the earth to kill everything with a meteor. Ya the end of the Universe may be in near future and that's true. But our Lord will replace the Old earth and heavens with new one.

This kind of a Meteor is just a warning to the nations to tell them not to exceed the boundaries of God (Allah). Also no Nibiru or any thing like Planet X near the earth and its just a Internet Hoax.

We are safe unless God (Allah) wish us to remain on his Earth.

John Baxter (@Muhammad Sultan) 5 years ago

The Creator loves ALL, it's satan who is in charge and does all the harm but his time is ALMOST up. 'goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour'... the signs in the heavens, earthquakes, wars and men's hearts failing them for fear are signs of the end. Yes, when it's all said and done He will make a new earth for His followers to live with Him. Til then satan stirs strife among peoples, causing us to turn on one another and lose sight of the BIG picture. While it is 'Woe to tose who inhabit the earth' now, what keeps me going is the knowledge that sin will be done away with FOREVER in His universe. Then PEACE wil be upon us!

Cody the Skeptic 6 years ago

well, tbh. in christianity we believe our god loves all races and humans, and wouldn't just kill humans because of their belief. the conspiracy theory about jesus coming to earth in 9-35-15 is just big because christianity is the largest religion and like, a majority of them are 'preppers'. you guys shouldn't believe that god will send down an asteroid and kill the human race, if thats not what's suppose to exactly happen in the bible. btw, all of this is kind of confusing, we thing nibiru is gonna hit earth, and then the other theory is that god is gonna purge earth? pssh, please.

Maggot Brain 6 years ago

There has been no other credible coverage of a meteorite hitting Iran. This would be covered by every news outlet world wide IF it happened. It was not reported to any astronomical reporting site . Nothing just this site a few others and YT. No pictures, no video of damage. Nothing on twitter from any eye witnesses. Highly suspect. There was a green meteor sighted over Argentina on the same date, video of that event. People are so removed from the natural world they don't know the night sky, don't have even the basic astronomic knowledge and think everything is a conspiracy. I think there is a conspiracy called the dumbing down of humanity. Now there's evidence for that everywhere ;-( unfortunately

john (@Maggot Brain) 5 years ago

So because it isn't on man it can't be true lol? Wow. They tell you what they want you to know. Mostly lies.

Robert (@Maggot Brain) 5 years ago

It's actually going around Italy's media, and Iran's have you even checked?

Lincoln 6 years ago

Is there any sources for this there is little to no covrage was curious if there are any out of country (US) sources that are translatable.

Maggot Brain (@Lincoln) 6 years ago

I have checked numerous sources AMS has 2 reports, neither mention damage or injuries. One report stated it was not dark yet but he could clearly see it. NOTHING about damage or injuries. This is the only independent confirmation I could find. Once again if it hit the ground and/or caused damage it would have been world wide news . Here's the link to AMS:

Lincoln 6 years ago

Is there any sources for this there is little to no covrage was curious if there are any out of country (US) sources that are translatable.

lindsey 6 years ago

This is biblical! We are watching prophecy as we speak!
Read (ACTS 2:19 KJV)

Anonymous (@lindsey) 5 years ago

Sorry Lindsey,

Biblical Prophesies not explained well enough or not being adjusted correctly. Here is the list of such predictions almost wrong 100%.

I think the Biblical scholars must revisit the list of such predictions.

Dr Don (@lindsey) 6 years ago

Each day probably 10 missiles of this size 1-2 meters enter earths atmosphere but the world is so vast and the vast majority of the worlds total surface is effectively un-inhabited so that 99.99999% of all of them go unreported or missed or ignored . Also there are 10s of thousands of much smaller meteorites enter earths atmosphere everyday (est. 500 tons per day) are all these "wonders in heaven above " . When you think about it the Prophecy ACTS 2:19 you quote applied to the day it was written 2000+ years ago because the facts I give above apply to the very day it was written and to every day in between . How do you apply this event to Prophecy and all the millions of other events are not . This displays the ignorant and medieval unscientific "thinking " of Religious people .

paul (@Dr Don) 5 years ago

You have your opinion, just don't expect yourself to be any body's higher power or of any higher power than "religious people" I don't like your faith.

Roland Milligan (@lindsey) 6 years ago

Oh shut up.....

Eccoo (@Roland Milligan) 5 years ago

How about you shut up? You are a moron if you can't see Biblical prophecies being fulfilled each day.

john (@Eccoo) 5 years ago

What prookeries lol. The bible is not a literal book. You could apply those so called propieces to all different kinds of occurrences.

SmarterThanYou (@Eccoo) 5 years ago

Someone who believes in the bible, calling someone else a moron... this is hilarious!

Junita (@SmarterThanYou) 5 years ago

Have you ever seen some of the names Jesus made to people? Moron, is nothing....

Cyrus (@Roland Milligan) 6 years ago

Lol, that was what i was thinking, Roland, Well said.

Timothy Thomas 6 years ago

I would like to know if there was any water contamination with the strike .I think if so this could be biblical.

Farzad (@Timothy Thomas) 5 years ago

I'm from Iran.
Media services here underestimated it. they were reporting about the meteorite while they were driving in road and saying we can't see anything about hit here. it wasn't an acceptable method to find it because it probably get exploded in the sky and distributed to a very large peaces in very large area and it's not the method to find peaces of a exploded meteorite.
also some guys believe it wiped suddenly in the sky moments before hit the ground. no one in responsible guys get curious about what happened apparently.

TMTT2015 6 years ago

I have just had it confirmed that in the video the locals said it was a meteorite and officials haven't confirm this. can anyone back this up for me please?

2 other things too. 1. Why was there no scorch marks on the ground? 2. They picked it up off the ground less than 24hrs after it landed. Surely it would be still too hot to handle with the extreme heat it would have endured entering our atmosphere.

Dr Don (@TMTT2015) 6 years ago

It came from the extreme cold of space , passed through our atmosphere in approx 2 minutes and would have hit the earth at approx 400 mph max from maybe 35,000 mph . This huge deceleration usually causes most meteors to breakup well above the earth . The heating it experiences through the atmosphere only penetrates 1 or 2 inches into the meteor , remember the interior is Ice cold ! So the whole meteor once it landed would cool down very quickly and was to small and not going fast enough and was not hot enough to scorch the earth or gouge a crater .

Justme 6 years ago

Every country has nuclear crap stop all the hate and wars for natural resources and feed the millions of people that die everyday from starvation. What we pay for wars would cure world hunger. That's just insane to spend money on hurting people instead of helping one another. I may not spoke good but we are living wrong and things are getting worse.

Edgar 6 years ago

A big one is coming. Is it connected with Jade Helm 15? Does the US Govt. expects a big catastrophe that's why they are mobilizing the armed forces?

Ocelot (@Edgar) 5 years ago

Agreed 110% !!!

dwight 6 years ago

Looks like God just biotch slapped iran for hating on israel lmao

Michael I (@dwight) 6 years ago

I don't usually call people names when i reply to a post, but you're an idiot, considering that Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East. Israel is the only state in the region with nuclear weapons; it denies the existence of the Palestinians as a people; its steals their land; it ignores the rest of the world; it will not allow the nuclear inspectors to come in, while Iran has not started a war of aggression in hundreds of years. Go back to sleep, pal.


Gerald (@Michael I) 5 years ago

Michael, You have a decidedly distorted view of whom is the threat to peace in the middle east and else where. Has Israel ever threatened to wipe any other country off the map? NO. Your lack of historical knowledge of the middle east is also glaringly apparent. There are no such people as Palestinian, those calling themselves such are either Egyptian or Saudi ARABS. who migrate to the area now known as Israel to get employment from the Israeli who returned , settled and farmed the arid desert-like land. Non of the Pali leaders are native to the area but from Jordan, which was created from land that was mandated for the Israelites, and perfidiously stolen and given to Arabs. No screams about that though. God mandated the land for the Israelites. and what God has purposed man will in no way prevent. A genuine open minded study of the history of this land and you will come to a vastly different opinion Michael, and then you will be able to make a knowledgable contribution to forums like this one

Mona (@Michael I) 5 years ago

I'm not trying to be ignorant but Palestine...belongs to Isreal and they continue to steal Isreal's land,that which belongs to Abraham,Issac and JacobJacob therefore, speaking biblically and literally before Isreal was truly recognized as a state their land was being stolen from them..and when Christ returns it will be returned to Isreal and all will see the Lord's might!

tom k (@Michael I) 6 years ago

the truth is that all the land that muslims claim to be a "muslim land" they stole it either from Christians ,Buddhists, Jews or atheists. Claim that a God threw a rock from heaven is a dumb as all of the religions.

tripper (@Michael I) 6 years ago

I don't usually call people names either, and I won't start now no matter how tempted I am. You should stop drinking the KoolAid, and stop listening to the liberal media Michael. Then have a look at the whole middle east situation with clear eyes and a clear brain.

Dave (@tripper) 5 years ago

Being from another country, there is nothing more entertaining for us that to read comments such as this,, indeed someone needs to stop drinking the Koolaid,, Liberal media???,, omg man

Michael I (@tripper) 6 years ago

Oh, my eyes and brain are quite clear; I don't listen to, watch, or read any of the "liberal" media. Instead, I gather all the facts that I can and make up my own mind. Iran is not the enemy that it is made out to be, just like Russia is not the enemy it is made out to be...that being said, ALL governments are the enemy of ALL people. Currently,, I consider my own country (USA) the most dangerous rogue state of all, followed closely by Israel. Besides, this article is about a meteorite strike, let's worry about the people that is is affecting.

Radio Flyer (@Michael I) 5 years ago

I was trying to determine how the weather is going to be affected by this new meteor coming today and I got caught up reading aloud to my OTHER the ridiculously entertaining comments posted on this site. Love it all. They should call this site the astrobible or something like that. It made for smiles and laughs this morning so thanks everyone who has contributed to a knowledgeable and happy day to start off with.
What are your thoughts on the weather we are experiencing now and the meteor and all the meteor showers were having this year. I dont ever remember this may meteor showers let alone violent weather patterns. I do believe this is prophetically based as per Ezeckial in the Bible concerning the weather and other effects of our world. But some prophecies can be man made as well as some man made weather patterns

Gerald (@Michael I) 5 years ago

Don't quite agree about the clarity of your sensory organs Michael, but do agree that present day Governments, ALL of them, are the enemies of the people they govern. Most are totally corrupt and have little understanding of fairness or justice. Because they rule by man's laws instead of applying God's laws. Hope those who try and put down Biblical prophecy live long enough to experience the end of this age of man's rule and enjoy the peace and tranquility of God's blessed rule. Shalom to all

simon d 6 years ago

There appears to be a complete media blackout from the major international providers. Either there is a complete cover up or the information is incorrect from the Iranian source.

Washington paul 6 years ago

ok I have been looking very hard where are the aftermath pictures there should be something anything

Paul 6 years ago

It was just a question, not saying it's going happen. Do your own research and decide if it's BS or worth reading up on. If we see more headlines about Large meteorite impacts on the watchers in the future and it's happen more frequently then I might be more concerned something big might follow. I can't stop it so I'm not worrying about it. Just like to know what's going on in the world and in space from time to time.

Paul 6 years ago

September 23, 2015? more to come?

Nic (@Paul) 6 years ago

It's the Fall Equinox Paul (Spring for us here) - so what do you mean?

Bill H (@Nic) 6 years ago

9-23-15 is now the new Y2K. All the preppers have this grand conspiracy that the would will sail off the edge of the ocean and everything will turn into a version of "Mad Max" overnight. You'll knife fights to the death over a potato.

Anonymous (@Bill H) 5 years ago

Wrong Wrong, Nothing is coming on 9-23-2015.
No Planet X, no Nibiru no ISON. You are just telling about something does not really exist (Planet X).

Bad predictions!!

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