Dudinka, frozen Siberian town at -40 degrees Celsius


A state of emergency has been declared in Siberian town of Dudinka earlier this month after a powerful storm left residents without heating, water and electricity at freezing temperatures of up to -40 °C

Later, a water main broke causing several streets to flood and then freeze over. 

After slow response from authorities, pictures of frozen town started emerging on social media with residents asking for help. 

Residents of Dudinka say that the administration was asking them to constrain from publishing comments or photos on Internet.

Siberian Times writes: " The administrator of the 'Heard in Dudinka' social group even published a screenshot of correspondence received warning them not to publish posts about the problem.

The message reads: 'Is there a way that you can trace anonymous authors that write about the accident? They will be found anyway, it is only a matter of time. Do not publish this message'."

One local resident said they are trying to keep the mood up and holding it not to get desperate, even though there is a strong feeling that nature is winning here.

Dudinka has a population of around 22 000 and is located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, a large territory that borders the Arctic Ocean, where temperatures have previously dropped to a record low of -56.7 °C.

The lowest expected temperature in Dudinka today is -42 °C.

Forecast for Dudinka, Russia by The Weather Channel

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  2. I feel so bad for those people. When I was ten we had record cold of -47 with wind chill of -54 and my mom wouldn’t let us stay home from school. I had to carry my brother through the snow up to his neck and at school 75% of the kids stayed home. Boy were we jaded. Below -25 it all feels the same really, but you can die fast in those temperatures, and with water on the streets it looks literally like hell froze over.

  3. I like both C and F at the -40 degree range because it’s about the same on both thermometers. Also, I’ve lived my share of time in the -20 to -30 degree range. Ice starts acting like rock, metal becomes brittle, plastic starts acting like glass, and 0 C or 32 degrees feels like warm air.

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