Intense eruption of Tungurahua volcano causes total darkness in Chacauco, Ecuador

Intense eruption of Tungurahua volcano causes total darkness in Chacauco, Ecuador

A new and intense episode of eruptive activity started at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador, on February 1, 2014. A new paroxysm was observed along with a series of powerful vulcanian explosions. Ash plume surpassed 13 km (40 000 ft); eruption produced heavy tephra fall and pyroclastic flows up to 8 km in length.

This intense activity was accompanied by a significant release of rubble that was earlier perceived in Pillate, Capil and Palictahua. Ash in areas surrounding the volcano caused total darkness in the Chacauco.

Tungurahua started showing signs of increased activity from the early hours of last Thursday with explosions of moderate size and significant ash emissions.

Video courtesy of Felipe Escobar - February 1, 2014.

The last eruptive phase of Tungurahua occurred between October 6 and November 13, 2013. It consisted of strombolian-vulcanian explosions generating ash columns rising up to 4 km, accompanied by strong shock waves and producing occasional pyroclastic flows.

Bursts of moderate to strong intensity tremor characterized seismic activity during that period.

Since November 13, activity had decreased markedly and the volcano only showed weak degassing and no signs that could have been interpreted as precursors to the current new activity, IGPEN mentions in its latest bulletin.

Featured image courtesy of Felipe Escobar

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stephen andrew persaud 7 years ago

electro magnetic mayhem

Bill 7 years ago

No, no, no!! It's all OUR fault!! Too many people are stomping their feet and rubbing sticks together. Talk to any Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Democrat and they will set you straight.

jamal Shrair 7 years ago

Very soon the world scientific community will acknowledge my physics theory regarding the changes that are taking place on our planet.I have been arguing and will continue to argue that the cause for these changes is the changing Sun. As the Sun's magnetic field increases in the intensity heat at the Earth's core increases and the core start to rotate faster which causes an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruption and other climate change phenomenon...etc

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