Important earthquakes captured at the moment of the event by CCTV and other cameras


Earthquake-Report posted a great video compilation prepared by Raghad Rabah, showing powerful earthquakes captured by security cameras, video surveillance cameras and phone cameras in the moment of actual event.

Ten videos bellow are ordered by the magnitude (USGS) of each earthquake. 

Magnitude 9.0 – Japan – March 11, 2011

This video is showing the shaking in an Iwaki street (closer to the epicenter than Tokyo). It shows how difficult it is to stay right up in the street. This shaking was going on for a very long time (in earthquake terms).

Magnitude 8.8 – Chile – February 27, 2010

Earthquake that struck Chile two years ago, meassuring M8.8, killed 525 people. This footage from CCTV shows the ground rumbling beneath camera, while it shakes violently.

Magnitude 7.9 – Chengdu, Sichuan,  China – May 12, 2008

Security camera captured violent shaking and people running through street from surrounding buildings. There were 69,195 dead and 374,643 injured after the magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan.

Magnitude 7.6 – Islamabad, Pakistan – October 8, 2005

CCTV camera at LMK Resources building in Islamabad, 105 km from the epicenter of M7.6 earthquake, captured violent shaking at the facility lobby and corridors. This earthquake resulted in 79,000 dead and 106,000 injured.

Magnitude 7.2 – El Centro, California, USA – April 4, 2010

The security camera in El Centro, Baja California, located 65 km from the epicenter of M7.2 earthquake, captured the violent shaking of building and desks and damage. Four people were killed and 100 were injured.

Magnitude 7.1 – Van, Turkey – October 23, 2011

CCTV camera footages are showing city of Van completely black out and people evacuating the buildings within a matter of seconds as a building on the right collapses and the whole area is covered in smoke and rubble. 604 were killed in M7.1 Van earthquake in Turkey last year  and 4,152 were injured.

Magnitude 7.0 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti – January 12, 2010

A clip from The Miami Herald documentary, "Nou Bouke" is showing the inside of the presidential palace as a massive earthquake hits the island nation.You can hear the old building collapsing in this video. Walls and columns start falling inside the building, creating heaps of smoke and causing the security cameras to fall to the ground.

Magnitude 6.3 – Christchurch, New Zealand – February 22, 2011

CCTV from Christchurch captured footage of the building in the background collapsing partially and people rushing to help whoever is under the rubble. This earthquake killed 185 and injured 1500–2000 people.

Magnitude 6.3 – Christchurch, New Zealand – June 13, 2011

Home Security Camera footage of the Christchurch earthquakes.


6.0 aftershock caught on camera by NZ Herald

Cameraman Joe Morgan was filming an interview when the 6.0 aftershock hit on December 24, 2011. He captured the first reactions of Christchurch citizens.

Magnitude 5.8 – Washington D.C., USA – August 23, 2011

A security camera placed at the 500-foot level inside the Washington Monument caught video of violent shaking and falling debris caused by an earthquake occurring 84 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. From the security camera, you can see the ceiling crumbling from the shaking, and pieces falling on the ground on the surprised visitors.

Magnitude 5.7 – Yunnan, China – June 25, 2012

The security camera records employees running for their lives in M5.7 Yunnan earthquake.

Visit Earthquake Report for more information and interesting comments.

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