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Composition of mysterious white powder that covered Omsk district in Russia analyzed


On August 16, residents of few Omsk district cities, in Russia, saw streets covered with mysterious white and gray, odorless, fine powder. The white powder was reported in Barkhatova, Zaozernaya, Strelnikova, Glinka, Grounds, Pushkin tract and other cities in Omsk district.

Residents reported the discovery of mysterious odorless powder to the Center for Crisis Management EMERCOM Russia’s Omsk region, Rospotrebnadzor and State Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Omsk Region which conducted test to determine the nature of the powder. According to their preliminary data, the selected powder samples were just – usual ash. However, some researchers didn’t rule out that the substance may be a product of the refinery, possibly some kind of catalyst.

However, white powder that fell in Omsk, turned out to be a aluminium silicate, a non-toxic substance. Office of Epidemiology in the Omsk region reported that the powder is  not environmentally harmful and dangerous to the health. They found that toxic index corresponds to the hygienic standards that proves safety for human life. No harmful substances were detected in soil and air samples.

Aluminium silicates are a group of natural and synthetic silicates, common in nature. Aluminosilicate minerals are minerals composed of aluminium, silicon, and oxygen, plus counteraction. They are a major component of kaolin and other clay minerals. It is a non-toxic substance. It is used in many industries. It is used as a refractory in the ceramics industry and in the manufacture of many things, including high voltage electrical insulation, glass, and heating elements.

Meteorologist confirmed northwest winds that day. But for now, the source or location is still unknown.

Sources: EMERCOM, RospotrebnazorNewsru, Gorod55, Life.ru

All images, except map – Credit: Gorod55

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  1. FIREBALL…. It’s been some time now that I wanted to look up for “Fireball over Omsk”, and my google quest brought me here…. You see, on the night of 13th August, must have been around 3-4am Local time 14th of August (morning), perfect clear night, looking over my plane window for a while over the town of Omsk to my left beneath, a strange pheanomen cought my attention.
    It was the birth and movement of a big fireball (that is how I can best describe it) over the city of Omsk, moving aprox. from South to North, lasted around 5-8 seconds, and then it died out as fast as it appeared. I told about it to my collegue flying with me, and he got a glimpse of it for about 3 seconds, so I know it wasn’t my red eyes after a long flight in the night….
    As I said, I wanted to look it up whether something like that has been seen over Omsk night sky… Have been flying in the area for more than 5 years, have seen a lot of things, but nothing unexplained like that before… and I would have miss it, if I was not gazing around the sky that clear night.
    I am not saying that it was a UFO or NLO as they like to call it in Russia, but it was a redish fireball, with fire spinning around the ball which must have been as big a a house, which run through over the city in great speed….
    Not a fire cracker, not a fire-flame from the oil factories, not a plane or a rocket, just a nice round FIREBALL OVER OMSK !
    Now whether that has anything to do with the white powder over the city, I have no idea…

  2. almost every day throughout the globe they apply chemicals to create clouds……i have seen this in upstate ny…this is not of natural origins…they are on overkill with the Geo-engineering…

  3. I thinks it’s natural. Once here in Phoenix our neighbor came down and asked if my children were writing on the sidewalks with yellow chalk? I told him no and my children don’t run around the area! It was pollen and lots of it…all over the place…unlike my children! all he had to do was see that it was everywhere, and that was the first time I’d seen something like that…nature finding its way to make life! cool

  4. maybe is this one of the chemicals that they spray into the atmosphere from aircraft to produce chemtrails that they use for alleged weather control. If so maybe an aircraft had a problem and had to dump its load quickly, of course it will not be admitted as weather control is not happening! apparently.

  5. But!!! Doubt that they would bother to investigate what was attached or impregnated into the substance… It can be Irradiated or can be a host for Viral or microbial solutions… Also if it had been treated with DMSO4 or MEK it would have ‘chronic’ adverse health effects…

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