Tornado in northern Italy


An unusual funnel cloud was spotted on the plains of northern Italy recently. Videos posted online early this week clearly showed a funnel cloud dipping from heavy dark clouds.

Close-up detail showed well the anti-clockwise twisting of the narrow funnel, which seemed not to reach the ground. However, a commenter, writing in Italian, said it was a “landspout”, which was “on the ground for about 15 minutes.” There was no indication of any injury or significant damage owing to this storm, which apparently happened between Torino and Milano. (AccuWeather)

Video credit: skysurf65/YouTube.com

Video credit: fabrytoro/YouTube.com

Tornadoes in Italy

Perhaps strongest European tornado struck Italy on 24 July 1930. It was registered as F5 with  gusts of about 500km/h. It leveled masonry buildings in city of  Montello in Veneto and Friuli region and left 23 fatalities.

Another strong twister struck Parma on 4 July 1965 Italy with 25 fatalities and 160 injuries. Italy Tornado Outbreak occurred on 11 September 1970 near Venice left 36 fatalities. The tornado outbreak originated near Padua, passed through it and ended in Venice bringing death and havoc.


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