NASA: The world is not at risk on December 21, 2012


Dec. 21, 2012 is maybe the most marked date in calendars carrying the name of "End of Days". Aside from that date marking next year's winter solstice, the longest night of that year, nothing else interesting is expected according to NASA. The phrase "2012 disaster" gets 35 million hits in google search.  A lot of people are concerned about Dec, 21 2012. Astronomer Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object program office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., was at a public talk on Dec. 8th about rumors of a 2012 apocalypse.


"What's so special about Dec 21 of next year?" Yeomans asked. "A lot of people think it's the end of the Mayan calendar."

The ancient Mayan calendar was, like the modern Gregorian calendar, 365 days long. In addition to the year, the ancient Maya measured time in longer periods, with a short-count and a long-count calendar, just as we measure time in decades, centuries and millennia.

"The short-count was 52 of our years, and the long-count was 5,125 years long. This long-count calendar is coming to an end on Dec 21," Yeomans said."Of course, a new calendar would start on Dec 22. It would be like saying that our calendar ends Dec. 31, and that's the end of time, the end of days, that's it, no regard for how a new cycle would begin. The Maya never predicted the end of the world occurred at that time."

One concern is over how, from Earth's point of view, the sun will cross in front of the plane of our galaxy on Dec. 21. However, the sun routinely does this twice a year. Another fear is that a planet dubbed "Nibiru" or "Planet X" is supposedly headed toward Earth. Yeomans noted that well-known UFO aficionado Nancy Leider, who describes herself as being in contact with aliens from the star system Zeta Reticuli, first said Nibiru would cause widespread disaster in May 2003, only to later change her prediction to Dec. 21, 2012.


"There's no evidence whatsoever that Nibiru exists. It can't hide behind the sun forever, and we would've seen it years ago,"Notions that it might be hiding behind the sun are unfounded,"  Yeomans  said.

While believers in Nibiru claim that astronomers and NASA are engaged in a conspiracy to cover up Nibiru to prevent panic, there's no way on Earth to keep astronomers quiet about anything Yeomans points

There are also claims that gravitational effects from planets lining up with each other in 2012 will somehow affect Earth.


"But there is no planetary alignment on Dec. 21, 2012," Yeomans said.

Even if there were a planetary alignment then, it would not cause problems. The only bodies that have significant gravitational effects on Earth are the moon and the sun, effects we see as the tides. The tidal effects induced by the other bodies in our solar system are negligible, and we have experienced them for millions of years without troubles.

Solar storms — torrents of energetic particles from the sun — do occur. These usually come and go in cycles 11 years long. When they slam into Earth, they create auroras and can cause damage to satellites and power lines, but it's "nothing that causes lasting damage," Yeomans said. There are records of a solar "super-storm" striking the Earth in 1859. Although that caused little damage back then, there are fears that such a storm would inflict much more harm now that our world is far more dependent on electronics. Still, "there is no evidence that one will happen on Dec. 21 next year," Yeomans said. It's impossible to predict solar activity that far out, and even an extremely strong solar storm wouldn't likely bring the apocalypse that some fear.

The Earth has two kinds of poles — its geographical poles, which mark the planet's axis of rotation, and its magnetic poles, which are associated with the planet's magnetic field that makes our compasses point toward north. Some fear that either or both of these poles will flip in 2012. However, the geographical poles cannot flip because the moon stabilizes our planet's spin.

The magnetic poles do flip sometimes, but on time scales of about 500,000 years. These shifts are not sudden, but take place very gradually over thousands of years, "and there's no evidence of a flip on Dec. 21, 2012," Yeomans said. "Even if it did flip, it would not cause any real problems, other than us having to change our compasses from north to south." Ultimately, smart people can believe weird things for any number of reasons, Yeoman noted. For instance, real data is often confused with junk science, while anecdotal evidence and passionate arguments on the Internet and on television shows purporting to be fact are often mistaken for the real thing. (Space.com)

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Featured image: Artist's conception of the rogue planet Nibiru, or Planet X. (CREDIT: gilderm | sxc.hu)


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  1. So much money has been made off this Mayan panic. I almost wish I’d gotten in on it, but I just can’t muster that kind of dishonesty.

    Where there’s a sucker, there’s a profit.

  2. i think something big is going to happen, and no nasa will not tell us never will they tell us until the last minute by then we will know ourselves. with all events going on and every thing people should get the hint. nasa may not say nothing but you can look and see whats going on in the world. there has been stuff going on the has never happened or was expected to and all these other new events breakin lots of records. and its not just here in the united sates its global there has been more global activity now then ever reported. and its going to get worse really quick. the govermants and nasa will say nothing to the public. so prepare your selfs.

    1. I’ve been dead and know the CREATOR of ALL…G O D….is coming to see what HE created and how you did in the past.Only NOW will exist/no past no future…don’t worry be happy…NOW,you’ll feel HIS VIBRATION in every ATOM…of consciousness/the KEY of ALL CREATION.

  3. Mercy be unto the woman whose breast runs full with milk
    and the child to its mother cries for comfort and finds none.
    Into their homes they huddle in corners and hold one to another
    as the moan of the earth tears beneath the walls of their towers and their huts.

    Fallen and desolate are the cities of cruel oppression,
    their foundations torn asunder, their bricks strewn about the land.
    Gather not your comforts for the hour is too late upon you,
    for the waves gather high above you and cover you fast in darkness.

    Mercy be unto the man who seeks his beloved
    among churning fires and smoke.
    His eyes stung with blindness, his pleas unanswered,
    Neither young nor old are found in this place, for it is no more.

    Mercy be unto he that carries his pride in silk and satin garments,
    lined in gold with diamond crowns upon their heads.
    Wandering is he now amid dark and empty halls.
    He calls unto his servants, but they answer not.
    Behold, he falls limp within the shadow and dust of his passions
    for his riches are without worth and his garments lie cold and broken.

    Mercy be then unto those leaders of nations great and small
    who have plundered the earth of its gifts.
    For yourself, you have fattened your purse
    and ignored the plight of your people
    whose arms being outstretched but for the crumbs upon your plate,
    and thou hast turned thy blind eye upon them,
    seeking only the company of the favored.
    Having robbed then from the weak and downtrodden,
    your prize now snatched from your hands,
    you are brought down among the lowly and weak.
    And barren are your coffers so that they hold no coins
    and your mirrors have no light within them.

    Great is the fury of the Earth, for she is without mercy and solace.
    In her discomfort she turns in bitter pain,
    for her limbs are wrought with the plagues of man’s cruelness.
    And she can bear no more these burdens
    heaped upon her breast, and she drowns her pain into the oceans,
    and the seas take leave of their beds,
    and from the howling winds of her lungs she lays waste to the land
    as the boils upon her skin erupt with their poisons.
    Her skies are choked with venom,
    and all creatures hide from her face.
    As a robe of darkness covers her body,
    she withdraws from the sun
    and languishes in rumbling discomfort and sorrow.
    And the peoples of her bosom shall lament in their misfortunes,
    for like a thief in the night they are robbed of their treasures
    and without sustenance.

    But in the darkest of nights there lies a Fire still.
    For man holds his beloved close;
    friend carries friend to warm hearths, and
    a stranger brings a soothing hand.
    There are Lamps set upon hills
    and the Oil of their Flame is Love and their Light is Hope.
    Man shall not stay in darkness, nor shall his heart be stayed.
    For the glorious spirit of his true nature,
    now loosed from the chains of his own making,
    he climbs from the ashes of empty illusions
    to manifest now his dearest Visions of Peace.
    Such that Finally, and in Great Measure,
    Goodwill shall be shared among All men.
    And Upon that very Cornerstone
    shall he Rebuild and Sustain himself again.
    No longer shall the Bread of Life be outside his reach.
    That which belongs to not one, but All man,
    that lies not in coffers of coins and carats
    but There in his Heart, and in that of his Friend and Neighbor,
    Brother and Sister, there shall be found his daily bread
    of love, inspiration, and True freedom.
    And from the Wealth of his new found Oneness
    shall he Harvest then, in equal measure,
    the Greatness of his Nature and Spiritual destiny.

  4. I believe that if there were something going to happen December 21, 2012 they would not tell us anyway. They want to avoid world wide panic and chaos. They lie about things like this to make sure they are well on their way to safety and are not concerned about anyone but their selves. Know Jesus…..No Fear

    1. I agree with you. It is amazing how we are lied to on a daily basis. All the mainstream media filters the news.Same with the political voting system, it is all an illusion, a deceptive way ….. tricking people into thinking they have a choice.
      Anyway one looks at it, we have natural disasters each day. It is not If, It is When.

  5. It’s funny how Columbus was considered an idiot when he said the earth was round? I admit I’m more a scientific believer than anything else. Am I going to stop life because December 21, 2012 is approaching. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter what the date is because among all the propaganda, schemes, and other things those in power want to put in you to control your thoughts evidence points to big changes are coming. The world will always change, and if we’re lucky we can change it for the better. Some of humanity has changed it for the better, but just as many have not. The majority of us either don’t care, or watch it like a stupid TV show. They say UFO’s don’t exist either, just because you can’t prove something doesn’t make it not real. Funny thing is there is enough evidence out there that supports things are about to change real soon.

  6. The Picture of the calendar that you have is not the Mayan calendar is the Aztec one. Secondly the Mayans NEVER said that the world would end, they just said that one cycle ends and other will start. There are many Mayan culture specialist that can tell you this and also tell you that you are confused with Aztecs and Mayans 2 cultures that didn’t coexisted and their calendars are not the same.

  7. I think better safe than sorry is the order of the day. I myself am concerned about the grid being fried from the solar flares and our foolish depenedence on electricity as well as our lack of survival skills. By the way, I feel survival skills should be universally taught in schools along with C.P.R.. How vain we are to think it couldn’t happen to us. My children are 22 and 25 and don’t know the first thing about what to do if we lose electricity for months or even years. Stop and think about that. They say the food would be gone out of stores in 2 weeks. How many people can hunt fish or even have the right winter gear for a life without electricity. There is a lot of science and proof unfolding right before your eyes that things are escalating. Better safe than sorry. Peace on earth for everyone, no exceptions!!

    1. Amen Kelly. I totally agree with you. My 4 children aged 24-32 years old would have no idea how to take care of themselves if they had to live without elec. My husband and I have been trying to prepare them, but they don’t wanto hear is. I guess they will all be here when Spit hits the Fan!

    2. Luke 21: 25And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

      26Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

      27And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

      28And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

  8. Who is this yeoman dude and how does he kno eveything? Cz there aint no planetary alignment happening its gonna be a solar alignment between the earth sun and the darkrift of our galaxy….and this dude jus seems like a mainstream scientist to me, he dont want panic to spread. Nobody will ever come out n say the world is ending. Ever. Be safe. Be ready. Open ur eyes people!

  9. 21-12-2012….the best hiding-place for the changes to come is in your HEART,BE the PEACE inside you no matter what comes,LOVE is still the answer against fear… that disappears NOW!

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