Day 7 of the Universal Cycle – consciously co-create our reality


October 11th 2011 – The Seventh Day of Universal Cycle (9/9) begins with Akbal/Night Energy – polarity, dark and light at the same time, dusk and dawn, sunrise and sunset, two opposing and harmonious energies. According to Carlos Barrios, “the two circumferences at the top represent the energy of creation, and the dots below represent receptive energy. It means the darkest time of night and the first ray of sunlight… Who can say exactly when night ends and day begins? There is always a little light at night and a little darkness during the day.”


For those not familiar, the Creation cycle of the 9 levels of the Mayan calendar that is a mirror of the Cosmic Tree of the Universe, comes to it’s fruition on the 28th of October 2011 (completion) after a process of growth “as Divinely ordered chaos” shown in the form of dualistic shifts, that span from the beginning of time (16.4 Billion years ago) according to the Mayan Calendar. MayanMajix

Creation as seen by Maya has nine levels of evolution of consciousness. That is the reason why all Maya pyramids have nine levels. These levels or cycles of evolution are also called underworlds/waves. Each of these nine levels is further divided by 13 intentions of creation, 7 days and 6 nights. Each level is 20 times faster than the previous, meaning that there is more and more things happening in less and less time.

Cycle name
Length of Days/Nights
End Results
 16 .4 billion Years Ago
 1.26 BY
1st Live Cells
 840 Million Years Ago
63.1 MY
1st Live Births
 41 million Years Ago
3.1 MY
Family Relationships
 2 million Year Ago
180,000 Yrs
Homo Sapiens/ Tools
 102,000 Years Ago
7900 Yrs
 5,116 Years Ago
396 Yrs
Sovereign Nations/laws
 1755 AD
19.7 Yrs
Internet & Global Economy
 Jan 4th 1999
360 days
Ethical Considerations
 Feb 10 2011 – Oct 28 2011
20 days
Conscious Co-Creation

THE SEVENTH DAY OF THE NINTH WAVE begins on Gregorian October 11, 2011


Day 243 (2+4+3=9) of 260-Day Tzolkin

Day/Kin Remaining: 18 (1+8=9)

9 – Realization, Illuminating Faith and Belief, Humanitarian, Selfless,
Compassionate, Brightening to Miracles


Introspective Dreamtime, Darkness, Stillness, Sanctuary

Travel the Void Within to Birth New Ideas

This renewing/balancing force of Akbal is coupled with the number 9 which represents Quetzalcoatl/Christ/Buddha Light Energy, an ascended light energy awakening humanity to miracles. What a blessed way to begin this Seventh Day of the Ninth Wave.

Day 7 of the Universal Cycle/Wave/Underworld – view detailed chart or view 9 Step Creation Cycles Chart for general info.

As we enter this Seventh Day, the 13th and final Heaven, no filters will block our vision of divine light which will be allowed to flood in unimpeded and allow balance to occur at all levels. We will balance our right and left brains, ending our dependence on today’s technology. We will balance the feminine and masculine energies, ending dominance in all its forms. We will balance spiritualism and materialism, living consciously with nature and Mother Earth. We will become aware that we are divine Universal Souls.

“The Ninth Underworld may be seen as a gift from God, since it is not only about creating balance, but also the enlightenment given to humankind as an expression of divine grace.” Dr. Carl Calleman.


Tips to Maximize Incoming Influx of Light Energies:

Stay grounded with a daily movement practice (qigong, tai chi, yoga, etc.) and Meditation.

Perform Ceremony and Ritual – light candles and offer prayers.

Maintain a good diet and a positive attitude.

Practice kindness and compassion.

Choose Love over fear or anger.

Journey with the Universal/Cosmic Sacred Energies by following the Mayan Sacred Calendar

TZOLKIN – MayanMajix

Lecture by Ian Xel Lungold. January 6, 2005. Simone Butler, “Mayan Calendar and the Arc of Evolution.”

“The Universal Consciousness cycle affects not just Earth, but the entire Universe, which is evolving alongside us. What happens after the end of time? Time and Space will slip away as solid measurements. The best example Lungold could give is portrayed in the film, “What Dreams May Come” in which thought creates instant manifestation.

Meanwhile, he advises not investing in anything that lacks integrity, such as the stock market, and to get out of the way as our culture falls – similar to what happened in Rome. It also helps to attune yourself to the daily flow of creation through the Tzolkin Sacred Calendar. Knowing your essential purpose and the intention for each day attunes you to your intuition, which puts you in sync with the flow of Creation and produces entrainment, or synchronization with All That Is.”

Article by Ian Xel Lungold, “Trusting Your Ability to Ride Change.”

“We came to play hard and we came to play smart.

We came to tear Karma and Spirit apart.

We are on a quest to conquer duality

Stage by stage through our evolution

From within, to and through-out all duality

And so through-out all of Creation

The sum total of which is, Unity ()

This means we must confront and master duality.

And practice makes perfect.”

“Intending the best for all your creations.”


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