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Mayan Calendars end – No doomsday today! Rejoice and enjoy as the Dawn of the New age is today


It’s not the end of the world – it is 13 AHAU – Completion of all 9 Waves of the Mayan Calendar = Conscious Co-creation and Unity

A lot of fuss has been made about the end of Mayan calendar. And media was happy, and media was yelling doomsday, doomsday is near, we are all gonna die.. the old Mayans said it! They are so old – they must be right! Mass media and their propaganda made many people believe the lies and left them in fear of December 21 2012 as the day when the doom will come upon Earth. But then new calculations when converting Mayan to Gregorian calendar brought us up to today, this Friday, October 28th 2011 as the end of Mayan calendar. So for many – the doomsday was coming one year earlier.

The fact of the matter was and still is – for media this is all about the money! Exploiting fear is about money, a lot of money. It is known and proven fact that most people like bloody news, they like reading death and horror stories and fear spreading news. So consequently a lot of people believed the media and fell for the lies. The END of the WORLD, the apocalypse, the final doomsday in 2012 when all of this is going to end… all hell will break loose and we will finally have peace in death when this is all over. So freaking wrong.

The world is not going to experience major apocalypse today

But, those old Mayas never said anything about our collective doom on Dec 21st 2012 or Oct 28th 2011. When simplified to the max what they were talking about was the evolution of consciousness, our collective consciousness as human species. So the END was about the End of the Old World, of the Old Age, and the beginning of new one. The Age where we can all evolve to the state when we can consciously co-create our reality.  It’s evolution baby. They were right about many things and we really can learn a great deal from them.

October 28 2011 by sacred Mayan calendar – Tzol’kin is 13 Ahau. 

/Galactic tone/ 13 is Ascension – it assists us to go to next higher step, propels us to do something new or to try something again. It takes us over the mountain just to see what is there. Thirteen carries last success to the news effort.

/Sun sign/ Ahau (Sun/Light Lord) – stands for: enlightenment, remembrance, honor of ancestors, ascension, unconditional love, awareness of co-creation, awareness of new possibilities and new beginnings, awakening to miracles. Ahau was always a celebration!

At the time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the Return of our Ancestors and the Return of the Men of Wisdom.

Tomorrow will come – Oct 29 2011 – be open to new beginnings

Tomorrow is October 29 2011 by Gregorian calendar,  it’s a good day to be open to new beginnings. Tzol’kin describes the energies involved tomorrow as 1/Unity and Crocodile (messages of primal creative forces).


There will be no collective doomsday today or tomorrow. But I can agree and hope that today is the end of the Old World where fear dominated us and now is the time for Love. Un-conditional love, the triumph of Love over Fear!

Celebrate today and continue to do so everyday – Loud bass advised

For me personally every morning is a new beginning and a reason to rejoice and party. I don’t celebrate my gregorian birthdays for many years now as I used to when I was younger. I started celebrating every day as my birthday and it felt good. (Could not get my family used to bringing me presents every day though). And I’m celebrating today. It’s not always about the loud uplifting music :P, sometimes it’s just the party inside. Today is a mixture of both. The best thing I can say for the end is: find some uplifting music you like and tell your neighbours that you have a celebration today. And that they should have it too. You can find excuse in friday if you like, just be sure to celebrate and rejoice.

My personal favorite to celebration opening today. Turn on the volume for this one! Special thanks to our friends in New Zealand, the R.E.T.A.R.Ds and Mike who continued Ian Lungolds work.

Peace, love and unity to all of you reading this. The Watchers love you!

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  1. . our near future as I see and hear it, within myself
    therefore, it is truth to me alone, and offered as such.

    Behold, there Shall come New Meadows,
    and the flowering of seeds of Love divine
    shall be nurtured into fruition.
    Upon the horizon comes first
    “the humbling.”
    I am the spirit of Everyman,
    and I shall not sleep in that hour
    when the bow breaks from the ship
    and thy world is plunged into darkness.
    And there shall be heard a terrible noise upon the earth,
    and in the darkness still shall the earth let forth her shield.
    And in the shifting of her body to face the new sun
    comes the gathering of new waters about her curves,
    and in her settling shall man seek new ground
    and the climb shall be great.
    And in his struggle the weight shall be heavy,
    so shall he let go of hate for it has no truth within it
    and is but a prison of shadow and fear,
    and in its stead thy Brotherhood is born anew.

    Behold, the pruning of the trees of Greed and Power,
    thy bark has been stripped from thee and thy trunk lies empty.
    Your limbs twisted around the necks of man, binding him with chains,
    but no more; you are cut down and without roots and wither
    as your time is done.
    And the fruits thereof are without merit and serve you no more,
    except as now,
    be it that of a stepping-stone to a fairer vision of thy Oneness.

    In the dawning of the New earth,
    when the storms have ceased and the ash and winds have settled,
    shall you then, Children of the Arc,
    Builders and Carpenters of the Bridge,
    Come Forth from among the shadows for Yours is the New Dawn.
    And glorious is this Good News. Let surely angels sound the Word,
    for behold the heavens shall be parted
    and in the Lifting of the Veil,
    all who will may see the Truth of all Life
    whose Breath is upon the rising of thy Morning Star.
    And in the vision unfolds the sun,
    but look ye again and let thy joy be great
    for There upon the Horizon,
    Divinely Streams the Sun
    of the Holy One.

    Stand then Pillars of the Temple,
    prepare then the Way for His Return.
    Gather in New Circles of Brotherhood.
    You are the Seeds of Rebirth,
    the Harbingers of New Wisdom.
    Lend to each other Thy Hand
    in Comfort, Helpfulness, and in Peace.
    For from the ashes the Star within man Rises,
    and New Laws shall be Written upon the Scrolls of Man’s Journey,
    those Tendered from the Heart,
    Tempered in the Spirit of Mercy,
    and Fostered in the Light of Divine Love.
    For He shall Come,
    and many more shall He call to go forth with Him,
    for, indeed, shall All Man hear His calling.
    For the Father of Life is Endless Love and Spirit,
    and We are the Seeds Thereof.
    And the Presence of Our Father
    shall be Clothed in the Divine Sun of our Brother,
    and the True Sun of God will lead us
    into an Awakening.

  2. I think the world will split in half as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 21 12 2012 and all the good people will hang out on one side, and all the assholes will be on the otherside, and we’ll just spend the rest of eternity blowing raspberries at each other from different halves of the planet.

  3. Oct 28? Who said that? 2012 since like 2006 wz the doomsday date that i kno of. I dont feel that it happened already. Dont tell me harold camping posted this! Dillusional old man!

  4. Your music celebration selection is just awesome! Or as we would say in Croatian : “Jedan, dva, tri, cetiri, pet, sest, sedam, AWESOMEEEE!!” My body thanks you… 🙂

  5. I thought scientist and astrologist figured that the Mayan calendar prediction of Dec 21, 2012 is when our galaxy (the sun) will be aligned in the center of the universe. Once we pass the central point of the center of the universe we start the Mayan calendar over or do a count down (backwards). Did the scientific community agree that Oct 28, 2011 we would be alligned or are we still good for Dec 21, 2012 during the winter equinox??
    I’m looking for a dooms day but a new begining. I believe the Mayan were able to predict the future with the help from a more advanced civilation (who knows, maybe the Mayan saw the future with their help).
    If you have 5 minutes this is a great read from 1971 regarding our future and visitors from outerspace http://lds.org/new-era/1971/04/people-on-other-worlds?lang=eng

  6. WOW! I DID I DANCE ON THAT ONE! I have 1 question for the Elders… WAS THERE A LONG COUNT OR IS 2012(Which is one year away and im counting down to doomsday)ALL IS JUST SO THE OLD MAYANS COULD HAVE A “We are the only humans alive”PARTY!?!

  7. Co-incidentally today is last working day in the current company and taking a break of 1 month before joining another company. So even I finished 13 cycles and starting a new one again…Lol! Atleast people now need to understand these prophets are just to lure your money and disturb you mentally while they enjoy predicting and changing dates. Every one knows end of world never happens until at least for 1 billion years and meanwhile nature disasters are part of life. So as said by Admin, enjoy every day as a new beginning….

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