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The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into the chaos from which the new world will be born


On March 9th, 2011 the ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar system was activated. This was the beginning the final countdown to the date of completion of the Mayan calendar: October 28, 2011. This new wave, made up of thirteen uaxaclahunkin periods of 18 days, meant a twenty times increase in frequency compared to the 8th wave of the Galactic Underworld that had been activated in January of 1999. This frequency increase has become evident to everyone as an extraordinary amount of significant and dramatic events compressed into a very short period of time. The Ninth wave immediately manifested in the earthquake in Japan and its first day included not only the aftershocks of this quake and the ensuing nuclear crisis, but a new war in Libya against the background of revolutionary processes going on in twelve different Arabic nations. Previously, any one of these events would have soaked up all the attention of the international community, but as they are now all happening simultaneously our attention is split between several equally dramatic developments. Thus, the cover of Newsweek magazine exclaims Apocalypse Now. Whether people are aware of the background of these events in the Ninth wave or not the frequency increase that it has brought has shaken almost everyone alive.

Economists have commented that never before has the world’s economy been characterized by so many cross currents as now and the future seems utterly unpredictable according to any model for linear change. The events both in the Middle East and Japan undermine the monetary system of the world based on the US dollar as a reserve currency. The Arabic revolutions undermine it because the point has come closer when dollars will not be accepted as payment for oil. The quake and nuclear crisis in Japan does the same because this nation has been lending large sums of money to the US that now instead will be needed for its own reconstruction. To this should be added that in the first day of the Ninth wave a quarter of a million people demonstrated in London against austerity measures by its government and the US government is now grappling with the problem of how to pay its employees. As the options to postpone a crisis by printing money now seem exhausted the world is facing the possibility of a global economic collapse. The added frequency of the ninth wave of unity consciousness will simply disrupt, in one way or another, any attempt to stabilize the world around the old system of materialist dominance. That the world will experience a very serious economic situation, much more difficult than in 2008, at some point in the Ninth wave seems certain. I believe the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar is the time of the Great Purification as has been talked about for instance in the Hopi Prophecy.

The high frequency of change and the many cross currents of cosmic energies that are now operating on our planet also affects the personal lives of many, who under the influence of this wave are going through major life changes. Planning your life as if it is going to stay the same in the future is becoming near or totally impossible even in the short term. Staying balanced is challenging when many energies are affecting us and pushing us in different, sometimes conflicting, directions. One result of these impulses seems however to be healings and unifications of families. In my view the overall purpose of the Ninth wave is to make people realize that there will be no other way forward except a surrendering to the divine and a commitment to follow its guidance to create a world in harmony. Human beings will no longer be able to entertain the illusion that they are in control. The road of materialism has lead to a dead end and attempts to get out of this are now likely to be blocked in all directions. The main theme of the Ninth wave will then be to let go, and especially to let go of all our established ways of domination. The result of the Ninth wave will be what we from our old perspective would call chaos and anarchy (anarchy means that no one rules) and people will increasingly start to ask what governments are good for and who needs them.

To a large number of people, who have not understood the inherent time acceleration of the Mayan calendar system, these changes will no doubt be frightening. Yet, most likely the changes will be uncomfortable for all of us regardless of our intellectual insights. In the face of this, many will naturally ask what there is to “do” and yet “doing” or “thinking” will provide no satisfactory ways forward.

The reason is that this chaos is a necessary state of preparation for the new world to be born after we have reached the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011.

A new world can only be born out of chaos and the chaos from which the new world will be born is now being created by the Ninth wave. This chaos means that our established habits will be disrupted in order to make us open to be part of manifesting the purpose of the cosmic plan. This purpose can be understood from the Mayan calendar and other ancient sources and is to create a new world very different from the present one. If we want to be part of manifesting this we will need to surrender to and be guided by the divine because the changes will be too much to fathom for our intellects. It is only such surrender that can lead us to be co-creators of the world that already exists in the mind of the divine. This transformation to unity consciousness will require a work of inner transformation of the individual, but an equally important component will be collective global events. Those sharing the intention of manifesting unity consciousness will come together and unify their hearts in global ceremonies.

To support such a direction for the evolution of humanity a series of global ceremonial events are now being proposed and promoted at the web site www.treeoflifecelebration.com. These will serve to bring together those that see the path forward as one of surrendering to the divine and have faith that there is a new and better world about to be born. It is a misunderstanding that the manifestation of such a collective intent can be deferred to some later point in time. It is now or never. Significant events in the Ninth wave will thus take place at the midpoints of its peaks (the days) leading up to the completion of this. This series of events reflects the process from seed to mature fruit that the Ninth wave carries and it is meant to have a cumulative character so that step-by-step new communities are added to those that are already taking part. To clarify the structure of the Mayan calendar and its ninth wave we are contributing a free diagram as a pdf-file that may serve as a guide for those participating in the events leading up to its culmination. Please help to accurately copy, distribute, translate and post this widely on the Internet and elsewhere.

The themes of the three first of these events have already been set and work is carried out to prepare for them:

The Midpoint of the 2nd day, April 22-23: Awakening to the Divine within. World Divine Light Organization and the Oneness Movement http://awakeningtothedivinewithin.org/

The Midpoint of the 3rd day, May 28-29: Recreating the Sacred Space of the Earth.
A Global Medicine Wheel Ceremony with the Indigenous peoples

The Midpoint of the 4th day, July 3-4: The Jerusalem Hug.
A Global Hug around the Old City of Jerusalem http://www.jerusalemhug.org/

To complete the Ninth wave a series of events will have to be planned also for its remaining days and I believe that these will tend to be more “cosmic” in nature as part of the climb to the top of the nine-storied pyramid. They are tentatively as follows:

The Midpoint of the 5th day: Creating cosmic resonance on a global scale
The Midpoint of the 6th day: Creating the Earth in a cosmic context
The Midpoint of the 7th day: Cosmic Harmony Festival
Connecting with Elenin/Niburu/Blue Star

These events are by their nature experiential. The frequency increase more or less mandates that they are created much more rapidly and with much more spontaneity than might have earlier been the case. The most important thing is the heartfelt desire to deepen sacred inner connections in a time that on the outside is increasingly looking chaotic. If you know of movements, organizations, groups or networks that would align behind these events please encourage them to contact www.treeoflifecelebration.com. If these events are to serve for us to express our collective intention of manifesting unity consciousness on a global scale large number of people will need to get involved to create them. They are global in character and yet locally they can only be created by local people in accordance with their own authentic expressions. Local core groups may then be established that decide to meet and create these events step by step. Aiding connections to the global events will be communication networks provided by recent interactive Internet technology and through these it will also be possible for individuals to create their own ceremonies. A series of events in the Ninth wave creating a deepened experience of cosmic belonging seems appropriate for those that want to keep the focus on the overall purpose of the cosmic plan. The birth of the new world will depend on it.

Ventura, CA

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  1. I have been following the same thing since March 9th, and also noticed the earthquake took place 2 days later (I think). The Occupy Movement could be the beginning stages of the unity of consciounsess. Even though the countdown to October 28, 2011 is complete things have still be getting worse since October 28th, and the transition is not complete. There is still yet to come a complete financial collapse (possibley), and perhaps other disasters. The only ones not affected as much are the homeless who have no homes, money, jobs, credit, insurance etc. Also people who have no children or families, and who are not attached to material things, are not affected as much as others who have put their complete trust in loved ones, the system, their money, career, education etc. Perhaps now the teachings of Jesus and Buddha and others are beginning to make sense, and if their teachings are part of our life we won’t be overwhelmed in these times we live in.

  2. Wow… this is super interesting. Once upon a time, I was afraid of all the 2012 talk floating around, because it sounded like doom-and-gloom “end of the world” talk. But really, it’s about preparing ourselves for a major spiritual change. I have already felt the transition in so many ways in my own life.

    In a way, our old selves are in the process of dying in order to be transformed into something new/better. Sometimes that transition is painful.

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