The real Mayan prophecies investigated - Monument 6 Tortuguero

The real Mayan prophecies investigated - Monument 6 Tortuguero

Much is said of the Long Count Maya calendar and associated prophecy for the end of the year 2012. Unfortunately, it is rather less common to actually see the original prophetic material, and even less so to have any kind of analysis of its likely meanings for human civilisation.

In my opinion it is insane for people to talk about the end of the world, or a great consciousness shift, based on a prophecy they have in fact never personally studied.

There is actually only one place where we find Mayan engravings definitively speaking about events for the prophetic target date of the December 21, 2012, the last day of the 13th Bak'tun period in the Long Count calendar system. To find this stone rendering of prophecy we must look to the ancient site of Tortuguero situated in Southern Tabasco, Mexico.

Tortuguero, now covered by a cement factory, lays just 50km from the major Mayan city site of Palenque, to which it was seemingly a dependency during the period of the engraving (circa 670AD), or was at least in some way associated with that city, evidenced by use of matching royal glyphs. Palenque also has ancient writing that related to the beginning and ending of the Long Count cycle.

It is notable that at Palenque we find the legendary engraved sarcophagus lid of Lord J'anaab Pakal, known best as the lid of Palenque featured in the books of Eric Von Daniken. The Tortuguero stelae in question is now known to the world simply as monument 6. Until the start of 2012 the engraving had been translated as follows below, though some of it was badly damaged making it quite illegible.

7 days 7 Uinals 0 Tuns and 8 Katuns, previously it happened. On 8th day of Chuen, the 9th of Mak, the pibnaah / Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?). It was the 'underground house' (shrine) of (the god?) Ahkal K'uk'. It was 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is completed on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. Then it will happen - darkness, and Bolon-Yokte will descend to the (???)

More recently the last section has been revised, giving us the following rendition:

7 days 7 Uinals 0 Tuns and 8 Katuns, previously it happened. On 8th day of Chuen, the 9th of Mak, the pibnaah / Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?). It was the 'underground house' (shrine) of (the god?) Ahkal K'uk'. It was 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before it will be closed, the 13th Baktun is on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. It will happen this Bolon-Yokte display in the great investiture.

To the casual first glance any meaning is almost completely obscured by the need to have some fairly advanced knowledge of Mayan culture. One can certainly imagine a Fox News journalist scratching his head trying to find any sense at all in the engraving, let alone a confirmation of the supposed doomsday prophecy his network is happily ascribing to the Maya peoples. Thankfully we have had the help of numerous anthropologists and cultural historians to give us a better comprehension of just what it was being recorded by Balam Ahau, or Jaguar Lord, the incumbent ruler of Tortuguero.

The 2012 researcher Geoff Stray, author of Diagnosis 2012, has done some great work in bringing us the potential meaning of this inscription. The following is based almost entirely on his extrapolations, though he credits various academics for providing key data and does not claim it all as wholly his own work.

The first part of the text refers to the completion of a structure known by the Maya as a 'Pibnaah', which translates as both 'steam bath' and 'becoming ripe house'. Ritual steam baths were used by the Maya in much the same way as they were by the Hopi, to attain spiritual states of mind, though as we have seen they called theirs Kiva's. The Maya and the Hopi both associate these with the underground realms, or at times even construct them under the ground, and in both cases there is an association with corn (from which humans were considered to be made) and its development. This particular Pibnaah was dedicated to a being named Ahkal K'uk and it is assumed that he was a Maya god, personally I am unable to find details of such a deity, there was however a K'uk dynasty at Palenque, so it may be that Ahkal K'uk is actually a legendary sun king.

Before examining the rest of the inscription we must gain a deeper understanding of the functions of a Pibnaah. In this we are again not required to travel any further from Tortuguero than Palenque, there we find three stepped pyramid temples with engravings that mark them as being Pibnaah's. Modern historians have revealed that these temples were built to act as alternatives to the cave entrances which traditionally could allow kings to enter into the underworld, known by the Maya as Xibalba. In this case it was king Kihnich Kan B'ahlam II, son of the more famous king K'inich Janaab' Pakal, whom had used these structures for ceremonial functions. The actual result of his required spiritual initiations within these three structures seems to be an aligning with divine energies, eventually fully incorporating the energies of the gods, in particular one named Bolon Okte.

The suggestions is that the king became a heavenly avatar on Earth. Thus, the ripeness we are reading about in association to the Pibnaah is actually the culmination of a process of spiritual growth, the raising of human consciousness to a more divine vibration.

Having revealed the meaning of the first part of the inscription we now know it details the historical construction of a shrine, dedicated to elevating human consciousness toward that of the gods.

We can now progress to the second half of the inscription, in which for some reason the Pibnah is linked to a distant future in which the fourth world age would end and the fifth would begin (again mirroring Hopi belief), after the completion of the 13th Baktun. It is here that we are provided with the time period remaining before that event comes to pass, and also the day names for the final date from both the sacred Tzolkin count and the vague year Haab count, being together 4-Ahau 3-Kankin.

Expert commentary on the inscription suggests two expectations by the original scribes, one being that the king of Tortuguero, Balam Ahau, would be somehow present for a far future ceremony within his underground shrine (possibly in an astral form or as a reincarnation), and that the God Bolon Yokte would be involved.

If we are to make any sense of the reference to Bolon Yokte's display and great investiture, we first need to take a look at this particular god and any special associations it has with earthly events. The very first thing that we find out is that this deity's name actually means God of Nine Strides, on some occasions he is also referred to as just Bolon Okte, or in later records as Ah Bolon Yockte, which means God of the Nine Paths. The Mayan language does allow for some further translations of the name however, these include God of Nine Steps, Nine Footed God or Jaguar Foot Tree.

The mystical cosmology of the Maya links Bolon Yockte to happenings such as social unrest, conflicts, wars, eclipses and natural disasters. As we already know this deity is also linked to the underworld of Xibalba, demonstrated by his role at Palenque. Important to note too is that of the three Pibnaah at Palenque, two are dedicated with associations to the number nine, one being connected to the jaguar (jaguar is often used in Mayan to mean nine) and the other to a god named Kawil, the God of Nine Generations. Bolon Yockte is considered responsible for having helped create the current world and appears at the end of each Baktun, and will seemingly play some role in creating the next world.

It is extremely important to note that Bolon Yokte was not always seen as one deity but sometimes as a collective of nine deities working together. This additional fact draws one's attention immediately to Mayan literature discussing nine gods of the underworld whom once did battle with thirteen gods of the heavens. We have little reason to doubt we are dealing with the same pantheon ascribed with having once helped night conquer day.

When we consider the link between the kings of Palenque, pibnaah, and the god Bolon Yokte, especially in the context of their initiation to become god-king avatars, it is very interesting to note that the king of Tortuguero is discussing an investiture involving this same god. The likelihood is that king Jaguar Lord, whose very name is rooted in the number nine just as is Bolon Yokte's, is predicting some kind of merging of himself with this deity at the end of the world age at the site of his own pibnaah. It is clear that the royal house of Palenque, to which he seemingly belonged or was associated too, saw themselves as able to be avatars for the gods and also had a keen interest in the Long Count calendar system. It is important perhaps to note that the special site for this predicted event has now been destroyed.

End of part 1.
Part 2: The real Mayan prophecies investigated – The Chilam Balam books

By Bruce Fenton
Co-author of '2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin'

All images: courtesy of Bruce Fenton.


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Jaroslav Kukla 17 days ago

The 5th Maya Sun Age started at 4 Ahaw 8 Kumk'u( some use Cumhu), 3113 BC... Therefore, number 48...And it ends by number 84, the Judgement number , as there is 84 stars in the Swan constellation, and 84 books in each bible with apocryphal books...Jacob is punished 7 yeafs= 84 months; Istael 70 years= 840 months.... Number 4 = Death; Number 8 = Life... Therefore, 48 means: from death to life; and 84 means: from life to death( spiritual life/ Underworld/ Xibalba be)... It was used in Georgia Guidestones; in 911 attacks;

Mr.Jaroslav ( Jerry) Kukla 8 months ago

Giza pyramids werethe real " navel" of previous civilisation, tied to Teotihuacan 15 pyramids around the Way of Dead, as the ascension and descend of human souls in the Path of Souls trough 7 stars to the Womb(8) and rebirth trough 9 yoked stars of the Swan constellation and its Pentagonal Queen Birth Chamber ... That's one sort of Global Clock...The other ,astral Global Clock is tied to the 72°arc degrees to the East located Angkor Vat complex of 72 major buildings, depicting the constellation of Draco with 15 stars( some Wikipedias show only 13), but 15 is the correct amount of major stars in this constellation of Draco-Dragon-Serpent in the sky...In 12,897 years Orion rises 'up' in the sky, Draco goes ' down' , and vice versa in the Great Precessional Year of 12,897 years x 2 = 25,794 years...Currently, the Orion is max.up in the sky in this unique Global Clock measuring large cycles of time, the Anno Magnus,great Precessional Year...Stars in Draco seemingly as 4 +3+8 = 15,as 7&8; and 4x3x8... On the Easter island, we can see this: from the over 800 Moai statues, there is 15 gigantic Moai statuesat Ahu Tongariki, faceing inwardly, into the island...Then, there is 7+1 Moai statues at Ahu Nau Nau and Anakana Bay; and 7 Moai statues at Ahu Akivi, facing out of the Easter island toward the sunset on the June solstice, 19°48' SE-NW... This should explain the " main mysteri" of these 7,8 and 15 Moai, what are they trying to tell us, with the Tongatu-Manu= Birdman, as Bennu bird and Phoenix, consumed in flames and reborn from its ashes, where the Birdman also expresses the soul traveling Path trough the sky and Underworld... And last "mysteri" is from the Nazca lines, which Madam Maria Reiche couldn't crack for decades: The Monkey, she identified as " Orion", I believe,it is wrong. The Monkey has 4+5 fingers= Ennead of Nine(9)... And the coiled Tail has 8 coils, to us already known numbers! Furthermore, there on tha back legs are 3+3 fingers= 6 + 9 fingers= 15 fingers! Plus 8 coils... With this pattern: 4x5x8x3x3= 1440 minutes to a Day,as there is 16+8= 24 hours to a day.Furthermore, there are attached 3 steps to that Monkey and legs, perhaps as 1440x3=4320, not only as 4,320 seconds to 72 hours as 3 days&nigts, but also as 432 is in gematria DGBas DaGoBa, but also as 1/6 th of the Great Year of 25,920 years...This coiled Monkey is clearly associated with BIRTH of another cycle of life on Earth, just like the Trident- Candelabra of Pacaras, announcing the Aquarian Age...Unfortunately, I did not devoted enough time to study the numerous Nazca lines and pictographs, but this Monkey picture seems to me to tell us our Milky Way story from the coiling/ rotating Black hole as our birthplace= rebirth/ resurrection place of descendong souls...Certainly,my research is into something with sense... Anyone with comments or questions can contact me on : jarokukla1957@

Mr.Jaroslav ( Jerry) Kukla 8 months ago

At this stage, I wish to expressed my gratitude and many,many thanks to The Watchers and Bruce Fenton,allowing me to publish most of my research in the ancient Archeo-Astronomies in all those years, a subject I had never put down from my hands for the last 37 years of my life of 64( 2021). I must expdess great gratitude toward Professors Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha vo Dechend,1969,MIT super book,HAMLET'S MILL, which send me on long journey of research in NUMBERS and ASTRONOMICAL SIMILARITIES ON GLOBAL SCALE. And I cannot forget Sir James Fraser book,The Golden Baugh, and tnousands of other books I had deeply researched in all those years, with many,many visits to Yucatan monuments, and once to the pyramids of Giza... It was long journey since 1984, with same great results and satisfaction to my soul! As the body is fed by material food, my soul was fed by amazing,royal knowledge about this world, we live in...Perhaps,it was predestined by my names and birttdate: Jaroslav, meaning Spring glory, celebration of spring; and Kukla,being associated with Ku name or Kuk of Creator in many parts of the world,in the ancient cultures,as Kukla,being Godly man, more in research of his secrets,rather than being religious.But I believe in our superintelligent Creator and His patterns! And my birtpath holds 11 and 22 as 33, the highest Master Numbers, with excellent memories and great wisdom in many fields of our lives...I thank to my family and friends,being supportive and patients, even sometimes they disliked my subject or didn't want to lizten to me...But my soul is happy and satisfied for what I had achieved in this research! Now I also believe,there IS LIFE AFTER LIFE!!! And it all gives a sense with the never ending,creative galactic numbers and laws,tied to the Higher Wisdom! Our live and time is cyclical...Now I know why elderly people turns into infants,without teeth and hair,often ending in diapers, with losing memories...That' s physical example of rebirth/ resurrection, meanwhile the spiritual is in my research. Thank you all! JK London,UK, formerly in Seattle,WA,1982-2004...

Jaroslav Kukla 8 months ago

BOLON YOKTE KU, is without any doubt in my mind, the 9 yoked main stars of the Swan( Cygni) constellation, overlaping the Milky Way Dark Rift( = Female Grotto), as the Descending Female Creator, to give a birth to new Sun Age, new Great Precessional Year,and new Civilisation! The male part of Creator is Hunab Ku (5+2 and 52), with the Black hole,Cygnus X1= Swan, nearby the Swan Tail star of DeNeb, pf the 5 stars in row,from the Swan head to the Tail! On the same pattern is the Hebrew and biclical pattern,the Tetragrammaton of IHVH, where Iah is the male part,and Havah is the female part of the Creator! Since the modern jews are Matriarcha, society with Lunar calendar,focused on the female,yonic stargate of birth/ rebirth, it is only natural for them,rejecting all male Gods, like G-d with hyphen,and rejecting Christ as male G-d or Son of God! Their synagogue is Greek name, in modrn Hebrew and Yiddish,they call synagogue as Minha( house of phallic Min)= Minge... The Spanish learned bishops studying the Maya= Chanes Codices, misfired in the case of so called " Pleiades" , like Bernardino Sahagun, mentioned by Coterrell in his book,The Mayan Prophecies, page 129, figure 47: A " An Aztec illustration of the Pleiades" ; from Sahagun...Described on page 129 as Pleiades of Nine(9) stars contained in a sort of daisy chain of Seventeen(17) other sfars( see figure 47)" ! I wrestled with this for several years,seeing it also on the Codex Mendoza, but knowing from multiple skurces, that Pleiades were always(!) depicted as Seven(7) and Six(6 stars as Subaru) stars, bjt never as Nine stars! That's wrong idenfificafion, followed by ma y " scholars", never thinking of this " daisy chain" of yoked 9 stars by another 17 in a shape of yoni, with summary of 26(= IHVH) stars where the inner 9 stars is organised in 3 columns,as 1+3+5 stars as exactly seen on the Swan constellation of main 9 stars, with 1 star at its Tail + 3 stars in the Wings+ 5 stars from the Head to the Tail! And from multiple places a d examples described by me in below comments, I had always associated NUMBER 135 with new cycle of death and rebirth, as it is on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, in its cypher-code number: 531797135... Without any doubt, the 9 yoked stars by other 17 star chain, is Bolon Yokte Ku, the 9 stars of the Swan constellation, descending upon our world after the 13 Bak'tuns, to give a BIRTH TO NEW AGE,ANNO MAG US, and to NEW LIFE CYCLE and new CIVILISATION! The position of Milky Way in the sky is 15° 28' (= 928' arc minutes matched by the 92i chapters of ghe Old Testament) NE to SW!!! And the Codex Mendoza alignment in 3 columns, with 3rd,atop with the yoked 9 stars of Swan constellation( = Norther Cross and Bow) shows also being the 13th house of the Mesoamerican zodiac, and conzequences of a such alignment, the " Twisting Star", at the right bottom... My 37 years long research in the ancient Archeo-Astronomies, rought many fruits and solved ancient puzzles in this field! I am sure,the top freemasons have this stolen ancient knowledge and message to and from all of us, making a their own,secret monopoly on this " forbidden royal science"!!! I am perhaps one of few who make a break trough in this field of science and stolen knowledge!!!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 8 months ago

Once the 9 yokedstars= Swan constellation is identified as Bolon Yokte Ku with its female Birth Chamber aligning to give a birth to new age,the Aquaruan Age birthing new Anno Magnus and new cycle of life with new civilisation,I must explain the 1+3+5 stars in the Swan constellation numerically. 135 number is used, a globally used number in many monuments: St.Peters basilica in Vat-i-Can is 135 meters high to its copula roof,inside. 135 meters is this basilica wide,and 216 meters tall( 3°arc degrees in 216 years of Precession)...Biblical Northern kingdom of Israel was taken into the Babylonian captivity in 586 BC, and Southern kingdom of Judah, in 721 BC= 135 years later! Just few examples... Number 135 is used in the columns of stars in the Bolon Yokte Ku, 9 yoked stars( perhaps the biblical Yoktan), as 1+3+5 stars... Since the 9 stars of Swan constellation is assocuated with BIRTH of new civilisation, it is 135 years prior to average calculation of Great Year/ Anno Magnus after 25,920 solar years( 360° zodiac x 72 years per 1 arc degree), followed by the current Hebrew calendar in A.M./ Anno Magnus years as 5,920 A.M,-135= 5,785A.M.-3,760= 2025 AD, as the arrival of New Age,birthing new age and it matches the UK Coded bibles,including the Abjad= Initial codes, plus 29 suras= 2025 CE!!! In 2025, is dated arrival of the 4th Horsemen of Apocalypse, with the Depopulation War,as depicted on the Skull& Bones monument,Georgia Guidestones, depopulation to " ideal" 500 million people in the world...I just wonder,how much people will later kill the Covid vaccination of the dumbed down population of the world...

Jaroslav Kukla 8 months ago

The famous Chilam Balam - Jaguar Prophetic Stairway in Copan,Honduras... With 62 +7 steps=72, the Key Precessional number...It contains 1260 CUBE-stones, a number of Time+ Two Times+Half Time in the Book of Daniel and Apocalypse of John, as 360+720+180 days, what is also 42 months x 30 days, as 3.5 years of chaotic time at the End Of the Anno Magnus... Cube symbolises the Earth and New Jerusalem in Revel 21:17, after the SQUARE, in 21:16, it is the CUBE, the Womb...Pakal held in his Tomb, in both palms, the green jadeite CUBE and CUE, symbol of Earth and Heaven...On his face was green,jadeite mortuary mask from 216 pieces,with T-tav amulet symbol in his mouth. He wore also a calendrical neckless, in his Red painted Resurrection/ Rebirth chamber ox 7x 9 meters x 4 in height, as 252 cubical meters...This number is in many ancient monuments.. The Chilam Balam Stairway has over 2000 hieroglyps, and 7 rulers of Copan on the steps, with 8th ruler at the base, and 9th ruler at the extended plaza before the Stairway... There were 16 rulers of Copan, but the most famous was the 13th ruler, Waxlakahun U'bah K' awil, who was nicknamed as Rabbit 18, under whom Copan reached its height. He was captured by the ruler of neigjboring Quirigua, and in 738CE decapitated in Quirigua. And why was he nicknamed as Rabbit 18, as the symbol of Moon( some cultures saw Rabbit on the full Moon)? Because at his murder at 738CE, we were 18° arc degrees of Precession to the END OF GREAT YEAR, that is: 18°x 72 years= 1296 + 738 = 2034CE, as the END OF OUR CURRENT ANNO MAGNUS! If corrected to more accurate,71.6 years per 1° arc degree of Precession= 1288.8 + 738 = 2026.8CE, END OF ANNO MAGNUS, close enough to the Aztec Vire Drill cycles of 52 year seasons marked by the Pleiades at midnight passages, in 2028CE... After this 13th ruler of Copan, Rabbit 18, Copan's glory was never restored ...The Precessional enlightenment of people under the Central Sun, passed more Westwardly... The Small Golden Age was also known as T-shaped Mut's temple in U-shaped lake in Karnak, as Ut, in the musical octave,starting by Ut,Re,Mi,Fa,So,La,Si and new Ut( today as Do), resonating also in the temple of Sun-god in Sumer/ Shinar,known as Utu Shamash...And are the Ute Indians of Utah state and exception? Not at all, they are also the Sons of Sun-god plains of Utah...The Mormons also knew why to settle in the area of the feminine Salt Lake...With Salt Lake City to hold the last,2032 Summer Olympic Games, as my correct guess?? Ha-thorin temple of Denderah was similarly T-shaped buildind vedged in U-shaped pond!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 8 months ago

Correction: The Prophetic step has 65+7 narrower steps atop...After 65 Baktuns,arrival to Seven Heavens, guided by 72 year long cycles of Precession...

Jaroslav Kukla 8 months ago

Apocalyptic and Post-apocalyptic Georgia Guide stones, opened to deliberately dumbed down public on March 22(=322 and #7), 1980(=#9)...In Wikipedias,this masonic monument of the END OF GREAT PRECESSIONAL YEAR, AND START OF NEW ONE, is assigned to Rosicrucians...Another masonic big deception! This X-shaped monument with T-tav pillar at the centre with the CUBE-shaped stone atop,assigned with 4 ancient,dead now languages of now extinct cultures... This masonic Guide-stones are themselves telling us, who built them! March 22, is clearly the number of 322, visible in the Skull& Bones logo! This Order of Death is an offshoot of the murderous,sacrificial Bohemian Grove order with White Owl symbol of the Underworld " life after life"( White Owl on 1$ bill and above the entrance into the last building of the US Skyscrapers calendar, the AT&T HEADQUARTERS- symbol of the galactic Double centre/ the Womb)! The Order of Death,Skull& Bones symbol has sometimes a Crown on the Skull, with upper jaw having 11 teeth, what is the symbol of Aquarian Age,as the 11th house of the zodiac, and Head of the zodiac, with Aquarian Age starting the new Great Precessional year! This lodge of sexual perversion rituals in the New Haven secret Tomb, innits program attack classical family unit and national states and their borders...This satanic lodge helped up to set up the CIA lodge within the USrael controlled government. 3 US presidents were members of this Order of Death with Bush Crime family sacrifyiing about 3,000 people at 9/11 " false flag" attacks, as Moses sacrified its own 3,000 followers under Mount Sinai... Some sources points out that behind the birth of Skull& Bones in 1833 ( in 2033,200 year old lodge) were the Vat-i-Can( = Man- Serpent, perhaps Cain, hidden in Nyack name north of New York City,settled by Cainite serpent populace on most part), Vatican Jesuit Order,as theosoph H.Blavatsky writes in Isis Unveiled,p.390.. Many researchers ties the Skull&Bones number 322 to Genesis 3:22 , elevating " man to God"; and to 322BC, when the Athenian democracy was lost in the 'Lamian War'to Plutocracy, as is currently the Western " demon-ratsy" in the hands of plutocrats! The Bonesmen are known as great thieves of skulls, stealing that of Martin van Buren; Pancho Villa; and indian chief Geronimo( the Terrible), for the kast being sued by Geronimo's descendants... These Death Occultists owns the Deer Island in New York state,and every new member of this lodge of perverts and murderers must visit it... Therefore, the number 322 in logo of the Skull& Bones order, and date of March 22,= 322, i the apocalyptic Georgia masonic Guidestones, clarifies who let this Depopulation Monument to erect there! March 22, as 322,is their starting point of Great Precessional Year( Anno Magnus) counting date starting point, at the Vernal Equinox! Some lodges count the start from Summer Solstice Sunrise and the END OF THE ANNO MAGNUS by Winter Solstice Sunset!

Jaroslav Kukla 8 months ago

TWO BREAK TROUGHS: BOLON YOKTE KU is 9 yoked ( Swan constell.) stars overlaping the Dark Rift in Milky Way! We know now what that means !!! Associated with birth of a new age,new Anno Magnus and new civilisation ( to be brief)!!! In Coptic astronomy, the ancient Copts counted 81 stars in all, in the constellation of Cygnus= Swan . For the Semitic,Serpent people of Mesoamerica and their priests-astronomers, it was 84 stars in total! This number was also accepted by the Bible selectors in the antiquity, to have 84 books in all, in 3 main denominations of Christianity, mesnwhile,only the Coptic Bible has 81 books in all! Eastern Orthodox of Armenia has 84 books,is the thickest Bible. Roman Catholic has 73 books+ 11 Apocryphal =84. Protestant( Lutheean) Bible has 66 books+ 18 Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books=84. ( Qur'an has 84 Abjad- Initial codes in 29 chapters, with 4 books by code- names= 33 in all, with 13 Arabic alphabet used letters). The White Swan symbolised purity, tebirth and resurrection.In White Swan famous ballet, the Black Swan at the end,rotates 32 times around her axis on big toes.( Last time I visited that famous Russian ballet in Prague's Hybernia Theatre, in November,2019)! Black Swan is symbol of Apocalypse, catastrophe. With Apocalypse are associated the Pleiades,we know as " 7 sisters", but in Japan as Subaru of 6 stars, and the Aztecs depicted this Maya( calling themselves as Chanes= Serpents) Tzab " rattling" star group in celestial Bull as 9 stars in 1+3+5 stars in three columns, surrounded by a sort of daisy chain of 17 stars, with end times number of 135, plus 17= 156 and minus 17= 118, together as 270, gematria value of names YoSeR= DJoSeR= Potter= Creator= Aquarian Age, starting new Precessional Great Year! And INRI as Ignited Nature Renew Itself, beside the religious camouflage name of Iesus Nazarene Rex Iudaeorum...Flight AA77 turned 270 arc degrees to the West side of Pentagon, between the 4th and 5th stairways to heliport in Pentagon! On the Charles Bridge,Prague, is famous number code: 531797135, I had decyphered, as you can see below in my comments! Aztec depiction of the Pleiades is on the Codex Mendoza, 3rd column in right side, and in The Maya Prophecies book, page 129! The conclusion on BOLON YOKTE KU is clear and final: After 13 Bak' tuns in 2012/ 2013, descends upon our world the 9 yoked stars of Swan constellation with its CygnusX1 Black hole yonic stargate to give a BIRTH to new Great Year( Anno Magnus) and new Age of Sun, birth to mew cycle of life and to new civilisation! Codex Zouche-Nuttall, page 36 of the Mixtecs of Mexico, depicts the Galactic Serpent/ Dragon/ Caiman= Milky Way, swallowing all major races, one by one. This Codex is for the next Sun Age, where the Yellow man points at the White man to follow the human souls path to the galactic Womb( Double centre) to Judgement and Purification in the two Cubical Jars/ Pots with floating heads= soul symbols- meanwhile the Serpent in the Sky, gives birth to a Yellow man for the forthcoming Golden Age= Christ Age, also known as Krita-yuga, now as Satya/ Krita- yuga, with Satan soon to be cut off, current Satya-yuga,Kali-Fiery age and Iron age, to collaps into a brief Clsy feet-age of Potter,the molder of all clay into a new beings and Potter's Field= resurrect the dead in the next cycle of life after life... Ama-ruca/ America, the Motherly rich Land of Plumed Serpent, during the current Great Precessional Year of 25,794 years, its 2nd half, after 10,864 BC, and its Ages of Sun, swept away the Black " Olmecs"( rather Yama or Jaguar people), who were replaced by new colonists,the Red skinned Indians from India and Indochina, nicked as " Maya" after India's Maya goddess and Yama-goddess of dead, who calked themselves as Chanes = Serpent people, who were also swept away, and many survivors sailed as Canaanites= Serpent prople to Palestine and Arabian peninsula, bringing the CUBE temple of Kabah to Mecca,as Kaaba...Their priest-astronomers called themselves as Hebrews= Crossers( of Atlantic) and evolved into the Phoenicians and biblical IsRael= newborn (Is from Itza)+Ra= Sun+ el= the,or god...In Christ age we hear of the Pharisees and Saduccees who invented the Philactery,where greek word, Phila means Womb, and it has the shape of Cube, but also cubical T-tav...Jesus knew their origins,calling them vipers,serpent people and sons of the devil...Cain went to land of Nod(54)= Serpent cultures of Mesoamerica, and the current zionists of USrael contantly are in endless wars,masskillings and building pyramids of " Skulls& Bones" around the globe...The Kechua Inça language is related to Quiche Maya, and Inça is the Hindoo Açni god of fire and Sun,as the Inça were known as Sons of the Sun... After the Indians were swept away , they were replaced by the White European colonists, whose time is up as we see, they are now at the End Time of Great Year under attack from all sides, and soon,they will be swept away, and replaced by the Yellow colonists, mostly from China, as the Codex Zouche-Nuttall,page 36 indicate. The Black " Olmecs" statues and monuments were smashed into pieces, their large basalt heads burried...So were many Red Indians monuments, and mainly, their Manuscripts, today we call as Codexes/ Codices... Will the Yellow colonists destroy the White men skyscrapers, and hunt down the survivors as " good White men is dead white men"? Will the Chinese put the White " Nations"- survivors into their modern Gulags= Reservations? Or, will the Golden Age different in North America? Who is in the East, under Sun-rise energies and Dragon energies( Jeri-cho and Wu-chan) is the most populous= Yellow men...In the West,opposite site of the world, are the lowest numbers= Red skinned Indians...Who is in the North( White men) is the most developed , and who is in the South, is undedeveloped, moving with each age of sun, one place in counter clock motion, as the Precession goes...And Ishmael in the middle, is agsinst everybody, and everybody against him... Covid "19" appears to be 2nd horseman of the Apocalypse, after 911, each more and more deadly, with more and more human rights gone! After 2022 global economic crisis suppose to arrive the 3rd horseman, known as Starvation in 2023, blamed on Covud related economic problems, extreme weather and bad harvests...All human rights will be then shackled and gone...Around 2025, up to 2028 suppose to artive the deadliest,4th horseman of Apocalypse of the globalists- freemasons and their lodges like 9th Circle of satan, or G7 and G8, plus G20, and from the Red lodgenof the East,to the Blue lodge of the West, Red Republicans and Blue Demon-rats, in Swan worshipping Royal UK, as Red Labor and Blue Torries, and so on...It suppose to be this age final war of Armageddon= Depopulation of the world, as navigate the Apocaliptic, Rosicrucian X shaped withT-tav central column with cube atop, known as Georgia Guidestones, opened to public in March 22, 1980. March 22= 322 masonic number of Vernal Equinox starting point of new Anno Magnus precession, when 3+2+2= number 7; and 1980= number 9; with number 8 on 8 X- panrls and 8 languages on these pannels, with 10 antichrist commandments, of " ideal" number of survivors in the world, 500 million...On the T- tav central column with Cube of concrete atop is 4 additional,now ancient and dead languages, giving us the masonic, esoteric cyphers and code-numbers as 84( number of life and dead in China), and 8x4= (20)32, the END OF CURRENT GREAT PRECESSIONAL YEAR! In 2033 is dated their Novus Ordo Seclorum= New Order Certain/ Secured...It is also the Great Jubilee Year from crucifixion of Christ, and small jubilee year-= 100 years from the 1st US Bankruptcy with arrival of deadly, Nazi era in Europe, bringing small golden age of United States... Apocalypse of 4 horsemen and baptism by Fire will be followed by 5 books of Moses( Pentateuch) and Great Flood as Womb waters on the scorched Earth, giving birth to new life cycle and new civilisation, as the Ennead of Bolon Yokte Ku= 9 yoked stars and gods of ancient world...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 8 months ago

Please, remember, in our DUAL and BIPOLAR world, the masonic lodges do also everything twice! The Apocalypse will be Dual Event, " as above,so below"! Astronomic,and man made! So are the two sets of the 3 main pyramids in Giza and Teotihuacan, matching not only the 3 stars of the Belt of Orion ( Al Nitak,Al Nilam and Mintaka), but also,and more precisely, the 3 stars in the Wings of the Swan constellation( Rukh,Sadr and Gienah)! Both symbolising the start and the end of the Precessional Year( Anno Magnus), and ascension with descent of reborn/ resurrected human souls, after entering umber 7,8 and descending trough 9( 4+4)!!!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 8 months ago

Rabbit 18 of Copan,Honduras, was the most famous,13th ruler of 16 rulers of Copan. He was known to the Chanes= Serpent people(Mayas) as Waxaklanun Ubah Kawil. He was captured by the ruler of Quirigua and publicly decapitated in 738CE. Why the Mayologists nicked him as Rabbit 18? Because in his height in 738CE, the Precession was 18° arc degrees to the end of our current Great Precessional year/ Anno Magnus/! 18° x72 years= 1296+738= 2034, our Novus Ordo Seclorum year! If we go more accurately in the Precession,it is 71.6 years per 1° arc degree,thus, 71.6 x 18°= 2027, matching the Aztec 52 year cycles of Fire Drills,ending in 2027- 2028 CE! And we should remember the 65+7=72 steps of the Prophetic steps of Chilam Balam= Jaguar,symbol of the Underworld= Xibalba be, of the Seven(= Xiba) to the Dark Rift and Birthplace from the galactic Womb. On the stairways of 1260 cubes was originally 7 statues of Copan rulers, with the 8th ruler at the base of the steps, and the 9th ruler was in the plaza front of the steps and stairway( to Heaven)... Clearly, and again, numbers 7,8 and 9, sacred to the Bible, just like the number of 1260 in Book of Daniel and Revelation of John, plus the CUBE-symbol. We see the same numbers,7,8 and 9 in famous masonic and Apocalyptic - Pos-apocalyptic Georgia Guidestones, opened to unsuspecting public on March 22, 1980. ,arch 22= 322= 3+2+2=7; and 1980=9, with number 8 on the 8 panels and 8 world languages written masonic " 10 commandments" for the next civilisation,with our to be DEPOPULATED to " ideal" 500 million, and to control their reproductive organs afterwards. We see there also number 84, and 8x4=(20)32, the END OF OUR CURRENT PRECESSIONAL YEAR, followed by Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033... This,some call satanic,or antichrist monument is ascribed in Wikipedias to " Rosicrucians"...Nothing can't be farther from the truth than that! Since March 22= 322, number associated with the Death Order of the Skull&Bones with symbol of often " Crowned Skull" and Bones and between bones this number of 322, the Top jaw bone has visible 11 teeth, associated with the 11th house of the zodiac= Aquarius, therefore,with the Aquarian Age of the Potter- YoSeR= Creator in that Age, remolding old world into a new one from Potter's clay... Some dumbed down researchers associate number 322 with Genesis 3:22, elevsting men on the level of God...Others with 322 BC, when the Athenian DEMOCRACY was lost in the Lamian War, to Plutocracy( what we have nowadays,on global scale)! But 322 is associated with Vernal Equinox starting point of new Precessional Year, on March 22, instead of 21st, as the Vernal Equinox occurs! Some recognise as the starting point of Anno Magnus, the Summer solstice sunrise, some Winter solstice sunset, on December 25th, the alleged Christ birthdate...The Church recognise the Lamb of God, which is perjorative to Aries and Vernal Equinox, jus as it is in Hindu sacred city of 3 names, BenAres= Kashi= Varanāsī( Varan= Dragon abd nāsī= Serpent), in the Doab confluence= Mesopotamia of 2 rivers,Ganges and Yamuna, the Shiva- lingam,golden city...Madurai is the female Dragon motives city,and both having the same angke-slope as Bethlehem-Jerusalem, 15°28' arc degrees NE-SW, Summer solstice sunrise slope!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 8 months ago

The Pleiades, involved in the Maya/ Chanes and Aztec Fire Drills every 52 years, are depicted on the Aztec Codex Mendoza, then in Moctezuma Mexico, and in The Mayan Prophecies, page 129,as figure 47, as NINE STARS contained in a sort of daisy chain of 17 stars...Important is the 9 stars, placed in this order: 1+3+5 stars in 3 columns, clearly displaying the number 135, I had described in other comments below( number 135 associated with the END OF GREAT PRECESSIONAL YEAR)!!! In Galactic Alignment, John Major Jenkins, page 192: The dedication of the Capitol building in D.C., occured on September 18, 1793, with Master Mason,George Washington presiding. This was the year of 5,793 in the Masonic calendar( the year 2000 in the Gregorian calendar was the year 6000 in Masonic calendar)...Amazingly, the US masons dated their Novhs Ordo Seclorum in 2033, what will be the Hebrew year of 5,793 A.M.= Anno Magnus/ Great Year...This date is also in the Apex of the Great Pyramid of Giza, at 5,793" PROPHETIC INCHES, as 5,793 Anno Magnus= AD2033! Page 196,tells us of Masonic Time Capsule in Boulder,Colorado, to be opened in 2076, 43 years into the Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033, and 2 years after the biblical date count of real Great Year count at 20J74, as 5,852 verses of Pentateuch,minus 3,778 verses of 4 Gospels= 2074, date seen in the Dresden Codex with most important 20th and 74th pages, or in the measures of the Great Sphinx, and funeral masonic ritual and numbers of Pope John Paul II... But the 4 ages of the sun,given by bishop Sahagun, of 676 years+364+312+676= 2028 AD, matching the 52 year ceremonies of new Fire Drills, observing the passing Pleiades (Tzab) at set up date at midnight trogh the meridian.... Ilne got us the date of Earth changing climate at 2020... At the end of March,2021, is all March very cold with various extremities, in the middle of 2nd Horsemen of Apocalypse,known as Covid-19,blamed on China....

Jaroslav Kukla 8 months ago

In 3114 BC started the Mayan calendar,Long Count cycle in Bak'tuns. ( Birth of Venus).The Maya and Aztecs used to perform also every 52 years( Haab solar cycle of 18,980 days÷ 365=52years) the " New Fire Ceremonies" every 52 years, after midnight,when the Pleiades crossed the southern meridian...If we add 3114+2034( Novus Ordo Seclorum year and Great Jubilee Year)= 5,148 years ÷ 52= 99 cycles of New Fire Ceremonies! From their calendars, Haab and Tzolkin we know that the 99th and 100th cycles were key cycles to their calendars, just like the calendar number of 1,366,540 days, where Haab had 72 cycles and Tzolkin, 73 cycles of 18,980 days and 18,720 days... In 2033/ 2034 will be 99th cycle of the New Fire Ceremony, and the Maya Creator, ZAMNA has his gematria name value 99! ( We know the biblical story of the 99 sheep and 1 lost; or the Allah's 99 sacred names)...The Aztecs continued in the New Fire Ceremonies, and the last one, public was shortly before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores, in 1507/ 1508, as the 29th New Fire Ceremony by our modern,Gregorian calendar, adopted to match the ancient monuments and events, beside the solar yearly cycles...In this calendar, " last" New Fire Ceremony falls in the year of 2028, as the 39th New Fire Ceremony... On the Aztec stone calendar( 36" x144" = 5,184) of Sun-gid Tonatiuh of 1/5th of Great Solar Year of 5,184 years, are the 4 ages in 52 year cycles: 1st sun= Nabui Ocelotl lasted 676 years ( 52x13) 2nd sun= Nahui Ehecatl lasted 364 years ( 52x7) 3rd sun= Nahui Quihahuitl lasted 312 years ( 52x6) 4th sun= Nahui Atl lasted 676 years(52×13) -------------------------- 39 cycles x 52 years, until = 2028 AD, as tge New Fire Ceremony in our Gregorian calendar! Meanwhile the Abjad= Initial Qur'an codes in Arabic alphabet and gematria, with summary of the 29 coded suras= chapters, guide us to the year of 2025, as the Islamic END TIME and arrival of the 12th Mahdi in Shia islamic faith... Covid 19 appears to be 2nd horseman of the Apocalypse after 911 " attacks", always more and more deadly, with more and more lost human rights to the terrorist,masonic governments! After 2022 global economic crisis arrives the 3rd horseman of Apocalypse, Starvation! Blamed on Covid,economic crisis, bad weather and bad harvests! More people dies, and most of the human right shall be shakled and gone from the common people! But the 4th horseman will be the deadliest one! The hungry and angry masses will be easy to manipulate into WW3= War of Armageddon, as the biggest Depopulation war in our human history! As the masonic,Rosicrucian A pocalyptic and postapocalyptic Gerogia Guidestones guides the murderous lodges around the globe, 7 billion people should perish, and only " ideal" 500 million should survive this onslaught on Mankind! This antichrist X shaped monument with T-tav shaped central column was opened to the public on March 22,1980. March 22= 322,famous masonic number for Vernal equinox as Starting point of new Anno Magnus, not the Winter solstice, used by other lodges. 3+2+2= number 7. 1980= number 9, and the " missing " number 8 is in the 8 languages written 10 antichrist " commandments", or, the 8 sides of the X shaped panels woth the 8 languages. Atop on the T-tav shaped central column are additional 4 ancient, now dead languages. This gives us also number 84 as Judgement number, with number 8 as resurrection and life number, and number 4 as the number of death! And 8x4 combination, equal to (20)32, when our current Great Precessional Year ends! Numbers 7,8 and 9 as the Ennead of 4+5 were visibly used in the 911 attacks in the 7 WTC building complex, with 9 plans of reconstruction of that complex, after 2001 , when 4 buildings were erected and on the 5th,(2WTC) only foundations were rised up- we now know why! For 2033/ 2034 is dated Novus Ordo Seclorum( 5+4+8 letters), and with Annuit Coeptis and E Pluribus Unum+ MDCCLXXVI= it is 52 Latin letters, just as is in the 7 Churches of the Revelation/ Apocalypse of John, 52 Greek letters in the names of the 7 churches! As in Hunab Ku is 5+2 letters, or in India' s Septahindu = 7 rivers as craddle of India civilisation, consisting of Punjab= 5 Rivers+ Doab= 2 Rivers! Myanmar knows 9 rivers of Iravati, and China knows 8 and 9 sacred mountains(4+5), and 8 sacred rivers and lakes.. On 911 we were told that Flight AA77 turned 270 degrees westwardly( 270= Y.S.R and also INRI gematria) into the Pentagon, between the 4th and 5th starcases leading into the heliport atop the Pentagon, built on September 11, 1941, and on its 60th birthday, " false flag" opdration hit it, counting our last 32/ 33 years to 2033/ 34!!!

Jaroslav Kukla 1 year ago

New York City is in the East of the US and its Lower Manhattan copies the female grotto in Milky Way, as the Eden in the east of Milky Wsy where the biblical Eve got her " hairy APPLE" to Adam,to conceive...This is the real reason,why New York City is called as ' Big Apple'. In the complex of 7 buildings of WTC, in the badly Battered Park on 911, the Twin Towers were destroyed,symbolising the galactic Womb, marked by number 8 in ancient and modern world.( Today,as memorial,Ground Zero,there are two squated holes= 8) + destroyed WTC 7 =15 .... WTC 7 as complex was rebuilt on 4 skyscrapers with foundations on the 5th, allegedly unfinished " for lack of tenants" - a big masonic lie! 2WTC won't be built in our civilisation left over time! The 4 erected buildings are: 1WTC+3WTC+4WTC+7WTC= 15...The entire complex has 15 acres... With 2WTC it would make the 17th day of the 2nd month when the biblical Flood started! But before that described in Pentateuch= 5 Books of Moses, the 4 Gospels must be finished with the Apocalypse by Fire! Pentateuch symbolises the Pentagonal Queen ( birth) Chamber in Khufu= Cheops pyramid, when new civilisation and Great Year is born! And the Bible depicts the Great Precessional year of 25,793 years,from 23,760 BC to 2033( 5,793A.M.), with half in 10,864 BC... Teotihuacan, on 15 hectares, symbolises a such birth and descend from the Moon( yonic) pyramid of 4 tiers! But first has to be accomplished the 4 Gospels and Apocalypse by Fire, before the Flood takes over the scorched Earth... Teotihuacan has 13 pyramids intotal in the Citadela around the Feathered Serpent= Kukulkan's 6 tiered pyramid + the 5 tiered Sun pyramid+4 tiered Moon pyramid= 15 pyramids and 15 tiers in total, where number 30 also symbolises the vonstelaation of Aquarius with 14 stars in ghe body and 16 stars in the river of judgement outflowing from his Jug/ Pot! ( United Airlines+ American Airlines= 14+16 letters,abused on 911) The Giza pyramid complex and the Teotihuacan complex are the only Global Clock for measuring the Great Year,Anno Magnus! Giza has total of 9 pyramids,tied to the YoSeR 6 stepped pyramid=15...YoSeR has gematria value of 270,as INRI, and hijacked Flight AA77 was turning 270° westwardly to Pentagon,between 4th and 5th stairways...YoSeR/ DjoSeR means Potter-an Aquarian Age( Pot) -Creator, on whose Potter's Field ended 30 silver of traitor Juda Iscariot! Potter's Field is also nearby the demolished Twin Towers! Orion was X shaped constellation resembling the sand clock, with SEVEN(7) stars! Known as Kal Purush-Time Man-Purifying by fire! As Min or Tav,and here was entrance ( stargate) for entrance of the souls of the deceased pharaohs,swimming on the cosmic RIVER OF LIFE to Great Judgement Hall,the galactic Double centre,known as the galactic Womb, where saved souls were purified from its memories of past life,and rejuvenated,passed further down the RIVER to the exit stargate, the yonic Black hole Swan and Yama in the constellation of Cygnus= Swan,marked by 9 stars! Of course,these souls went by karmic and galactic laws to the resurrection and rebirth stargate to be born again to another cycle of life! And the Womb,Valhalla, was marked by number 8 in the ancient world! And we have a such biblical holidays of 7 days and 8th day,as the Great Day Holiday, once in the Old Testament, as Feast of Tabernacles( Harvest Holidays of Booths) lasting 7 days,and 8th day is added during Solomon Temple finishing, then as real Harvest of Grain, but in the New Testament, Gospel of John 7: and 37, Jesus entersbJerusalem on these 7 days holidays,saving souls,and at the Great Day as 8th day,He saves last souls bymoffering his eternal well to salvation of all souls! ( 1Kings 8:65&66 and 2Chronicles 7:9&10,as 22nd and 23rd days of Tishri= 7th Hebrew month)...On the 9th day is the White Trone Judgement, when the Book of Life is opened on this Day of New Creation... 911 was committed by the zionist Blue Lodge for 2033 Novus Ordo Seclorum. 911 was zionist 1st deadly wave of terrorism from the Blue lodge of the West,when many rights and freedoms were lost by the zionist Patriot Acts! They started to count down our last 33 yesrs as civilisation with 7.5 billions of human beings! Coronavirus was their 2nd deadly wave of terrorism, and Wu-Chan means 'Forthcoming Serpent/ Dragon'! It was a deadly " gift" to humanity from the Red lodge of the judeobolsheviks from the Red East! The 3rd terrorist wave will be more deadly than both before,around 2022! And the 4th terrorist wave will be the deadliest one, as Armageddon= WW3, wherebonly 500 million human beings will survive as the Georgia Guide Stone(Y shaped with 16 languages instruction as 7+9) instruct the satanic,global freemasonic lodges,controlling our world!

Mr.Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 1 year ago

Of course, we shouldn't forget the US Skyscrapers calendar( US National Geogr.Magazine,February 1989, pages 156-157) of 5 buildings( Pentateuch)+13,respectively 15 buildings with two sets of Twin Towers as 13 disciples on the Last Supper,as there is also total of 15 disciples mentioned in the 4 Gospels + 4 buildings as 4 Gospels. The entire calendar is a premature confession by the Blue zionist lodge to 911, 151 prior to 911! But the entire calendar is tied by NUMBERS and SYMBOLS to the oficial zionist 911 Database and Teotihuacan complex around the Way of Dead symbolising a BIRTH OF NEW CIVILISATION! The complex has 13 pyramids in the Citadela,plus the Sun and Moon pyramid as 15 pyramids! We know that there is layout of entire our solar system with various " mound pyramids" representing planets of our solar system of Sol-om- on! In architecture,the zionist terrorist attacked: square+pentagon=9,Ennead. The zionist masonic terrorists attacked by planes: square+square+pentagon=13 The zionist masonic terrorists destroyed: square+square( Twin Towers)+ WTC 7= 15 ! The zionist masonic thugs attacked completely: square+square+pentagon=13 +WTC 7 = 20&13 around as 2033 in their cabalistic number patterns !

Mr.Jaroslav ( Jerry) Kukla 1 year ago

Thomas Edward Magner-your comment is completely stupid with zero sense!

Thomas Edward Magner 1 year ago

Everyone has missed this. The prophecy is regarding the sun rising in the dark rift which creates a road from the underworld allowing evil to enter earth. This first started in 1980. That year Reagan and Bust were elected. So let's continue. Ronald Wilson Reagan, three names 6 letters in each or 666. The origin of the fantastic american debt. Get ready for the default. The other causes fire to come down from the sky in front of everyone. See the Revelation chapter 13. This covid 19 virus is line item 14 in chapter 16. I come like a thief in the night , stay awake or...... Times are going to stay tough until the eclipse in spring 2024.

Jaroslav Kukla 1 year ago

The Cygnus Key-Andrew Collins,August 2018 book...The author( freemason) struggles to admit that it were freemasons who built the ancient monuments,all symbolism,NUMBERS.astronomy alignment and architecture. Our world is also controlled by the freemasons, they are everywhere, from Olympic Games, to parlaments! From architecture to the banks! ... The Cygnus Key struggles to admit he either don't understands the importance of number 7 and 9, or he as freemason,like Graham Hancock, is afraid to reveal the truth!! I help him. The 3 pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan,both are not only a Global Clock for the Great Precessional Year,Anno Magnus,including the Great Sphinx, but are a true match for the 3 stars of the Belt of Orion,male,ityphallic entrance stargate, but also match to the 3 stars in the wings of Cygnus( Swan) constellation,which is also the Norther Cross constellation and the spranged Bow constellation of China. Both sets of 3 pyramids match both stargates!!! But in Giza,with its Valley Temple(Dark Rift is female grotto valley and male grotto) and Mortuary Temple,plus causeways, it appears from top on groundplan as Dragon Slayer! Therefore,in Biza the 3 pyramids are more associated with death and ascension to the heavens,since the souls of pharaohs were released toward Orion,the entrance male stargate in Orion! But since there is together 9 pyramids,this number is also associated with the 9 headed Dragon= Milky Way,and its Cygnus constellation,plus its Black hole! In Teotihuacan, the Way of Dead starts from the Moon pyramid,going downhill,toward the Moon and Kukiklan pyramid in Citadela. It slowly descends 30 meters in its cca 3.2 km( wide 135 feet), or little over 2 miles, 10,864 feet long Avenue of Dead,marking the start of the 2nd half of the Great Year,Anno Magnus,ending in 2033,the year of Novus Ordo Seclorum and new beginning of Anno Magnus from Aquarian Age,the head of the zodiac! ( The Valley Temple is 45x45 meters= 2025,the year of Trials and Tribulations.The Mortuary Temple measures gives 2032/ 2033 date)... The 3 Giza pyramids were known as Kal Purush= Fire purificator trough fiery apocalypse,and were known as the start of the Global Clock for Precession,with those 3 in Teotihuacan, as the end of the Precession and descend down hill of resurrected souls to new life cycle trough the Moon pyramid-stargate,symbolising the yonic Black hole,CygnusX1,the Swan,also known then, as Yama- the goddess of the dead!!! Orion,as HOUR GLASS CLOCKS in a shape of X with the 3 stars of the Belt ,in the middle,cross point..Orion means the Light of the World, and there was only 7 stars in it in the ancient times! And in the Swan constellation( Cygnus), 9 stars! In Orion,is the entrance to the galactic anticenter( associated with antichrist), and in Swan ( nearby the Sting of Scorpio) is the exit from the galactic center( associated with Christ,life and resurrection). Between both,is the galactic Double center( Sagittarius A&B), also known as the galactic WOMB,where all souls of the deceased human beings gravitate to Judgement and Purification of memories, and then take path to the yonic stargate,the Black hole for new life cycle after rebirth,resurrection! In accordance with the karmic and galactic laws! And since all things gravitate to the center of galaxy,the souls cannot take path elsewhere! In the ancient Egypt,the galactic Double center was symbolised by number EIGHT(8), horizontally(○○)...[ The demolished Twin Towers symbolised it]! So the numbers 7 and 9 ,Andrew Collins couldn't properly identify in his book,The Cygnus Key, originate here! As the entrance stargate and exit stargate! Together,both numbers is 16,the name of tge CUBICAL, SIXTEENTH CHAPEL IN VATICAN, in all languages of the world,except the English language deception as " SISTINE " chapel! Just another masonic kamouflage of the truth! Pn the Codex Zouche-Nuttal,page 36, the galactic Double center is symbolised by two CUBICAL JARS/ POTS with swimming/ purified across the Ksiman Milky Way,human souls! On the Codex Mendoza,it is the central column Jar- Pot with 9 stars on the outside and 11 on the inside, the true source of 9/11 and 20,the Maya Vigessimal system of calendars,based on number 20! [ Masonic G8 and G20 groups]. Therefore,we see here also a NUMBER PATTERN OF 7& 8 & 9,or 7+8+9=24, and 7x8x9= 504, well known numbers in ancient astronomy from Mesoamerica to Egypt and Mesopotamia to China! After all,Mesopotamia built 7 tiered pyramid-ziggurats, China 8 tiered or octagonal pagodas, and Mesoamerica,9 stepped pyramids! Near East blossomed in the 7th Bak'tun,China,the Empire of the Centre in 8th Baktun( still number 8 in China is sacred) , and Mesoametica blossomed in the 9th Bak'tun! The Maya celebrated on the Cozumel island on the 7th day of Zip,Itzamna,the son of Zamna highest god,husband of Ix-chel. On the 8th day of Zip,Zamna, and on the 9th day of Zip,Ix- chel, the mother of all JARS- POTS on the last page of the Dresden Codex with Flood,also known as Umma el Kabah. For the JAR+EARTH+GOLD was known as Kab and Kabah-CUBE! ( The migrating Cannanites= Serpent people from Mesoamerica brought it to Mecca as Ka'aba,and the Hebrew= Crossers as the higher caste of priests-astronomers as the Philactery cube attached to jew forehead,because the greek word Phila means Womb! ( see Philadelphia and compare it to Hebrew Mem and greek Omega,Memphis and Yaxchilan in Omega shaped river lap on Usumacinta,or Alexandria with its Omega shaped bay,once a jew capital city in Egypt,destroying its own library and records)...Since the jew originste in the Serpent cultures of Mesoamerica, and Jesus knew it,he was right calling them vipers-snakes in the New Testament,descendants of the old snake,known as satan, they follow)... Before that,they may migrated from the reptilian Sumer and Babylon to Mesoamerica and after the apocalypse of Aztlan/ Atlantis/ Ama-ruca in cca 9,745 BC, migrated to Egyptian Palestine...As ever Wandering Jews...Getting even to India and China's Kai-feng! Not mentioning Russia and Khazaria! Whenever is the cow fat,there is the jew, moving from one fat cow to another! Set( gematria 69) was also known as Isis, the wife of Osiris= Orion,who was cut by her and 71 conspirators into 72 pieces,and she recovered only his phallus to inseminate herself with it and conceive son Horus,avenger of his father...Nice astronomical lore and numbers... Isis/ Set was knkwn as the protector of the dead. Her relief on the sarcophagi of priest Tahu( Louvre,Paris),she kneels kn the 9 starred Jar-Pot-Bowl-Cup( Ix-chel in Mesoamerica) having headband with 7 naga snakes...This also a myth about 7 scorpions and 9 gods of the Ennead( 5+4, as on the Pakal's Lid,or in the Bible,Pentateuch+4 Gospels,and attacked on 9/11 the US economy-squared WTC,plus military-Pentagon),since Isis was also a member of the egyptisn Ennead of 9 gods! In Abydos relief,she has the same headband with 9 snakes,cobras( naga). Since she has often also the HORNS OF COW and between the sun disk( aton ), it is evident, the sun in her lap symbol as well in our dual world with dual meaning to each symbol and talmudic double-talk...She just replaced Ha-thor,the earlier goddess of heaven...The golden Ha-thor was also the defender and protector of the dead,and was in the golden tomb of Tuth-ank-amon in the Nile river bend in a shape of female grotto( Mesopotamia-Dark Rift-Eden)...Hathorin Temple in Denderah measured 84 meters x 24.20 meters= 2033! Sje was also the heavenly queen of the 7 and 9 starred Jar-Pot!!! The Pot is the symbol of Aquarian Age, Creation Age of the Potter- Creator-DjoSeR/ YoSeR!! And his 5 stepped pyramid was First in Egypt, tied in symbolism to the 5 stepped Sun pyramid in Teotihuacan,216' feet high,another important number in astronomy! Pharaoh Den/ Vedimev/ Semtej was around 2,950 BC, when the written records started in Egypt,but also elsewhere,like India,China,and so on after the next age start in around 3114 BC and 3102 BC,the 5th Age of the Sun and Kali-yuga,Fiery age...Den/ Vedimev/ Semtej,in his 7th year of reign built a temple of Throne of Gods.In the 8th year he let built a Lake around the templ,and in 9th year he destroyed by weapons city Varka,some say Ur,inn Mesopotamia, the birthplace of biblical Ab-ra- ham...It was on the alabaster Jar found in YoSeR ( gematria 270) pyramid in Sakkara( sqr) where was also the land of Sokar of Aker( square) ,known as Rostav... The biblical Sol- om-on( Father sun in sky) held a holiday due to opening of his temple during the Feast of Tabernacles= Feast of Harvest in tents,lasting 7 days.The Last,7th day known to the jews as Hoshana Rabbah was the last day in tents and for God,final day of harvest of saved souls...On the 8th day,Shemini Atzeret, he dismmissed the congregation of guests of the Feast of Tabernacles,but since it was also a Shabbat Day,they couldn't disperse home,not allowed to go no more than 2033 feet away...The 8th day eas also a 22nd day of the 7th month of Tishri,our October...Thus, he dispersed them on the next,23rd day,known as Tikkum Olam-new Creation Day...( 1Kings 8:65 and 66,2Chronicles : 7:9 and 7:10) The Irish bishop Ussher calculated the Creation of this Age from the biblical record on 23rd day of Tishri= October,in 2004, but he missed that it started by the sin of Adam and Eve in the GARDEN OF EDEN,where she got her HAIRY APPLE to Adam to conceive( hence Jew Yoke City is called Big Apple,Lower Manhattan copying the Milky Way grotto)! Ussher's Annals of the World were published in 1650.

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 1 year ago

After 911,when 3 of the towers were demolished, came proposal of 9 plans of reconstruction.We know that in WTC1 were hit by the plane,7 floors,from 93 to 99. In WTC 2,were destroyed by the second plane, 9 floors, from 77 to 85,important masonic numbers,but soo is the summary of 354 " days" in lunar year... There were proposed FIVE BUILDINGS IN ALL, to replace the former SEVEN BUILDINGS in the Battery Park,badly battered on 911,2001, counting our last 33 years to 2033,Novus Ordo Seclorum. The Port Authority of Nee York City and New Jersey with the Blue Lodge by FIVE BUILDINGS, From which 4 already stands,and the 5th as TWO (2) WTC has only foundation " due lack of tenants" telling us the Wikipedia! Bullock! For now,it is 4 with planned 9,the obsured Ennead in the bible,the 9th day,Tikkum Olam- birth of a new age,new Great Year,Anno Mundi and new civilisation! With totsl of 71+53+55+29= 304 floors, with Two(2) WTC to hsve 365 floors in total,therefore,61 new ones to be built at 2WTC... 1WTC+3WTC+4WTC+7WTC=15(7+8 as Orion+ Womb) plus the 2WTC,it will be another 17th day of the start of the Great Flood...We know,1WTC has the roof starting at 1368' feet,as was WTC1 tall as a building,Christ number, rising up to 1776' feet,or 540 meters,as there is members of the soli- lunar Senat andd Congress,or statjes in Angkor Wat,stretching the 9 headed Naga serpent, and the arc degrees in Pentagon, swaped for arc seconds,as the Great lunar year! Therefore,the male Orion stargate of SEVEN (7) STARS was replaced by 4(+5) stargate,as FIVE,the Pentateuch of descending souls, and Pentagonal,Queen Chamber in the Cheops pyramid,giving birth to a new age and civilisation...We know that the 4Gospels culminate in the Book Apocalylse of SEVEN(7) as 11,the new Aquarian Age of Pottter-the Creator Age (y.s.r.= YoSeR of 270 gematria value)... Therefore, the Seven is open to receive the souls of human beings en masse as " E PLURIBUS UNUM" to the Womb, and afterwards, will be released trogh the yonic stargate of 5 or 9, the resurrected and purified souls! As number 17( 8+9) ,the Day,the Great Flood started according the Bible record! We know,8 people were saved with Noah,who landed on 5160 meters high Mount Ararat, beacause it is a number of one-fifth of the Great Year, according some biblical calculus of the current Great Year/ Anno Magnus! That' s 25,800 years,but our current Great Year ends exactly in 5,793 A.M.,thus 7 years earlier,in 2033... We see the C-19 didn' t created enough SACRIFICIAL SOULS for the Womb, so, the freemasons plan 2nd wave of their PLAN-DEMIA, more deadly one! And the elections in the US will be cancelled by the Swamp Trump team,like 666 adressed Jared Kushner on the 5th 'Big Apple' copy of Dark Rift and Mesopotamia with Eden and Paradise on the Lower Manhattan! Trump recalled 1 million military reservists to innoculate the US goyim population in late autumn of 2020, and for the reason, the reservists this way cannot resist his troops to oppose them with guns! The locusts in Horn of Africa we saw too, and more plagues and pestilences are coming, including US -China stirred up riots in Hongkong, concluding in war between the bankrupt US and rich China...We know that on 911 was attacked the US economy in the Twin Towers, and Military in Pentagon! So, the Blue and Red Lodges may knock us all out by nuclear war,instead of letting us go trough the cosmic/ galactic chaos! The Hindoo Mahabharata is our witness to a such possible scenario! There are numerous dates pointing at this Armageddon in 2025!

Jaroslav Kukla 2 years ago

The islamic Qur' an( Hill of Heavens) has 29 coded suras( chapters)+4 additional codes= 33 in total.The Abjad,or,Initial codes. There is total of 84 codes, and 13 various Arabic letters is used.All important astronomical numbers! Number 33 is significant calendar number-date! The divine plural name of Elohim appears 33 times in the story of Creation. King David allegedly ruled 33 years over biblical Israel,in Jerusalem...Number 33 represents Christ' consciousness.He was crucified at Golgotha( Place of the skulls) at the abe of 33, and allegedly in AD33...The biblical scholars argue for centuries,which one of the two mountains of Transfiguration of Christ is the real,true one of the two, Mt.Tabor or Mt.Hermon( Psalm 89:12)...Both create the same angle-slope of 15° 28' NE-SW...But only Mt.Hermon is located 33° East and 33° North...And Mt.Hermon( Her-na in Denderah zodiac) symbolises death,meanwhile Mt.Tabor( tab= tav) symbolises life...Christ died and afterwards was resurrected on the 3rd day...In Uruguay,there is the image of the " Virgen de los Trienta y Tres"( Virgin of 33)...Virgin,rather constellation Virgo is built into the 11 cathedrals of France,from the " deliberately" burnt " head" at Notre Dame,Paris,across Chartres,and other 9 cities...France intl.area code is +33, not an accident...The number of celestial deitiesi the India Vedic religion is 33...The 2nd level of heaven in Buddhism is named Trāyastrimsā(33) of the 33 gods...Many pivotal roles plaged the 33rd parallel in many major events in rece t human history...1st atomic detonation on 16.07.1945 at the Trinity test site nearby Alamogordo,New Mexico,on 33rd parallel. On August 6th&9th( 69),the 33rd degree masons demolished Nagasaki and Hiroshima,also ,ocated nearby the 33rd parallel,in Japan...After operstion Paper Clip,ma y former Nazi scientists set up launch complex 33 at White Sands,nearby 33rd parallel,testing the German V-2 rockets...On 22.11.1963 was assassinated JFK,in Delay Plaza ,Dallas,TX,close to 33rd parallel, and 33rd degree masons were also involved in this US ' coup d' etat'...On the masonic UN flag is 33 fields...Pope John- Paul I was murdered after 33 days(792 hours)...The Popes cassock has 32 buttons,and his head represents the 33rd...In Vat-i-Can ix 32 arches in the courtyard with giant obelisk as 33rd piece of masonic architecture there...Grand Orient de France has 33 member ranks in the Council and this lodge was established in 1733...On the 1$bill was added the Latin sign,Novus Ordo Seclorum in 1933, when the US went bankrupt for the 1st time...In 2033 it will go bankrupt for the 2nd time??? Gold standard was abolished and " toilet paper money" issued,Republic suspended and jewish Democracy took over...The House of the Femple of the Supreme Council of 33rd cegree Scotish Rite in Fashington,District of Crimminals,USA corporation,has 33 outer columns,each 33' feet 13 standard inches equal to 33 metric centimeters...Liberty Street 33 reportedly holds 25% of world existing gold bullions ( in value of 335 billion of USD in 2011) as the largest known " treasury in the world", however this Federal Gold Reserve Bank in jewish hands cannot be audited, so there is no way to know how much gold is there if any! But we know,this symbolises the " Black hole" of Genesis 2:8-14,WHERE ALL GOLD IS...Lost to the Black hole,just as in Pentagon 3 billion USD shortly after 911 attacks,as announced by then,jew Rumsfeld " secretary of defense"...For entire Lower Manhattan symbolises the Mesopotamia= Dark Rift/ Cleft in Milky Way Paradisd/ Eden,where the biblical Eve got her " hairy" APPLE to Adam to conceive Cain and Abel...And " since then" is this area of Jew Yoke City known as " Big( hairy) Apple"...The ADL censored !ibrary of Congress comme orative 33c ( cents) stamp was issued by USPS on April 24,2000( 33 years to Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033)...And the same Library of Congress has 33 ' Ethnological Heads' carved into the exterior of this masonic building...The mdwish financial centre and masonic City of London Corporation is surrounded by 32 boroughs,making in total,33 boroughs with the Canary Wharf= Serpent Port,knkwn as City of London...A yiddish tinted colony located in female vulva resembling river-bend in a shape kf "W"... The 1e5 meters high London Eye wheel has 32 coffin shaped cabins as bofoughs around the yiddish colony of serpents in Canary Wharf= City of London...With a masonic campus holding up the " all seeing eye"...To be fully seen and revealed in the skies in 2033 at Novhs Ordo Seclorum! Confirmed by Mt.Athos on the Trident= Aquarian shaped peninsula Chal-mi-dikī, 2033 meters above the sea level,also a monk state within a state...Just to mention a " FEW FROM MANY" as E Pluribus Unum in 2033...

Jaroslav Kukla 2 years ago

The Cathedrals of England( The British Heritage Series),from many authors, by Batsford Books, London,1st edition in 1934,9th in 1954, has plan illustrations of numerous English cathedrals. Of course,most of them have (+) Croos architecture, and on the right( some left) crossbar( right wing), have adjoining CLOISTERS, many are Octagonal( number 8 for cosmic Womb and Resurrection,new octave)! Some have Chapter houses,or Lady houses,usually associated with number 8! Chapter house is the council chamber...I advice to anyone to look at the Vulture stela 43 in Göbekli Tepe,where the Vulture has on its right wing the circle,symbolising the Black hole , Cygnus X1-the Swan,also known as Yama...The Northern Cross is also the Cygnus constellation,matched by the 3 pyramids of Giza,matching also the 3 stars of Belt of Orion...I advice to look also at Wikipedia-Black hole,CygnusX1...There is the Swan flying away from the Milky Way Dark Rift/ Cleft= Mesopotamia, and on its RIGHT WING is the red circle,marking the Black hole,CygnusX1,the Swan, where the souls of deceased human beings travels( gravitate to) for Purification and Rebirth= Resurrection!!! Please,get the book,The Cygnus Key-Andrew Collins, a key book to unravel this ancient mystery,associated with the Way of Dead in Teotihuacan!!!

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

I just finished to read the newest book, " THE CYGNUS KEY" from Andrew Collins,living in Southend on Sea,only 50-60 miles away. Wish to meet him one day personally,but he apologised to be too busy lately...
The Cygnus Key is excellently researched and written book,but it has shortcomings in this main area: on the " Vulture stela 43" from Gobekli Tepe,the RING/ BALL/ CIRCLE on the right wing of the vulture(Sagittarius to G.Hancock), is clearly the flying Swan with the BLACK HOLE on its right wing! It is enough to visit google,CygnusX1- Wikipedia,depicting the Swan( Cygnus),where the Deneb star is the tail star! Mr.A.Collins is wrong,writing that the " ball" on the right wing is
" northern polar circle" where the souls of the dead departs on its journey toward the galactic centre-the WOMB,for purification and rebirth-resurrection! I wrote about this above,in my comments above,year or two ago! You can compare it to the famous LID OF PACAL, with Scorpio on the chest of Lady in the skirt-Milky Way,with the vulture bird atop! We see the Scorpio below the vulture on stela r3 from Gobekli Tepe! Even the chinese T-tav shaped funerary silk on the coffin of Lady Tao from Ma-wang-dui has vulture atop,with similar path of the human souls to the galactic womb! Furthermore, the 3 pyramids of Giza copies both,the phallic Belt of Orion, and the 3 main stars of the Cygnus constellation, in our DUAL and BIPOLAR WORLD! Both marks the two stargates,the phallic Min and yonic Yama! Therefore,Mr.Collins needs to write yet another book,The Key to the Cygnus Key!!!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

What he has " discovered" just now,I'm writing about last 5 years! See Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left on 9/11 Crimd Scene, published in 2013!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

Andrew Collins has serious errors in his book,The Cygnus Key! Finaly,he admitted dome of them...The most serious one is thst not the Cygnus conxtellatiob is the prime fovus of the sncients,but yhe nesrest,7080 light yesrs away,CygnusX1-black hole/ wormhole,known as Swan or Yama! The " ball" on the right wing on the " Vulture stela# 43",de yphered slso by the CygnusX1-Wikipedia-Andrew Collins couldn't find....

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

Why is New York City called a ' Big Apple'? Simply because,the Manhattan island is local,"zionist" copy Mesopotamia-Dark Rift in Milky Way,seen in ancient Egypt as female,Isis,Hathor,or Nut.And the Dark Rift/ Mesopotamia is located between her two river-legs,in the bible known as Pishon and Gichon...In the bible,Eva gave the " apple" to Adam,we know,the " apple" symbolises a sexual sin...She gave to Adam,her grotto-groin/ scrotch to Adam,with her hole in it...We see similar " Apple island" in England,known as Avalon island,meaning,Eva lono,where lono means groin/ scrotch,as in the name of Babylon,where ' baba' means female/ woman,and 'lono' means scrotch...And Babylon was located clearly,in Mesopotamia! And where is located New York City? In a similar,earthly copy of galactic Mesopotamia im the female shaped Milky Way! Both stargates,male and female,clearly holds the Two headed Russian eagle,symbol of our Dual Creator in our dual and bipolar world...Holding grip on the golden apple and golden sword,male and female age of " union and procreation" or creation of new world from the old one...And 2033 apears to be the age of union of both...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

At the centre of the Cori-can-cha courtyard stood OCTAGONAL granite coffer,as the navel of Inca(Acni) Cuzco,their navel city of their Four quartered solar empire. Known as Cara Urumi,this coffin was empty,just as the granite ,cubical one in Khufu/ Cheops pyramid...Because the OCTAGON,or the CUBE,symbylise,just like the coffin itself( urn in some countries),the galactic WOMB,where the solar, enlightened kings ascended gor purification and rebirth-resurrection...A cycle of path,the jews knows as Merkabah...Of Mt.Meru measure,and kabah,the Womb...There is just too many vommon things and ideas amongst the ancient cultures,clearly proving that there was our previous civilisation a global one,in contact with all parts of the ancient world! See also the EKRPHANT HEADS on the Mayan and Inka calendar carvings,an animal which doesn' t live in Ama-ruca-the female,serpent,dragon continent! And the ancient Egyptians knew the Elephantine island on Nike( Hapi) river...Indua and Africa has this proud and strong animal...The Inca( Acni of India as Fire and Sun) octagonal coffer,Jar-Pot-Chalice,etc.,Cara Urumi,was covered by 55 kg of gold,the Conquistadores from Spain,have stolen...Even in the bible,COR( or Kor) is a besel for measure, can is serpent( Milky Way)-and cha-female forces,galactic forces...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

In the cobbled courtyard of the solar temple of Coricancha,of the Incas,at the dentre of the courtyard stood an OCTAGONAL grey-granite COFFER as the navel of Cuzco. The stone coffin of resurrection and symbol of heaven's WOMB was empty,as the granite vofgin in Khufu/ Chrops pyramid...Symbolicing that the mortal solar kings went heavenward to the WOMB,for purification and rebirth-redurrection...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

From the Temple of " Inscriptions"(rather Crucifixion of Sun-king),the Winter solstice is marked as 13 Ahau 13 Muan...Ahau is light,enlightened and sun-king...Muan is OWL,symbolising death and spiritual life,since the owl lives at night...See the huge,plastic white owl about the entrance to the AT&T Skyscraper on Lower Manhattan,the Last Skyscraper in the 24 US Skyscrapers calendar(s) in National Geogr.magazine,February 1989,pages 140-185! White owl is also on the 1$ bill,or the symbol of Bohemian Grove lodge,where perished US Supreme Court judge,A.Scalia,not long time ago...Owl in America has ill omen,meanwhile,in Greece,it symbolised "wisdom and secrets"...
But this pearl is from my native Slovakia,which has not only the CUBICAL castle over Danube/Ister river where Austro-Hungarian kings were crowned, but also an important catholic basilica in Sastin,Western Slovakia.Devoted to Sevenpainful Mary,Mother of Christ.It is medieval basilica with 7 chambers. It has an altar from RED
granite cross,with crucified Christ(the Son&Sun),and across the horizontal bar is large BLUE ribbon. Above the CROSS is TRIANGLE with 13 Sun-rays around,and in it the famous EYE...below the altar is 84 cm tall statue of "holy Mary"...And on the wall are
4 lines in Latin: MATER DOLOROSA =13 letters
CONSOLARE = 9 letters
NOS PECCATORES = 13 letters
IU TE SPERANTES =13 letters

Clearly,lunar calendar:9x13=117,basic number for the Tzolkin and Hebrew lunar calendar,combined with solar Sunspots...
And 13.13. as 13 Ahau 13 Muan...Sun "crucified" in Black Hole of the Milky Way,in her Mesopotamia-Dark Rift,in Winter solstice... And the basilica organ has 3113 pipes,to match up the Maya calendar start at 3113 BC(in Giza,it is 3111BC)...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

Andrew Collins in his excellent book,GOBEKLI TEPE,Genesis of ghe Gods,page 84,chapter 8,The Oaths of Souls, clearly describe the Maya solar god,One Hunahpu,being reborn from the mouth( also yoni) of the caiman( Milky Way). We can see it on the Pakal's green-jade,ritual death mask,as the T-tav( Sun) placed in the mouth of the green-jade mask,since the green-jade colour also symbolizes the Daron-Serpent in Mesoamerica and Far East,as China or Cambodia( see Angkor Wat= Anchored Vat/ Tav as the Dragon constellation,72° arc degrees,East of Giza pyramid complex). In anvient Egypt,it is the Aten,solar disc between the Hathor's horns...
Andrew Collins writes in the same book,GOBEKLI TEPE,Genesis of the Gods,page 92,
' how in death the soul departs to the West,a journey that takes three to four days to
complete...We know,Christ is resurrected after 3 days,or 72 hours,and Lazarus after 4 days,or 96 hours...But the real value is 3,5 days,or,84 hours,the NUMBER OF JUDGEMENT!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

In 2032-2033, modern state of Israel shall be 84 years old country,fulfilling the biblical ' end time' prophecy...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

13 Ahau means Sun in Milk Way( Black Hole)as 13 Muan...Our Sun to be " crucified" ans then resurrected-reborn from the Black Hole in Mesopotamia-Dark Rift of Milky Way...There will be temporarily a Black Sun...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

I must remind to you,dear readers,that East was always RED,and the West always BLUE,seldom Black.Every RESURRECTION TOMB was always painted RED and located in the East of the Temple or Pyramid. See for example,the Chamber-Tomb of Pakal,in the Temple of " Inscription"( Temple of Crucifiction or of Dead of Pakal),in Palenque,formerly either as Na-Chan or Naga( royal cobra)! The modern Jews follows the Torah of the Old Testament combined with the Babylonian Talmud.The Jerusalem Talmud is profitable for increase of wisdom from the ancient past also! The Jews settle
in Motherly continent( Ama-ruca) or in the female grotto shaped river-bends,n the same manner as the ancient Egyptians did,and the Maya as well( perhaps the " Olmecs" too)...
At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century,the Jews took over the world.The RED communidt Jews took over Russia in the East,and the BLUE zionist Jews the West... They established the RED LODGE OF THE EAST, and the BLUE LODGE OF THE WEST...They opposed each other,but also collaborated with each other...
And the USA has in reality only One Political Party system( owned by the Jews) divided on two colors: RED Republicans and the BLUE Democrats...And the soli-lunar Senat and Congress members are predominantly Jesws,wearing either Red or Blue ties with their expensive suits...Solar Senat has 100 people,and with the lunar Congress, it has 540 peple,as there is arc degrees in Pentagon,108°x5...Similar Pentagon can be seen on the West bank of Tiber river in Vat-i-Can,today known as Castello di Angelo( Angek Castel),with Square building in the outer Pentagon,and Round building in the Square,therefore,540! Angkor Wat( Anchored Vat) in Cambodia has 5 main roads,and on each road,108 statues supporting the 9 headed Naga serpent. On each side of the 5 roads is 54 statues,thus,108 on each road both sides,multiplied by 5,is 540...As there is 540 doors into the Viking-Nordic Valhalla...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

The cca 150-153 Maya cities/town were connected with "sacbe" roads,16 known to us so far.From Tikal led 5 known rods. From Yaxuna to Coba,the "sacbe" road changes angle after 69 km. The entire road is from Chichen Itza to Coba,135 km in lenght.From Chichen Itza to Yaxuna,it is 32 km,and from Yaxuna to Coba,after 69 km changes slope-angle,with36 km to Coba(with its central cubical temple,similar to that one in Kabah).The Maya,allegedly knew "not" a wheel,yet,having geared-wheel calendars,what a nonsense from our orthodox archeologists.Beside one of such white lime "sacbe" road was found a roller...But this road has an astronomical value. 32x99=3168,just as in Pakal's case,whose gematria of his name is 132,and when he had died,his son,Chan Bahlum(b-lhm/hlm) declared 132 days of Maya mourning: 132 days x 24 hours=3168... The solar Incas had 13 roads,12 across the mountains,and only one,"lunar road" on the coastal area,leading to south-central Chile,long 5124 km(lunar calendar number)...And from Cuzco to Quito,the Inca road is 2017 km long...An accident with these numbers? Ich road web had 25,777 km,as the lenght of Great year...Similarly,the Islamic(moslem) Great Hajj piligrimage road is divided on 3 major calendrical sections: From Kaaba,Mecca to Mina Valley8,592 yards.From Mina to Abu Muzdalifa,7390 yards.And from Abu Muzdalifa to Mt.Arafat,9792 yards...Totalling in 25,773 yards,the lenght of a lunar Anno Magnus. Besides,the sacred wel of Zamzam,is 135' feet deep(41,2 meters). Mecca is 9 times worshipped,blessed city-shrine,lunar city,forbidden to "kafirs"(unbelievers). The CUBICAL temple has inside 13 extinguished golden lamps.In measurements is cyclical calendar of the Cube. On the black linen is "kisva" ribbon with sign: "Labbaika Allahuma Labbaik-Allah,I'm here"...And the "holy processional way-Saa'ee" goes from the Red hill of Safa to the blue hill of Marwah,having the slope-angle of Vernal Equinox. It is 452.5 meters long and devoted muslim prays there 7 rounds=3168 meters of prayers.The CUBE is 52.8*arc degrees to the Sa'ee,what is 3168' arc minutes...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

Kirios Iesous Christos(800+888+1480)=3168 in Greek gematria. Beth-lhm was allegedly his birthplace,is located on 31.68* latitude North of Equator.31.68* is also 32.08* arc degrees. Beth-lhm is 2nd,male and solar star-gate/city. Jerusalem is lunar,female city and 1st star-gate from Aleph-lhm,Alhim,woman(dragon,Milky Way). WTC1,or North Tower was 1368' feet tall,anagram on 3168...On 9/11, UA175 started at 7:58am from Boston to L.A. AA11 started at 7:59 am,from Boston to L.A. UA93 started its flight at
8:01 am,from Newark to San Francisco. Flight AA77 started at 8:10 am from from Washington to L.A. The starting time frame summary of all 4 flights is 32 hours and 08 minutes! Acronym on 3168/31.68* arc degrees and Lord Jesus Christ. Just as the fateful
Flight AA77,turning 270* arc degrees to the western side of Pentagon,between the 4th and 5th stairways(Ennead),since 270 is the gematria of INRI(Iesous Nazarene Rex Iudaoreum),symbolizing a "violent union" with Pentagon(female staragate-yonic stargate in Milky Way)...And Flight AA77,also symbolizing Christ,the Son and Sun,since there is 77 generations from Adam to Christ,in Luke,chapter 3! The same reason,why the 77 floors high Chrysler Building symbolise in the US Skyscrapers calendar(s) the "rejected cornersotone",since it is a corner building in that Maya calendar,and Biblical calendar,as published by National Geographic Magazine,February 1989,pages 140-185!

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

Before 2012,dozens of books were published about the Maya "end time on Winter slostice,2012". Did they realy understood the Maya calendars(religious Tzolkin and civil
Haab calendars)? One had geared wheels of 20x13 and the other,20x18...Perhaps,this is the "hidden" truth.Let's look at Peter Lemesurier's bestseller book in 1996,The Great Pyramid Decoded,pages 193-194: He set from the Pyramid chronology,the Messianic Advent on 2033(20+13 geared Tzolkin calendar=33,and 2033).And in Note 7, he suggests the Messianic arrival based on the north face of the Granite Leaf,at 21st October 2039...Since he suggests plus or minus one(1) year,it could be 2038,as suggesting the Maya Haab(civil or solar)calendar,20+18=38,2038CE...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

I never can say any bad word at gay people or transvestite people,because I understand,why they are here in this moment and age. I always wrote that the First Pharaoh,Akhenaton who brought the "reforms" into the ancient Egyptian religion,was a gay.See his gay satatue(s)! He also moved the ancient capital city from Mem-phis(Mum grotto place) to a male,solar and phallic capital city...Not an accident...He let built also the the Bend(over) pyramid with the Pink pyramid beside...In measurements of both, is great "Gay Age of Transfiguration"... As I have said,numerous times, gay people are galactic "chaos=transformation" age-time,and we should understand these people more than classical religions portrays them! Citation from the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols,J.C.Cooper(Thames & Hudson),page 144: Saturnalia- TRANSVESTISM-is a feature of the time of chaos in Saturnalia orgirs,carnivals,etc. and signifies a term to CHAOS, today known as X-mass...As I had said in numerous articles,Gays=Chaos in our galaxy and nature of the world...They suppose to repolirise in spirituual world,from male to female,and from female to male,
but due to the "cosmic chaos",they transfigurate already in their bodies,and NO ONE
UNDERSTANDS THIS PHENOMENA of antromorphism, except few knowleadgable free masons and individual researcherchers...

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

I'm back once again. I love the ancient pre-history,devoting to it 27+ years in 8 languages.I must navigate my readers to: AN ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TRADIRTIONAL SYMBOLS, from J.C.COOPER, Thames and Hudson. THE BEST OF THE BEST! And never seeing better one,after sorting out over 3,500 books and encyclopedias on this subject of ANCIENT-ARCHEO-ASTRONOMIES!

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

My congratulations to Bruce Fenton, his newest book on Gobekli Tepe,links between ancient Australia and ancient Gobekli Tepe!
I had done research on the ityphallic, T-shaped pillars,not only in Gobekli Tepe, but one can see the famous Maya stela 6 in Tortuguero,to be T-tav shaped. So is the T-tav amulet placed in Pakal's green jade ritual mask! And there are numerous T-shaped buildings,doors,windows,and other architectural symbols in Mesoamerica and also in the Inca(Acni) cultures! Furthermore,as I had pointed out in the past,there is the ceremonial,T-shaped silk with additional two T-tavs on the silk,covering the famous tomb of Lady Tao(tav?) from Ma-wang-dui(Female forces) in Chi-na...And anyone can see in numerous bible plans of Jerusalem,its Temple Mount,the Sol-om-on's Temple being T-tav shaped! Not an accident in the name of Vat-i-Can,or Viet/Vat Nam=Man Tav,icluding Angkor Vat(many languages as Anchor Wat or Vat/Tav). Its an accident,when the freemasons have on their ceremonial aprons inverted,three T-tavs???

Jaroslav Kukla 3 years ago

The best author on Gobekli Tepe archeo-astronomical discovery is without any doubts, Andrew Collins with his bestseller book-GOBEKLI TEPE,Genesis of the Gods. On page 110,he displays the picture of Milky Way as egyptian goddess Nut(from here the Maya name of Bak'tun as Nut and Kab) in her role as a personification of the Milky Way. With stars of Cygnus markingher WOMB and VULVA and the Great Rift (Mesopotamia)signi-
fying the gap between her legs.(Source used from R.A.Wells).
A place where the souls of the dead enters for Purification,Rebirth-Resurrection,but also from where the new souls(purified,clean of old memories,therefore virgin and with clear tape to begin new life cycle) also emerge,from the opening of the Great Rift,certainly,from the Black Hole-Wormhole! The "mouth" and "vulva" of the galactic- cosmic female and dragon/serpent. The ancient "Olmecs" and their successors,the Maya saw also as the Dragon or Caiman "jaws",see page 90. In same cases,they portrayed their carved jade axes as instruments to open that clift in Milky Way,Therefore,we got numerous "gods" with their mythical axes with magical powers
to cleave open the portals into the Underworld,known as Xibalba...Many authors doesn't realise that Xiba,Chiba,Siba,Shiba,Shiva,Saba,Sava,etc., has also the value of ordinary number Seven! Like the biblical "sacred" Well of Oath in Beer'sheba,meaning also Well of Seven,associated with Milky Way cycles" So can be said about the queen Shebah(Habesh backwardly),since the bible was written by two languages,when Giza divided the world on equal parts. West of it were written languages left to right and East of Giazeh,right to he left...Making the talmudic "abracadabra" in languages having meaning from both sides,like in Zeus-Suez, Artemis-Simetra, Kidron-Nordik, Xerxes-Sexrex,and so on,up to modern Nidal-Ladin,father- and- son terrorists,matched in the White House by the real terrorists,father and son Bushes,41st+43rd "presidents",making the number oj Judgement,84...
So,the Great Rift(Mesopotamia) is also known as Great Cleft,where the human souls depart and emerges from.Some say it,takes from 3 to four days(Christ Resurrected after 3 days,Lazarus after 4 days),anywhere between 72-96 hours,with in between,84 hours,the number of Judgement... The soul allegedly travels to the west,when it reaches the edge of the Eart's disc,the soul waits for the right moment to make a leap of faith to enter the Milky Way,the so called Path of Souls, in Orion,the phallic Belt of Orion and its T-tav bottom part of Nebulae M42/43,known as Trapezium(Seed,semen place)...By falling this difficult jump,means a such soul forever lost in the lower world...Here the souls meet the Milky Way(galactic anti-center) and travels to the Great Rift,its Black Hole and the galactic Double-centre-the WOMB! The local star DeNeb is navigation in many myths,astronomies and religions. Neb was called the Great Sphinx,with gematria value 52...Just like Yama,the Black Hole,with gematria 52. But the entering soul must cross many obstacles,tests and barriers...Not each soul passes the tests or obstacles! Many are smashed in this area of Path of the Souls...
In ancient Egypt,the galactic Double centre(the WOMB) was marked by number 8,horizontaly. Andit passed into the modern religions almost unnoticed,since these religions tries to distance themselves from the ancient astronomies,their common source and birthplace! Number 8 and Octagon represents Resurrection and Rebirth(in fact,the same), because Christ rose from grave 8 days after entry into Jerusalem. A symbol for Baptism and the spiritual rebirth of a person. Most of the Baptismal fonts are octagonal! We also know,that with Noah was saved total of 8 people,who began new cycle of civilisation,after the Great Flood apocalypse. Babylonian Tower is usually potrayed with 8 tiers. And the Octagon is also associated with the Golden Ratio/Sacred Cut... Therefore,there is now clear,why many cultures and religions have Octagonal Temples! Perhaps, we live more lives than just one,as most people believe! There are some individuals with few,short memories on past life cycle or cycles(edgar Cayce,and others)...Not everybody's memories were completely erased in the Purification process... After all,the life cycle points at it as well: in old age,we lose hair,teeth and some memories. Some have need to wear dipers,some ends up in chairs with wheels...The body cools down and get ready for the cold soil... But no one religion can put this into the hearst and minds of humans as deeply,as combination of all,with deep studies of the ancient arche-astronomies and comparative studies of all ancient cultures,myths and religions,paying attention to NUMBERS-the KEY to solve their "mysteries" of cyclical life...

Jaroslav Kukla 4 years ago

Bolon Yokte Ku is Milky Way,the 9 headed Dragon/ Serpent( bolon=9),mentioned on the T-tav shaped Stela 6 in Tortuguero( Torcherous War of Apocalypse to come)...Bolon Yokte Ku is the female co-Creator with Maya male co-Creator,Hunab Ku( the lord of Measures)...Since the US Skyscraper calendar is Maya luni-solar,tripple gesred/ wheeled calendar,it is also Biblical one,divided into 5+13+4 buildings...Two in one,plus the Hancock Tower of Chicago,is a calendar
within the calendars, symbolizing the galactic WOMB!
Therefore,the modern " jews" could have some descendancy trough the Hebrews( Crossers) from the serpent worshipping Mayas, in the Columbus Circle Project of Seattle( masonic mandala) it is indicated. That the modern " jews" are also a serpent worshippers with lunsr,antchrist religion,is without any doubt! Every Israeli president has the title of NASIII( long vowel),Serpent! So was their ancestry land,Canaan-Serpent land! And I had pointed out some Egyptian and " Olmec"( Benu-yamina/ Be jamin) ties to Atlantis...Joseph and Benjamin,the only two brothers with the same mother and father= Atlantis!
Thus, I see clearly the biblical connection of Bolon Yokte Ku and Yoktan,the relative of Peleg( Faleg= phalus),when the Earth was divided after the " destruction of the 8 coiled tiers"of Babylonian Tower,during that CRESTION TIME( ANNUIT COEPTIS)...Babylon is located in Mesopotamia( river confluence), and in Slovak and most Slavic languages it clearly means,
Babie lono= Female grotto!!! So does Yama( Black Hole and goddess of the dead),meaning HOLE in Slovak and other Slavic languages! Our astronomical mythologies are as old and anvient,as anyone else in this world,Egyptian,Maya,Hindu,Chinese,Persian,Greek,and so on!!!I've plenty of proofs!!!!

Jaroslav Kukla 4 years ago

Remember that at each crossing point a pair of zodiacal constellations sits on either side of the Milky Way,effectively forming the pillars of two celestial gates trough which the 'road' of the Milky Way passes-Gemini and Taurus in the North(with the sun presently housed by Gemini at the June solstice) and Sagittarius and Scorpio in the South(with the sun presently housed at the December solstice). THE RELATION-
SHIP OF THESE TWO PAIRS OF ZODIACAL CONSTELLATIONS TO THE MILKY WAY IS NOT AFFECTED BY THE PRECESSION AND NEVER CHANGES! Gemini and Taurus always marks the Northern 'gate' of the Milky Way and Sagittarius and Scorpio will always mark the Southern 'gate' of the Milky Way. Of the two,however, it is the Sagittarius-Scorpio that is the MOST IMPORTANT-it forms the very CENTRE and HEART of our galaxy!And not only that,but because it is GALACTIC CENTRE(Double Centre,Sagittarii A&B) in the midst of which sits an immense Black Hole(Yama,or Cygnus X1-Swan)! This region is also located in the Dark Rift,also known as Mesopotamia in Milky Way! Separated by the two celestial branches of our cosmic RIVER(Milky Way),two branches or river-legs,Pishon and Gihon.
As a result of the Precession,the December solstice sun is presently housed by Sagittarius and thus,as viewed from Earth, 'targets' the galactic Double centre like the bead on the barrel of a rifle! The last time this grand celestial line-up of Earth,December-solstice sun and the galactic centre(plus Black Hole) occured was was Precessional cycle of 25,920 years ago , and the next time it will happend in a 25,920 years in the future! (Exactly,in 2033 AD,or in 5,793 Anno Magnus)... WE LIVE,IN OTHER WORDS,IA A VERY SPECIAL,INDEED RATHER UNIQUE MOMENT IN TERMS OF COSMIC AND ASTRONOMICAL SYMBOLISM. [ Novus Ordo Seclorum+ Annuit Coeptis+E Pluribus Unum dated on 2033AD,or 5,793A.M.]
The exact targeting of the galactic centre(and Black Hole) occurs in window that is no more than 80-years wide and we will continue to be in that window for approximately
another (16 years)-25 years...
Pilar 43 at Gobekli Tepe is speaking to our time,speaking to us...

Graham Hancock-The Magicians of the GODS,pages 314 and 316...

He is giving the approximate dates of the comet two fragments impacts,ending the last Ice Age as 11,900 BC and 9,600 BC...The modern masons are more accurate: 11,967 BC and 9,745 BC, and not only on the US flag,as 11 columns of stars+9 rows,and 6+7 stripes, used also in the amount of CREW MEMBERS with and without pilots on 9/11 in the "4 hijacked" planes, but alsoin the US Skyscrapers calendar,in summary of all to this date DEMOLISHED skyscrapers in that calendar of 24 buildings,with two sets of Twin Towers! Furthermore,the 9,745 confirms the famous Pakal's Lid,the Cross-Tree of Life,as Septagon on the left side,Square atop,Pentagon on the Right,and 9 at the root...This is encoded also on the modern Catholic basilica of Guadalupe,Mexico City, in the famous Spanish sign: Bendita Seas Madre...Starting by 7+4+5 letters...From back or right side, it is 754...

Therefore,by now we know, that the Galactic Double centre is the Seventh Heaven,Paradise,Eden,Jar-Pot/CUBE and WOMB,or New Jerusalem, Valhalla, Nava,Bujan and so on,up to Crystal(Glass) Hall... Symbolised by Glastonbury in UK, Pittsburgh in USA(with its two 84 floors high Crystal Towers in the confluence-Mesopotamia of Ohio and Alegheeny rivers, then Kremlin complex of Moscow (9 onion towered octagonal buildings=72,key number to Precession)... Just mentioning few details extra...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 4 years ago

2033AD is Maya/ Jew lunar year of 5793A.M.( Anno Magnus), minus 3,760 BC, when allegedly the Hebrew calendar started, makes 2033AD...Or, 1/5th of the Great Year is 5,145 years-3,111 BC( start of Maya lunar cycle of 13 Bak'tuns,encoded in Khufu slopes)= 2034AD...Matched by the CODED 1611 KJV bible codes( summary of all 69+1 codes),published by Cambridge University Press, with its Jew Yoke City branch address...This bible has also 1948 RED VERSES,as " dirrect speech" of Christ...

Jaroslav Kukla 4 years ago

"{Prophecy" for all the Western 'morons': The Great US Seal, the US Flag, the US 1$ dollar bill, the 9/11 US Database, the 9/11 US Skyscrapers END TIME CALENDAR, and the US masonic layout in Fashington,District of Crimminals, have the same date of END TIMES, in 2032-2033...Since Ama-ruca/America is the earthly copy of the Dragon-Serpent in the sky(not China-free-masonic deception),America is female body shaped continent and continent under the Judgement Day-Doomsday...In our Dual and Bipolar world,present America behaves as the Devil and Satan,after 9/11 re-polarisation of the world,when USSR moved to Brussels and positive USA to China...From 9/11, the ruling Synagogue od USAtan,and its Blue Lodge,counts the last 32 years to the end times...End Times,visible on the US Great Seal, US flag, US 1 $ Bill, US 9/11 Database, the US masonic end times Skyscraper calendar in National Geographic Magazine,February,1989,pages 140-185, and in the uS masonic Equinoxes-Solstices layout in Fashington,Disctrict of real Crimminals(D.C.).

The squint -eyed,bold heade US eagle has 32&33 feathers,on its left&right wings. The years of 2032-2033...The zionist male-female stargates,known as "Magen David" has 13 stars surrounded by 20 clouds=33,year 2033.. The unfinished,zionist-masonic 13 layered pyramid on 1$ bill has the starting date of 1776,for the last 13 Katuns of the lunar calendar,ending in 2032-2033,on the bloodiest Tetrad.The zionist Synagogue/Blue Lodge od U.SAtan uses the Mesoamerican NUMBER PATTERN! The US masonic-gaactic Flag has 9 rows of stars+11 columns of stars(Galactic Double centre) with 6+7 stripes(zodiac) as 13th house of zodiac,the Black Hole,leading to the Galactic Double Centre,the WOMB...(Jacob-Israel has 12 sons-houses of zodiac,and the 13th is the daughter Dinah-Judgement,as 7th child of Jacob. Mentioned 8 times,since #8 is the number of Resurrection-Rebirth of Mankind...* people with Noah,Octagonal temples,8 roofed pagodas,etc...

The zionist Synagogue of...used the same NUMBER PATTERN in 9/11 attacks in crew members of so called "hijacked planes": Flight AA11 had 9 crew members+UA 175 had 11 crew members=9/11 and 20,since both Flights attacked the Twin Towers. Flight AA 77 and UA 93, had 6+7 crew members,totalling in 13...Hence, clear amount of crew members as 20+13=33,the End Time of 2033... Square+Square+Pentagon=13+WTC7=20&13 around,the zionist Novus Ordo Seclorum year of 2033...With Annuit Coeptis,not a joke for us,the people,ordinary people and common folk.

I just remind to the naive and religious sheep that they are just misled goats to the left on slaughter stone...

The date of 2032-2033, is encoded in their Protestant bibles. The Old Testament has 928 chapters,matching the 928' arc minutes of the Vernal Equinox having 928' arc minutes,or 15*28' degrees NE-SW... The New Testament has 260 chapters, or,260' as 4*20@ arc degrees(declination of Sun at the Tropes),totalling in summary of 4*20'+15*28'=19*48' as the path of Winter solstice, 19*48' SE-NW on the DC layout,matched by the Pennsylvania Avenue! December 25th,2033,in the masonic layout of End Times....

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

The Trident( Aqusrius) shsped Union Station- DelaWARe Avenue is Vernal Equinox in DC,street layout.Pennsylvania the Summer solstice...New Jersey the Autumnal Equinox,and Virginia the Winter solstice...Capitol the North...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 4 years ago

Every bible has total of 84 books,with apocryphal and deuterocanonical.The Eastern Orthodox are the thickest ones,with total of 84 books,number 84 is the Judgement Day number( see also Nehemiah 10:1-27,the 84 people back in Jerusalem from Babylonian " captivity" after 840 months,rededicating the temple). The Catholic bible has 73 books+11 Apocryphas=84...The Protestant bible has 66 books+18 Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books=84...Belt of Orion rises at its max in sky,84° arc degrees,as the galactic anticentre...Ancient Egypt had total of 84 pyramids,and 84 royal tombs in the Valley of Kings and Queebs(69+15)...Stonehenge had total of 84 stones...Jacob was punished 7 years,or 84 months...So the number of Judgement appesrs on world scene...The 1611 KJV has uduslly 1948 Red verses as " dirrect speech of Christ" in 6 books of the NT,congirming the Winter solstice path of 19° 48' SE-NW...And they tell you in the American Protedtant " churches" thst in 1948 was established the modern stste of Israel to fullfill the END TIMES prophecies! These undereducated " pastors" knows only one,that of the 'fig tree'...For they fo not know the end time dste of 2032-2033 on the US flag,great seal,1$ bill and so on...Otherwise,they'd know that at the end times,modern Israel will 84 years old country...They don' t knkw that the 1948 Red verses congirms the path of the Summer and Winter solstices at the end times!
And no american goyim knows that the end yimes calendars are also encoded into the Olympic Games,Summer Games as solar calrndar cycles,and Winter Games,as lunar calendar cycles...The Winter Games started 32 years later,in 1928 at Chamonix,with masonic importance name as Phoenix,or Choenix in the book of Revelation...The First modern Games of Athens 1896,had athletes from 13 countries,compiting in 9 sport disciplines,giving us the most badic calendtical NUMBER PATTERN of 9x13= 117 of the lunar calendar cycles!Well documented by prof.Giorgo de Santillana and his book-The Hamlet's Mill,dealing with ancient myths,repeating and transmitting the same calendrical numbers troughout the ages! One can notice in the chronology of the Summer Games,after 8r years boycot of the Games,in Moscow,1980,and then,84 years into the 20th century,LA Games in 1984,as a " revange" since the international masonic cabal does things twice,or even thrice! And Lo fon was the only one vity so fsr,hosting the Games three times! Last time in 2012,after 116 years from thrir stsrt in 1896! In the gaps of London Games are cycles! Furthermore,from Barcelona 1992,in the Games lohis is encrypted the eord,ZION! In London 2012,it was mostly visible,fooling the unsuspecting ignorrant public! The ladt Dummer Gsmes were awarded to Rio de Janeiro( January river-city in Brasil/ Lisard) for teo reasons: one,in January starts New Year,in Rio crypt,the Grest New Year,known as Anno Magnus.Because Rio has the greatest Statue of Christ,and America is female shaped continent copying the female-dragon Milky Way,Ama-ruca is an old Mother with grown up Son to be once again,crucified in Mesopotamia of Milky Way,in her Black hole photon belt energies! From the West js coming the Judgement Dsy,the reason,why all Catholic basilicas are built West( entrance)-East( altar),becsuse from the West is the star-gate to the cosmic WOMB( Heavens,Eden,Paradise in the East of Milky Way...Christ shall arrive from the East Gate)...The Winter Games were re-dated in 1992 to the next in 1994 in LilleHammer,Norway,after 68/ 69 years,both being at the same year,since 1928...When is Christ dying on the cross,darkness covers the land,from 6th to 9th hour,then he is resurrected...69 number has its own procrestional/ crestional life meaning,just as the number 8!!!This was aldo the reason,why for 2014 was selected Sochi by the Olympic-masonic committeee,reminfing the secret lodges the ancient meaning of Xovhicalco( Sochicalco) of Mexico and its golden age,plus the Tepcan,or Tepeu Kukulkan altar stone( similar yo egyptian Shabaka stone),located in
Cuernavaca,the Horn of the Cow/ Bull missing over Moab= Egypt! In the other horn is located modern Israel,since tbe Sinai peninsula has dual meaning: as the female grotto,another Earthly copy of Mesopotamia in Milky Way,plus as the Head of the Bull or Cow( Milky Way)...Since the horn symbolises power and wealth,we now know,why was modern Israel crested there and not in Uganda or Madagascar!!! Now we also better understand the ancient ties between Egypt and Mesoamerica( Joseph and Benjamin), the only two brothers having the same mother and father of the 12-ve,plus Dinah! Their story of the silver Cup(Aquarian Head of the Grest Year as Djoser-Potter us evident) when was Joseph( Egypt) high priest or pharsoh there...It should be the " Olmecs" corrected to the name of Benjamin! For they are today of the god of the dead= Yama,which is also the old name of our Black hole,the Swan( CygnusX1)! Therefore,as Benu Yamina= dead sons,descendants,since their successors,the Maya are alive,of the Living god! On the latedt international scene of masonic politics, it serms,just 3 months prior to the Winter Games in Pyeongchang,South Korea,that they sren' t hoing to happend there,for the international WADA cabal of the mssonic Olympic Committee wants exclude Russia from the Games and the USAtanic Synagohue " committee or commissars" plans inevitable,nuclesr WW3, by tightening rope on North Korea...It was all preplanned,well ahead,in the past,becxuse nothing happens by an accident! An intelligent researchers knows from the alignment of Union Station-DelaWARe Avenue,or ftom WARminstar,that WW3 will be the vlosing chapter of our civilisstion,ending in Armageddon...

Silvestre Manetti 7 years ago

Rabbit 18 of Copan,was ENLIGHTENED(solar) king of Copan who was known as Ajaw(Ahaw)Kawil. Ahaw or Ahau means the same as Greek Achau and Achamenian elightened kings...Fa-ra-on meant the same.So the name of Sultan(Sol=Sun) or Sol-om-on...Even the biblical Xerxes=SexRex...Including the Chinese Ming dynasty emperors...Rabbit 18 was the enlightened king of Copan in the year of 716 AD when he adopted the name of Rabbit 18...He was a cleaver king who knew the Maya calendar cycles. In his name Rabbit(Lunar symbol of Milky Way)18 isa hiding his message to us-18*arc degrees left in Precessional cycle to the end of the Maya calendar cycle...What means by 72 years is 1296 years in the future,in December 2012! And there is no need to reveal his famous Prophetic Staircases of Copan hiding all the Precessional numbers and future prophecies...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Silvestre Manetti) 4 years ago

The Hathorin temple of Egypt was T-tav shaped,vedged into the U shaped lake around,as the starting new musical octave, Ut,Re, Mi,Fa, So,La ,Si,Do...From here is the ancient name of the UTe Native-" indians" of UTah! And U is symbolically the same as O or V,W and M,female star-gate...The Mormon masonic religious sect decided geographically to settle on the SE edge of the Salt Lake,resembling the Dead Sea of the biblical Palestine,symbolising the female,yonic stargate,leading to the galactinc Double centre-Womb,having thousands of local names,from Valhalla and Bujan,yrough Eden/ Paradise and Heavens,or Seventh Heaven,etc...Symbolised by the lunar stargate,Synagogue( Minha/ Minge in Hebrew and Yidfish) or the Mosque,for both are lunar,cold religions in very hot vlimate! The " Onion" towered churches are solar and phallic,in the cold climates kf the Earth! So,there shouldn' t be any suprise to see Louvre of Paris,U-shaped and not far way from it the phallic Eiffel Tower! Or the vountry of U-krajina,literally,U-land,which was taken over by yhe female worshipping khazars in Kyjev's " Maidan" inspired and financed by the Western khazars,in 2014,agsinst Russia-the Dragon Slayer!!! So,we see the ancient ANKH with the feminine O-val atop the masculine T-tav...Or the Oval Office in the White House in Ama-ruca,the Motherly homeland of the Serpent-Dragon prople! Otherwise,they love also to setyle in a local river-bends resembling the female grotto,like that in Canary Wharf=Serpent Port,also known as City of London,corporation,a state within a state! The real Creator-Potter(y.s.r.) -Aquarius( head of the zodiac and new Anno Magnus) is DUAL in our DUAL and bipolsr world! The reason,why tbe bible dtsrts by plural ELOHIM,or why is the same aldo Tetragrammaton,Iah as male part and Havah,the female part...Jing and Jang,or the David shield,up to the TWO HEADED Rusdian Eagle,holding tbe female APPLE,and male SWORD! Noticed Avalon-the Apple island of England? Then you shoukd also notice New York City,mainly its Lower Manhattan,as the local,zionist copy of Mesopotamia/ Dark Rift in Milky Way with its Black hole( Wormhole and White Tunnel) where all the GOLD is( Genesis 2:8-14) on Liberty Street,33...New York,also known as ' Big Apple'-yonic stargate located in Ama-ruca,the Earthly copy of the female Serpent-Dragon in the Sky( Milky Way)!!!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 4 years ago

Note the calendrical steps into the Pakal's " Inscription" Temple( Temple of CRUCIFIXION OF SUN & SON): Top to bottom,only possible in the Maya lunar calendar of repeated 13 Bsk' tuns( Kab&Nut in Egypt): as 3,825 year solar cycles at its lowest peaks...3,848 years is the highest peak...From bottom up,it could be: Into this temple leads 69 steps+1( the Lid)+65 down to the Pakal's burial chamber,totalling in 135,End Time number...
( Great Year has also 65 Bsk'tuns in all,or 5x13)...69 is resurrection number,as is number 8...Pakal was solar( ajaw or ahaw/ ahau) king,symbolizing Sun...The name value of his name,Pakal,is 132. When he died,his don,Chan( Can) Bahlum( B-lhm as in beth-lhm) declared 132 days of Maya mourning... And hrre is it! 132 days x 24 hours is 3168 hours,the gematria number value of Lord Jesus Christ in Greek gematria,as Kyrios Iesous Christos( 800+888+1480)... Since the Lid holds 745 date,and 745 AUC is 9 BC, Christ could have been born in 7BC,in the biblical mythological chronology in regard of Christ date of birth...But this is knly a plain speculation and relationship between number 7 & 9, the 16th Chapel of Vat-i-Can...The unfinished, Sechemchet's pyramid has 132 chambers...Ties to Pakal? Perhaps.Further research needs to be carried out...Sechem was SWORD and center of political power in ancient Palestine,their capital city,conquered by the Hebrews,and the 1st capital city of ancient,biblical Israel... Modern Nabulus in the Palestinian West Bank...And we know,that the Creator and his image,the Great Sphinx( neither male,nor female,but both in One-or Union of 69) was called as Nab and Neb...And even today,Nabulus is the modern power center-seat of the Palestinian( Phalustinian?) governmrent...That the SWORD symbolise the male phallus( Belt of Orion) is without any doubt...Orion is the celestial SMITH, ( Usama in Persia, Hammersmith by London,UK,or Min abd Tav in VietNam= Man Tav,and zThor with his Hammer,and so on)...Was placed behind the EAR of the Great Sphinx- Aquarian Head some " KEY" to unlock its " mystery"? The niche behind its ear indicate something...The Great Sphinx symbolise the Anno Magnus two halves,from Aquarius to Leo,and from Leo,back to Aquarius,the HEAD OF THE GREAT YEAR...Therefore,Potter,Y.S.R., YoSeR= DJoSeR,who had the very First,stepped pyramid in Egypt,as the claims go in our contemporary world history...But the Great Sphinx measures are 20x74 x 6 meters,pointing at 2074AD,as 1611KJV CODE holds " 20J74",the difference beteeen the 5852 verses if Pentateuch-minus-3,778 verses of 4Gospels=2074, supported by the Dresden Codex,its two most important psges dealing with Sun cyckes,page 20,and with the Dragon-Milky Way galactic alignment and Flood,the last lage,74! Thus,2074...The same pattern was used in the funeral ceremonies of John Paul II,polish-jewish pope: 5 queensx4 kings= 20x 73+1 dead pope= 74 statesmen...Furthermore,20x74=1480,Christos( Christ) in the Greek gematria name values!!! We shall see: there are only TEO HEAVY WEIGHT DATES for the
major world changes,2033,or 2074!

Jaroslav Kukla 7 years ago

Lets be honest.The Maya had never said that the world would end in December 2012 when ended their calendar cycle of 13 Bak'tuns.In 2012 ended also the Great Cosmic Year(Anno Magnus)after 25773 years,which was also the Hebrew year of 5773 Anno Mundi.This Great Platonic Year is half way between the Great Solar Year of 25920 years and Great Lunar Year of 25627 years...But the Maya left us the T-tav shaped stela 6 in Tortuguero and what will happend after 2012 CE...Will descend Bolon Yokte Ku,I believe is the 9 ringed/starred Jar/Pot of Aquarian Age and of Potter/Creator/YoSeR=Djoser...T-shaped was also the Solomon's Temple as many ancient buildings around the world. I believe that Bolon Yokte Ku is somehow related to the biblical name of Yoktan,relative of Peleg,when the Earth was divided and God has descended to destroy the Tower of Babel and confuse languages,around 3114 BCE when also started the Maya calendar and our "5th Age of Sun"... This 9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 rings/stars inside is clearly depicted on the famous Codex Mendoza,where the central column depicts the current(2001-2019)Galactic 'TRINITY'alignment of two(male+female)stargates and our potent Sun. Furthermore,as I had mentioned,the Maya didn't say of the 'end of the world',but what will follow after 13 Bak'tuns on the stela 6 in Tortuguero(Tortureous war),which is partially damaged...And they had also left us the world famous Dresden Codex of which last page shows us how will look like the skies at the 'END OF OUR WORLD' which perfectly fit the skies at December 2019! And the current alignment of our Sun with the Black Hole(the Persians knew it as 7 ringed Jar/Pot Yamshid;and the Maya as 9 ringed Jar/pot Yama). I had exdpressed on this isuue numerous articlesunder: Bolon Yokte Ku is Christ or Antichrist? Under Jaroslav Kukla.

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 7 years ago

The Prague Prophecy. If you look at Nile(Ister)river,in its female shaped lap is located the Valley of Kings(and nearby Queens) with the golden tomb(Trinity coffins)of Tutankhamon...Maya Yaxchilan is in similar location on the Usumacinta river(5 mother bears). In Prague,on the Vltava river(note Tav) is similar bend in a shape of female lap with Jewish/Maya(?) quarter of Josefov(Joseph town). Over the Vltava(Tav)river stretches the world famous Charles Bridge,from Old Town to New Town and Fisherman's statue and Craft quarter. On the Charles Bridge is 13 statues of Christ(Sun)and his 12 desciples(hoses of zodiac).On the Christ/Sun statue is the famous Hebrew Tetragrammaton IHVH having gematria value 26. Underneath is another sign,INRI(as Iesus Nazarene Rex Iudaeorum and In Nature Renovatur Integra)with gematria value 270. 26x270=7020 arc minutes related to our sunspot cycles,what is 117* arc degrees so well depicted in the lay-out of Teotihuacan(Peter Tompkins-Mysteries of Mexican Pyramids/Hugh Harleston).It is also encoded in the New testament,having 260 chapters and 27 books=7020' or 117* arc degrees...The Charles Bridge has 7 vaults... The Pragues Upper Castle(Vysehrad) has the plan view as Fish-tail in a Pentagon ,see most turist maps of Prague. The St.Vitus tripple cathedral symbolizes our trinitarian alignment and potent Sun,Vitus as Victorious Sun-crossing the cosmic river! The famous Uper Castle Road(Vysehradska)starts has the same slope as Way of Dead in Teotihuacan,or Jerusalem-Bethlehem,Luxor-Karnak,Pentagon-White House,and so on...15*28' SW-NE,as is the path of our arm,Orionis in Milky Way against the Galactic equator...The Upper Castle Road starts at Cihelna brana(Brick Gate) which is associated with Potter,red clay-bricks and pottery,even tails-see Paris Tuilliers Plaza...See Jeremiah,chapter 18,19,describing our Creator/Aquarian Age/as Potter who remakes our world on his Potter's WHEEL(circle/Black Hole),where also ended Judas' 30 silver-on Potters Field,since Aquarius has 30 stars(see 30 dots/stars on the famous Lid of Pakal).The Upper Castle Road crosses the Leopoldska brana(Leo's Gates) of our Sun path and exits at NE trough Taborska brana(Tabor Gate) hiding the name of Tab=Tav...Prague/Praha means in Czech language 'Doorstep' to another age,since Praha is also known as Golden,100 towered city on 7 hills.Goldenage to come...100 towered as 100th Maya calendar cycle,and on 7 hills as Rome or Lisbon,starting a new cosmic cycle represented by number 7... Rio de Janeiro is on 9 hills,with the largest statue of Christ,and Ama-ruca/America is the Motherly continent with old grown Son/Sun...Madonna with BIG Son/Sun...Incas(Inca=Acni/Agni)had settled in her female lap to enlighten her and impregnate her,illuminate her cave/lap)... Slovak basilica of Sevenpainfull Holy Mary is temple of Tripple section with reddish marble-Cross across which is overstrained a blue ribbon.Above Christ on the Cross,is renown Triangle with an EYE inside and 13 sunrays...Galactic centre,without any doubt...Below the altar is 84 cm high statue of Holy Mary(Milky Way).On the altar is Latin sign in four lines: Mater Dolorosa=13 letters Consolare = 9 letters Nos Peccatores= 13 letters(3+10) Iu Te Sperantes=13 letters(2+2+9) What is not only solar,Sun number of sunspotcycles 13x9=117,but also the basic Maya calendar number,117.(Song of Solomon has 117 verses and it is joyfull union of male and female,bible chapter) 13 Muan 13 Kankin(Winter Solstice),on 2019CE... The text is translated(rather mistranslated into Slovak)as:Heavenly Mary,Slovaks singing your glory...The organ overthere has 3113 pipes,as if reminding us the Maya starting date of 3113 BCE...The Red colour is symbol of the East,sunrise,rebirth and resurrection...The Blue colour is of the West...See Da Vinci Code,Christ and Mary Magdalene having the same,but opposite colours... In the US and UK are Red Republicans(Labour Party) and Blue Democrats(Torry Party)...In the US luni-solar Congress and senat they wear red or blue ties with their suits...In the number of people in certain parlaments,Congress and Senat,etc.,are also hidden calendrical cycles! Until now,the EU Parlament had 732 members in 7 political parties=5124 years,or 13 bak'tuns from 3114 BCE up to 2012...After admitting Romania,Bulgaria and Croatia into the EU,the number rose to 750...The Israeli Knesset has 119 members and 120th place is vacant fro their 'Moshiach'...See Psalm 119,the longest chapter of the Bible with 22 hebrew letters and 22 year Sun cycle...

ophu 9 years ago

Oh darn, another nice doomsday scenario gone to Harold Camping...

Silvestre Manetti (@ophu) 7 years ago

The SOLAR Khufu(Cheops)pyramid had the original slope in its white lime slabs covering it,slope of 52*52(Benben in gematria),what is 3172' arc minutes. 1/5 of the Great solar year is 5184 years-3172=2012,when ended that cycle...[Aztec Sun stone calendar of Sun-god Tonatiuh has 36 inches thicknes/3 feet,and 14 feet/144 inches diameter:36x144=5184]... The LUNAR pyramid of Khephren(Chephren) had the original slope in the white lame slabs,slope of 51*51'=Nana in gematria,what is 3111'arc minutes and years when the Lunar cycle most-likely started,in 3111 BCE. 1/5 of the Great lunar year is 5124 years-3111 BCE=2013 CE when ended the true Maya Lunar calendar cycle... The REDDISH Minkaure?/Menkaure pyramid has the slope of 43.50* arc degrees,DoGoN in gematria,as 2630' arc minutes and marking year of 2630 BCE when these pyramids might have been built...The scholars put it anywhere between 2500 and 2600 BCE... DaGoN/DoGoN is the Falustine(of Crete,and Minoan culture of Min) fish god,see Samuel 1 and Samuel 2 books...It also means fish-Dagim in Hebrew and grain... It is encoded in the name of Shwedagon temple,117 meters high,golden,phallic temple in Yankoun(Rangoon),Myanmar(Burma)...It is Shiva's DaGoN,the phallic 'head'... And the DoGoN people of Africa claim their origin to 'Oasis of Siwa/Shiva' in West Sahara...Shiva,Sheba,Saba,Sava,Chiba,and Xiba of Xibalba means also ordinary number Seven(7)! The Sava river of Balkan peninsula means Seven,and has 7 tributaries. It offspring on the Triglav mountain(Trinity) in Slovenia who has it on its flag. In the confluence(local Mesopotamia)of Sava and Danube(formerly Ister) is the "sacred" city of Beograd,White Castle...In Milky Way,this 'White Place' is the 'purgatory' place Black/White/Worm Hole and cosmic 'womb',the double centre of our Galaxy,the place of souls and spirits... The island of Rugen(Ruyana) in East Germany was occupied before by the Slavic people and it means,Rujana:Deer rut(heat)...There were Slavic arcana temples from lime trees(sacred tree of the Slavs) with all their gods,triheaded,fourfaced,five,six and sevenfaced,up to the 9 headed gods of the Underworld... You have the Maya VASE of 7 gods,but they also knew 9 gods of the Underworld/Xibalba of Seven 'caves' or wells(chen)... India's cradle of civilisation is in Septahindu,Seven rivers...Myanmar(Burma) has 9 rivers of Iravati(Vat/Tav)...7+9=16,the Sistine?/Sixteenth chapel of Vatican,cubical with 9360 cubical meters(half of Maya lunar cycle of 18720 days),having its main axis aligned as Way of Dead,15*28' NE-SW,what is the current slope of Milky Way arm Orionis,we are located at...

Gordian Knot (@ophu) 9 years ago

What a Hermaphroditic blowhard. This is the best you have to offer your fellow man? I'm willing to bet you're a prepubescent teenager living in your Mother's basement.

Declan (@ophu) 9 years ago

*Sigh!* What a loser you are!

Jaroslav Kukla (@Declan) 7 years ago

The Valley of Chinese emperors and Empresses from Dynasty Ming(1368-1644 CE) has tombs of 13 of the 16 emperors. This Valley has the shape of U-female lap(as U shaped Louvre Museum with 117 statues to start with;or Hathor's temple and lake in egypt).It is located between Dragon/Serpent Mountain in the West and Tiger/Leo Mountain in the East...It was forbidden land to common people,where leads Holy Processional Way in an angle of 15*28' SW-NE...Trough huge marble Entrance Gate in SW...In its necropolis are tombs of Changling and Dingling in a shape of KEY-HOLE(Vat-i-Can has the KEYS ),female and male tombs...The Palace of 7 heavenly gates of Changling is 16 columns holding the Palace.It is Underground/Underworld Palace with golden bricks floor where is Tripple white marble Throne of God,where sit only one object: BLUE JAR/POT as the symbol of Black Hole and Potter/Aquarius-Creator and Procreator... The Chinese terracotta-army of Xian(Si-an/sin=lunar)is Underground and calendrical with warriors in 3 tombs/Pits...The 4th Pit is empty as if for our 5th Age of Sun...The 5th Tomb is the nearby White Pyramid with the tomb chamber for the current age Emperor...On the ceiling of the White pyramid tomb chamber is allegedly copy of Milky Way in Y-shape ornamented with white pearls(as many as words in the Pentateuch),and Black/White pearl marks the Black Hole region in its Mesopotamia...on the floor is Y-shaped river,copy of Milky Way cosmic river filled with liquid mercury.And on is flowing the emperor's tripple coffin,trying to get inside the Black Hole-CAVE in between the two river-legs in a wall... The famous Tomb of Lady Tao(Tav) of Mawangdui(Female cosmic forces) is another China's famous Underground/Underworld monument,having 3168 cubic feet. In Iron walled chamber the archeologists have found well preserved woman body dressed in 9 layers of silk clothing tied by 13 blue-red ribbons to her body. On her tripple casket was T-shaped(Tav/Vat) silk printed with Chinese version of cosmos.Two additional T-tavs are printed on it at central portion. [ 3 t-tavs are usually displayed on the masonic aprons-regalia,upward]...The most holy Mountain of China,Mt.Emei is 3168 meters above the sea level,what is Christ/Sun gematria number,but also the harmonic number in the cosmic canon of numbers,just as is Inca's Catequilla mountain on the Equator in a shape of skull,as cat-Sun,tequilla-intoxicating-sunrays...Bethlehem is located on 31.68* latitude,what is also 32.08* latitude,and non of these by an accident holding that sacred number of 3168...Beth is 2nd letter in hebrew alphabet,hence as 2nd-and solar stargate of the Sun-LHM from Pythagorean formula a2+b2=c2,where 3/30=L;5/50=H;4/40=M...Just as in the name of Taj MaHaL or Chan BaHLuM...The Hebrew 1st stargate is LUNAR and knwn as Alhim/woman!Meaning Milky Way and her cosmic 'womb' and 'Black Hole',the cosmic 'vagina'(Minha/Minge is synagogue in Hebrew and Yiddish)...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 7 years ago

Our oceans create Y-copy of Milky Way,with Atlantic and Pacific oceans merging into one Arctic ocean,as two river-legs. New cycle always starts from Far East and China,the rising place of our Sun...So with it also rise up our civilisation from its tombs...This is the reason why china has most of its world famous monuments underground(in Underworld)...Most of the monuments of the world follows the solstitial path,from SE Asia toward NW America...From the Lombol island of the red Dragons in Indonesia,to Bali cave-wells of thermal waters,and From Borobudur of springing lotus which has 432 niches with small buddhas(-363 empty niches in El Tajin=69,new Procreation)and 72 statues...toward Angkor Wat(Anchored Vat/Tav,72* arc degrees East from Giza),located on 104*Meridian East and 13*latitude North,across India,Egypt to North America,Seattle and Anchorage(Anchored age)...Seattle has 9 buildings of Columbus Circle Project(Circle=also Black hole),with Hammering Man on 1st avenue,since HAMMER=Belt Of Orion=Thor,and Seattle has huge Scandinavian population...Then,nearby the Y-shaped Union Lake is the world famous Space Needle in a shape of Sting of scorpio which is nearby the Black hole and centre of our galaxy! Its sting-last star is known as Al Shaula,biblical Shaul,Paul who was at the beginning stinging" the early Christians,like Steven,whom he left to stone...Peter was the head,but later their roles were suddenly reversed,peter was beheaded and Paul became the head of a church after his enlightenment by Christ/Sun on his road to Damascus...And since most of the Russians are viking-Varangian descendants,no suprise that Hammer represented them and Belt of Orion,meanwhile the Sickle was female stargate,lap and Black Hole on their communist Sickle and hammer flag symbol...

ophu (@Declan) 9 years ago


Druach 9 years ago

It appears to me that everyone thinks that a major catastrophe will occur and wipe out the human race or nearly. But not necessarily, maybe it has already started and is creeping up on us? Look at the financial situation around the world, look at the Euro, Greece, Spain! China has reported no growth for the fourth quarter in a row. If the worlds banking systems go tits up then that is a major disaster and your pound, euro, dollar, yen etc will be worth nothing! How about Fukishima, if the coolant pools collapse then the world, not just the northern hemisphere goes tits up in about a month. There will be no point heading to the southern hemisphere as the radiation will spread there as well. Look at the food situation around the world, the worst summer on record and crops have failed everywhere, there could be rioting in the streets as people raid the stores sooner than you think! Look at the number of active volcanoes around the world, you don’t need a super volcano to cause global cooling, lots of little ones will do the same! I can guarantee that governments around the world are currently, secretly, stockpiling food, weapons, munitions and body bags. They will try and stay in charge anyway they can!

Gordian Knot (@Druach) 9 years ago

@ Druach, It is creeping up on us as you mentioned above as more events begin to accelerate at a greater rate. Yes, governments are prepping as well as the people from many nations. This is where gaining/gathering knowledge of old world techniques and knowing your surroundings come of value to you and others in the days to come. There are those that have little to loose and essentially content living in the stone age. These are the people that will adapt better when the time comes to make serious life adjustments with ease.

Bruce Fenton (@Gordian Knot) 9 years ago

I tend to agree with you regarding the group that will fair best, for example a Masai tribesman in Africa may not notice any great difference if civilisation collapsed, and the poor generally will be no worse off in real terms if they have to go back to subsistence farming. As the book says, "And the meek shall inherit the Earth' meaning that those who did not get all greedy and up themselves, relying on standing on others, will be the ones that do best in the coming world age.

Nic (@Bruce Fenton) 9 years ago

@Bruce I think the scale of what (the evidence indicates) is 'coming down, renders optimism about personal survival a moot point notwithstanding ones social standing. Realistically, there is no way I would be able to survive, accustomed and softened as I am by the utilities of a modern city, nor would most of us urbanites.

Nic (@Druach) 9 years ago

This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. The Hollow Men - T. S. Eliot That something 'is coming down, is without dispute, but I wonder whether it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Diane Mandula 9 years ago

I wonder if the 13 gods are the 13 full moons per year and the 9 are the 9 planets. The battles could be astrological squares or other aspects between them.

Bruce Fenton (@Diane Mandula) 9 years ago

It is certainly a interesting and sensible suggestion. That said we do know that both 13 and 9 are extremely important numbers for the Maya, indeed generally in myticism, as such they are likely multi-meaning. We can say though that the Maya were not known to be involved in a lunar cult, if anything far more of a solar cult. I still feel that these two groups of gods were aliens, but why they use the numbers 13 and 9 for them I can't say at this time.

Nic 9 years ago

Hey guys, the world is not going to end at this time. Perhaps our sojoin on her surface (drowning in our own filth) will be completed, but mother earth will survive us - What is more important to bear in mind is that, 'no one gets out of here alive.

Gordian Knot (@Nic) 9 years ago

@ Nic, The statement "The World is not ('physically' < added for emphasis) going to End at this Time" is true, but as a whole we need to get beyond conditions we hold true and generate action by (re)defining cause and effect of events to come as we hopefully develop greater coping mechanisms to comfort our minds regarding global events. The tangible historical records that we have of our ancestors are faint due to collective amnesia we all experience. We (are and will) experience a psychological mutiny if we do not prepare our minds for the events as they unravel and escalate at a greater pace in the age of information and sensory overload. This is not an obsession of mine, but there is not a day that goes by that I reflect upon my fellow man to take more action and begin the process of collective consciousness by getting beyond the corporal . . .

Nic (@Gordian Knot) 9 years ago

@ Gordian, Essentially what you say is correct, but the 'how do we do this, is lacking. Yes, every human is endowed with the inherent ability to 'fix the problems of the physical universe, but is so totally enthralled by the trinkets of creation, that the methods required to regain his/ her birth-right is beyond their ken (but for a few). Unfortunately, those who have reached enlightenment, understand that all this is a process that has to be endured, and cannot be changed. (My belief – not knowledge).

Bruce Fenton (@Nic) 9 years ago

Gordian & Nic I agree that mankind is in a collective amnesia, a theory I have heard well expounded on elsewhere. For some reason we have failed to process the mega event that destroyed the advanced civilisation of Atlantis, and event most if not all of us would have lived through in a past incarnation. For some reason humanity will not face the fact that advanced civilisations are not somehow outside of the destructive capabilities of the cosmos, and would rather be blindsided by something and destroyed than simply admit the obvious error in thinking so as to actually avert (some level of) the disaster. That there is a difficulty in making a how to strategy is clear, in fact some people may be so wedged in denial, or in negative activity, they will not under any known circumstances make any such efforts. There is a number of people that just need to gain clarity of thinking, and will then use the already available methods of self transformation so as to prepare for 'whatever' is coming down the pipe, at least spiritually and psychologically - physically is maybe more tricky for those with no resources. If one has a ready mind and spirit, any event can be overcome in my opinion. I am not a fully enlightened being, but I know enough to concur that the coming events are not avoidable, they are beyond the will of man.

WarPony 9 years ago

Calendar or no, there is the very rare alignment between the Earth and Sun with the center of the Galaxy during this winter Solstice. One can read more @ And, it doesn't take a huge leap of faith to recognize that something huge and enlightening is happening during this dawn of the age of Aquarius, also representing a complete precession of the equinox. If being here at this time doesn't "knock your socks off," I wonder what will? Stay Tuned!

Bruce Fenton (@WarPony) 9 years ago

Sorry but that article is very poorly put together regarding the cosmic aspect of 21-12-2012, it even talks about the long discredited idea that we will pass through the galactic plane, also ignoring that the event on that day occurs on all of the Winter Solstice in a 36 year period. Though there are plenty of reasons to expect a great shift just ahead, but we should stick to the facts on the 'so called Galactic alignment' - see my previous article on the subject

WarPony (@Bruce Fenton) 9 years ago

I hope you noticed that mine was partly entitled "in layman's terms" and, as you say, a galactic "crossing" is an interesting aside at play at this time - happening "on all of the Winter Solstice(s) in a 36 year period" - starting "1980." My piece was more of a "tickler" - perhaps placed more in faith than yours - Peace.

Bruce Fenton (@WarPony) 9 years ago

WarPony, I do not mean to be difficult, but after years of debating other 2012 writers I tend to speak very plainly and matter of fact on these subjects, I do appreciate that all points of view are important and sharing a more spiritual of faith based perspective s also important.

WarPony (@Bruce Fenton) 9 years ago

Thank you Mr. Benton: I believe you wrote an excellent article about the conjunction. I imagine if 12 spiritualists offered an explanation for 2012, we'd have more than 12 PsOV. I certainly am having, besides others, those "11:11" moments. Thanks again for an informative article.

Ramona darmanin (@WarPony) 9 years ago

I agree with u 100% the world is going to end the mayan were prophets and they left us evidence to prepare for it but nobody is listening.time will tell.

Angel (@WarPony) 9 years ago


Jaroslav Kukla (@Angel) 7 years ago

The Euro currency issued by ECBank: 7 paper bills+ 2 coins in value of 2+1 Euro,matching the Galactic 'Trinity'alignment. It is hence 7 and 9,just as the US Supreme court of 7 male + 2 female judges. Or Codex Mendoza, 7 constellations= 2 calendrical "constellations" as 7 and 9,starting from Cancer/69,just as in Egypt's Dashur complex of local copy of Cancer... 16 EU member states minted each 8 coins=128+7 paper banknotes=135,Al Qaeda/Database for the 'END TIME'-repolarisation of Earth in 2019 or 2020... The total amount issued by ECB is 888.88 Euro,and 888 is Iesous/our Sun reborn from Milky Way/Windy Waterway in Greek gematria...The paper banknotes have in front GATES(stargates) and in reverse it is BRIDGES,the Black Hole and Milky Way symbols...Each banknote has 12 stars in a CIRCLE-Black Hole,as the 13th,unofficial house of zodiac...The EU had never 12 members of EU.It was 3,6,9,11 and 15 and so on,up to todays amount of 28 member states...Our former bi-polar world had moved: The NEGATIVE pole,former USSR had moved to Brussel,EU as the fture "Gulag of captive nations";and the former POSITIVE pole,USA to China...Such is the truth. China is in "perestroyka",having communist government and capitalist economy,but their Radio CRI in 45 languages assures world of building in China "harmonious society",what will be most likely SOCIALISM,since the Socialist party is also the strongest party in EU!!! The Incas were the "1st" socialists in the start of this cycle of Sata-yuga/Kali-yuga,or Iron Age...Followed by brief Clay Age of Potter and then new Golden Age... Near east blossomed in smal golden age in 7th Bak'tun,building 7 stepped ziggurat-pyramids(from bricks of Potter)...Mesoamerica blossomed in the 9th Bak'tun and built 9 tiered pyramids to Kukulkan or Ixchel(goddess of 9 tails)...China is the Empire of the Centre,Chung-kuo,and its sacred number is 8!!! similar holydays knew the Maya,of 7,8,9 days celebrated on the Cozumel island of of Swans and Swallows...Swan is Black Hole,Cygnus X1...The Bible has also the Feast of Harvest in 7 days,adding also 8th and 9th day by "God"... Then comes Zamna(99 in gematria)which is similar as the islamic Mahdi Zaman,their "Savior"...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Angel) 7 years ago

We experience the alignment of our Sun with the Black Hole,what causes the huge sunspots and solar eruptions with CME,what ionize our atmosphere facing the Sun at the moment of reaching our atmosphere.On the other side it creates great depression and the outcome of both are huge storms,cyclones and hurricanes...Extreme weather which is getting even more extreme...Our Sun and solar system will cross the Galactic plane,what will have further consequences...Our Sun just had switched its polarity in Dec.2013...And in Dec.2019 suppose re-polarise our planet Earth,what may have a catastrophic consequences...The EU flag has 12 stars-houses of zodiac in a CIRCLE,which is the 13th and unofficial house of zodiac.The Circle is also the symbol of Creator/Potter/Djoser...In the Bible,Jacob/Israel has 12 sons of zodiac.But he has also daughter Dinah(Judgement)as the 13th house of zodiac,symbolizing the Black Hole and center of our Galaxy.She is the 7th child,and mentioned in the whole Bible only 8 times(and only in Genesis).Number 8 was the symbol of the double centre of our Galaxy in ancient Egypt. In Mesoamerica it was 9/11 ringed Jar/Pot,hence as 20,the real source of the Maya vigessimal system!(See G8 and G20 groups today)...The US flag has 9 rows+11 columns of stars=20...And the 13 stripes means it is the 13th house of zodiac! Jacob/Israel has 13 children with 4 women(2 are his wives):13x4=52,the Maya calendar cycle...Even Hunab Ku has 5+2 letters,the male Creator...Bolon Yokte Ku is the female part,Black Hole in Dark Rift/Cleft=Mesopotamia in Milky Way...Setahindu(7 rivers)of India consists of Punjab(5 rivers) and Doab(2 rivers)... When are the biblical Hebrews/Israelites crossing Jordan river(local copy of the cosmic river),in its centre they create CIRCLE 'Gilgal' from 12 stones,to commemorate this event. They are led by Joshua(another name of Christ,the Son and Sun),son of Nun=cosmic sea(Milky Way also)...And we cannot omit the Maya Ball Game,where the ball=our Sun and the Circle/Ring on the wall(s) is the Black Hole...Then were the players sacrifyed...The Sickle and Hammer had similar meaning(Hammer of Orion=Belt of Orion,Min or Tav)...So is the Chinese flag of 4 stars in a shape of crescent(female lap and womb) and our Sun-star aligned with it...The golden stars or golden rooftops of temples symbolizes the 'Golden Age' to come...In all local copies of the cosmic 'Mesopotamia' is a story with 'gold' and a 'golden moment of culmination'...

Jaroslav Kukla (@Jaroslav Kukla) 3 years ago

What I had said about Mesopotamia/ Great Rift or Great Cleft and " mouth" the Caiman, anyone can verify in the excellent book of Andrew Collins-GOBEKLI TEPE-Genesis of the Gods.There is also described how the souls of the deceased travels,first,toward the ityphallic Belt of Orion,its nebulae,Trapezium of sperms,semen,M42/43,and then it takes the journey toward the yonic- vulva stargate in Milky Wsy,the Black Hole,and further,after crossing all the obstacles of the Purgatory process,it enters the galactic WOMB,fir Rebirth-Resurrection!
Weren't we told this in our schools and universities by half educated teachers and professors,that the egyptian deceased pharaohs had a ritual of mouth opening,so their soul could depart to Orion? Yes,we were told is,over and over,from the West to the East!!! But this was the end,as the red or blue lodges of Eastand West let it go...The Rebirth-Resurrection process is described in Collin Wilson' s book i quiet fair details...I only applause his big win over the center degreed freemason Graham Hancock, who agrees that there is a BIG BLACK HOLE at the center of our galaxy...He even tries to camouflage the DATE OF END TIME to many us,who aren't and weren't sposored by the masonic lodges in our research! Graham Hancock,doesn't even realise what his surname means,and how it is associated with the Hancock Towers in Boston,MA, and Hancock Tower in Chicago,IL...Having in mind the US Skyscrspers calendar of END TIMES, where Mr.Hancock is just a sort of " cock"... Mr.Collin Wilson, ina short few years,let this orthodox freemason, Graham Hancock( allegedly,today,25th degree freemason),at leadt,20 years behind! And I admire Collin Wilson for his courage to tell the truth to the world!!! Only one thig,I'm diisapointed with,he fidn't give any date for our next Apocalypse, " cock" Hancock placed up to 2040,I had openly placed as either 203e,or 2074,with 2033 as close to the truth,reality and galactic events, than any mason eould dare to endenger his/ ger well paid position and job! The jewish freemason gets close and closer,but never tellthettue date,untill he isin his hiding nuclear bunkers,and we,the " goyim" in open to the nature's cycles!!!!

Silvestre Manetti (@Jaroslav Kukla) 7 years ago

Jaroslav Kukla and Silvestre Manetti is the same person. We see the calendrical Temple of "Iscriptions" which is the Solar Temple of Pakal(Shield),the solar king of Palenque(formerly Na-Chan or Naga royal place).The above picture Temple of Pakal has from top to bottom: as the minimal solar cycle...There is in total 69 steps,the universal number of new procreation and resurrerction/rebirth...From bottom up it is 3827 years to 3945 years with 118 years difference,what is the gematria value of name Itzamna...(Psalm 118 is the central chapter,and Psalm 118:8 is the central verse of the Bible. Kings Saul,David and Solomon had reigned total of 117/18 years).El Palacio of Pakal is located on 3 large platforms.The Palace has 9 tiers and 5 staircases in calendrical order: 3x9x5=135 single stars of the 9 Constellations of Codex mendoza at the 'end of the current cycle'...1 Bak'tun has also 395 solar years.Note from top to bottom the 9x13 steps=117.NASA ended the space shuttle flights by its last flight number 135...Apollo 11 crew spent on the moon 135 minutes.The Millenia wheel in London,on the bank of Thames river has 135 meters height,as does the St.Peter's cathedral in Vatican(Vat&Can),also 135 meters wide and 216 meters long,important astronomical numbers! The Euro currency issued by ECB hides not only the 'Trinity' number,but also 7&9 and 135,beside 'bridges and gates'...The gematria value of 'Al Qaeda=Database' is also 135,and menas the 'End Times'...To Pakal's Tomb chamber,84 feet below the surface leads 64+1 steps to the West(65 Bak'tuns=Great Lunar Year)and after 45 steps they sharply follows a U-turn to the East and the core of the tomb-chamber,painted red originally.The 1 step is also the famous Lid of tomb of Pakal,covering his chamber.hence,69 steps on the outside,plus 65 steps inside,makes 135 steps in total...Dan Brown write in his DaVinci Code about the 135 bronze medaillons in Paris,markin the former Zero(0*)meridian,later moved to Greenwich by London...The headquarter of Opus Dei in N.Y.City has total of 117 rooms...It is an important number on the Codex Mendoza in regard of the 9 Constellations,marking the end of our current (5th)Sun...The 7 Constellations have 117 stars.The new,modern Olympic Games of athens 1896 had athletes from 13 countries who had competed in 9 sport disciplines...After 116/117 years had London these Summer Games for the 3rd time,to mark the Galactic 'trinity' alignment,and the London 2012 logo symbolised also ZION-the Galactic centre...Winter Games started in Chamonix(opposite to Phoenix)and after 69/70 years were shifted to in between period(Albertville 1992 and folowed by Lillehammer of 1994),to finish after 20 years in Sochi,reminding us the famous Xochicalco of Mexico(Sochi-calco)...So it is also with Rio de Janeiro 2016,the January River,when starts the New Year...Moscow 1980(after 84 years)was boycotted,and so was L.A.1984(84 years in 20th Century,because 84 is one of the few Judgement numbers)!The Maya calibrated their calendars every 4 years by Venus. The Egyptians every 4 years by Sirius.The Greeks by Olympic Games,and we do every 4 years by adding a lap year every 4 years...

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