Ian Lungold - Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled (full)

This 5 and a half hour long video will clear all your missunderstanding of Mayan Calendar and resolve all false predictions of 2012 doomsday. Don't believe the hype you read in your newspapers and watch on your TV - take this 5 hours tour and learn everything you need to know of Mayan Calendars. It's a journey worth taking!

1. Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled (Part 1)

2. Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled (Part 2)

3. Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled (Part 3)

Total play: 5:32h

Source: MayanMajix


Jaroslav Kukla 2 years ago

Mayan calendar from different point of view: Mayska Svate Trojica: Teel Cozam(Cozumel island-swallow/swan island) was goddess with swallow legs.... Ahul Neb was bow god-hunter(Orion). And the third was Ixchel-goddess of 9 heads(IX),patronness of the island and everything feminine-motherly. Goddess Ixchelwas the wife of Itzamna.Clerly,she was 9 headed Dragon-Milky Way,lunar(Sin) goddess,and Itzamna(or Zamna) was the solar god! Chel is head,Chen is well and Chul is water pond...Bolonchen was Well of Nine,Hopolchen,Well of Five. Chichen was Female Well(as in Chi-chen Itza-virgin,first).Chultun is Water pond-reservoir.
On the island of Cozumel(Swan-Swallow island),people dedicated the 7th day of Zip month to Itzamna. The 8th day of Zip was dedicated to Ahul Neb,and the 9th day to goddess Ixchel.
The Bible has similar holidays. The book of Nehemiah 7:73 mentions the Sept-October month of Tishri as "sacred".First day of Tishri celebrate the new Civic year. On the 10th of Tishri was the Reconciliation Day. The 7 Days of Feast of Tabernacles were celebrated from 15th to 21st Tishri(Leviticus 23:23-44 and Numbers 29:12-38. In Nehemiah 8:18 is the 22nd day of Tishri as the 8th Day of Holidays,the Gathering of the People. The following,23rd day of Tishri was Sabbath Day. And the 9th Day of Holidays again,followed on the 24th day of Tishri,as the Day of Atonement.
Therefore, the Feast of Tabernacles,or Feast of Harvest known ended on September 21st.Then, Shemini Atzeret,ended on the 22nd,and Shabat on 23d of Septeber,being the 7th,8th and 9th day of holidays ...On the 24th day,the jews cried to God for forgiveness and new Oath-Rejuvenated Oath with God.It is also known as Hoshana Rabah-last day of bringing Harvest in-Judgement Day...(For them,God is more nature rather than "Bearded Man" and Shekinah-male+female in Union of Procreation). And on the 10th day,or 25th Day of Tishri, was Olam Haba of Ten Sephirot, therefore repeating cycle of the Earth! 8th day is Shemini Atzeret-of light and enlightenment of individual souls...During the 7 days of Harvest(Feast of Tabernacles) they were reading from the Book of Ecllesistes...During Shabat is allowed to move only 2012/13 fett away from the home...
Just another hint that the Maya and Jews maybe related,trough the Hebrews(Cross-
ers),and both using the same lunar calendar and serpent worshippers,often known as the "serpent people"...Plus,the Hebrew alphabet resembles a tiny serpent tracks in the sand...

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