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The real Mayan prophecies investigated – The Chilam Balam books


Though there is only the one known engraving of a prediction connected to the end of the 13th Bak’tun (monument 6 Tortuguero) it is often stated, wrongly, that there is only this one place for any possible year 2012 prophecy. There is in fact more prophetic material available from the Mayan sources known as the Chilam Balam books.

These books were made up of prophecies attached to the Short Count calendar, a count of Tun’s rather than Bak’tun’s. These books were compiled after the Spanish invasion and are written in Mayan but using the Spanish alphabet. They contain a wide range of subjects that includes myths, religion, culture and predictions, allegedly they stem from a great ancient Chilam Balam or Jaguar Priest. Due to the fact the books are not actually ancient themselves we do have to concede some of the details may be tainted, however it has been noted that some of the material in these books does doubtless come from pre-conquest sources, and in some cases can seemingly only apply to the end of the 13th Bak’tun cycle. This was only realised due to the fact the books directly mention the 4-Ahau date, the Tun endings did not coincide with a 4-Ahau. Due to this Tzolkin based inconsistency we have been able to recognise several instances of potential year 2012 prophecy and read the information again with the dating re-correlated.

“When the original thirteen baktuns were created, a war was waged which caused the country to cease to exist…The Nine shall arise in sorrow, alas…And when over the dark sea I shall be lifted up in a chalice of fire, to that generation there will come the day of withered fruit. There will be rain. The face of the sun shall be extinguished because of the great tempest. Then finally the ornaments will descend in heaps. There will be good gifts for one and all, as well as lands, from the Great Spirit, wherever they shall settle down…Presently Baktun 13 shall come sailing, figuratively speaking, bringing the ornaments of which I have spoken from your ancestors. Then the god will come to visit his little ones. Perhaps “After Death” will be the subject of his discourse.

…in the final days of misfortune, in the final days of tying up the bundle of the thirteen baktuns on 4 Ahau, then the end of the world shall come and the katun of our fathers will ascend on high…These valleys of the earth shall come to an end. For those katuns there shall be no priests, and no one who believes his government without having doubts… I recount to you the words of the true gods, when they shall come.”
Chilam Balam of Tizimin

This prophecy found in the Tizimin version of the Chilam Balam texts is perhaps the most important source for 2012 prophecy. Clearly this text gives us much more detail on the expected events accompanying the end of the current world era, more so than did the inscription on monument 6 at Tortuguero.

The first thing we are told in the text is that at the beginning of the original 13 Baktun cycle there was a great war that caused an entire country to cease to exist. We can’t be sure that this refers to the start of the current Long Count, it may be an earlier Long Count cycle. As a student of lost civilisations it immediately strikes me as a reference to the great war that led the global civilisation known as Atlantis to be destroyed. Further there is evidence that the Maya were people that survived the sinking of Atlantis, or were at least a tributary state of that nation whom gained some of their calendrics from the central dominion of the lost empire. I would caveat that much of the Maya knowledge is in my opinion gained from non-humans, beings from other worlds and other dimensions, but certainly there are links to Atlantis also.

There are some important overlaps in the text with material found on the stelae (monument 6) at Totuguero, which help to substantiate the claim monument 6 does indeed refer to an existing and legitimate Mayan prophecy rather than simply detailing a past construction project. According to the Chilam Balam text the nine gods will return, echoing monument 6’s expectation of the return of the nine aspect deity Bolon Yokte. That these nine will rise in sorrow suggests they are not happy with how things on earth are going, and perhaps we should be slightly concerned by their presence should it actually manifest in some direct form.

Probably the most intriguing part of the prophecy are the words ‘I shall be lifted up in a chalice of fire’. Firstly this alludes to the fact the writer assumes he will somehow be present at the end of the cycle, again as with our investigation of the text at Tortuguero we find a strong hint that the ancient Maya elite expected to return at the end of the Long Count cycle, either in astral or reincarnated forms. We have to then ask ourselves just what it is that an ancient Maya prophet considered to be as a chalice of fire capable of taking a man up and flying him across the oceans. It is difficult not to immediately think of an advanced craft of some sort, certainly there was nothing natural in the environment at that time which one could reasonably assign such a description to.

Anyone here whom has watched the popular cable show ancient aliens, or read books on evidence for ancient advanced civilisations, will know that this description is not a unique anomaly. The text is speaking about the future so we might think it refers to a modern man-made aerial vehicle seen in a predictive vision, yet I personally know of no vehicle matching this description other than some described in alien contact or UFO reports.

Whatever it is exactly that flies our prophet over the dark ocean, its appearance heralds a very troubling time for humanity, we are told in the following line that ‘to that generation will come the day of withered fruit’, suggestive of some form of widespread pestilence or disease and thus a potential famine situation. The subsequent short phrase ‘there will be rain’ is unlikely to be mentioned here if it was just a light shower, it is not unreasonable to assume the rain will be incredibly heavy and form part of some kind of flood event. This rain is then followed by a great tempest of some unspecified cause, we are left to assume it is some kind of a super-storm event that is so severe in it drags dust into the air that causes the sun to be blotted out. Of course a wind from a nuclear explosion would fit the bill perfectly.

It is unclear whether the first series of disaster events all happen in sequential order over time or if they actually happen in the same short moment, however the text seems to indicate they all happen before the actual ending of the Long Count cycle, and that they are followed by a positive outcome, some kind of gifts from above described in the section ‘…finally the ornaments will descend in heaps. There will be good gifts for one and all, as well as lands, from the Great Spirit, wherever they shall settle down…‘ it is not clarified what the gifts are or exactly the origin.

The mention of some party that will settle down on sites of good land and be bearing gifts does hint again at beings coming from above, essentially another reference to alien piloted crafts. Intriguing these gifts are then attributed to ancestors, are we being told here that human beings ancestors are in fact the very same returning aliens?

The phrase ‘presently Baktun 13 shall come sailing‘ indicates all of this prophecy must have its origin somewhere before the 17th century, prior to the start of the current 13th Baktun, we do not know how ancient it really is but we do know that the Long Count fell from common use during the post classic period that began in the 10th century (well before the Spanish arrived).

It is at the culmination point of the Chilam Balam’s prophetic events that ‘the god’ arrives to ‘visit his little ones’, an expression which indicates to me an existing link of parental association with human beings, possibly a genetic link of some kind (such as alien genetic engineers). We should remember here too that Bolon Yokte is described as both nine and one, and it is thus reasonable to speculate that we are maybe again seeing a link back to the information on monument 6, though now a reference to the deities singular form.

The text that follows the arrival of the god then informs us that it will open communication with humanity, and our prophetic writer speculates that a teaching will be given on the matter of ‘after death’. Whether this means we will simply be taught the secrets of life after death (reminiscent of the post apocalypse Hopi emergence tale) or experience something more profound, is left quite vague. It does leave open the possibility that this god being will provide a very experiential teaching, possibly actually evoking a direct death survival event of some type, perhaps initiating a mass out of body experience for all humanity. In this regard it is worth considering the modern research into DMT production in the human brain, this chemical being a powerful entheogen able to elicit separation of consciousness from the physical body. It is my suspicion that some external process might very well be able to trigger massively increased DMT production, perhaps the causal factor being some magnetic force field interacting with the pineal gland via the brains magnetite component. This DMT aspect is of course speculation, but it could help make sense of the prophecy.

There is no mistaking that the majority of the events set to occur in this part of the Chilam Balam prophecies are seen as harrowing, not simply positive and transformative. The next segment of prophetic material selected allows for no mistaking as it begins with the phrase ‘in the final days of misfortune’. The timing of events is also again clarified as ‘the final days of the tying up of the bundle of the thirteen bak’tun’s on 4 Ahau’ thus leaving no room for doubt as to when this is all expected. It is also in this segment of the material that we get our first reference to a seeming source for the popular 2012 doomsday prophecy, evidenced within the ominous phrase ‘then the end of the world shall come’.

If we had no previous knowledge of Mayan discourse regarding worlds and world ages it would be easy to take this ‘end of the world’ completely out of context, however we already know that the Maya, like their distant cousins the Hopi, consider this to be the ending of the fourth world, prior to humanity moving into a new fifth world (or at least the survivors of any radical events do). If it was not the case that a fifth world was about to start then the prophecy would simply finish with the end of the world, but it certainly doesn’t. The assertion that ‘the katun of our fathers shall ascend on high’ in this post end of the world situation, would suggest a returning age in cyclical time, much in the way that many ancient cultures predict a return to a previous golden age of their forefathers. This could be linked to some kind of spiritual ascension event, though again this is speculative.

Following the talk of a returning age and a new world the next line of text refers to the fact that ‘these valleys of the earth shall come to an end‘. For me it is tempting to link this to the possibility of an axial pole shift. We do know that during an axial shift land is forced upwards in some places and pulled down in others, similar references to land moving up and down at the end of the world age can be found in the Christian Bible, these being even more clearly linked to an axial pole shift. What is more concrete is the suggestion that there will be few true priests and few trustworthy officials remaining during the final katun. I think it is fair to say that there is now a massive and growing distrust in both global governance and the large religious institutions, just as this prophecy advised would be the case. Few are the trusted priests and officials in our final days of the current Baktun.

There is one other Chilam Balam prophecy worth mentioning here, this time from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel. Despite the fact it does not refer directly to our 13th Bak’tun end-date in the text it is still relevant as it is clearly attached to a previous Katun 4 Ahau and thus would be expected to repeat upon our own current Katun 4 Ahau (due to Mayan cyclical time theory). There are actually two versions of this prophecy in the same book, or perhaps two prophecy that are extremely similar, both are shown here for comparison. Katun prophecies such as these were expected to always repeat themselves through the coming cycles, though with slight modifications. The current Katun 4 Ahau actually began in 1993 and ends December 2012.

Katun 4 Ahau . . . . The katun is established at Chichen Itzá. The settlement of the Itzá shall take place . The quetzal shall come, the green bird shall come. Ah Kantenal shall come. Blood-vomit shall come. Kukulcan shall come with them for the second time. the word of God.
Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel

The katun is established at Uuc-yab-nal in Katun 4 Ahau. At the mouth of the well, Uuc-yab-nal, it is established … It shall dawn in the south. The face of is covered; his face is dead. There is mourning for water; there is mourning for bread. His mat and his throne shall face the west. Blood-vomit is the charge . At that time his loin-cloth and his mantle shall be white. Unattainable shall be the bread of the katun. The quetzal shall come; the green bird shall come. The kax tree shall come; the bird shall come. The tapir shall come. The tribute shall be hidden at the mouth of the well.
Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel

In the first version the Chichen Itza site (mouth of the sacred waters) mentioned as the place where the Katun is established, is actually a large Mayan city located near Timum, Mexico. The prophecy announces the arrival of several important symbolic animals as well as several gods, this expected arrival of the gods on Earth adds further support to the previous prophecies we examined for the end of the 13th Bak’tun. The most concerning arrival would seem to be that of ‘Blood-vomit’ as this is most likely an actual plague, or at least a symbolic disease god, of some kind. There is some historical records that suggests such a plague may have happened during the last Katun 4 Ahau and is thus expected to return in ours. The final visitor is Kukulkan, the great wisdom teacher deity ascribed with having brought almost all knowledge to the Maya peoples. Kukulkan is known to be expected to come again by the ancient Maya, this second coming being at the end of the great cycle and bringing a resurgence of the ancient Mayan culture. In my own speculation I would suggest he is linked to the returning god or gods found in the previous Chilam Balam and Tortuguero prophetic material, and is factually most likely a non-human being.

The second version of this prophecy is perhaps more concerning still, telling us that ‘it will dawn in the South‘ has to be assumed to refer to the dawning of the sun. Are we again being told of an axial pole shift that has turned the crust so radically that now are old South is now the new East? That the sun is being referred to is clarified when the following line talks of the lord of the katun having his face covered, it being actually dead, this clearly can’t then be a man’s face but rather must be the solar lord’s face, the true ruler of any cycle. This has ominous overtones of the Mayan aural prophecy of the three days of darkness, hinted at in the earlier material when we heard about the sub being obscured following a tempest.

Coinciding with this solar anomaly or darkening of the sky and the blood vomit plague, we are also informed of extreme drought and famine by means of the line ‘there is mourning for water, there is mourning for bread’. This dire prediction reminds us of the earlier mentioned ‘day of withered fruit’ and its allusion to a potential famine. The extreme lack of food is reiterated at the end of the prophecy ‘unattainable shall be the bread of the katun‘.
The reference to a man with a white loin cloth and mantle actually speaks of the correct attire for a priest of Kukulkan, the deity set to make a second appearance. It is at Chichen Itza that we find the large iconic stepped pyramid known as the pyramid of Kukulkan, a pyramid that has certain astronomical functions which also link its designed intended purpose to the current Katun 4 Ahau, specifically a serpentine shadow effect that occurs during equinox of this time period only. It encodes the belief that Kukulkan will again come from the sky. Kukulkan is considered a central deity in the Mayan pantheon, although he is also considered as being a humanoid being in some examinations of his lore.

More recently the researcher John Major Jenkins revealed in his book titled Pyramid of Fire that the deity Kukulkan may well be also a representation of a spiritual energy that is believed to reside within all human beings. Jenkins discovered in an ancient text that the Toltecs, who worshipped Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent god equivalent to Kukulkan, regarded their deity as also being a serpentine evolutionary energy that rises up the spine.

Astonishingly an identical energy is described by the followers of the ancient Vedic system from India, named kundalini. Thus the prophecy from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel that says Kukulkan will return in Katun 4 Ahau, could refer to some kind of mass Kundalini awakening that brings global self realisations for humanity. It is possible that this energetic awakening is another aspect of the mechanism utilised by the gods for giving their discourse on ‘after death’. I must say that my own understanding is that Kukulkan was an actual being, an ascended master or highly evolved alien, he would thus have had his kundalini fully awakened and this may be how the link to internal serpentine energy came about, he probably lectured the Maya and Aztec forefathers on that very subject.

There is also an interesting connection with Kukulkan and the Pleiades constellation, John Major Jenkins found that the Toltec peoples tracked precession by the Pleiades location in the sky at midnight, by which they marked the coming zenith six month later. He also found that the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza encodes the 360-year-long Sun-Pleiades conjunction cycle. This cycle actually last restarted with a solar eclipse conjunct the Pleiades in the zenith on May 20th 2012. It is considered possible this astronomical event was a marker for the time when Kukulkan would return, possibly just in time for the Venus Conjunction that occurred only a few days later. Kukulkan has all the descriptive elements of being an ascended master of the calibre of Buddha or Thoth. There are also several great masters associated with winged serpents, including Serapis Bey and Imhotep. One can only hope that this prophecy is indeed announcing that a great spiritual adept will arise from the Maya lands during 2012 because much of the other material is far less pleasant, though it does seem overall to be a case of ‘alls well that ends well’. Of course all of this is open to re-analysis but other researchers and parts of it may very well need to be updated as any new information is discovered.

End of part 2.
Read the first part: “The real Mayan prophecies investigated – Monument 6 Tortuguero

By Bruce Fenton
Co-author of ‘2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin’

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  1. the dark loves perversion. the ignorant love their false truth.

    when you cannot read or write a language, how can one predict anything? none of you kan.

    without connection to the creator, how can the dark attempt to fight anything that resides in no substance? yu kan knot

    much excited to wipe ye fallen. so complex you strive to figure out mysteries beyond your grade. this doesn’t end with your bubble, it ends with you as creations food.


  2. Just like the bible, this appears to be allegorical symbolism, astrology and physiology…alchemy…the origin of every esoteric (internal) religion, changed/externalized by the planetary priesthood that has been pulling all the strings since the beginning of recorded history in the sumerian age. They are known today as The Committee of 300, based on my 20 years of research.

    The bible speaks of As Above So Below. It’s about how the cosmic bodies’ affect/effect our planet and us. It’s about purification if the soul/SOL (internal)…alchemy…it’s all WITHIN. The SUN/IESOUS/JESUS is the As Above/external source. The pineal gland is the internal source of IESOUS/JESUS.

    Rick Strassman spent a few years doing experiments with DMT. He has a couple of books that I’ve read that support the esoteric internal occurrences of the bible and apparently the Mayans as well as other religions.

    The book, THE SUNS OF GOD, is a very good comparative religion research project that further confirms what I have found after reading the bible through 7 times and doing my own comparative religion research. When everyone understands this, we have a chance at heaven on earth.

    1. I want also to point out the numerous coded Bibles published and printed in the UK,by Oxford and Cambridege Universities,Collins and Swindon…The most coded Bibles are the New English Bibles,but also some KJV and RSV Illustrated. They have a codes on a certain pages,at the bottom of the religious text,starting from a,b,c,d, to the x,y,z…Once you write down all the codes and summarize the pages,it is always a cyclical and calendrical result,plus solar cycle. They are usually also divided into a subcodes in Old Testament and in the New Testament. Few Bibles have some comparable codes also in the index. For example,the 1611KJV Bible published by Cambridge University Press has 69 such pages-coded and 4 in the Index(comparable codes),plus 1 extra code at the end of the New Testament(p.339) as '20J74'.as if in 2074 is the "nd Coming of Jesus(sun).Meanwhile 20×74=1480 value name in the Greek gematria for Christos! But there are also a codes within the whole pattern and one of the main is '2019'!!! And we should also take into a notice the Islamic Qur'an which has dual meaning:'Recitation' for the religious simple people,the followers; and,it also means:'Qur/Kur= Hill,Mountain (of God)' and 'an=heavenly'…It has 37 coded suras(chapters) like 'Alef,Lem,Mim'…Alef=a wtith gematria value 1.Lem=30;Mim=40.The whole code number is 71…Once summarised all 37 codes,it is also arabic,lunar and solar cycle! Most of the religious people goes to the Church or Mosque and don't even notice for years and years these codes! Some even never in their entire lives!!!

  3. There is National Geographic Magazine from February 1989,pages 140-185,revealing the Maya and Biblical CALENDAR in the ARCHITECTURE of 22,respectively 24(since there are two sets of Twin Towers)US SKYSCRAPERS. Pages 156-157 disply the skyscrapers plan in white on a blue backround.The SKYSCRAPERS are divided: 5 buildings(totalling together 52 floors)+13 buildings(from Twin Towers of Monadnock,Chicago to Twin Towers of N.Y.City)+4 buildings(ending by AT&T Headquarter,Tav+Tav Crossing points in sky.AT&T has plastic WHITE OWL at its entrance,Maya MUAN owl). It is divided like our Bible: 5 books of Moses/Pentateuch,the most important books at the Old Testament. Plus 13 Desciples on the Last Supper as 13 houses of zodiac and 13 Bak'tuns. With another 4 buildings matching the Four Gospels of the New Testament and 4 Corners of Universe or 4 Maya Bacabs…It matches the Maya tripple geared calendar by 1)Years of opening for public use these skyscrapers;2)By their heights;3)By the amount of floors-above the ground and below the ground as luni-solar cycles. The whole blue-print is in a shape of L,with 10 or 11 buildings on the left side+Chrysler as the "Rejected Cornerstone/Christ" symbol with 77 floors since there is 77 generations from Adam to Christ in Luke,chapter 3. Plus on the right side is 11 or 12 buildings,when counting on each side one set of Twin Towers. The 13 buildings starts with Twin Towers of Monadnock Block in Chicago,the birthplace of modern skyscrapers. Monad means One/Creator/Atom+Photon of Light/Spark and so on. The 13 ends by the cubical Twin Towers of N.Y.City,located in local Mesopotamia copy of Dark Rift/Cleft in Milky Way…The whole calendar complex holds hermetic pattern of 5+4=9 gods of the ancient Ennead,or 5×4=20,Maya vigessimal system based on the Galactic centre cycle of 9/11=20 and 99…And hence also 20×13(Tzolkin) with 20×15,and the solar "Target Years" of 2013 and 2015.In Bible is the gematria value for 'Last Time',2015. But there is also hermetic pattern of 9×13 buildings and 9×15 buildings,matching the Codex Mendoza displaying the Seven and Nine 'Constellations'at the END TIMES with 117 and 135 single stars! 117 is the number of sunspot two magnetic fields moving in one(1)day as 9* and 13* arc degrees,getting into one magnetic wave every 117 days!(see also Cotterell's confirmation of this).Number 117 is solar sunspot cycle number and the BASIC MAYA CALENDAR NUMBER-missed by many scholars!117 double is 234,468,936,1872 x10;18720 x100=13 Bak'tuns…117 is encoded almost everywhere!In a sunspot activity with regular Sun heartbeats of two sunspots,one negative and other positive magnetic fields! But now,during the Galactic alignment(see Codex Mendoza)we have dozens of sunspots and irregular hearbeats of our Sun! Because of the alignment with Black Hole and Galactic centre and mainly the GALACTIC PLANE… Hence,the Skyscrapers calendar depicts also hermetic pattern of 9×13=117 and 9×15=135 numbers,encoded in the pyramids of Gizeh(total of 9;3 main +6 satellite) and in Teotihuacan: In Kukulkan's 'Citadela' is total of 13 pyramis,plus Sun and Moon pyramid it is 15…The Sun pyramid is 4 tiered and the Moon pyramid is 5 tiered=9,Ennead x 13 and 9×15… The National Geographic Magazine has the Skyscrapers article divided into two sections: Skyscrapers and Chicago's HANCOCK Center.Hancock center is a calendar within a calendar and symbolizes a COSMIC 'WOMB' since it has in its apartments people of all races and nationalities. This building 'creaks' during winds in that 'Windy City of Chicago'… The Skyscrapers article reveals also the DEMOLISHED buildings of Montauk Block 1902;Tacoma building 1929; and Rand McNally in 1911,within the 'Pentateuch-first 5 buildings'.In summary these dates give 5742 A.M.=1982 CE as starting point of the Galactic alignment,but the Sun approach of Black Hole and Galactic centre started only in 2001…Perfect overlaping of both will occur 18 years later,in 2019,since our Sun is 1/4 of arc degree wide and 1/4 of 72 years of Precession=18 years…When we add to it the WTC1+WTC2 demolishion years,2001+2001,it totals of 9745 BCE when was 'Atlantis' lost…The same numbers were encoded into the 9/11 attacks; Flight AA11 had 2 pilots+9 crew members=11 in total; Flight UA175 had 2 pilots+7 crew members=9 in total. Since both Flights were aiming at the Twin Towers,it is pattern of 9/11 and 20 and 99…Flight AA77 for Pentagon had 2 pilots+4 crew members=6;and Flight UA93 had 2 pilots+5 crew members=7 in total. Clear patterns emerge:20×13(Tzolkin) and 2013 CE…But also 11967BCE for the tropical declinations as calculated Arthur Posnansky and others;plus our number of 9745 BCE when was Atlantis lost…And the same pattern you have on the US flag:11 columns+9 rows of stars + 6+7 stripes,as 20×13(Tzolkin) and 2013 solar 'Target Year',plus,as 20=Galactic centre(see the Codex Mendoza with 9 ringed/starred Jar/Pot with 11 stars inside of that Jar/Pot) as the 13th unofficial house of zodiac,which is also the Black Hole in the Maya Ball game!!! Flight 11+175+77+93=356 days of Maya/Hebrew lunar year! And 2+2+2+2 pilots=8,the number of the Galactic double centre in ancient Egypt(now two SQUARED holes after the Twin Towers=8 in Manhattan's Mesopotamia and badly 'Battered Park')! 99 is Maya calendrical cycle,with plus 42(6×7)=total of 141 stars in the constellation of Taurus,the cosmic Bull,in whose shape is built the White House,Bull on zodiacal pattern which also resembles a 'Yoke'…Since UK symbolizes older brother Manasseh and USA younger Ephraim(both born to Joseph/in Egypt),he is described as a Bull who chases nations to all corners of the world,the USA is exactly doing so…Both,UK and USA are also the Atlantic(close) allies…The Nat.Geographic Skyscrapers calendar has also revealed the phallic Skyscraper ,The Texas Commerce Tower,homestate of the Bush family;plus the yonic Skyscraper of Scorpio in One Liberty Place of Philadelphia(phi-1.618 female forces)…The Dallas Bank is described as 'GEOMETRY PURSUED WITH RIGOR'and depicts clearly a COLLAPSING TOWER(s)…WTC1 was 526 meters high to the tip of its TV antenna. It was attacked at 8:46 a.m. what was 526th minute of that SACRIFICIAL Tuesday morning in N.Y.City,2001…526 is the number of Venus,the Maya used to calibrate with their calendars…The rest of this story you can find at Google: Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene as published by pravda.ru-my article,with all the PROPHECIES attached to it into a last detail,8 pages article.

  4. Silvestre,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment here. It is not possible for me to give a good reply as your comments contain such a confusing mish-mash of different cultures, systems and beliefs that i would not know where to begin. Hopefully it will interest readers though.

    Kind regards

    1. You wouldn't have a mish-mash if you had studiet it on a global scale,all over the world,the ancient and modern civilisations have one and the same ASTRONOMICAL MESSAGE,only in a different symbols.but always the SAME NUMBERS as the KEY to all ancient and modern "MYSTERIES"!!! The same applies to all RELIGIONS and MYTHS.describing the same cycle(s) we live in,from last FLOOD to the next FIRE,EARTHQUAKE and FLOOD…(The Bible is a such cycle also)…THE KEY TO ALL IS NUMBERS,MATH and GEOMETRY,colours and other symbols!!!Only people who lacks knowledge in this very wide field have a mish-mash from it…Sorry,I do not meanto be "offensive"to you,but I'm 25 years in it and I know what is coming upon us…There are NO "Prophets"but only observed cycles which are repeated in some points and events! Today,I could declare myself as a "prophet" but rather deeply involved student of ancient ASTRONOMIES and ARCHEOASTRONOMY,Jaroslav…

  5. Kukulkan's pyramid in Chichen Itza has multipurpose,from Precessional phenomena to the cyclical universe. I've 25 years of global research in ancient astronomies and archeoastronomy. Kukulkan's pyramid has 91 steps on 4 sides=364=GOD in Hebrew gematria,atop is cubical temple as 365th day in a year.There are cubical temples around the world.Even the Bible has two cubical temples:1Kings6:20 and Revelation21:17.Java island has 'Pura Kebo Edan=Pure/purified Cube Eden' temple…Maya had Kabah settlement with cubical temple.There is at least 4 other Maya settlements with name like Coba,and so on…Kaa'ba is also in muslim Mecca…And it is only comparable astronomy on global scale which brings some results!Math/Numbers and sacred Geometry is the KEY to solve many ancient "puzzles"…On the last page of the Dresden Codex is the skies how will look like at the "end"…The Caiman-Milky Way dragon spills 13 laps of water…The soli-lunar eclipses spills 7&9 "water laps":13x7x9=819,cyclical number. The Kukulkan's pyramid in Chichen Itza has 91 steps x 9 tiers on each side=819,the same number…From the Well of 7&9 to the Kukulkan's pyramid is the "holy processional way" in a slope of 15*48' arc degrees and minutes.The same slope has the Way of the Dead/Way of Stars(Milky Way)in Teotihuacan(Meeting place of gods in procreative "union of 69" just as the Vatican's Via della Conziliazione)…The Cenote Sagrado and Cenote Sacrificos is the Well of 7&9.It is the female(power)Well-Chi. Chen is Well…The biblical Beer'sheba is Well of 7. Enneakronos on south side of Acropolis is Well of 9…The Maya also knew Well of 5=Hopolchen…There are also Rivers of 7 and 9…Itza(as in Itzamna=118 in gematria)means "newborn of the virgin"…You can see it in Iza-nagi ci Iza-nami of Japan. Isa is Christ to muslims…And Israel means: Is-newborn; Ra-Sun;El-god…We know that our Sun will cross the "windy waterway-Milky Way/Cosmic River" and in the CROSSing point of Black Hole will be "Crucified" and reborn as young lion…The same angle has Luxor-Karnak;Bethlehem-Jerusalem;Madurai-Varanasi/Benares/Kashi;Canton-Nanking;and even Pentagon-White House or DelaWARe Ave-Union Station(Trident shaped/Aquarian),and so on…One city/place always lunar and the other solar…One male and the other female stargate…The Way of Dead/Way of Stars has 15*48' slope NE-SW,what is 928' arc minutes matched by the 928chapters of the Old Testament of the Lutheran/Protestant Bibles…New Testament has 260 chapters and arc minutes=4*20' + 15*28'=19*49',the latitude of the Moon pyramid in Teotihuacan which symbolizes the Black Hole(5 stepped pentagon/pentagram and Pentateuch)in Milky Way…The Bible has exactly 1948 RED verses as dirrect speech of Christ…Pennsylvania Avenue has the same slope,only SE-NW,following the Solstitial path! If transferred into the skies,it leads dirrectly to the Black Hole and centre of our Galaxy! We know that the show of Serpent starts in Chichen Itza on Spring Equinox at 5:26 p.m.-when WTC7 had collapsed…WTC1 collapsed at 8:46 a.m.,what was 526th minute of 9/11,2001.It was 526 meters tall building up to its tip of the TV antenna…The Maya Venus number was 526,to calibrate their calendar(s)…Exactly the same cosmic/galactic/solar/earthly cycles were encoded into the 9/11 attacks! Compare it to the US flag;9 rows+11 columns of stars=9/11=20,galactic centre. 6+7 stripes=13th house of zodiac.20×13=Tzolkin,and 2013 was the year of Sun's repolarisation…Flight AA11 had 2 pilots+9 crew members=11; Flight UA175 had 2+7=9.Since both hit the Twin Towers,it is 9/11 and 20…AA77 for Pentagon(penta)had 2+4=6; and UA93 had 2+5=7,hence 13… WTC1 and WTC2 had SQUARE architecture: SQUARE+SQUARE+PENTAGON=13 Bak'tuns/13 Desciples on Last Supper + WTC7=20&13 around…The Twin Towers architect was Minoru Yamasaki(Min+Yama)…Go to Google:Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene,Jerry Hood…The 9/11 attacks SOLVED!!!

  6. The Maya Ball Game is right now going on,yet there is no mentioning of this event by the Watchers…What do they watch and observe? It has huge influence on our potent Sun,its sunspots,eruptions and CME which influence our atmsphere,resulting in more and more EXTREME WEATHER…And this will continue and accelerate in a few years ahead.The current 'Trinity' Galactic alignment is depicted on the Codex Mendoza-In Search of the Ancient Skies,Prof.Edwin c.Krupp,p.168,C 1977,the only known book which reveals it in full display as Seven and Nine Constellations.Read it from top to bottom.The central column depicts the current Galactic alignment of the Trio: T-shaped Belt of Orion with 11 stars and known as Min or Tav,but also as the 'hammer or sword'-seen on winter skies with the Trapezium M42/43 double nebulae as T-tav. Below and in the centre of the Codex Mendoza is the 9 ringed/starred Jar/Por?Bowl/Cup with 11 rings/stars inside that Jar/Pot which is symbol of Aquarius and Potter-Creator described in Jeremiah chapter 18 and 19,who will remake our world on his Potter's WHEEL(Circle)…Even 30 silver of Christ(Sun) betrayal ended up on the Potter's FIELD!And beneath both is our potent star-god Sun with 11 dots/stars with 11 year cycles. And amazingly,the Aquarian constellation was depicted with 30 dots/stars also on the famous Pakal's LID in Palenque(Aquarian body has 14 stars+16 stars in the river flowing out of his Jar/Pot…Osiris was cut on 14 pieces.Christ cave of nativity has 14 tipped star on the floor,and so on).Potter was known in ancient Egypt and in Hebrew as 'y.s.r.' and hence as YoSeR or ZoSeR and DJoSeR,whose stepped pyramid was the very First!And Sechemchet's(the SWORD=SECHEM) was unfinished and 2nd,with 132 rooms-tunnels…Also,you can compare it to the biblical Sechem,today's Nabulus.Nab was known the Great Sphinx which has Aquarian HEAD(neither male nor female)and Leo's body,aligned West-East.To start a new Great Year,it must be before dawn and in Eastern horizon before facing the Great Sphinx the constellation of Aquarius! Graham Hancock place there Leo at 10500 BCE,but it is only 2nd half of the Great Year! Nab or Neb has gematria value 52.Hunab Ku has 5+2 letters.Khufu pyramid in the white lime blocks must have the slope of 52*52'-benben in gematria…India's Septahindhu consists of Punjab(5 rivers)and Doab(2 rivers). Jacob/Israel has 13 children with 4 women=52…The real Anno Magnus has 25773 years and ended in 5773 A.M. in the Hebrew calendar,which was our 2012 CE,when ended the Maya 13 Bak'tuns and their Lunar Long Count…After that,descends the god known as Bolon Yokte Ku,I believe it is the 9 ringed/starred Jar/Pot and Black Hole in the Dark Rift/Cleft(cosmic Mesopotamia),known as Yama(52)or Cygnus X1,the SWAN-sacred bird in many countries and civilisations…It can be compared to the Persian 7 ringed/starred Jar/Pot/Bowl/Cup known as Yamshid. But also to the biblical YOKTAN,relative of the ityphallic Peleg when Earth was divided and God had descended to destroy the Babylonian Tower and confuse the languages of mankind,around 3114 BCE when started the Maya calendar of 13 Bak'tuns…Hunab Ku is the male god and stargate and Bolon Yokte Ku is the female stargate.In astronomical language,it is the ityphallic Belt of Orion(galactic anticentre) in procreative 'union' with the yonic Black Hole(Yama,as the cosmic 'vagina')leading to the double centre of our Galaxy(cosmic 'womb')…And our Sun aligned with the Black Hole as well. this is the main reason for the Trinity and also plural like Elohoim(gods)in Ge4nesis chapter 1! So is the meaning of Jing and Yang;Ahalom-Kahalom;or Magen David-two triangles(male-female)overlaping/aligned in procreative 'union'…The Codex Mendoza reveals the Jar/Pot as with 20 rings/stars,what is also the main source of the Maya vigessimal(20) system!

  7. I am no doomsdayer but I actually believe in this stuff. I have been feeling strange cosmic energies lately and the proof is in the pudding, either the earth has had overpopulation overload or maybe there is something to this 2012 prediction, either or the earth is failing to support us therefore it’s cleansing must begin.

    1. Those of us who deeply understands the cycles of death-life-death and rebirth aren't afraid of the physical death of our bodies,and we value the cycle of rebirth,which is pure and natural beacuase it cannot go against the numbers,cycles of the whole universe where belongs also the quantum physics and ultimately physics,chemistry and so on…There is no death,only candle extinguished before new dawn and life/light…Only low grade spirits are afraid of death and so called "doomsday"…When people hate another peole,race and religion,hate in fact themselves and should count with consequences-karma. we should love one another and help to explain our real laws of nature,universe and human beings in it…Deep understanding of it is not a "final" knowledge,it only deepens and deepens and a such individuals become more calm and laugh at angry individuals based on low IQ…As we feed our body with food,we also need to feed our spirit with knowledge! And as we are of ONE Creator,we should crave to one common uniting force and believe that we are One and of One Creator/Architect without any prejudices! we all are imperfect but with spirit to look,search and impliment our LIGHT points and POSITIVe points which unites us all as mankind…The spiritual should be in unity with the material…we shouldn't be a super rich or poor…And our life and planet earth should be our university to graduate and mature step by step…Don't do to thers what can be done also to you!!!

  8. This article is a movie in making with psychotropic drugs, 5-MeO-DMT, alkaloids, entheogens, shaman, blood vomit, axial shifts, return of animals, floods, non-human beings, drought, famine and disease.

    There is a lot to ponder regarding the Maya, their calendars, predictions. We’re a few short weeks away from the month of December and the outcome is anyone’s guess as global events accelerate. We have been shown a list of disturbing global weather patterns, animal die-offs, EQs, volcanic activity, droughts, floods, ice melts, wandering magnetic poles, CMEs, solar flares etc . . .

    Stay tuned . . .

    1. And if you think the Mayans had some kind of future spyglass for the purpose of predicting all these things, I’d like to know WHY you think this.

      Why? Why do you believe they could predict the future? Why, oh why?

      I’m going to have a lot of fun come 2013. I have not begun to troll.

      1. Never said that the predictions of the Maya were my Vedic Hymn.

        Okay, let’s leave the Maya out of the big picture and just go with all the turmoil that’s taking place now. How do you account for all the anomalies taking place worldwide? Do you not agree that our planet is in some sort of chaotic upheaval that has occurred in past (including empirical evidence) extinguishing much of life as we know it?

        When it comes to institutionalized studies the Mayas are just another piece of the puzzle to help connect the dots and better understand our world by collectively taking the best of what’s within these fields of study e.g., hydrology, heliosphere, paleoanthropology, geology, archaeology, cosmology, biology, paleontology, atmospheric sciences, physics, geophysics, geochronology, lithology, orology etc . . .

        I hope you do have a lot of fun come 2013, but I think it is unfortunate that there are many people suffering at the laws of accelerated nature. Maybe you can include those that are suffering in your celebratory 2013 victory GangNam style dance.

        1. I strongly believe that the Maya were also the Hebrew 'Crossers' of cosmic world to physical and vice versa,also the oceans,seas,rivers and land-Crossers.In other way also known as the Canaanites and Phoenicians(means Canaan in coin Greek),who settled in Sumer and Mesopotamia.but also reached the ancient egypt and Minoan cultures… In deep comparison studies i meet them over and over as the "many masks of Odin/Votan"…In my mind,there is no doubt that the ancient "lost" civilisations had communicated and visited/travelled each other. And I remind one curiosity of modern day religions: the "onion" towered phallic churches visits mostly only religious women worshipping there the male gods,Father and Son…The Synagogue is a Greek name-word.In Hebrew and Yiddish it is Minha/Minge wher comes mostly onle the religious men,denying all male gods and worshipping all related to female,including their origin after Mother. They deny Christ and even the male G-d write with hyphen/dash! As if not enough,in cold,northern latitudes lacking the worm sunrays,theyworship a solar religion(s),3 main denominations of so called Christianity). In southern latitudes with very warm climate,the local people,worship the lunar religions like Judaism and Islam…

      2. You can predict future on the base of wheel/circle and cycles which are circular as the orbits of planets and everything moving around in our universe…There are then FIXED POINTS in the skies,the ancient people held as "sacred"…Plus the Precessional cycle of our Earth…If you go into the deep ancient prehistory(cycle)you'll meet also our future…Simple as that. Plus,our Pineal gland holds Black hole/third eyes as our memory and consciousness centre-the central place of our existence as the PSI bank of our spirit and memories,singularity and yet our past/present/future…A place where the physical meets the spiritual…

  9. Have we not learned anything from the tragedy of Harold Camping and all those whose predictions withered and died before him? Verily I say unto thee, that end-date-fortunetelling is a vain and foolish enterprise, for the Chickenlittles of the world and the easily misled who run around screaming in circles before their foolishness.

      1. All it proves is that people did drugs and had visions back then too…

        (Sigh) Lots of people make predictions. It only goes to follow that one or to will get lucky, if you can call it lucky. And yes, the human race is being it’s own upheaval right now, but the number of volcanic and geologic activity has not increased, although the media has gotten a lot faster at jumping on the stories, thanks to our accelerated news and internet culture, and if the world survives the Attack of the Chickenlittles and the wolves in sheep’s clothing who prey on them, AND if we manage to somehow fix our environmental problems that WE have created, not Nature, and not God, AND if we somehow learn to tamp down our warring ways, then we may have a chance.

        But the world will still be here when I celebrate my 39th birthday next July.

        And the Mayans did not have a magic future-telling spyglass.

        And I just made as much sense there as you did, if not more.

        So there.



        1. The Maya were essentially a bunch of backwards barbarians in the classic period when the prophecies were made, they did not suddenly leap into civilisation by their own merits. The reason why the Maya of the classic period suddenly gained immense understanding of cosmic and Earth cycles was that they were gifted to them by a non-human race from the stars. The true source of the predictions is the Pleiadian’s, and they actually did possess the ability to foresee the damage of the coming shift on Earth as well as the possibility of a jump up in human consciousness. Pleiadian technology and knowledge if beyond your comprehension. If you read our book you will get a taste of the civilisation that raised the Maya from being little more than ape-men. The same can be said for the Egyptian’s, before Thoth and his Atlantean comrades arrived they were pretty much cave dwelling savages. Read the Emerald Tablets.

          All year long we have been making accurate predictions, including that of a huge energetic event for the end of October starting the 28th – google hurricane Sandy to see how this is already manifesting. As a Pleiadian starseed my information is not of the usual low calibre generally available, our book makes it very clear we are not in the guessing game business, nor do we require a magical spyglass – raise your consciousness and you too will see the coming events, the knowledge exists within yourself as a child of Gaia.

          1. Note the Dresden Codex,last page,where BLACK god "L which is also Bolon Yokte Ku" descending from the Jar/Pot of Mother of all Jars/Pots(Milky Way) holds in his right hand the two arrows(of WAR) and in his left hand the SWORD(of antichrist)…Compare it to "Viracocha" on the Sun gate of Tiahuanaco(also of Tav) who holds in left hand two headed serpent/arrows and in right hand one headed serpent/sword…

          2. Sorry Bruce,

            With all the consistant high powered earthquakes compassing the globe, claiming a hit on the canadian earthquake is completely absurd. Same with the Solar Flares.

            Hey, you want to be some Pleiadian consort, faiery or whatever… fine. That still doesn’t make it viable, nor does it give others any confidence in your broad spectrum claims.

            Be Well…

          3. The Maya as the Egyptians had inherited all from the previous civilisation…Egypt(Joseph) and the "Olmecs"(Benjamin)are the only two brothers of the Bible after father and mother! "Olmecs" is mislabel just like the "Foliated Cross=Fiery Croos"…Maya(52 in gematria) are still alive and of the LIVING GOD…The mislabelled "Olmecs" had died out and are after the 'god of the dead'=Yama(also Black hole)with the same gematria,52. Hence,the "Olmecs" are the descendants of the god of the dead=Benu Yamina,the biblical Benjamin and Benjaminites! And they have a lot more in common beside the biblical story of Joseph and Benjamin and the silver Cup(female stargate)!!! Even the name of Maya Bak'tun has egyptian counterparts:Kab/Geb and Nut,Earth and skies/Milky Way…

      2. Harold Camping omitted serious biblical events and cycles that's why he had misfired and missed the "end time" date by 11 years at least! Furthermore,the biblical chronology is very complex if you ignore the other ancient astronomies,cultures and their calendars and cycles,beside their monuments and measures in them! I feel for H.Camping,listening to him for few years on radio in USA…But I knew since beginning that he was wrong in many points,plus being himself so "sure"as being without doubt and failures in his calculations! No the Dresden Codex points at 2019;but there are UK biblical codes pointing out to the date of 20J74,and 20×74=1480,Christos in Greek gematria,having the same numbers in the Great sphinx…I estimate it in this 21st century,but I won't put final date even I feel it…

  10. was dead on Friday 13th 1989/check date thinker/also out of body and conscious of anything happening NOW the only TIME EXISTING/AT the end of 2012 the notion of TIME will disappear/Only NOW will exist….don’t worry BE…HAPPY/No consciousness of past or future…THAT IS BEING CREATOR of the NOW….no past no future just HAPPINESS…ENJOY!

        1. "Foolish children" if they had spent 25 years in ancient astronomies/archeoastronomy as I did,they could reach some great results and even indicating dates of the end of our civilisation…All religions and myts(which is the same-astronomy)are focused at the double centre of our Galaxy,Black Hole,Belt of Orion and at our potent Sun…dressed in human beings and stories/fairy tales…

      1. Gosh Dexter, that’s limiting. And that “We” you mentioned, count me out. ;O) Still on Ram Daas?

        past, present, future, all exist, without them all, none would exist…..

        to everything there is a season and a purpose…

        1. Past,present and future is in the centre of your brain,as the Black/White Hole(Wormhole) in the Pineal gland known as the "Third Eye of Shiva"…At death of human material body,the Black Hole(memory store)also collapses with the electro-magnetic body field.Memories are erased,after quick rewind of them,whole life…The Black hole collapses and became White Hole/Tunnels trough which the human soul/spirit returns/spiral to the Central Sun(cosmic 'womb')for purification and rebirth…It is not only described at many 'Books of the Dead',but also on the 22 stelae at Izapa,mexico…

      2. The "goal" comes with Pakal,the Sun-king of Palenque,formerly as "Na-chan/Naga" city of the royal COBRA. In Greek gematria,Kyrios Iesous Christos has gematria value of 3168.Bethlehem is located on 31.68* latitude north. Pakal,whose gematria value is 132(Sechemchet's pyramid of 132 chambers),when had died,his son Chan Bahlum(b-lhm)had declared 132 days of mourning:132 x 24 hours=3168…Since his famous LID reveals on the Cross Tree septagon(left)square(atop)and pentagon(right),it is 745…745 AUC matches our Gregorian year of 9 BCE,when had appeared the Star over Bethlehem…Christ/Sun was reborn in 7 BCE,to match the cosmic/solar cycles…And Scorpio is on Pakal's chest…He(our Sun)was crossing the Black hole and double centre of our Galaxy,marked in ancient Egypt by number 8. This is the reason for many octagonal temples.The Inca marked the Central Sun(centre of our Galaxy0 with our Sun,by 8 tipped star!!(Note G8 and G20=the same centre of our Galaxy)…In 745 CE most likely ended Palenque its 'golden age' of 9th Bak'tun…It is encoded on the modern Basilica of Guadalupe: Bendita Seas Madre…745 letters…And backwardly it is 754,when Rome was established…Bendita Madre de el Hijo de Dios y Madre Nuestra-Bended Heavenly Mother of Son of God and our Mother=Milky Way,known as Meri-Yam/Miriam and Mary(muslim Marwah)…

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