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Why pineal gland and mental health are most important in these times


Clean pineal gland and strong mental health are most important to tell the truth from the lies and take control of your life back to your own hands. While we spend our days being manipulated slaves, science and spirituality are joining up and offering us clues. Today we can say that many of the secrets are right out in the open and that truth and knowledge can come to those that seek them and are able to recognize them. Though this process is individual, there are common things that all of us feel when our dormant knowledge bursts into our consciousness.

The pineal gland and mental health

The pineal gland, or third eye, is located in the geometric center of the brain. This correlates to the location of the Great Pyramid in the center of the physical planet.

The pineal gland was called the "third eye" by ancient people. It was thought to have mystical powers. This may be why the French philosopher Descartes decided that the pineal gland was the seat of the human soul, the location of what we call the mind. The pineal does contain a complete map of the visual field of the eyes, and it plays several significant roles in human functioning.

It is the center for the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is implicated in a wide range of human activities. It regulates daily body rhythms, most notably the day/night cycle (circadian rhythms). Melatonin is released in the dark, during sleep.

The pineal gland has been implicated in a number of disorders including cancer, sexual dysfunction, hypertension, epilepsy, Paget's disease… The pineal gland calcifies with age and melatonin production correspondingly decreases. This decline in melatonin has been suggested to be a trigger for the aging process.

Environmental stresses affect pineal function, impacting overall body alertness, temperature levels, and hormone operation. Stresses that affect pineal function include unusual light and dark rhythms, radiation, magnetic fields, nutritional imbalances, temperature swings, high altitude, and overall daily stress patterns.

Pineal gland contains magnetic material in birds and other animals. It is a center for navigation. This, of course, is important for blind individuals. If the pineal gland turns out to contain magnetic material in humans (researchers are looking), then it may be involved in navigational processing. Magnetic processing is subtle and may be part of the bodies unconscious navigational system. Mobility specialists are aware of this possibility, but we have yet to use it to train students.

Studies done mostly with birds strongly suggest that the pineal gland is a center for navigation. Scientists believe that the pineal body is a magnetoreceptor, capable of monitoring magnetic fields, and helping to align the body in space. Changing the direction of magnetic fields around the heads of birds alters their ability to orient.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) suppress the activity of the pineal gland and reduce melatonin production. EMF activity, therefore, disrupts the bodies circadian rhythms.

A recent study published some years ago in the New Scientist indicates a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and human biological effect. The conduit which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun to human disturbance — is the very same conduit which steers Earth’s weather —– The Magnetic Field. Yes, animals and humans have a magnetic field which surrounds them — in the very same way the magnetic field surrounds the Earth as a protector.

The New Scientist study states: “The most plausible explanation for the association between geomagnetic activity and depression and suicide is that geomagnetic storms can desynchronize circadian rhythms and melatonin production,” says Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University in the US. The pineal gland, which regulates circadian rhythm and melatonin production, is sensitive to magnetic fields. “The circadian regulatory system depends upon repeated environmental cues to internal clocks,” says Posner. “Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues.”

Function and official research on pineal gland

This gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various biorhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland, which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock, that determines our aging process.

The pineal gland was originally believed to be a "vestigial remnant" of a larger organ.  Dermatology professor Aaron B. Lerner and colleagues at Yale University, hoping that a substance from the pineal might be useful in treating skin diseases, isolated and named the hormone melatonin in 1958.


Melatonin is N-acetyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine, a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan, which also has other functions in the central nervous system. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. Photosensitive cells in the retina detect light and directly signal the SCN, entraining its rhythm to the 24-hour cycle in nature. Fibers project from the SCN to the paraventricular nuclei (PVN), which relay the circadian signals to the spinal cord and out via the sympathetic system to superior cervical ganglia (SCG), and from there into the pineal gland.

Melatonin is a very ancient hormone that is found throughout the animal kingdom. In reptiles and birds the pineal is close to the skin and needs no interaction with the eye to register day/night cycles (this is where the notion of the 'third eye" comes from). In these animals, the pineal gland is the master clock. In mammals, however, the pineal gland is subordinate to the eye/SCN system. Light severely curtails the production of melatonin.

Melatonin has been shown to inhibit the growth and metastasis of some tumors in experimental animals, and may therefore play a role in cancer inhibition. Removal of the pineal gland and/or reduction in melatonin output have been implicated in the increased incidence of breast cancer in laboratory animals. Patients who have breast cancer have lower levels of melatonin in the blood. The hormone has also been shown to be protective against genetic damage, and it has a stimulatory effect on the immune system.

The anticancer role of melatonin in humans is not established yet, but in a study involving blind women, melatonin production was found to be higher at all times. This finding was associated with the finding that breast cancer in this study was correspondingly lower for these blind women compared to the general population.

The abundant melatonin levels in children are believed to inhibit sexual development, and pineal tumors have been linked with precocious puberty. When puberty arrives, melatonin production is reduced. Calcification of the pineal gland is typical in adults.

Apparently the internal secretions of the pineal gland inhibit the development of the reproductive glands, because in cases where it is severely damaged in children, the result is accelerated development of the sexual organs and the skeleton. In animals, the pineal gland appears to play a major role in sexual development, hibernation, metabolism, and seasonal breeding.

Pineal cytostructure seems to have evolutionary similarities to the retinal cells of chordates. Modern birds and reptiles have been found to express the phototransducing pigment melanopsin in the pineal gland. Avian pineal glands are believed to act like the SCN in mammals.

Studies on rodents suggest that the pineal gland may influence the actions of recreational drugs, such as cocaine, and antidepressants, such as fluoxetine (Prozac), and its hormone melatonin can protect against neurodegeneration.

Cleaning the pineal gland

Cleaning up the pineal gland is useful for those wishing to develop their multidimensional perception. The Pineal gland will naturally make its own DMT when fully operational and we will be able to remain in a visionary state most of the time. An awakened pineal gland brings the ability to consciously astral travel, explore other dimensions, foresee the future…

It is said that when the pineal gland or ‘third eye’ is awakened, one is able to see beyond space time into time space. It raises the frequency on which one operates and moves one into a higher consciousness.

When the pineal gland awakens, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. This pressure will often be experienced, when connecting to higher frequency. A head injury, can also activate the Third Eye – Pineal Gland.

While the physiological function of the pineal gland, has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools, have long known, this area in the middle of the brain, to be the connecting link… between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Read more on cleaning:

Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents… has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision.

The symbol of  the All-Seeing-EYE, has always been part of  Earth's creation
mythologies and mysteries.

In Ancient Egypt,  it was symbolized by the Eye of  Horus.

The symbol was passed down, through the ancient mystery teachings and can
be found on the American dollar bill.

Why the symbol of the EYE?

The eye is the observer of reality – or the illusion of reality.

Nonsense? Well I'm sure that the majority of people reading this article would close their eyes so far and stop reading it have it been published some years ago.. and they would do so simply on the account of fear. Deeply rooted fear! Ponder on that if you must as a change of direction comes here.

The power within us

Did you know that Nikola Tesla often said that his concepts came from his visions? So let's explore what he had to say about that as that is the man whose inventions all of us are using today. Many of them are being suppressed, but still… our huge advancement as a species has this man to thank for that.

Extraordinary experiences of Nikola Tesla

Much has been made over Tesla's amazing ability to visualize images from his mind. This talent came mostly involuntarily and often at inopportune moments. When he was younger, Tesla worried that he was suffering from some sort of madness when his visions would appear. Later he came to realize that this particular trait was a gift and the basis of all his inventions.

Tesla's visions were so vivid that he was sometimes unsure of what was real and what imaginary. Strong flashes of light often accompanied these images. He would wave his hand in front of his eyes to determine whether the objects were simply in his mind or outside.

In 1919, Tesla wrote of these images and of his efforts to find an explanation for them. He had consulted with several doctors and psychologists, but no one was able to help.

"The theory I have formulated is that the images were the result of a reflex action from the brain on the retina under great excitation. They certainly were not hallucinations, for in other respects I was normal and composed.

"To give and idea of my distress, suppose that I had witnessed a funeral or some such nerve-wracking spectacle. Then, inevitably, in the stillness of the night, a vivid picture of the scene would thrust itself before my eyes and persist despite all my efforts to banish it. Sometimes it would even remain fixed in space though I pushed my hand through it."

It is well known that Tesla's conception of his AC (alternating current) motor came to him during one of his visions.

"One afternoon … I was enjoying a walk with my friend in the city park and reciting poetry. At that age I knew entire books by heart, word for word. One of these was Goethes Faust. The sun was just setting and reminded me of a glorious passage: The glow retreats, done is the day of toil; It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring; Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil Upon its tract to follow, follow soaring!

"As I uttered these inspiring words the idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed. I drew with a stick on the sand the diagram shown six years later in my address before the American institute of Electrical Engineers.

"The images were wonderfully sharp and clear and had the solidity of metal. 'See my motor here; watch me reverse it.'"

Tesla used his incredible power throughout his amazing career. He disliked drawing his conceptions down onto paper because they lacked the reality that Tesla's internal drawing board could provide. For Tesla, drawing was utterly unrealistic and a nuisance.

He did not have to make plans and jot down dimensions, because of this power of instant recall. He could store any designs in his mind to be retrieved intact years later.

Despite his unusual abilities, Tesla at first had little patience with those who believed in psychic powers or spirits. Tesla often denied that he had supernatural powers or origins from beyond the earth. Such allegations, along with his conviction in the reality of extraterrestrials, almost certainly hurt Tesla's reputation later in his life.

Tesla felt so strongly about such claims that he frequently wrote about his frustrations with people who wanted to believe that he was more than an ordinary human being.

"The by far greater number of human beings are never aware of what is passing around and within them and millions fall victims of disease and die prematurely just on this account. The commonest, everyday occurrences appear to them mysterious and inexplicable.

"One may feel a sudden wave of sadness and rack his brain for an explanation when he might have noticed that it was caused by a cloud cutting off the rays of the sun. He may see the image of a friend dear to him under conditions which he construes as very peculiar, when only shortly before he has passed him in the street or seen his photograph somewhere.

"When he loses a collar button, he fusses and swears for an hour, being unable to visualize his previous actions and locate the object directly. Deficient observation is merely a form of ignorance and responsible for the many morbid notions and foolish ideas prevailing.

"There is not more than one out of every ten persons who does not believe in telepathy and other psychic manifestations, spiritualism and communion with the dead, and who would refuse to listen to willing or unwilling deceivers?

"Just to illustrate how deeply rooted this tendency has become even among the clear-headed American population, I may mention a comical incident. Shortly before the war, when the exhibition of my turbines in this city elicited widespread comment in the technical papers, I anticipated that there would be a scramble among manufacturers to get hold of the invention and I had particular designs on that man from Detroit (Ford) who has an uncanny faculty for accumulating millions.

"So confident was I, that he would turn up some day, that I declared this as certain to my secretary and assistants. Sure enough, one fine morning a body of engineers from the Ford Motor Company presented themselves with the request of discussing with me an important project.

"Didn't I tell you?, I remarked triumphantly to my employees, and one of them said, 'You are amazing, Mr. Tesla. Everything always comes out exactly as you predict.'

"As soon as these hard-headed men were seated, I of course, immediately began to extol the wonderful features of my turbine, when the spokesman interrupted me and said, 'We know all about this, but we are on a special errand. We have formed a psychological society for the investigation of psychic phenomena and we want you to join us in this undertaking.'

"I suppose these engineers never knew how near they came to being fired out of my office. Ever since I was told by some of the greatest men of the time, leaders in science whose names are immortal, that I am possessed of an unusual mind, I bent all my thinking faculties on the solution of great problems regardless of sacrifice.

"For many years I endeavored to solve the enigma of death, and watched eagerly for every kind of spiritual indication. But only once in the course of my existence have I had an experience which momentarily impressed me as supernatural.

"It was at the time of my mother's death. I had become completely exhausted by pain and long vigilance, and one night was carried to a building about two blocks from our home.

"As I lay helpless there, I thought that if my mother died while I was away from her bedside, she would surely give me a sign. Two or three months before, I was in London in company with my late friend, Sir William Crookes, when spiritualism was discussed and I was under the full sway of these thoughts.

"I might not have paid attention to other men, but was susceptible to his arguments as it was his epochal work on radiant matter, which I had read as a student, that made me embrace the electrical career. I reflected that the conditions for a look into the beyond were most favorable, for my mother was a woman of genius and particularly excelling in the powers of intuition.

"During the whole night every fibre in my brain was strained in expectancy, but nothing happened until early in the morning, when I fell in a sleep, or perhaps a swoon, and saw a cloud carrying angelic figures of marvelous beauty, one of whom gazed upon me lovingly and gradually assumed the features of my mother.

"The appearance slowly floated across the room and vanished, and I was awakened by an indescribably sweet song of many voices. In that instant a certitude, which no words can express, came upon me that my mother had just died. And that was true.

"I was unable to understand the tremendous weight of the painful knowledge I received in advance, and wrote a letter to Sir William Crookes while still under the domination of these impressions and in poor bodily health.

"When I recovered, I sought for a long time the external cause of this strange manifestation and, to my great relief, I succeeded after many months of fruitless effort. I had seen the painting of a celebrated artist, representing allegorically one of the seasons in the form of a cloud with a group of angels which seemed to actually float in the air, and this had struck me forcefully.

"It was exactly the same that appeared in my dream, with the exception of my mother's likeness. The music came from the choir in the church nearby at the early mass of Easter morning, explaining everything satisfactorily in conformity with scientific facts."

As Tesla grew older, he became more interested in spirituality and mankind's place in the universe. Tesla had remarked once about inventing a machine that could project human thoughts onto a screen, much like a modern television. This idea would continue to be on his mind up until the time of his death.

Dale Alfrey remembers several notations concerning Tesla's ideas on the nature of the human spirit and whether it continues on after physical death. Tesla had been brought up in a religious environment – but he had become more "humanistic" in his attitudes and considered physical life to be no more than a "automation of nature."

"Tesla became more open to the idea that there is a spirit or soul that continues in another plane of existence after death," recalls Alfrey. "At one point Tesla chided Edison for stealing his idea on using a form of radio to contact the dead." (Extraordinary experiences of Nikola Tesla – read the rest, here)

How about the rest of us?

The awakening

Well, the biggest story here is that great powers are dormant in all of us. We can all clean ourselves and evolve to higher consciousness. Turn off your mainstream TV for start, you will not learn anything important, it's a tool for mass control and manipulation, don't read your daily mainstream media anymore.. find time to heal your mental and physical body. Find time for proper education. Enjoy… Detox from the poisons we are fed daily and follow your inner voice when deciphering truth from the lies. There are so many good people here on Earth… all we need to do is attune to the faster frequencies. Brave new world is upon us, you'll be watching big brother's house of glass tumble down as you evolve and become to enjoy your eternal conscious being.

We are not alone and most of the time the answers are right beside us, in friends and people that surround us. Notice that synchronicities rise each and every day as we comprehend more and more. Some describe the process of awakening as addiction, some as information overflow but generally speaking this processes are described as the eternal drive to know more, to find out the truth. Many have realized that we fall only to rise again.

The story does not end here, for many this is just the beginning.


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  1. The Third Eye is the cone shaped pineal gland.Cone is the sacred symbol of masonic Vatican.In Hinduism and Budhism,it is known as URNA(Jar/ Pot).A shining spot or flaming pearl,in the centre of forehead,symbolizes unity,balance,seeing things whole,deliverance from duality and the pairs of opposites.Centre of our spiritual consciousnes,enlightenment.In no case is it a physical quality. In the cone shaped pineal gland is our mini-black hole/ worm hole/ white tunnel,where we store knowledge and experience,and reach for them in a moment of need.
    It is our singularity,onessess,past,present and future. Once our body is dying,the electromagnetic field is collapsing,so does the mini black hole collapses on itself,becaming wormhole and white tunnel,across which our soul spiral or travel to the source,the Central Sun! Therefore,it is the place of our immortality and resurrection,but always in a different body of an infant born with our purified soul entering the infant’s pineal gland,in many life cycles…
    The EYE as applied to sacred architecture is the opening heavenwards in the centre of the dome of a temple,cathedral,lodge,or any ither traditionally constructed ‘ world centre’.It represents the solar door giving access to celestial regions.A triangle with an eye in the centre
    is the ‘ All-seeing Eye’,omnipresence and omniscience.In Occident,the right eye is the sun and ,the eye of the day,and the future,with the left eye as the moon,the eye of the night,and the past.In the Orient,the position is reversed! In ancient Egypt,the right eye is the sun,and Ra and Osiris.The left eye is the moon,and Isis…Every ancient culture has its own symbolism of the EYE,see Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional SYMBOLS,from J.C.Cooper,Thames&Hudson.

  2. *******MY PINEAL GLAND HAS BEEN ACTIVATED SINCE YOUTH. I am 20 years old right now, but looking back on my recent dreams, and comparing them to the information i have been finding out, I have definitely visited other dimensions. I was also flying over my city too. I can actually fly while in my spiritual body. If you want to hear more, please email me*****

  3. The connection between the third eye and depression and anxiety is a real one. Educating ourselves on this connection will give us the answers we seek as far as why things are so stale, and frustrating in many of our lives. Great share. http://www.anxietyexit.com

  4. This article is very helpful. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and work with clients who inadvertently open that gland without outstanding results.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Clsi0HGSu0
    Bashar is one among many examples of communication that serves the reintegrating movement of consciousness.
    However, we are each living at specific levels of responsibility that explore specific themes, so I don't presume to know for anyone else.
    If one can hold apparently contradictory ideas or approaches and open a space of discernment that opens a unified perspective – rather than trying to put Humpty together again – then there is a rich source of practical information in the spirit of 'Better teach a man to fish than merely give him a fish'.
    Waking up at a level that recognizes within oneself is different from waking up within a nightmare that is acting upon oneself, though the latter can catalyse the shift. One has in clear need and focus in crisis that dissipates in distraction until a greater responsibility for consciousness is embraced.
    To wake to a true sense of value – to receive and accept one's integral existence and live and act there-from, is different from a fearful self-protection.
    In a sense we don't 'get there' so much as realize we ARE already living and acting out-from Consciousness – but perhaps via distorting and filtering negative self definitions and beliefs.
    Of course it all works together, so to NOT deaden or abuse the body-mind allows a clearer functionality.
    But without the shift from fearful self-protection, one can lose a lot of time to confusion.

    If you could find a way to manually regulate your consciousness and physicality such as to have a perfect experience, would you really want it?

    The way it actually works here is 'free will', in that you can choose to define a block as a freedom and commit to it as long as you want – or until the pain of frustration prompts a change of mind.
    In simple terms that is what humans prodigally enact in one way or another. A wilful partiality that temporarily blocks or disregards the Source Consciousness. A set of mind that seems a thing in and of itself and thus fill itself with activity of a nature that reflects and validates itself.

    If we notice more of what we are choosing to use our consciousness for – as choices within consciousness, then we are restored to that capacity to flow along a line of interest and engagement that more truly resonates our core being.

    If one does 'force' open the door to 'Heaven' it will only be to qualify as a complete beginner. No small thing there as it remains the truth while our perspective grows.

    What we appreciate appreciates, and what we resist, persists, so truly noticing and acknowledging and valuing Consciousness – as our living moment, gives a welcome rather than an engaged sign, to the influx of the More of what we Are.
    This relationship contains its own guidance and support feedback.
    The more we struggle to do it all alone, the more alone we be.
    True foundations assure all outcomes will express likewise. To reintegrate as Consciousness cannot then persist in dissociative thinking.

    Tesla was in a sense an ambassador from a probably future, who could not be wholly embraced because we are too likely to weaponize his gifts. The suppressions may appear to be enacted by the very mentality that would weaponize or subvert for control and profit, but that is part of how we limit ourselves – clinging on to the 'power we know'.
    Pleased to see a mention of Eric Dollard in an article here. His perspectives on both Geo and Solar energetics are radically different from mainstream orthodoxy – which clings to a world of independent material things in which of course the power relationship can be played out that uses scarcity as leverage but does not know the sacrifice of Soul-joy it makes to gain such a world. In this sense, they know not what they do.

  6. If I said, "Hey, would it be OK to poison you by making you drink an entire bottle of a lethal poison in one sitting?" You would of course say no thanks. "But how about if I poison you a little at a time, say a couple of drops of this lethal poison in each glass of water?" Would it be OK then?

  7. Drinking distilled water removes the fluoride that is causing the problem AND removes the calcification from the pineal and hence the brain fog of which fluoridation is at the root cause of. You should see the heavy metal sludge left over every day in my distiller after the toxins are separated in the evaporation process. Incidentally, this sludge is a milky white colour…awful, awful stuff.

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