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solar watch apr 13 2012 sun

G1 Class Geomagnetic Storm / Solar Watch April 13, 2012

G1 Geomagnetic Storm is now in progress due to the arrival of a high speed solar wind stream from coronal hole (CH512) buffeting the earths magnetic field.New Sunspot group 1455 continues to grow rapidly without producing anything of significance as yet but there may

April 13, 2012

volcano earthquake watch dec 27 30 2011

Coronal Hole (CH490) - Volcano/Earthquake watch Dec 27-31, 2011 (Video)

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH490) in the Southern Hemisphere. After analysis I have isolated 24-29° Latitude.Solar symmetry to earth the best fit regions for a possible 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake are: Kermadec Islands region, south of Fiji region, Salta Argentina or

December 27, 2011

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A Guide for Solar Watchers - Part 1

A Guide for Solar Watchers pt.1 - Sun basics For all those who don't quit understand what is happening with our Sun and what is space weather we decided to make A Guide for Solar Watchers. We will start with solar basics - structure, characteristics, solar

November 05, 2011

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X1.9 Class Flare / Solar Watch Nov 4, 2011 (Video)

X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X2-class solar flare. The source is huge sunspot AR11339. The strong X1.9 Solar Flare was recorded at 20:46 UTC Thursday evening. Associated with this flare was an R3 Level Radio Blackout and a 10cm Radio Burst

November 04, 2011