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ESA's new weather satellite started sending data

ESA's weather satellite Metop-B in Metop series launched on 17th September is performing well in its polar orbit. ESA's recent press release states that satellite on its way towards replacing the ageing Metop-A as prime operational satellite in polar orbit, after

September 28, 2012


German satellite could collide with Earth in late 2011

A German satellite called ROSAT weighing 2,426 kilograms (nearly 3 tons) is expected to crash from the sky in late 2011, according to calculations made by the German Space Agency, commonly known by the German acronym DLR. "We expect the satellite to re-enter the

March 05, 2011

berkeley laser magnetometer lg

Ground-Based Lasers Vie With Satellites To Map Earth's Magnetic Field

Mapping the Earth's magnetic field - to find oil, track storms or probe the planet's interior - typically requires expensive satellites. University of California, Berkeley, physicists have now come up with a much cheaper way to measure the Earth's magnetic field

February 22, 2011