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Rare Middle Eastern snow seen from space

A rare winter storm  dropped snow across much of the Middle East between December 10 and 13, 2013. The storm was named Alexa and it was the worst snow storm that hit the Middle East since 1953. It brought snow, rain and freezing temperatures to

December 17, 2013


The worst winter storm since 1953 causes mayhem across the Middle East

Powerful winter storm Alexa is sweeping eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East and causing mayhem across the region since Wednesday, December 11. Alexa is the worst snow storm that hit the Middle East since 1953 and its effects are far worst than anyone

December 14, 2013

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Unusal tropical cyclone forms in the Mediterranean Sea

A hybrid storm currently lashing the French Riviera with gusty winds, rough seas and rain is rare in Medditerranean. This particular storm seems to have been born out of a slow-moving, upper-level storm pestering the area from Spain and France to Italy since the

November 10, 2011