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volcano by din muhammad sumon f

Extinct volcanoes are coming back to life

I have been saying for years that global volcanic activity is on the rise and it's now obvious that volcanoes are erupting at a faster pace, not only around the ring of fire but also around the entire globe. Even dormant and extinct volcanoes are becoming active...

January 02, 2020

mount bosavi volcano waking up papua new guinea

Extinct Bosavi volcano showing signs of awakening, Papua New Guinea

Bosavi volcano located in Papua New Guinea's Southern Highlands Province is showing signs of awakening after this week's M7.5 earthquake and hundreds of moderate to strong aftershocks. "As we speak we are seeing smoke building up at the top of the...

February 28, 2018

pinatubo eruption

Magma chambers awake sooner than thought

Until now it was thought that once a volcano's magma chamber had cooled down it remained dormant for centuries before it could be remobilized by fresh magma. A theoretical model developed by Alain Burgisser of the Orléans Institute of Earth Sciences

March 06, 2011