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m6 9_greece_may_24_2014_emsc_aftershocks

Very strong and shallow M 6.9 earthquake struck Greece (Aegean Sea) - strong aftershocks continue

A very strong and shallow earthquake struck off the coast of Greece on May 24, 2014 at 09:25 UTC (11:25 local time). After preliminary analysis both USGS and EMSC report M 6.9 earthquake. EMSC is reporting depth of 29 km, USGS 10 km.Epicenter was located 19 km (12 miles

May 24, 2014

van da siddetli deprem_23810_b

Understanding 7.2 Van earthquake

Night is falling and it makes difficulties to all that was hit by 7.2 Van earthquake.  Death toll is expected to rise because there is lots of people trappen in collapsed buildings and the cold makes harder to survivers.EMSC registered 7.3 magnitude at depth of

October 23, 2011