Hamburg, NY hit by 2.06 m (81.2 inches) of snow in just 4 days

Hamburg, NY sets new snowfall record at 2.06 m (81.2 inches)

A new official storm total of 2.06 m (81.2 inches) has been recorded in Hamburg, Erie County, New York from November 16 to 20, 2022.

This surpasses the total for Orchard Park, NY at 2.03 m (80.0 inches) for the most recent lake effect snow emergency, extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer reports.

“I believe this surpasses the 2014 lake effect snow event in the Buffalo Southtowns by a few inches, although the wind was a bit less,” Timmer said.

This video shows the scenes around Hamburg, NY of the heaviest snowfall that contributed to this record-breaking snow event.

More information about this extreme lake effect snow event:

Storm total snowfall for the muti-day lake effect snow event that occurred from Wednesday night, November 16 to Sunday night, November 20:

Allegany County
Rushford11.0 in27.9 cm0700 AM 11/21
Angelica9.0 in22.9 cm0700 AM 11/21
Belmont8.3 in21.1 cm1257 AM 11/21
Alfred6.8 in17.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
Wellsville 2.4 ENE3.6 in9.1 cm0700 AM 11/21
Cattaraugus County
Cattaraugus 3W29.2 in74.2 cm0700 AM 11/21
Little Valley29.0 in73.7 cm0700 AM 11/21
Perrysburg22.7 in57.7 cm0700 AM 11/21
Franklinville 0.5 NNE20.2 in51.3 cm0745 AM 11/21
Ischua 0.4 SSE19.6 in49.8 cm0700 AM 11/21
Randolph 1.1 ENE17.5 in44.5 cm0730 AM 11/21
Allegany State Park8.5 in21.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Olean4.4 in11.2 cm0700 AM 11/21
Chautauqua County
Fredonia 0.8 WNW27.0 in68.6 cm0500 AM 11/21
Dunkirk 1S24.6 in62.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Fredonia 1.8 WNW22.0 in55.9 cm0600 AM 11/21
Gerry 0.8 N21.8 in55.4 cm0730 AM 11/21
Dewittville 1.0 SSE21.5 in54.6 cm0600 AM 11/21
Mayville 0.2 ESE19.1 in48.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Kennedy 2.6 SE17.7 in45.0 cm0800 AM 11/21
Falconer 0.3 WSW14.0 in35.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Kennedy 0.3 NE11.5 in29.2 cm0600 AM 11/21
Erie County
5 W Hamburg81.2 in206.2 cm0700 AM 11/21
1 NE Orchard Park80.0 in203.2 cm0647 AM 11/20
Hamburg 1.9 NNW77.3 in196.3 cm0900 AM 11/21
3 SSW Blasdell76.0 in193.0 cm0700 AM 11/21
Elma Center 0.7 SE67.0 in170.2 cm0900 AM 11/21
Elma 2.7 WSW61.7 in156.7 cm0700 AM 11/21
East Aurora 0.1 ENE51.3 in130.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
Boston 2.5 NE51.0 in129.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Angola47.7 in121.2 cm0800 AM 11/21
Wales46.6 in118.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
West Seneca 2.5 SE46.6 in118.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Eden 1.4 SSE46.2 in117.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
East Aurora 2.7 SSE45.1 in114.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Colden 1.4 NNW44.9 in114.0 cm0730 AM 11/21
Colden 1W44.9 in114.0 cm0730 AM 11/21
1 NW Alden40.5 in102.9 cm0700 AM 11/21
Holland39.0 in99.1 cm0800 PM 11/20
N Buffalo Airport36.6 in93.0 cm0700 AM 11/21
Glenwood 1.5 SE35.6 in90.4 cm0705 AM 11/21
Williamsville 3.8 E30.5 in77.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
3 ESE East Concord28.5 in72.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Clarence Center 0.2 ESE22.9 in58.2 cm0700 AM 11/21
Akron 2.4 S22.0 in55.9 cm0700 AM 11/21
Snyder 0.6 SW21.8 in55.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Clarence Center 0.9 N21.5 in54.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Amherst 5.4 NNE19.1 in48.5 cm0800 AM 11/21
Kenmore 0.3 ESE13.9 in35.3 cm0630 AM 11/21
East Amherst 1.2 WNW13.3 in33.8 cm0800 AM 11/21
Tonawanda 1.6 E12.3 in31.2 cm0900 AM 11/21
Genesee County
Batavia 3.4 WSW25.3 in64.3 cm0800 AM 11/21
Pavilion 217.6 in44.7 cm0700 AM 11/21
Le Roy 1E13.4 in34.0 cm0800 AM 11/21
Stafford 1.8 NE13.2 in33.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Jefferson County
West Carthage 0.3 ENE49.0 in124.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Watertown36.0 in91.4 cm0800 AM 11/21
Lewis County
Highmarket 2W17.8 in45.2 cm0530 AM 11/21
Constableville 1.2 NW17.1 in43.4 cm0500 AM 11/21
Chases Lake3.3 in8.4 cm0600 AM 11/21
Glenfield 4.1 NNE2.3 in5.8 cm0800 AM 11/21
Livingston County
Avon7.7 in19.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Dansville1.0 in2.5 cm0800 AM 11/21
Monroe County
Hamlin 0.6 NNE3.3 in8.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Scottsville 0.4 NW2.7 in6.9 cm0800 AM 11/21
Brockport2.3 in5.8 cm0900 AM 11/21
Honeoye Falls 1.7 NE2.2 in5.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Fairport 0.9 W0.8 in2.0 cm0645 AM 11/21
Penfield 1.8 ENE0.8 in2.0 cm0700 AM 11/21
Webster 2NE0.8 in2.0 cm0700 AM 11/21
East Rochester 0.1 NNWT inT cm0700 AM 11/21
Niagara County
North Tonawanda19.5 in49.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Lockport 0.8 NE18.7 in47.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Pendleton 1NE16.6 in42.2 cm0700 AM 11/21
Lockport 2.5 ESE14.8 in37.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Niagara Falls14.5 in36.8 cm0800 PM 11/20
Lockport 0.9 E14.3 in36.3 cm0530 AM 11/21
Sanborn 4NE14.0 in35.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Rapids 1.0 SW14.0 in35.6 cm0800 AM 11/21
Lockport13.0 in33.0 cm0700 PM 11/20
Niagara Falls 5.7 E12.5 in31.8 cm0727 AM 11/21
Niagara Falls 0.7 WNW12.0 in30.5 cm1159 PM 11/20
Newfane 1W7.6 in19.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
Ontario County
Bristol Harbour2.6 in6.6 cm0700 AM 11/21
Geneva0.8 in2.0 cm0700 AM 11/21
Orleans County
Medina5.1 in13.0 cm0800 AM 11/21
Medina 0.4 WNW5.1 in13.0 cm0800 AM 11/21
Albion4.1 in10.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Lakeside2.1 in5.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
Oswego County
Mexico 2SW27.3 in69.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
Phoenix 7.0 NNE22.3 in56.6 cm0500 AM 11/21
2 W Cleveland18.8 in47.8 cm0945 PM 11/20
Minetto 0.1 SE18.7 in47.5 cm0745 AM 11/21
Fulton 0.2 W17.0 in43.2 cm0800 AM 11/21
Oswego13.2 in33.5 cm0700 AM 11/21
Lacona 3.6 SSE12.5 in31.8 cm0600 AM 11/21
Wayne County
Macedon 2.6 ESE0.9 in2.3 cm0727 AM 11/21
Palmyra 1.6 NW0.4 in1.0 cm0805 AM 11/21
Wyoming County
Warsaw 4W48.6 in123.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Attica 7SW39.3 in99.8 cm0700 AM 11/21
Wyoming 3W35.6 in90.4 cm0700 AM 11/21
Warsaw 6SW23.5 in59.7 cm0700 AM 11/21
Silver Springs 3N12.7 in32.3 cm0700 AM 11/21
Arcade 0.8 WNW9.8 in24.9 cm0700 AM 11/21

Lake effect snow is created when cold, dry air passes over a large warmer lake, such as one of the Great Lakes, and picks up moisture and heat.

Featured image credit: Reed Timmer (stillshot)


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