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Potential major stratospheric warming event


Forecast models suggest a major stratospheric warming event might develop in December 2019, possibly initiating a collapse sequence of the polar vortex. Main cooling effects are expected across Eurasia and the United States.

"This might have important implications for weather in late December and for the rest of the winter," Severe Weather Europe meteorologists note in their Winter 2019/20 forecast.

A collapsed vortex always greatly increases the chances for winter weather towards Europe and CONUS, but a lot depends on how the existing pressure pattern looks when the effects from the stratosphere come crashing down on us.

"A new warming phase is expected over Eurasia by November 30, escalating fast and emerging much stronger than the current warming phase," they said in an update.

"Temperatures in the middle-stratosphere over Siberia could rise by up to 40 °C (104 °F) in just a few days. The temperatures at the 10mb level (~30 km / 18 miles altitude) are forecast to rise from -55 to -10 °C (-67 to 14 °F). That temperature at this level is over 35 °C (63 °F) above the 30-year average."

SWE's 3D analysis below shows the stratosphere, from 14 – 48 km (8 – 30 miles).

The 3D mass in blue, is the core, hearth, of the polar vortex. The red mass is the warmer air, usually found on the edges of the highest stratospheric layers. 

YouTube video

The polar vortex is trying to grow but is actually being pushed aside by the powerful warming wave. 

Featured image credit: GFS/TropicalTidbits


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  1. Mass roundness. A big orb. The small witness fair time and what can we expect from humidity changes are ready? I know what disappeared could be seen as a magic mystery and the same time a serious warning that bring us back to the changes that perhaps two or three oceans could do and what still look. Naturally we can observe by feelings and knowledge, tomorrow we may see when the earth itself see that? It is also a great human day today to indigenous. Even media from Finland present, a question whether the capitalism should repair tomorrow. The same time we wonder when we get what is missing upnorth. Everybody else see us and that. We see a whole lot else… too bad still.

  2. I wonder if the sudden formation of warm air is from all the fires around the globe right now…? the Sun has been very quiet lately.. where could that sudden burst of heat come from?
    I’m not a scientist or a conspirator.. more into the rhythms of the Natural World. While I don’t doubt global “warming”- preferably climate change- we are still techinically in an ice age, so it would make sense that Earth would be heating up.. as we are also slowly moving closer to the Sun.
    It’s no thing to debate that humans are messing with the natural balance of things with our technologies and interstates.
    This weather pattern wont be an isolated event whatever it may be..

  3. Some of the conspiracy theory and global paranoia comments are hilarious. This is all normal it happens every year the fairies fight with the leprechauns. It’s called the rainbow effect. Seriously grow up.

  4. An extreme weather warfare event is to be expected as several European Governments have warned their populations to stock up essential supplies. The event will be man made and operated by EISCAT from Norway and Sweden and the purpose is to convince the World that Climate change/Global warming is out of control, thereby enabling the Luciferian elite to further reduce peoples freedom and movement.

  5. You guys are on the right track by thinking that it is man made,however the Chemtrails play a minor role .The culprit is the Bombardment of RF Energy emanating from several HAARP installations Worldwide. The Megawatt of RF Radiation has to go somewhere .
    Unlike on higher Frequencies these lower frequencies will not penetrate the Ionosphere but reflect it back to earth while heating it up at the same time.
    The chem trails being conductive serve as reflector that could bounce it back up again without reaching Earth.Kind of the same principle as a MASER works. Masers unlike Lasers work on RF ,Lasers on higher Light frequencies. Although this is only speculation on my Part,having worked with either in the Past it is doable.
    This is not a single event it had happened in the spring of this Year causing the freezing in Europe which ruined their crops.

  6. Take a look at the warm fronts on here:
    There are the litmus test the colour of volcanic eruptions. The cold fronts run to the east the warm to the North, that would be where they formate in the upper atmosphere, I presume.
    Again I am being presumptuous, they are the evolution of polar air from the mixing of tropical storm water and three or four time around the Arctic super-frozen sura-supercooled air.

    The difference between Arctic and Antarctic supercooling is that the venturi effect takes place at the openings of the Behrent Sea and Davies Straights; in the Antarctic there is no such venturi. The nearest that any phenomena comes to such frontiers is the huge cyclones that build up under Australia.
    This compresses the cyclones beneath the anticyclonic mass with enough power to force mixing.

    With the Straights of Magellan, the cyclones are compressed but immediately gain access to open water, allowing them to go around the coast once more.
    At the moment an influx of tropical storm water in the Indian Ocean has pushed into Antarctic waters and with such an effusion, the air along the coast at sea level has broken into several smaller cyclones from 60 degrees East on round.

    With less violent activity as the norm, the smaller multiple cyclones usually don’t develop until somewhere under Australia some 120 degrees east, finally wending their way ashore along the Ross Ice Shelf (about the 180 Longitude.)

    The go ashore as the Southern Anticyclone. This is the equivalent of the Greenland High. The Greenland High is free to escape eastwards into Siberia. The Antarctic High has no such escapement. Instead the ice falls ou as glacial dposition building Antarctic mountain ranges several miles high around the coast.
    The dry are infuses with yet more brine laden water until the cycle ends with a massive VEI 5 (Mt St Helens) or 6 (Pinatubo) eruption.

    Howver things have risen to heaven with the disgraceful Canaanite activty of the last few decades since Clinton and it wouldn’t surprise me that the Store Houses of Snow established for the day of war will be opened with something much worse than a Tambora event to wake the dead with.

    Job 38:22-23. Hast thou entered into the treasures of snow? — Dost thou know where I have laid up those vast quantities of snow and hail which I draw forth when I see fit? Dost thou know the causes of them, and the way to produce them? But if thou art unacquainted with these treasures, it is intolerable presumption in thee to pretend that thou knowest those treasures of wisdom which lie hid in my own breast. Which I have reserved — That is, which snow, and especially which hail, I have prepared, against the time of trouble — When I intend to bring trouble or calamity upon any country or people, for the punishment of their sins, or for their trial.

  7. To make it clear to the naive & those lacking in basic scientific knowledge. A SSW has nothing to do with man made globull warming nor does it produce warming of the troposphere. A SSW above the Arctic unleashes the force of the Arctic vortex & displaces its cold effects to produce severely colder conditions in other areas such as Europe & Nth America. areas.

    1. I have basic scientific knowledge but will admit that had to do a fair bunch of research had to be done to comprehend the SSW. An SSW could potentially be catastrophic to the middle of the USA because one effect could be to take an Arctic vortex and break it up into several vortexes. Because of volcanic activity & lack of solar activity the USA could be looking at a catastrophic winter. The scientific illiterate and agenda driven media will blame it on “man made global warming” as they freeze and starve to death on their smart phones.


  8. This is more than fascinating Charlotte and I think you’er point is very relevant , I suspect
    that Chemical trails have contribute to the formation of cloud cover by joining the dots occasionally, in recent years . Now is a different story . The magnetic field in the sun is so week that the earth is not protected from irradiation at this time , irradiation decimates cloud cover . Please forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious . No cloud cover in winter = shit kickin cauld . …….. Then, in Thirty five years from now ,global warming will un pauses and will happily Carry on till the end of the ice age .They always end .

  9. This is absolutely fascinating. Has anyone ever thought to correlate the effects of Chemtrails and their effects on the atmospheric levels. They have to have an effect….
    Maybe the ever first recording of a Solar Storm’s effects on the Earth in Sound are a way of helping us to wake up to the dangers of messing with our atmosphere because it does not stop there. It goes continually upwards. We really need to look at what is changing with an ever reoccurring phenomenon. Thank you for the enlightening information!

    1. The effect of chemtrails on the weather can be analogized to someone urinating on a massive forest fire to try to put it out. The power of natural cycles far overwhelms anything man made.

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