Lavalapse - 61G Ocean Entry

Lavalapse - 61G Ocean Entry

This amazing timelapse of Kilauea's 61g ocean entry lava flow was made by Jack Fusco just a few days before the Kamokuna lava delta collapsed into the ocean on December 31, 2016.

To capture 1.3 TB, Fusco and Mark Jacobs flew over 8 000 km (5 000 miles) to Hawaii, drove over 800 km (500 miles), hiked 30+ km (20+ miles) and slept less than 12 hours.

"This was easily one of the most exciting and challenging projects I've ever worked on," he said.

"We headed to the Big Island for just 3 nights with the goal of trying to capture the stars above the lava entering the ocean. With such a short window to capture what we traveled for it was pretty critical that we didn't miss a single opportunity."

Behind the scenes video:

Featured image courtesy: Jack Fusco


Joan Denuzzi 1 year ago

Wow!Simply spectacular footage...,the time-lapse photography IMHO emphasizes the
power & colossal nature of the forces at work!

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