Asteroid 2017 BH30 to flyby Earth at 0.17 LD

Asteroid 2017 BH30 to flyby Earth at 0.17 LD

A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 BH30 will make an extremely close approach to our planet on January 30, 2017. This is the third very close approach (below 1 LD) since January 9 and the closest one. It is also the closest asteroid flyby since September 6, 2016.

2017 BH30 belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was discovered by Catalina Sky Survey today.

Its estimated size is between 4.6 and 10 m (15 - 32.8 feet) and it will flyby at 04:57 UTC on January 30, 2017 at a distance of only 0.17 LD (65 280 km / 40 563 miles) from the surface of Earth. Its estimated velocity (relative to Earth) is 15.46 km/s.

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Currently, 2016 BH30 has MPC "U" parameter of 8 (orbit uncertainty estimate 0-9, with 0 being good, and 9 being highly uncertain).

This is the closest known asteroid flyby since September 6, 2016.


Asteroid 2017 BH30 at Minor Planet Center; at NASA/JPL

Featured image credit: Minor Planet Center, Edit: TW


mrs . DIY 3 years ago

i think it is going to hit were i live because i saw the astroid fly right on top of my house i live in Suwanne Georgia

Shaina 3 years ago

I noticed it in Arkansas around 6ish in the morning!

Phyllis 3 years ago

I live in Corpus Christi, Texas, Latitude approximately 27 degrees N. Tonight about 6:30 CST, as I was driving home with a friend. I think what we saw was asteroid 2017 BH30. It was traveling in a southwest direction. From our vantage point it appeared to be the size of a basketball and breaking apart. The asteroid and tail were bright orange. bright orange

Bill 3 years ago

They wont tell you when Nibiru aka Planet X will appear and do a flyby either and it will have a ton of asteroids in its wake that we will see, hear and "feel" when it gets there in Sept 2017 too. It is strange that they keep all this stuff under wraps. Did you get told to take cover in one of the Gov't bunkers? Me either.

ellasilvia 3 years ago

I saw it! It was big, blue green flashes for about 2-3 seconds in the southern sky headed south with no sound that I heard. I am in Montgomery, Alabama and it passed about 10:54 pm cst. It was shocking because I really didn't expect to see anything.

Plenum (@ellasilvia) 3 years ago

No, you didn't.

ellasilvia (@Plenum) 3 years ago

Yes I did! But I made a mistake about where it was. It was in the north headed north low in the sky.

Djansto 3 years ago

You Guys know the time
you know size
you know what area of the planet it is going to fly over
Why dont you post that

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