Rare fireball shoots across the sky over Japan

Rare fireball shoots across the sky over Japan

A mysterious green fireball streaked across the sky over northern Japan on October 31, 2016, sparking speculations what the fiery object might be.

The event lasted for about 15 seconds and was captured by several cameras.

While one astronomer said the object was a bright meteor, others speculated it might have been space debris burning up in the atmosphere.

Video courtesy NTV - NNN - Japan

Featured image: Green fireball streaks across the sky over northern Japan on October 31, 2016. Credit: NTV



The Wise Man 1 year ago

Hi there, about this green object that flew over Japan on the last October 31st.

There are three videos on Youtube available until now about that incident. One shot in Niigata, near a river, one shot from a car dashboard camera on a nearby road and the last one was shot at the airport.

In all videos the object is seen flying just below the cloud coverage. Over Niigata and on the road there are moments when it flies through the clouds. So we can estimate here 3000 meters of altitude or 10000 feet.

The airport video is the most important footage, because it gives us elements that allow the speed estimate. There is a river just at the beginning of the runway. Using Google Earth we can measure a distance from the river to the camera position, close to the third boarding platform, of approximately 1 km. The object covers that distance in 15 seconds, so the speed is 4 km in a minute or 240 km/h or 150 mph.

So it was an ufo flying at 150 mph at 10000 ft of altitude, and the
mainstream media comes again with the meteor-or-space-junk fairy tale. No meteor flies that low making no sound, and no rock catches fire and maintains altitude at that speed.

In case you still haven't seen my documentary about the same phenomenon that happened in South America last year, please take a look at Green Skies Over South America on Youtube. You can also find it at www.ufofacts.org>news, it's the fourth video.

No one seems to be able to read information from images these days...

And it is very disappointing that astronomers all over the world have the same bolide disinformation story ready for the press. It happened before in South America. Just go to Youtube and look for Green Skies Over South America. Same phenomenon, same disinformation campaign.

Like in South America, chances are high that it was not just one object, but a squadron. It was seen in other places, like Chiba and Kanagawa. If it was just one, it was a flight with many curves.

Take care, all the best,

The Wise Man.

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