Stephen Crothers: General Relativity – A case study in numerology


For many people, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity lies hidden behind an impenetrable wall of complicated mathematics, superposed upon the widespread misconception that only those smarter than the average bear, with a penchant for doing long sums, can possibly understand it. However, the truth differs widely from the syllabus. Although mathematics is unnecessary for an understanding as to why cosmology is both logically inconsistent and disconnected from reality, cosmologists routinely resort to mathematical mysticism in their attempts to justify and impose their demonstrably false dogmatic beliefs.

In his presentation, Stephen Crothers shall reveal the sacred secrets of tensor calculus and its accoutrements in order to see through the mathematical smoke and mirrors of Einstein and his followers. Anybody with high-school knowledge of the calculus is more than well prepared to deal with these matters. Perhaps this is the most frightening truth cosmologists must face. After all, calculations themselves are mere mechanical operations that impart no knowledge of their purpose in relation to physics. Curiously, neither Einstein knew nor his followers know how to do their sums right. That they don’t add up is sufficient to render them a form of numerology, which, like sympathetic magic and phrenology, does not lead to knowledge.

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Steve Crothers is a preeminent mathematician, counted among the most competent critics of modern cosmology (including both the General Theory of Relativity and popular theory of the Big Bang). He has also gained much attention for his systematic unraveling of standard Black Hole theory, showing that the mathematical model of a Black Hole follows neither from observation nor from any logical reasoning from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

Video courtesy of The Thunderbolts Project

Featured image: Ice Spiral by Samuel John (CC – Flickr)

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  1. It really doesn’t matter if you like Stephen J Crothers or not, the truth is still the truth. There is only one truth we need take away, and that’s the meaning of zero. Is zero something or the absense of something? If it is nothing, it therefore has no representation in physical reality.
    In mathematics this bears out, as using any calculator and trying to divide a number by zero, always yields some kind of error. But division by a fraction such as 0.0001 implies the existence of a fraction of some whole, and therefore possible to perform a calculation.

    If Stephen is right (and I can’t confirm or deny this) that the equations attempt something so simple, and he also alleges that mathematicians assert that not only is division by zero possible, but it leaves you with infinity!

    I think Stephen knows his talk is very dry, and not easy for a lay-person to follow, and tries to inject some humour. Personally, I find his arguments compelling.

  2. This table is presented Mr.Steve that encourage us to start to think in a completely different way from what we offer lovers of mathematics, various models and something that always gives different results for each scientist. All these tensors, various mathematical forms obtained by means of fictional space of various authors, are logical and are located in areas that are not able to understand the universe and its structure.
    Scientists have neglected the study of ourselves and do not want to know our organization. Without this knowledge there is no possibility to bring about the true cause of the phenomena around us
    and in us. Therefore, we must understand that we, human beings, the last patent Creator of the universe and we formed as the universe. And we and the universe we have two entities.
    Material and energy entity (our body, for us humans) and matter in the form of various substance of quarks to the constellation of galaxies, the universe.
    Second, the commanding entity is spiritual entity of the universe (SEU), under whose command the absolute consciousness of the universe (ACU), which through high vibration ether (substance that fills the infinite universe) forms matter into sections string of ether, where quarks are formed as materials and gluons as energy leather holds together quarks. In further processes produce subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, gases, heavenly bodies. All matter has an unbalance relative to the ether, and it is gravity, which has the task of the material back into the form of ether, and the latter is the formation of a critical mass and gravity, when forming a black hole where the matter is referred to the ether.
    Our spiritual entity is the soul, which takes us through consciousness (the power of creation) and intuition (current connection our individual consciousness (IC), with ACU.
    Whose IC at a higher level, this easily learned the true causes of the phenomenon, without mathematics or some models that contaminate our consciousness. From the speech Mr. Steve, it can be concluded that it is not something wrong with the math, because I always give different results, which is proof that mathematics us product and tool that we have set and we think that he can beat the ACU, as the immense power of creation.
    Thus, science has no spiritual basis and wandering Bespućima our desires arising from our perceptual senses with which command our mind, which is the greatest brakes on our IC.

  3. I would like to thank you for this informative up-to-date activity in regards to the Universe…I am very interested in this topic and I truly appreciate your research…God’s creation is not only magnificantly fascinating…it is important for us to be aware of His attention to detail in all of His creations…especially at this point in history and our evolution..thank you again and God bless you always…peace…

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