Eliminating the mother of all physics myths

Eliminating the mother of all physics myths

Today if you are one of the lucky physicists who is supported by mass media you can say anything you want and it will be considered physics fact. You can propose a new imaginary particle and call it the God particle, Devil particle, Angel particle, Ghost particle and even the Destroyer of the Universe Particle. Moreover, you can get government funding and build an accelerator or detector to search for your imaginary particle – preferably before it becomes unstable and destroy the entire Universe.

The above statements are not exaggerated, but the sad reality of theoretical physics today. Well-known theoretical physicists are coming up with theories that even science fiction writers would have considered absurd, just a few decades ago!

One cannot even find the right words to describe what theoretical mathematicians have done to physics. Probabilistic and arbitrary mathematical theories (most of which are mathematically wrong; like the field equations of David Hilbert) have invaded physics since the beginning of the 20th century and inflicted huge damage on scientific progress and human development.

Quantum Mechanics (QM) and Relativity Theory (RT) which are considered physics theories were created by the human imagination rather than scientific observation and without any consideration for cause and effect. Their creation was, of course, due to a lack of understanding of observed  phenomena on an atomic, subatomic and cosmological scale and based solely on Newton`s law of gravity.

So instead of correcting the defects in Newtonian laws or understanding the physics behind the force of gravity and formulating a truly Universal law – valid on all scales nd explaining all physical phenomena – scientists instead chose an easy way out. Of course they did not question Newton’s laws back then and they continue not to, even today.

Newton was a brilliant scientist and a real genius! Without him most of our present day technology would not exist. But people forget that his laws are correct only under certain conditions on the surface of our planet, only approximately correct under other conditions, while in specific circumstances they are actually completely wrong. This is true for instance in the plasma state, which constitutes 99% of the known Universe.

Having said that, Newton formulated these laws based on observations and for this reason they are still the best laws in physics! But since the beginning of the 20th century, physics laws have been formulated based on mathematical notions and assumptions. The invention of Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy are examples of the domination of mathematical fiction in physics. They are not going to be the last theories – in fact the myths are increasing due to the growing presence of contradictions in physics.

I am absolutely certain the most effective method for eliminating the mother of all physics myths (The Big Ban(K) Theory), along with all other associated myths, is to generate fusion power based on the true physics of the Sun.

Producing fusion energy based on the physics of the Sun would not only solve our energy needs, but it would also provide us with a solid foundation for understanding our galaxy and the Universe as a whole.

Written by Jamal Shrair, PhD

Featured image credit: Mehau Kulyk/SPL/Getty Images

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Stashamo 3 years ago

Trash article. No citation or reference of any kind, just pure speculation. Please stop posting this kind of rubbish. The Watchers should be ashamed for letting this quality of writing go up.

Lulu 4 years ago

Facts speak louder than words.
Unfortunately, there are many amateurs and specialists in some sciences who actually have the facts (or very close) to the truth about some things which others are being paid in grants to fluff around with 'maybe's'.
Popular politics is playing the money game with those (in cahoots with each other) who proclaim to have the 'answers'.
Fortunately I am one , I feel, who - like so many other enlightened persons now and have for a long time - can see 'through' all the 'maybe' science and see the truths for and in the simplicity of commonsense science.
The 18th century thinking as an approach to much in science needs to end, and clever investigative science needs to be at the forefront, so we as a human race can actually claim that we are an intelligent race. Nature has it over us at the moment - and maybe forever.

Nikola Milovic 4 years ago

I used to be accepted discussant of this group of Theoretical Physics, as long as they appeared some people who take themselves for the right to eliminate those who want science back on track, and this time he has respect for the laws of nature and the Creator of the laws. Perversion of science began when the individuals themselves, and trying to convince other people to convince that they have overcome the laws of nature and the Creator, through their models and programs made on the PC. All those who think otherwise, these people proclaimed religious, and they themselves do not know what it is religion and what is spiritual universe. Spirituality is an immense power to create all the perceptual and the manifested part of the universe (matter and all kinds of energy) and that entity should be called COSMOS, to make it easier to distinguish the entity from the spiritual, from which emerged COSMOS. Such people, who think that physics can be inserted into a spiritual entity in an illegal manner, and these phenomena explain the laws of matter and energy, these people do not know themselves or their role in the universe. Each person is made ​​up of two entities: the material-energetic and spiritual. Spiritual government over the power and who does not realize he belongs to a new type of religion, as a dogma, because dogma and religion. Spirituality is the truth, and the truth can be confirmed only by respecting the laws of nature and the spiritual entity of its own and the universe. In this forum Theoretical Physics, someone deleted my discussion from which much can be understood as the evidence supported the laws of nature. My last discussion, what is the cause of the planet's spin is deleted, and the poor man is not aware of what is wiped. He wiped more laws of nature and understand the people who believe in the spiritual entity of the universe.
So if you want to learn something that is beyond your knowledge of physics, you have to respect the spirituality, because it is not a religion, but the truth, and those who have declared religion are really sanctioned to tap in the knowledge of the laws that are above those which serves physics.
Therefore, if you want a little science "make wise" to accept the existence of spiritual entities.
You have erased and my discussion about the causes of earthquakes, why. Those who do, it seems to have been the course of the pharmaceutical industry, which has an interest that as many people as sick, because it's better for them. In the same way, all those who think that physics without spirituality can explain to us unknown features: gravity, electric charge, magnetism, heat, time, space, what aimlessly "dark" as many think it matters and the like, all such lost orientation in the further understanding of the universe.

Chris 4 years ago

I agree to a point. Theoretical physics are okay in that they give us the what if perspective train of thought. Often times, yes they grasp (guess) way too deep. I feel this helps the more logical minded theoretical physicists who would start from known base theories and apply this often odd thought to determine if it might aid them in their own theory. True genius has the ability to sort through the good and bad theories and only apply what is felt useful to their own. Only problem with this is getting this information out after disseminating it real value.
As for the media, yes they gravitate to the popular theme for a given time period and run with it or them to unfounded limits. Once again it's all about the bottom line, MONEY! This only lends itself to delays in advancements.
Many of our greatest advancements have come from the most simplistic basic theories. I feel we need to maintain a humble base of thought and the most complex solutions will come forth. The answer may be right on the end of our nose but unfortunately we look to infinitesimal for the solution.

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