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Our changing climate and the variable Sun


Solar physicists around the world today are wondering: has the Sun fallen silent? In 2013, the Sun began the peak phase of its 11-year sun spot cycle called the Solar Maximum when sunspot production should be at its highest. However, the lack of sunspot activity has left solar physicists startled. Dr. Don Scott and Wal Thornhill explain it from the Electric Universe point of view.

Both of them will be featured speakers at the upcoming Thunderbolts conference, Electric Universe 2014 — All About Evidence, March 20 – 24 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

YouTube video

Video courtesy of Thunderbolts Project

Featured image: Little Ice Age and the sunspot record graphic (screenshot from the video)


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  1. The Misunderstanding of Our Star and its True Relation With Our Planet:

    The true motion of our star is misunderstood just like its other basic features. For instance, the current theory of how it produces its radiant energy is a science myth. In physical reality the Sun rotates on its helical orbit around another giant star or group of stars that (has or have) magnetic field strength hundeds of times or thousnads of times stronger than its own. There are Trillions of stars in our galaxy most of them brighter and bigger than our own star. These Stars are formed or rather gathered in star clusters that are orbiting one another. The sun is surely belongs to one of the nearset star clusters but it cannot of course orbit these clusters directly since they are hundreds of light years away, but most likely the sun is orbiting another giant star nearby which itself is orbiting one of these star cluster directly. The cosmos is highly ordered in its motion because not only stars and star clusters orbit each other but also galaxies and large scale structures. For instance, the Magellanic Clouds orbit the Milky Way Galaxy.
    However, the motion of the sun around another star can only be observed from outside the solar system. On the other hand, the Sun’s motion around the galactic core can be observed within the solar system since all celestial bodies, stars, star clusters and all types of matter are connected and rotate around the galactic core.The completion of one cycle around the galactic core takes hundreds of millions of years, while one cycle of rising up and down around another star takes thousand of years. As it rises up (Gets slightly closer to the galactic core) its magnetic field strength starts to increase and reaches its ultimate value when it reaches the highest point in the galaxy.
    It is well known that the Sun operates with minimum and maximum cycle and changes its magnetic field from time to time. In my understanding, these basic and observed facts are an overwhelming evidence for the external power supply that our star receives. Nevertheless, as the sun approaches its highest point (maximum magnetic field strength) the cycles activity both minimum and maximum start to undergo drastic changes. The duration of the cycle, characteristics and intensity become different than the previous cycles….etc
    The lack for understanding these facts about our star is directly connected to the misunderstanding about the changes that are taking place on our planet and also the reason for the current puzzles regarding the magnetic field of our planet and the source of heat at its core.
    The true relation between our star and our planet is misunderstood. The magnetic field of the Sun and the Earth are linked and the Earth receives its energy at the core and on the surface from the Sun. The magnetic field of the earth is powered by the energy of the Sun. As the magnetic field of the Sun starts to increase in the intensity more energy is induced at the inner core and on the surface. This causes the process of change. It starts at extremely low base and takes thousands of years to be completed. In the final stage of Earth's magnetic field reversals the impact of the changes become severe and obvious
    These misunderstandings about our Star and its true relation with our planet is the cause for the current confusion of solar physicists, the failure to produce nuclear fusion in spite of long decades of wasting taxpayers' money and at the same time it is the reason for the confusion about climate change and global warming.
    Jamal Shrair, author of Helical Universe
    Hungary, Budapest

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