Post Fukushima world – Steam spotted coming out of crippled nuclear power plant


While nuclear watchdogs keep calling for release of credible data, the reality of post Fukushima world is getting worse with every passing day. Today's information comes as just another one in the line of horrible news from this crippled plant.

Operator of Fukushima nuclear power plant reported today, July 18, 2013 that the steam has been spotted coming from around the fifth floor of Reactor building no 3.They stressed there are no signs of increased radiation yet. 

Operator confirmed that the reactor remained sub-critical at 00:20 UTC today, an hour after the steam was spotted. Investigation into what happened is still in progress; follow updates via link provided below.

The destruction of Fukushima nuclear power plant was, without any doubt, the biggest environmental disaster of modern age but did it make the world unite in order to clean it? Two years have passed and we are still hearing one horrible news after another.

Meanwhile, mother nature is showing angry face too. Magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit off the shore of Fukushima plant at 06:10 UTC on July 18, 2013. The depth of epicenter was 10 km.

Live webcam stream is here.

Operator's press releases and updates on english language are here.

Featured image credit: Oswald Skene


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  1. Forget about volcanoes and earthquakes. If Fukushima collapses it will change the entire planet forever. The radiation that leaks out would destroy the whole of North America within a few days and then go over to Europe. Within a few weeks it would be round the southern hemisphere and most life on the planet would be extinct.
    You would think that no matter the cost, this would be sorted ASAP but….!

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