Never before seen levels of radiation reported near Pacific

Never before seen levels of radiation reported near Pacific

Operator of crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex said on Thursday, February 13, that the latest samples of water tested inside the complex contained radioactive cesium at levels never seen before by the embattled utility.

TEPCO, while admitting there may be a new leak at the site of a well located just 50 meters from the adjacent Pacific Ocean, confirmed that the levels of cesium found in its groundwater samples were as high as 54,000 becquerels per liter of cesium 137 and 22,000 becquerels per liter of cesium 134.

The levels of cesium are 600 times higher than the government regulation for contaminated wastewater allowed to be released into the ocean, with the samples testing 30 000 times higher for cesium 137, compared to samples taken just a week earlier. (Xinhua)

A spokesperson for TEPCO said that radioactive water is probably leaking from underground trenches that link the stricken reactor buildings to the sea.

Although TEPCO received a fresh injection of capital from the Japanese government (4 trillion yen / 38.3 billion U.S. dollars) they are still considering dumping toxic water into the Pacific Ocean as it fails to contain it in makeshift storage tanks. 

According to AFP, the UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, urged Japan to consider "controlled discharges" into the sea of contaminated water used to cool the crippled reactors at Fukushima.

USS Reagan sailors vs. TEPCO

Charles Bonner, attorney representing US sailors exposed to Fukushima radioactive releases during Operation Tomodachi [humanitarian] said:

We intend to put the nuclear industry on trial here, because it is the misrepresentation from the nuclear industry that nuclear energy is safe that has allowed this particular incident to occur. There’s this false sense of security that these for-profit energy companies such as Tepco, created in the public (NuclearHotSeat).

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DreadMeat 6 years ago

@Barbara King 'GLOBAL GOVERNMENT' are you seriously approving the idea of 'New World Order'? .... you must wake up to a sunshine filled day where unicorns run across the tops of rainbows

Barbara King 6 years ago

there needs be a global gov't NOW....not like the UN...something from every country...and Japan must not be asked anylonger...this is beyond Catro...this is unbelievable...this must be CONTAINED.

george (@Barbara King) 6 years ago

"global gov't" ?? _ you're kidding! THIS is the result of "global gov't"! US policies and military occupancy and manufactured/planned economy of Japan, US_CA_UK technologies, US dollars, US media propaganda... ... And what is behind this global gov't? What is the philosophy that "pushes" its mind, will and actions??? Any "global" body is built on 2 criteria: - money (US dollar) - military force No morality, no respect for the life itself ... don't you see?

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