Massive radiation plume from Fukushima continues drifting to US West Coast


By 2016, nearly as much radiation from the Fukushima disaster will have reached the North American West Coast as was initially scattered over Japan during the nuclear explosions, according to professor Michio Aoyama of Japan's Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity.

In March 2011, a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered multiple nuclear meltdowns at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. A massive cloud of radiation was ejected into the atmosphere, settling all across Japan and into the Pacific Ocean.

Approximately 800 terabecquerels' worth of cesium-137 (Cs-137) alone is expected to reach North America by next year, accounting for just 5 percent of the Cs-137 spilled into the ocean as a result of the disaster.

Radioactivity already arriving

Radioactive cesium does not naturally occur on planet Earth and is found only as a result of human nuclear activities. Cs-137 is widely considered one of the most dangerous byproducts of nuclear activity, because it mimics the activity of potassium and therefore accumulates in soil and plants, and is actively taken up by the human body.

Aoyama says that approximately 3,500 terabecquerels' worth of Cs-137 have been released into the sea from the Fukushima plant since March 2011, plus an additional 1.2 to 1.5 terabecquerels that was first released into the air but later fell into the sea. Based on measurements of the pace at which the Cs-137 has been moving eastward, Aoyama recently calculated that 800 terabecquerels would reach the West Coast of North America by next year.

Notably, 800 terabecquerels is nearly as much as (80 percent of) the 1,000 terabequerels that Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Company says fell over Japan following the disaster.

In April, researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution announced that they had detected traces of Cs-134 in waters collected at the shores of Vancouver Island. Because this isotope has a half-life of only two years, the only likely source of this contamination is from the Fukushima disaster.

Based on this and other studies, Aoyama said that the 800 terabecquerels he has predicted might already have arrived at North American shores.

Media coverage of Aoyama's statements noted that Cs-137 levels measured at U.S. beaches were "only" 1 to 2 becquerels per cubic meter, and should therefore not pose health risks. However, this may be because the bulk of the radioactive material has not yet reached U.S. shores. Measurements taken a little farther off the California coast returned readings of 6.9 becquerels per cubic meter for Cs-137 and 1.7 bequerels per cubic meter for Cs-134, for a total of 8.6. Similarly, the Woods Hole study — which took place on Canadian, not U.S., shores — returned total readings of 7.2 becquerels per cubic meter.

How to protect yourself

People concerned that they live in areas where they might be exposed to radioactive cesium have a few ways to protect their health. Certain water filters are able to remove radioactive isotopes, including cesium, from drinking water. According to WaterFilterLabs.com, the Big Berkey filter is the most effective, removing nearly all traces of toxic elements, including 98.6 percent of cesium. Other filters capable of removing cesium include AquaTru and Zero Water.

People exposed to radioactive cesium in their food might want to consider the patent-pending Cesium Eliminator, developed by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Available in powder or pill form, the Cesium Eliminator is an emergency measure to bind up cesium isotopes and keep them from being absorbed by the body, similar to how iodine supplements can help protect the thyroid gland during a nuclear disaster. Cesium Eliminator is not a dietary supplement and is meant for emergency situations only.

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Written by David Gutierrez (Natural News)

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  1. There seems to be some interest in the end times by the Pope, Patriarch kirill , Putin and Obama. There are many who believe that we are in the end times because of Fukushima.
    The Queen of England told us that last Christmas was to be the last.
    Youtube Hillary Fukushima
    A JPL scientist discovers a life form in a lake below the ice in Antarctica and is killed in a crash. Could this have a connection to the sudden interest in Antarctica by Kirill , the pope and Obama?
    At 4 min.

  2. I think Dana Durnford up in British Columbia should be awarded a medal of honor and valor for his attempts to bring to the attention of the public that the west coast tidal pools are virtually empty of at least 5,000 species. Wake up we are next. These politicians especially Hillary Clinton are murderers because Hillary okayed the importation of contaminated food from japan like rice and green tea. She did this because it is politcal strategy to keep japan a buffer with china? However no one is talking about the enriched uranium from the 54 japanes nuclear plants! The japanese have a secret nuclear weapons program sanctioned by the uSA while we are poturing about IRan and their potential uranium weaponzation program! get real we tell other countries to NOT do nuclear if it is a threat to our forfeign policies. These politicans are criminals who knowingly go along with this. And Yes pray for caroline Kenndey who was made ambassodr to Japan I fear that the white house wants to get rod of her so they sent her to die from radiation in japan! Caroline Kennedy should run for president in her father’s name and realioze that the currwent administration wants to get rid of her in her own party they see the poor woman as a threat. Someone should tell caroline she is in harms way.

  3. Jenni Abrams, do you not realize they know this? Come on all these mammals are dying up and down the coast and do you really think they do not know? You need to watch Kevin Blanch on YouTube as he walks the whole Pacific Coast and sleeps outside and finds death everywhere and everyone is blasé and in denial. Now the mighty redwoods that have lived for more than 4,000 years are dying and the “scientists” are blaming it on drought. Our country deals in death and deals it out to all the rest of the world too. Write General Electric a letter about their faulty design at Fukishima and how many are here and how many they are still selling worldwide. Watch Helen Caldicott to understand better what is really going on.

  4. Thank you for releasing this information. I do have a request: Could you contact The California, Oregon, and Washington State Wildlife folks and make sure they absolutely KNOW that this is what is more than likely the cause of why so many of our planet’s sea creatures are washing upon shorelines and dying? And if you get no response from any of them, would you just contact the Monterey Bay Aquarium and let them know? I think it’s important to inform these fine folks. Again, Thank You for this information. I pray you are Blessed Beyond Measure!! 😀

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