Exploding fireballs reported all over the globe: Europe, Japan, Russia, Cuba, US, Australia, Timor


In last couple of days exploding fireballs were reported on all sides of the world – Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, Cuba, South Africa, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, northern Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, UK…

Latest updates:

– A ball of light in the sky resembling a meteor was reported Sunday night by several people in Miami-Dade and Broward counties (US) on February 18, 2013. "Looking over the Biscayne Bay from downtown, I saw an object falling from the sky," said Brad Greenberg, 30, of Miami in a tweet about 6:30 p.m. "At first, the object was faintly glowing and moving fast but not nearly as fast as a shooting star."

– TW reader from Australia, February 18, 2013: I videoed what I feel may have been a meteorite over Melbourne, Australia – preceding the arrival (by hours) of the asteroid. The video is on my blog and Youtube. I also feel there may be more to come – will wait and see….. Link: http://sentirlaterre.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/2013-asteroids-meteroites-and.html

– TW reader from UK, February 17, 2013: Red, glowing dot moving fast over Manchester, England at about 4pm GMT

– TW reader from Timor, February 17, 2013: Today evening I was sitting in a car and for millisecounds I saw a ultra speed bright light in the sky….btw my position is east Timor . I believe more will come.

– TW reader from Australia, February 16, 2013:  TA meteor was seen in Melton, Victoria, Australia. Between 11pm and 12am on  February 16, 2013. Approximate direction from E by NE to W by SW. Looked like clump of 4 stars at the head with a clearly visible tail. Occupied up to third of the field of vision of the two observers and lasted multiple seconds in view. Enough time to talk to each other about it as it was passing.

– A fireball was also reported in United States. witnesses reported a fireball of some sort was seen streaking across the Bay Area skies, San Francisco. The fireball was seen around 12:45 UTC, on February 16, 2013.

Another video of San Francisco fireball is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLpTOc1i8_8&feature=youtu.be

– Russian exploding fireball was covered in-depth and most people only heard about that one. First reports came early February 15, 2013 at about 01:00 UTC. During the morning hours Russian military discovered a 6-meter crater, normal background radiation was reported. Russian Academy of Science said the meteorite weighed 10 tons before it entered Earth’s atmosphere but some reports mentioned 50 tons.  The meteorite exploded nine times, starting at an altitude of 55 kilometers. The Russia meteor is the largest reported since 1908, when a meteor hit Tunguska, Siberia. The meteor entered the atmosphere at about 40,000 mph (18 kilometers per second). The impact time was 7:20:26 p.m. PST, or 10:20:26 p.m. EST on Feb. 14 (3:20:26 UTC on Feb. 15), and the energy released by the impact was in the hundreds of kilotons. Based on the duration of the event, it was a very shallow entry. It was larger than the meteor over Indonesia on Oct. 8, 2009. Measurements are still coming in, and a more precise measure of the energy may be available later. The size of the object before hitting the atmosphere was about 49 feet (15 meters) and had a mass of about 7,000 tons. The meteor, which was about one-third the diameter of asteroid 2012 DA14, was brighter than the sun. Its trail was visible for about 30 seconds, so it was a grazing impact through the atmosphere.

– Late afternoon UTC time on February 15, 2013 people from Cuba apparently witnessed another bright fireball explode over the town in the province of Cienfuegos. More details here and here.

– Exploding fireball was also reported over the sky of Japan on February 14, 2013 and was captured on video:

– An enormous fireball was reported by numerous witnesses over BelgiumNetherlands and Germany on February 13, 2013. The sight lasted from 10 – 20 seconds. There were two separate fragmentations that shone brightly, one witness reported. Apparently it was part of Soyuz rocked. The 1800th flight of a Soyuz launch vehicle was performed on Monday, 11 February 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 18:41 Moscow time (15:41 Paris time). Arianespace and its Russian partners report that the Progress cargo spacecraft was accurately placed on the target orbit for another mission to the International Space Station. This was the second Soyuz family mission in 2013.  Detailed witness reports here.

Norman Lockyer Observatory S.P.A.M. Meteor Detection Network – 3D

Norman Lockyer Observatory S.P.A.M. Meteor Detection Network – 3D data from February 15, 2013

Latest 25 Worldwide Meteor Reports Dynamic MAP (Lunar Meteorite Hunters)

NASA statement on Russian meteor:
"According to NASA scientists, the trajectory of the Russian meteorite was significantly different from the trajectory of the asteroid 2012 DA14, making it a completely unrelated object. Information is still being collected about the Russian meteorite and analysis is preliminary at this point. In videos of the meteor, it is seen to pass from left to right in front of the rising sun, which means it was traveling from north to south. Asteroid DA14's trajectory is in the opposite direction, from south to north."

α–Centaurids meteor shower last from January 28 until February 21. The α-Centaurids are one of the main southern summer high points, from past records supposedly producing many very bright, even fireball-class, objects (meteors of at least magnitude −3), commonly with fine persistent trains. However, the average peak ZHR between 1988–2007 was merely 6 (HMO, p. 130), albeit coverage has frequently been extremely patchy. Despite this, in 1974 and 1980, bursts of only a few hours’ duration apparently yielded ZHRs closer to 20–30.

Visual SATFLARE Tracker 3d


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  1. Approx 5:39am EDT Sunday May 5 2013. Bright high speed object moving SW to NNE in western sky, about 30 degrees above horizon. Leading in a moderate size fireball with a long, slowly fading tail. Duration 10-15 seconds. If this was a meteor, it’s the most spectacular I’ve ever seen. Consistent w/ descriptions of the Eta Aquarids w/ horizon to horizon, long duration meteor sightings know as earthgrazers.

  2. THE SKY IS FALLING. LITERALLY. MORE REPORTS OF METEORS. But wait…we’ve got a possible answer to some unusual anomalies.

    We may be smack in the middle of a fairly major meteor shower. Or in this case, a downpour.

    This would account for the worldwide reports of loud, unexplained booms, strange deep moaning, or unearthly whistling sounds, along with security videos of entire buildings shaking when no earthquakes are recorded.

    These reports have literally been pouring into social media, and they’ve been cropping up all over the place at an astounding rate.

    “Several phenomena are well documented during witnessed meteorite falls too small to produce hypervelocity craters. The fireball that occurs as the meteoroid passes through the atmosphere can appear to be very bright, rivaling the sun in intensity, although most are far dimmer and may not even be noticed during daytime. Various colors have been reported, including yellow, green, and red. Flashes and bursts of light can occur as the object breaks up. Explosions, detonations, and rumblings are often heard during meteorite falls, which can be caused by sonic booms as well as shock waves resulting from major fragmentation events. These sounds can be heard over wide areas, up to many thousands of square km. Whistling and hissing sounds are also sometimes heard, but are poorly understood. Following passage of the fireball, it is not unusual for a dust trail to linger in the atmosphere for some time.”

    Mainstream media seems to be reporting only what they are considering to be “oddities” as opposed to actually looking for reasons. All across social media however, we’re finding credible reports and videos from first hand witnesses, asking what’s going on.

    It’s possible the powers that be are declining to provide official information for fear of inciting panic over something we have no control over.



  3. If you are 20 years old or less, you haven’t been around long enough to see first hand the pattern of vastly increased meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere. I have been watching the skies since 1957. Of course, in the old days, we didn’t have the internet, but even in the 90’ies there was far less meteoric activity. This is because it wasn’t until 2003 when Planet X (PX) entered our solar system world. PX’s tail is a mini trailing moon system behind it’s host, PX or Nibiru. If you are old enough to remember: “The norheast blackout” of August 14 2003, this was the charged tail of PX passing close enough to disturb the elelctrical grid.
    I’ve blogged on the article topic here:

  4. Here over west Estonia was also a fireball. For a sec it was like a summer”s day …

    I once saw a dream, like 2 years ago that I was escaping with my family there was a little girl with me, now some time ago I got little sister, the meteors were flying everywhere and then I got it by one. I woke up with fear, but I reminded myself it was just a dream. However, some of my dreams has happened in real life, well mostly all, so can’t really say a scientific explanation to that. Hopefully I’m just wrong ;P

  5. saw what i thought was a shooting star 4 or 5 nights ago over central oregon. looking back it did seem slower and to last longer than any ive ever seen before. probably nothing, who knows

  6. Saw a green “meteor” burn up in the sky here in Los Angeles around 10:30pm Thursday 2/21. Was heading straight down in the western horizon but burned up before going down behind the trees across the street.

  7. And according to the panicmongers, the world was supposed to end LAST year, and BtW, won’t you ask yourself just how many End of the World predictions (or EW predictions, as I like to call them) have panned out?

    How many charlatans, how many scams, how many panicked suicides must we endure before we finally let the end comes, WHEN it comes, without waiting on it on the edge of our seats with baited breath and brains stuck on hum, like they’re being used for toaster-ovens, like we’ve outsourced our thought processes to jump-happy old-time Jehova’s Witnesses, like we don’t really have the first clue as to the difference between a sundog and NIBIRU, for God’s sake, how many times before we wake up and smell the tragedy of our own wasted fear? I am just so SICK of it all.

  8. Hello there, I’m writing from Brasil to report that we had 2 fireballs this morning ( 11 am local time) over Rio de Janeiro state. Hundreds of people saw it and called INPE (our national space institute) to report on it. There are no pictures of the event, as it was very fast, but it was seen on two states, with 30 min apart.
    I’ll post some links, it’s in portuguese.





    It’s so exciting!!! What’s going on???

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